How to raise amazing kids: the neuroscience approach

Gregory Caremans, Making the Unconscious Conscious

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26 Lessons (1h 58m)
    • 1. Welcome

    • 2. Myth # 1: The perfect parent

    • 3. Myth # 2: you are raising your kid

    • 4. Myth # 3: you raised your kids in the same way

    • 5. Myth # 4: don't sleep with your kids

    • 6. Myth # 5: The mozart effect

    • 7. The reptilian brain

    • 8. The neolimbic brain

    • 9. The paleolimbic brain

    • 10. The prefrontal brain

    • 11. Parental instincts

    • 12. Two tricks to stay calm

    • 13. On learning

    • 14. On compliments

    • 15. the Attachment Theory

    • 16. The reptilian baby

    • 17. The paleolimbic toddler

    • 18. The key to self confidence

    • 19. Beat the bully

    • 20. Submissiveness vs shyness vs Introversion

    • 21. Why you should teach your kid to trust you

    • 22. Your kid has personality

    • 23. On climbing trees

    • 24. Small social trauma's

    • 25. Adolescence

    • 26. Three Golden Rules


About This Class


Amazing kids...

How to raise amazing kids... I'm not saying that your kids will become amazing with this course. I'm saying they already are and this course will help you raise them.

It's as much about you, as it is about them. This course contains information that every parent should know

we will go from the newborn baby to the young adult. I will give you the keys to understand why your child is behaving in a certain way, and more importantly, how to react to it. I will help you grow their self esteem, develop a stable world view, foster their natural talents, help them deal with bullying and peer pressure.

We will cover some fascinating studies about parenting, some do's and don'ts, some tips and tricks, and we will be busting some common myths about parenting as well. You'll learn when to stay firm and when to be lenient, how to stay calm when you're about to loose it, and much more. The course is packed with concrete real life information. I'm a father of two myself, and my two kids are an endless source of inspiration and anecdotes that I'll share with you,

The Neuroscience behind the course...

Neuroscience for Parents is based on the NBA - the Neurocognitive and Behavioral Approach. Basically, what the NBA does, is studying how the brain works and its impact on human behavior

The NBA was developed in France, over a period of 25 years, by Dr Jacques Fradin, at the institute of environmental medicine. It is a fascinating, innovative and multi-disciplinary approach. It combines the fields of neurosciences, social psychology, behavioral sciences and many more to come up with one overlaying, comprehensive theory which gives unique insights in our complex human nature.

As the director of the Institute of Neurocognitivism I had the chance to work with Dr Fradin and become an expert in his groundbreaking approach.

I've developed this course to translate his work into useful insights and tools for parents. Being a parent is probably the most beautiful, ungrateful and difficult task in the world. Also probably the most important one. Therefore, all help is welcome. I know first hand, as I said, I'm a dad myself.


Now all this neuroscience and scientific studies could come across as complex or even boring. But the truth is, I'm more a communicator than a scientist myself. I'm a strong believer of edu-tainment, and that is exactly what you'll get in this course.

Join now, and get the best out of your amazing kids!