How to repair and clean and acrylic tub or shower stall | Allan Stokell | Skillshare

How to repair and clean and acrylic tub or shower stall

Allan Stokell, Digital Teacher

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    • Repair and clean an acrylic tub


About This Class

Acrylic tubs are great but after you've dropped your shampoo bottle several times and had that soapy bath several hundred times the finish is dull, stained and chipped. Bring your tub or stall back to its shiny life without having to replace it. In this video Allan Stokell shares with you how to easily do it yourself and save hundreds and even thousands of dollars. The same process works well for anything fiberglass too!





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Allan Stokell

Digital Teacher

I've been a teacher for many years. I started by teaching photography but later learned that a good teacher can teach anything. The trick is to keep students engaged and the subject always on-topic.

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