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How to properly use Google Ads for your online campaigns + Keyword Planner, Google Trends...

teacher avatar Nikola Lugonja, HR and Marketing Instructor

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

18 Lessons (2h 7m)
    • 1. Introduction and course description

    • 2. What is Google Ads

    • 3. Ad examples on Google

    • 4. Google Ads' interface explained

    • 5. Types of goals and campaigns

    • 6. How to set up a Google Search Ad

    • 7. How to set up a Google Display Ad

    • 8. How to set up a YouTube Ad

    • 9. Overview of Google campaigns (metrics and reports)

    • 10. How to use Google Trends tool

    • 11. How to use Google Alerts tool

    • 12. How to preview your ads

    • 13. Different types of keywords (important to know)

    • 14. How to use Google Keyword Planner

    • 15. Negative keywords explained

    • 16. How to a create negative keyword list

    • 17. Important to know about negative keywords

    • 18. Thank you

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About This Class

Welcome to the Google Ads course where you will learn how to make and set up new campaigns, track results and read metrics. We will take a look at different (free) tools that are available online and can help you when creating marketing strategies (Keyword Planner, Google Trends, Google Alerts...). Furthermore, you will be able to achieve efficient results with minimum investment. After this course, you will be able to set up your own different types of campaigns and ads on Google Ads' platform. 

Google Ads (lectures):

  1. Introduction and course description

  2. What is Google Ads

  3. Ad examples on Google

  4. Google Ads' interface explained

  5. Types of goals and campaigns

  6. How to set up a Google Search Ad

  7. How to set up a Google Display Ad

  8. How to set up a YouTube Ad

  9. Overview of Google campaigns (metrics and reports)

  10. How to use Google Trends tool

  11. How to use Google Alerts tool

  12. How to preview your ads

  13. Different types of keywords (important to know)

  14. How to use Google Keyword Planner

  15. Negative keywords explained
  16. How to create a negative keyword list

  17. Important to know about negative keywords

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Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Nikola Lugonja

HR and Marketing Instructor


-Multi-year experience in both HR and digital marketing. I started my career in Marketing, but over time I dived deeper into the world of Human Resources. I find these two areas commonly overlapping (e.g. when it comes to the employer branding), therefore I will also try to link them in some classes. 

-Here are 4 values that I always keep in mind when preparing and publishing classes:

Keep it short and sweet - eliminating everything that does not bring any value and ensuring the students get the most out of every single second Unscramble the content - making things simple to comprehend and outlining the most important takeaways Always explore - stepping into the unknown to extensively research new topics and broaden the knowledge spectrum Improve on fee... See full profile

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1. Introduction and course description: Hello, everyone, Our day stop biggies, Google ads Very fun and interesting topping. We're thinking we'll get one of the biggest and most popular platforms for our advertised there. So regarding the Google ads first we're going to take a look at some examples of what it is . And how does it look? Google. And then we're straight heading to who has manager. It's two seats interface and how it works. We're going to take a look a different base and available there, and I'm going to walk you step by step. I'm going to make a step by step guide, how to set up different campaigns, worlds they look at when you to campaign because Google owns YouTube, so you have to set up. You do compay in cooler heads on those to keep in mind that I have separate section on on YouTube on different form video for months, and you talk about how to set up more effectively. You do best, A said in a separate section video, so you can take a look there. But regarding this course, besides those campaigns setting up to take a look at keywords planner just both keywords Beatles negative keywords We're going to take a look at other great products for goals such as Google Trans Google alerts and finally, during the whole course, you're going to get great. Takes advice on how to effectively set up Google lights and drunken baseball, despite for so thank you for watching this indirection video, and I hope to see you for years. 2. What is Google Ads: welcome back and we'll continue with our Google ads section or for the course and before we start with the interface and creating, as I just want to give you some fast statistics and info about Google ads. So first I'm going to give you a definition off. Google, as Google ads is Google's online advertising program. Through Google ads, you can create online ads to reach people exactly when they're interested in the products and services that you offer. So the key words here are exactly when we're going to see why afterwards. And, um, it used to be called Google AdWords until 2018. I think they change it in the June of two dozen 18. I'm not sure about the month, but as you can see here, it was called Google AdWords, and it had different logo afterwards. It's called after leaded. Now it is called Google ads with a different logo, and the reason why they change it, according to them, is because they wanted to make it more simply. Basically, people were confused when they read Google AdWords because they were in sure what it means , what it stands for. But now, when they read Google ads, it's easier to understand, and also they introduced some changes to interface, so it's a bit different now. They offered some some new features, and the important thing to say is that the number off Google display network sizes around two million, which is a very big number. And basically that's the number off website with who with which Google partnered Teoh display the rights when you make them in Google s number off abs that are doing the same thing is Rose is around 650,000 and they're important to know. But I think that most of you already know that that Google owns YouTube, so if you want to create uto beds, you're going to do that. Also, the Google ads and we're going to do that. And Google own 71% off search market share, so that's a really large number. The rest is too belongs to being Gagne, who and Internet Explorer and maybe Opara and something Internet. So basically Google is is the winner in this race, so you will be very, very interested in putting your ads on Google. Supplied for this is basically just the animation of the things where you can put your reds . So as you can see here, when you search something global, you can put them on the display network as a side banner. It can be also in the bottom on the phones. It can be a zoo YouTube at and also here on different website. It can also be as a review or something like that. I'm going to show that more in deep, and they're a bunch of other places where you can put it. This was just the shorting show small thing to see, to get a sense of how the ads look. And, as you can see here, it's much more clearer. Clearer eso When you type use cars in Bristol, for example, you will get ads, these air basically all the websites who paid to be here based on the keywords that you input into surge engine, and you can also see the ads on the side. So this is the all of these things are basically created in the Google eyes platform, so I also will show you in the next video. I will types in keywords in the Google search engine, and then we're going to see some other, uh, variation off. That's so see you in the next electric 3. Ad examples on Google: Welcome back, students. And as I promised, I'm going to show you now alive. Google's platform Google Search engine How you can spot two different ads and as you can see here, I just died a furniture by online and the first option is actually in that. So, as you can see here it is written here. Okay, it's written in my language, but it means ad on the This is because this website paid for it to be here. Other websites air here organically. That means that they're much more visited without paying. However, this had paid to be here and that's why it pop up is the 1st 1 I don't get surprised if there even several ones here that are paid. It depends on the competition. This is the surge engine type off advertising here. You can also see some different type off advertising. So I typed here by makeup and the Google off me here Thea bility to bite with a few clicks and I just have have a price here on I have the name of the product. I even have a small picture. I can click here and do the shopping. Other type off off selling and using Google ads would be here. When you types like sports equipment by mine and go to images. So as you can see here, it says the sponsor A. So you can see here on the basically shows all of the ads that are available and these are some off the Web sites that pay 40 adds to be a Google's platform and here I can see the price prices. I can see the website and I can see different images. Another interesting thing Sorry is here. So that's the partnership that who has with two million other websites were basically they put their display ad so, as you can see here, a banner ad thistles, just an ad which a website paid to Google to put on different platforms. So this is just some other completely other website which allowed Google to put its ads on their platform. And Google will get paid if I play here and also the owner of this website with will also get some small percent percentage of it. So that was the whole story of it. I mean, there are other other possibilities of ads which are well, which will going to see in the goals of campaigns, however, just wanted to show you now a quick overview and things on how it looks and what you can do . You hear what you can make it. And basically you can, of course, choose where you want to put your rights. And I didn't mention here. I mean, I didn't show here, but there also you two beds, which I believe you're all familiar. A bit. So that would be it for this lesson. Thank you. And see you in the next one. 4. Google Ads' interface explained: we'll come back and the in this lecture, I want to show you how you're going. How are your future Steps for steps in Google? Let's manager look like and basically what I did here was I just talked in Google search engines, Google Eyes and I click on this one. As you can see ads cool dot com slash hole. That's the ur that you want to follow. As you can see here again, we have some ads from different advertisers. So it's a clever strategy. As you can see here, being is using these keywords to promote itself. It's a bit tricky strategy and tactic, but it's a very smart one. Also, when you're attacking the competitors anyway, if you don't have your Google and set up, basically, a Google will ask you to make a few steps to give some info. I mean, if you have your Gmail address, which I suppose you do, you just follow the steps and it will lead you to hear eventually. And what you can do here is your e mail. See the number of your account to maybe change if you have several of them, and what I did here was to make a new one. I have the other one where I do my campaigns and which I'm going to show later on. When we take a look at some statistics and other other things that are not showed here because they're not showing here because we didn't make anything, this is just a new account. I want to make it from this perspective, which you're going to take also, and what you get here is basically an interface. It's not so similar, similar to the social media once, as you can see, it's a bit different, but it's not so hard to navigate, especially in the beginning, because there are only few of the options later on these things, this thing and this thing will be full of options, so you will get easily. You will be easily confused, but don't worry about it. If you have any questions, you can always ask me. Well, I want to show you. Here is the first option, which is overview. We're basically you will have a graph that will show your performance drought time on the here you have default oceans that written like legs, impressions, average cost per click can cause, however, you can choose different categories that you want to to see here. So let's say that you want to see click rate here on here instead. Off impressions you want to see different conversions such as purchase and sales and choose that and then you will see the photograph. Basically, when you have something which we don't, that at this moment and of course, here you can see the little cost on. Let's say, here you can see phone calls that were made so you can really play with this here, even the here. You can set up your craft to be monthly, daily or weekly. Now I'm not able to change anything because I just made the account. But you will have the ability to choose the calendar and custom dates here. What you have here is to choose when you have campaigns, whether you want to see them all or just enabled once or or just all, but not with the dream you removed. Once they want to hide dress and so on. Here you will have the ability to us for help. If you need it, you will have some tools. This is producing more to the Facebook's as editor, and many different options different settings for credit card billing options and favors. I won't go so deep now in this, we will see some of these officers. But this is this has a lot off advanced features which are not going to cover in this. In this course, you have different reports that you can take a look until off course. After you did some came companions and drop through time, you will have a lot of data the in from here. So it will be easier to Serge or navigated throughout, sir. Tension. So you will see that when When you when you get in that situation, if this sidebar is unnecessary, you can always remove it. And here this is this was just an overview off your whole account. So basically everything that's happening is seen here. However, if you want to see it more detail in details with campaigns, you can do it here. So since we don't have anything, unfortunately we're awards show that afterwards you can only see how it looks. So you will have your graph here with chose and attribution. You can always expand it to be a bigger or smaller. You can play with different chart options, of course, to do set it up. How you like. So depending on the time, but now I really have daily because I just I just made it discount. I've just made this and here you have a bunch of filters on the You have the ability to navigate the table with different segments with different columns. You can choose attribution attributes and so on on, uh, to see reports Stephen Donald certain things again to expand and many more options. Eso here with segments you can choose different things that you want to see conversions, devices and so on. I mean, it's very hard to understand it right now when you don't have anything but believe me, just when we when you have some campaigns, it will be much easier. You will understand it's much better. And, of course, if you want to add new campaign, you just press plus and click on new campaign. Since we don't have any existing ones, we will go to a new one, and that's the topic for the next video. We're going to see different campaigns and goes there here I just want to show you. So you have a setting options which basically currently doesn't have anything on stating for the location. If you want to add it location for your basic and do it here. So that would be it for this for this lecture. As you can see, there are many different options. It's quite different than Facebook and Snapchat as manager, so it will take some time to get used to it. But don't worry. This course we're going to cover most of it. How you can actually make those first basic steps make your first campaigns on from there. It will be much easier to learn new things, so don't worry about it. Thank you for watching and see you in the next lecture, where we're going to talk about the different types. Off competes 5. Types of goals and campaigns: welcome back on that. As I said in the previous lecture, we're going to take a look at the new campaigns that are available here, so click on the plus you can pay, and now you're able to choose different goals. So as you can see here, you can read about selecting the goal. Basically, what you currently have is six different options, with the additional one off creating campaign with without a goal guidance. So off course this is very important step, and you should know what you're clicking clicking here. So I would suggest that even though it's written something, when you hover over here, you can see some some things about it. You know, like sales drive sales online or in app or in store, collect leads or gain website traffic and raise awareness is on. I would include the link to support off Google ads, where you can read about different campaign schools and, as you can see here for search campaigns, you can read, goes or sales leads, website traffic went to use it in types of feature. Same thing for display campaigns, shopping campaigns and video campaigns. So there are four categories and basically don't get confused by this. So if you let safely Con seals, Google ads will offer you for a campaign type. What does that mean? So with clicking on this button sales, you basically told Google that you want to increase your that you have some product or service that you want to sell, and you want to increase yourselves. And now Google ask you ask you How do you want to do that? So whether you want to show your rights when people search for the keywords that you're going to determine waiter or whether you want it to be display at whether you want to be shopping at where they will have the ability to see the article and added to the ask it or do you want it to be video at So these are different campaign types that are available and off course. If you hover over each one, you can see what they represent. But it's not just that, as you can see here for other types of goals, you have different campaigns. I mean here for sales leads, and I think website. I think there you have all four of them, but when it comes Teoh product and breath consideration and brand awareness and reach. You only have a display and video ones who don't have sir Gentian and you don't have a shopping one. Okay, when it gets to the app, you only have the ab campaign type. And of course, when we talk about this, when you have all of them even the newest one which is this more campaign. So this as I said, this is a very important step. You should definitely know what what your goal is. I mean, even if you are a bit of west and you want to make your campaign without a certain goal guidance, that's also okay. But for beginners, I would definitely recommend to choose or some of this. So mostly it will be website traffic. No, but sometimes maybe you would like to gain some. Some they don't. Your customers do get new subscriptions or people just leaving their emails or phone numbers. Maybe you would like to make direct sales with different conversions. Maybe you would just like to, um, show your products that you're offering. Maybe if you were a big brand, you want to raising awareness and Rachel, if you are starting to work in a new sector. You want to give, uh, get that news to two people to your customers? And of course, if you haven't asked, you want to make sure that it is downloadable on that people can down move it very easily. Several. They could look at these things on when you decided that it will be much easier afterwards to decide on which a campaign time to choose. Afterwards, you will see different options that come with it. But for now, this That would be it. Just careful with this step. And if you're not sure, go to that link that I that I showed you on. You can read more about it, but not just there. You can find a lot of articles on the Internet, which explains in detail, Which top should you choose? So thank you for watching and see what the next lecture 6. How to set up a Google Search Ad: welcome back students on in this lecture. We're starting with our with setting go our Google. Let's campaign So first of all, I want to show you how to set up a search engine campaign. That is well, let's say that we want to promote our website and we wanted to be a search campaign. So to drive more traffic to our website with terror text or call it so basically when sometimes somebody type certain keywords, our website will pop up at a top and the person who had the ability to click on Are you Earl and the visit our website. So I will choose this option and now he's asking me to give a website. I don't think it's mandatory to put it here. Eventually you will have to do it. But as I said, I think you don't have to do with here. However, I will do it because then Google ad can leads. A za platform can automatically recognised later and pull it out from that website and make your make whole this all of this process easier. So let's send it my website. These by cars like let's say that I'm selling cars on This is my your I hope it will. Acceptance is it really isn't. Okay, So what I have here now is to give a name to my campaign. Let's say cars, they have state one. Okay. And now if you see here, if you wish to change anything from the steps we already had, you can do it here regarding the ads placement. So, as you can see here, although I choose the search, I'm certain that where he's offering me at this play network, which I can Ah, this clued. But now I will I will actually leave it like this. So I only wanted to be on the search network on the Google search. Gentian. We will see this afterwards and here I have some more settings. So what I can do here is first of all, set up. Okay, The starting date will probably as soon as you finish this ad and it gets approved, but and they'd you can choose it here, or you can choose non, so it will run indefinitely until you stop it. And these are just some options regarding the u r l that you If you want to have a tracking template or you have to or you want to have a custom. You're about to see how which landing page they're going. Or what are they visiting? More less. And then here you can choose a location where you want to your as to be still. So let's say that I wanted in California for some reasons. Ondas You can see you have location, and I have ah approximate reach on the also I can do. I can exclude that option or I can target it where I can that near by places. Let's just say that I want to target it, okay, And off course. Here you have a best search if you want to go more in depth on the some events. Options is the target. People who show interest in this location that you put it here or, um people who people who are target there, general or people who are searching for your targeted location. So if you also want to exclude, you have two options here. Languages. Let's say that since I'm targeting Cliff for here, maybe I would like to add a Spanish language also, if there are some people from Mexico, so I had English and Spanish, and now we come to the audience part where I'm going to put interest. So if I said that I'm selling cars, it would be logical to boot to target people who have interest in cars. So okay, let's say that maybe I have some sports cars also, and, uh, I will skip. Yeah, let's say that I'm dealing with used cars. Also, I will skip luxury vehicles that is not included. Let's say that I want to construct more of diesel vehicles and also SUV's, And, uh, that would be mostly it from here. Now Google will give you some ideas, as you can see here. So based on the things that you're really selected, if you find something interesting, you can add it here. But you can also browse interest on behavior. So let's say that I want to see some demographic things on. Let's say that I want to target people who are, um, single or just in a relationship for some reason, as and I also want to target people who are not students, for example, currently who have a bachelor's degree or advanced degree. Okay, And let's also say that I want to target people. Okay. Here. I want to target people who are homeowners because in that way they will have more income disposal for buying a car. Let's just say OK, that was regarding the demographics. I can see some things here. Actually, I reaches for things here on may be here. You guys have anything because it's about remarketing. I didn't write that. And let's say that I want to find something about transport or maybe cars, But I'm not seeing anything. Maybe because I have already shows on our toes and vehicles, OK, and, uh, you're not dealing with repairs or maintenance. I'm just dealing with the Yeah, okay. With mortal via close. So yeah, I will put here also, since I have real comes, I will put use one and New WAAS. Okay, so that would be it for the for the audience. As you can see here, I choose a lot of different things. If you want to clear them all, you just press here. If you want to continue with some ideas, you can do that here. And, um basically, the next thing that you have, as you can see, I'm skipping some of the options because they're not so relevant for for the beginning, for some basic campaigns there more for the advanced level for some intermediary or basic level that they are not necessary. I can choose my budget and keep in mind that this is the average if you want to spend each day so you don't have the option to put the lifetime budget as you have on social media networks, when you're studying that, that's there. So it's it's a bit different, but if you plan your dates on, let's say that I want to spend 10 euros per day and there I actually didn't put any date, I think. But let's just say that I want to put it to be until next until in the next few days. But just say that, OK? Before the next weekend, and now you have also have here delivery method. I would recommend to lead it on standard one, but you can use the accelerator. You can see here what it means, so spend your budget evenly over time or spending budget more quickly, which may cause your budget around out earlier. Okay, what do you want to focus on? So I would like to focus on clicks here because that was my primary goal. And, as you can see here, does that currently the only thing I have available and the here I kid, this is the optional. This is optional, but I can choose the maximum price I want to pay for cost per click. So let's just say that I wanted to be one point to I don't want to pay more than that for each click, okay? And some or additional settings here are What did you want your ad to run the whole day or just in certain period of time? You kept at more days. So as many as you wish. If you want to skip somewhere wears and the in the end, you will have the opportunity to add extensions. This is a very good day. For example, you can add several. You are else. So now he's not taking anything. Okay, let's just say that I want to have it. Like maybe I could try with now. I forgot by cars online. That was website of Kate by cars line dot com slash new course. And yeah, I went over. I messed it up here. Five cars online, new cars. And let's just say I want to do the same thing here. Okay, Sorry. I should, but it like this here. I'm getting some warning, but I'm not sure why is it okay? Here's just recommended that I should use https. OK, Never mind. And let's just say that I want to put here used cars. Okay? I'm not sure whether he will accept this. It will be interesting to see, but don't worry if if he doesn't accept it, mobile for a solution to it, maybe we'll just shorten the things before it. Don't worry, is that you can always try try different things to see how they would work. And now let's just say OK, so as you can see here now, I will. Afterwards, I will add headline and everything. But as you can see here, I added this box off. Now the customers will be able to see two additional. You are else to additional links for new cars and your used car. So when they click on new cars, they will automatically go to the page where new cars are and when they click on the Secondly, they will automatically go to a page where use cars are So this is very interesting because you can see here, this is on the mobile. Here you can see the preview for the computer worship. That's oppression. And this is very interesting because you can add more if you have more important landing pages that you want to use you Are you around? His here is not important. So you can you can just put it like this and it will still do the job used cars. Okay, let's just see no as you can now it likely canoes cars It will leave. It will take doctor that link that I provided down here. And moreover, you have the same options for or call out extensions and also call extension. So if you wish to, for example, let's say at your number here. So you can I would just say 2324 OK, we'll do one for Okay, let's just use around number and, like preview it, I would look so as you can see here, they're able to click. Just call on it will automatically connect them with their book buffalo and also, if you wish to add some other, some any other at extension. So, like a message of on or promotion One prize extension with that one location. It's very, very interesting. If you already have some of those extensions on your website, who will automatically show them here? But since I probably used just I just invented a website. You know, I just used a random link. It probably they didn't find anything. That's why everything is so blank. But don't worry. Because usually it will, Yeah, as you can see here, it's completely OK. So I have toe. I just put, like 101 3 2000 dollars. Okay. On I can food. Okay. No, no units. Yeah, that's the better. Okay, I just want to make this much faster. Yeah. You see, I can had multiple price extensions. Items have led to see Yeah, OK, so great. And gave an example here. So as you can see here, you can show different brothers were different availability or sizes and so on. So it's a great thing. Just see how it looks for that stuff. This is the mobile version on. This is the best one. So many different extensions that you can use. So I would hardly suggest you to devote some time. You can have different girls reach one, even the mobile final euro on a description. Heather, you can use the currency, you even inside off every options. You have different advanced options for setting up the times, dates and schedules and so on. So don't worry about it. When you're done with that, you can go to the next option, which is to set up ad groups. And what you will do here is basically major at group and you can make several of them. For the sake of this video will just make one. So cars alive past that one. Not sure how I named the previous campaign, but never mind. Here is the link and now I need toe through the keyboard. So basically the keywords we're going to have a special section that but those are just words that basically you're putting the words that you want your website to be in relation to. So basically, when someone let's say that it will be easier like this. So I would just put that my brother, my problems are cars. And now Yeah, Okay. What is it? No, not business. Carcieri. What is interesting now? Is that okay? Now use this four keywords. And that means that if someone types of Google these words, for example, I want to buy a used and used car. Google will automatically connect that query with my website. That means that I will pop up. It doesn't necessarily mean that I will prop up. But that website who use this key word will pop up at the top. It's the same thing with other keywords. As you can see here, I can find a bunch of them. I can not like new cars. I Are you a new car? Sail free, sinful and so on. This is an interesting thing, but don't worry about it. You have to pay attention now. We will mention it later on. You can learn more about it, keywords they If they don't have any quotation or any brackets, there just a broad match. If they have quotation, there's their phrase match and if they have brackets, it must be exact match. What does that mean when I don't put anything? Basically, Google will aim my website to the keywords that are similar to this one, so it doesn't necessarily have to be disorder north. This words so it can be something different. So it's a broad match. When I put quotation, it means that it's a phrase match so it can be used. If I put use cars like this, it can be used in some contexts and text. But they must go together and it must serve. Be that that purpose. If I put brackets, it must be exact match. So basically, when ever on Lee when they enter that exact match, that's when my website will pop up. Don't worry about it. If you didn't understand it right now, it sounds so important because they look at it later on and off course, just to add some things at the end to create actual ad, I will let he'd hear the final euro, which is by cars, my car and, uh, best course by now. Okay, I can even use dirt headline if I wish. I don't want to know. I can use different. Just say that I wanted to okay, home and the description I can put like, um uh this memory on three. That's try. Okay, Or I could just put freak treasure because fastest delivery doesn't make much sense free. Uh, that's Dr for all customers. Okay. And I can also, uh, used a second, uh, us if you decide. But you say that, OK? And again, I cannot some Ural options and tracking tracking templates if I don't want to. You see, I can use different finally your for more, but I don't want to do that right now. And this how you want to look like. So basically you can see here is add it will be at the top. Maybe it won't be in the first place. It will be a second alternative. Fancy there some other competitors. But this is how it is going to look like. So now you just spread saving Continue. You will come to the confirmation, but, um and that's it. If you have your car connected, credit card connected, it will publish it and then it needs to get approved. You just wait a few few make sometimes two hours. Sometimes it's very fast between 15 or 20 minutes. And it's life. So that would be it. Thank you for watching. Sorry, It took a bit longer. I really wanted to make sure that I cover everything. What is necessary so you can know how to use it. I hope you enjoy. Thank you and see the next lecture. 7. How to set up a Google Display Ad: welcome back and we'll continue with our global lights course this lecture, we're going to make another campaign. But this time we're going to use this play instead of search So basic. I mean, I can choose any other goal, but I suppose that many of you will use it for the website traffic. So I will just stay on that. But don't worry. Principles are mostly mostly the same. Now I will go to display Persian here. I can just leave it to standard display campaign. And I can I can again use, uh the same website. I forget the name by cards. Why so called? And now I will have slightly different interface from different options. From what? What I had in the previous in the previous video. Again, I will have to give a campaign name. So by cars this play contained and I can again choose a location to be California. I can add language also, as I did in the previous video where I wanted to be Spanish and English on the Now, as you can see here, this is a bit different. So I'm paying for clicks, and I'm actually, um as what do you want to focus on and I choose, of course, Traffic, because I choose that as a goal. Again, I have a budget to choose, which I can put here and delivery methods. And then I have additional settings so I can set up to date. Keep in mind that, as you can see here, date is a bit higher. Maybe that they want you care to. Actually, they want you to leave the ads running forest. Longest possible, of course. But keep in mind that you need to. I mean, the best option is to limited to a certain date, but if you're going to check it out regularly, then you don't. You can leave it like indefinitely, But keep in mind it is spending your money. That's catch on. Where do you when do you want to run it during the whole day or just a certain part of days ? This is very important. So if you have multiple ads, do want to to optimize it to show mostly and in the first place, best performing gets or you want them to rotates, rotating definitely. And, uh, moreover, you have some options here, or whether you wanted to show whether you want to show with on all devices or said specific targeting for only certain advices, as you can see here, tablets mobile for computer, seven operating system models that works and so on a frequency. So this is an interesting thing. So how do you want to go to optimize Haft and you're as there going to be shown to the same person, or you want to set a limit, some mural options and, uh, if you want to show your ads on all contents, or maybe you want to exclude it for or something. So this is this is very important. If you're selling something that shouldn't be market that shouldn't be promoted to the kids or certain group of people. Now, you as you can see here, you when we have two bottles you don't have for us. We did in the previous there because now you're already at that group option where we can write cars who on basically, you can do again what I did there with keywords actually here with the interests on, um, as you can see here, I will really have something that is offered from my previous Compagnie I did. So I will just check them. Oh, alive. Not publishing this at I'm trying to assess relevantly. It's possible. And here you can see my targeting Ricciardi. Is that this? 4.5 billion impressions that could be made eight there. So that's a pretty big number off course. That is which frequency on again. You can target demographics whether you want to be your leave. No. Only female, only male. Sorry. Maybe you want to put only male female gender. Then maybe you don't want to target it to people who are very young or like this. You don't want maybe to target parents, only those who are not a parent. And maybe you don't want to target people who didn't declare themselves So you know, you only want certain people with who really don't want your ads to be shown to maybe someone who just made a their account for no reason And who is in the U. S. You can target household household income. So does the also the e the advantage. And, um, as you can see here household. I won't bother with this right now, but anyway, you can You can Jackson options The earth and off course you can again set cost per click bit for this ad group. And finally, we're at our ad space where you actually made your red where you choose how you're calling the banner is going to look like So let's just say that I want to upload the image. I will take something from my computer if it allows, OK? And yeah, here he inserted, you were out. And let's just say that I want to in a certain this one, maybe add one more like this one. Okay, so I have two possible. You see here the pattern, different sizes, informants that exists. You can I see different for months that are available. I choose only this once, but you can add several. And of course, here you can have different, different Ural options. We talked about that and use different ones for mobile. And here you can find some some basic options and guidance about image as Onda, also about animation and image ads. So it's not allowed to be longer than 30 seconds on so on. So here you have many, many, many different options on you can you can take a look at that. If you have time, I'm always so definite. But that would be mostly it's so These will be images that are going to be shown on the side banner here or some websites on. When people click on them, it will lead. Google will lead them to my website. So thank you for watching on see you. Yeah. I will included four months and sizes off certain banners that are mostly used. I will include that link in the attachment so you can take a look at it. So thank you for watching and seeing in the next sector. 8. How to set up a YouTube Ad: Welcome back, students. We're continuing with our course on Google. Let's and this lecture We're going to take a look on how to make you Too bad. We're basically how to use a video at option on comm pain inside of Google Light. So we're at the same place where we want to start with making our campaign. First of all, before we choose any of the goals, I usually in this actually course and it shows this one website traffic. However, if I choose it now, a Z you can see here it will ask me to make to connect my YouTube channel in order to in order to be able to try the conversions. So I think that sales leads website traffic and at promotion all require you to connect your YouTube account before you start making you took pads. However, if you choose one off thes product and brand consideration brand awareness and reach and can be without a goal, you can make you read without connecting the account directly. So, uh, I think I'm going to do here is let's say that I just want to make some small awareness and and to reach number off impressions on YouTube with my video, nothing, not any links or any The call to action Bottom Special Special contraction bottoms. So I will go to product and bread consideration and choose video and click on Continue. And now I will get a similar interface, as I had it before in the previous campaigns, I can choose my you do come pain, my name being and I can choose here budget that can be daily or campaign total. I can, of course, Saturday dates here went to started when to finish and you can see here usually will start within one business day because it takes time to 40 adds to get approved, I can put maximum cost per view that I want to and true that as my bed strategy, I can choose where I want my Actually, I can. We're only talking about videos, but of course you can since production about you to be general, you can choose the options to jump up a top when there are some search results with keywords in the relation to your video. And of course, there could be numerous video platforms with the school has, and you can also display your video there. And this is the main things YouTube videos. Those are the things that you see before and after, and even sometimes during the video that you're watching, when you do, you can choose different languages and, of course, location, which we covered all of those things already. So not going so deep. Now, if you want to see how they work more in detail, you can check. The previous campaigns were made in this section. And, um, here, basically you have a special section regarding the contact exclusion, since they're very strict on the videos that you were putting on and you can read about these things that go very deep into explaining every one of them. But as you can see here, you can exclude your video from certain contacts. Contact? Yeah, from sir from central content. And even here you have some additional settings to choose which devices you want to put them, whether you want to be on all devices or maybe just phones or just tablets. Maybe just TV screens frequency on whether you want them to run the whole day or in a certain time with the day depends. So then you come to the part that regarding the book, you can write the name YouTube at group. Okay, Hash, take one. And now you're choosing demographics. As you can see here, you can choose your video to be shown only to certain people with certain age or not actually parents. It's where we're taking that group also. And sometimes you will have this option available. Usually, if you target your rights in the US, you will happen on then become to the interests. Whatever is that you want to show, you can target it. Here you can choose different interests will even get ideas. So you can always different then graphics and behaviors off users to target them again. You covered all these things. We saw how they look, so I won't go now. So deep there if you want. If you maybe didn't see that those previous videos were recovered. All these things please go there and check it at that. Now we come to very maybe the most important part where you choose the keywords again. You enter your website, maybe products or services that you offer and you will get Somebody s here and you put keywords in this field again. You have some topics where you can basically choose which people you want to target. So maybe those are people from okay? We were talking about cars. So maybe let's just see whether there Yeah. Okay, so we're different interests that you can see here. Used vehicles, sports cars, Andi call back hours. So different. Different things. Definitely. You can even target what our vehicles by brand. And when you're done with that, you still have this option for replacements. So the things we saw previously were devices, but here are mostly the platforms. Do you want to? Maybe I can show you this. Okay. I have here some video safe and you can see here it's around a video from some sport event on. Basically, you can choose it to be here on that. You can do the same thing with channels or websites. And then you will try to show your ads on those places that you targeted off course. There are many people targeting the same place. It will be harder and more expensive together. But I also want to show you here. You can also include the link off the video. And since this was something from the sport. As you can see here, it was something about tennis. All right, when you put your let's say you to like video, uh, program will automatically recognize the ideas and interests from there, and it will offer you here. So Okay, I will exclude now these things about cars, although he talked about that earlier. So now inputs video about sports and as you can sports and things you can see here itself offering me like table tennis because it's a more to Dennis, I suppose. But I actually want here to be maybe some sports news. Maybe not. You see, here, tennis on brackets boards was that one and many other things here. Tennis equipment. So So It is very interesting because basically, with one ad you you are able to with one video, you're able to get more specific on your interests that you want to target and, uh, again here we can put the maximum click cost per view that we want to be charged. So let's say that I don't want to pay more than 0.1 your euro for every view that some user make and finally, this is the last step. As you can see here, there are only two steps here. I'm going, Teoh. First you're not ableto upload your video here. You have to go to you to tow upload your video and then you just connect that with your You just copy the link here, and that would be it. Dad, would you see if I choose this one? Okay, so it will ask you about different four months. You can choose currently between two. And you can read more about them where we want in stream at BDO Discovery at on. Uh, basically, that's it. So you just press saving. Continue on that we meet if, in other words, is well, maybe try to cover those other campaigns and videos, video video groups and adds in some other lectures. But there may be, will be asked some additional questions like headline description called Action bottom. So all but here we're just talking about impressions and reach. So that would be Thank you for watching 9. Overview of Google campaigns (metrics and reports): Welcome back, students and we're continued without with our course. And now when this video we're going to see basically the really interface off Google ads. And for the sake of this video, I just made a short campaign for small campaign for website off a friend of mine which in which I'm going to show you some statistics, says you can see it's display campaign. So basically we are. I created some banners that you can see their performance. Ondas you can see here it's just a small campaign is still running. It's from today or yesterday. I'm not sure and for now, with costed 2.3 euros and it got 61 link clicks on average, cost per click was 0.4 which is very good and it got around 80,000 impressions. So here first I want to show you were just taking a look off. This campaign is you can see here it's still enabled. It's still active on the now. When I go down, I can see here difference that so basically here I see I have different three different banners for for this campaign. As you can see, this one which is for the mobile version, this almost square version and the standard band one for for the Desktop. So it's basically the same photo with three different with state, three different dimensions. And here you can see the name of the website, and the great thing is that here I can see the whole stat for each banner. So I had three different banners, and I could so how I can see actually, how all of them performed. So the 1st 1 had almost eight 1000 impressions. 37 Clegg's and click through rate was 0.47 which is which is not so big. But I think it's bringing okay for the better. And for this campaign, the next one was a bit had a but, uh, weaker performance, as you can see here with clicks and impressions and victory and, of course, the last one. So here I can see the landing pages. I only had one. I didn't let any additional extension, so I only had the u R l of the website. I can see the audience here. So mostly my targeted group with shoppers. As you can see here, the name of the website his online shop. So it's these. These interests and talk copies are, and audiences are normal for this kind of a website here, I can see different devices with whom they I saw the ad on Click on It. So those are the things we're going to see later on, but, as you can see here moves. It was from more by phones regarding all of the things costs, impressions and clicks. But you can see also tablets, computers. I even had some impressions on TV screens. Just great. It was targeted only for one country for Serbia, because it's it's you. It's the website with domaine dot There s and I can see here the demographics which is not so good here. But I'm going to show you late here the more precise demographics and that's basically so this is as you can see here in the sidebar. This is just the overview, so you can get a sense of it here how it looks. But if you want to dig a bit deeper, I would suggest you do that and you can do that here. So first, if you have different ad groups, you can see here I only have one, so I'm not going to do anything there. But when it comes to add extension at and extensions, I can see three different banners that I use. I can see how they perform with clicks, impressions, click trait, average cost per click, a total cost. I didn't have any conversions. It was just a simple small campaign. But if I want to add it, any of these things, if I want to pause some of this as I could do it here, for instance, if I want to stop with this sad because, as you can see here it is reforming very bad comparing to the other two. And its cost is much bigger than the other one. So here is 0.3 and it's performing the best. Here is 0.5 which is okay, but here is your 0.7 So maybe I would pause it here because it is taking me the highest amount of money and giving me the best results. So for that reason, I'm not so interested in placing this banner. If I want to see landing pages I can do with here. But now says I only have one. There's no much to see. If I had any key words, I could use it here. But since this was a very small campaign and for the small market, I didn't combine keywords on audience because it would narrow my my ads really much so. I only used three audience and some interests here. And as you can see here, my main audience were shoppers after that shopaholics and online shopping. So I I didn't have any clicks here about. As you can see here with the first category of shoppers, I had 50 clicks. Andi, I can see some statistic here. As you recall from previous videos, you can modify columns and make it make some things by default to different, so you can play with those things When it comes to demographics, I can see here much better. I exclude Before starting, the campaign excluded the category off people from 18 to 24 on the unknown category. For some reasons, that was the decision based on the previous campaigns. And as you can see here, I can see how different age groups before so most it was mostly visited by people between 35 45 years old. I got most clicks from them. And according to Price, you can see that this group of people was actually provided me with the lowest cost only 0.2 while this group was the highest. I think so. You know, seeing all of these things is very interesting. Even if you had some columns, if you understand it, if you don't, you can always hover over it and read about it. So even learn more if this short explanation is not clear. But anyway, thes thesis statistic is very good because it provides you with additional in four, and you can know how to how to plan and make your rights and future. Here I can see the grab, but not only 40 age. I can do something from gender. As you can see here, I got a bit more place from the fever room from the General from the female gender year and even with the lower price, which is a great thing, but they're very similar. 0.3 and 0.4 However, I can see the differential status. How they perform on household income is only available in the U. S, I think. But even here, actually, I got some some data on it, so I can take a look. And I have, of course, um, options to make combinations with age, gender or any other category. So demographic section is very good for that. If I had any topics, I could sit here. But I didn't on regarding the placement stating I only had this players didn't limit it to anything if I wanted to do. Since it is currently running also, if I want to change anything, I could do it here. So country go bidding strategy. I can even change the budget which alone now Just using this, as I said mostly for for recording right now, I can changed the AIDS. As you can see here, only says April 14. I probably started a campaign there, then started a draft I didn't publish in Baghdad because it would spend much more money. Of course, I can choose the devices I want to show on. Currently, I'm showing it on older devices, as you saw in the overview section and some other things here. Location. We took a look at that. Here are the devices As you can see, here mostly was visible the mobile phones and computers. So I got most of the clicks for the mobile force, and that was the cheapest option for me. So as you can see here, that computer was the most expensive one when it comes to flex. And, uh, here is just section regarding the advanced being, a strategy with which is not necessary right now. But I just wanted. And of course, if you want to make it more simple, you can always come to the beginning to the overview section where you can see everything just in in this in the small overview, as it is called, if you want to extend to extend it, to see in the more to see it more details. You can always click on this, these things here, or you can use the sidebar here. So this is a great tool for statistics. I mean, it's pretty. It gives a lot of data just as other websites, other social media that we saw, they also provide some great statistics and reports and performance. The same thing is here for Gould. They give you a bunch of statistics available and you should definitely use it in order to make your future campaigns perform better. So that would be it regarding this ovary of the statistics, metrics and reports that we saw. If you want to export all of these things, you can do it here in the C s, A V file in the excell table. If it's much more if it's better for you on that will be Thank you for watching on C next video. 10. How to use Google Trends tool: Hello, everyone. And in this video we're going to talk about one of the very famous Google's product called Google Trends, and it's a very powerful marketing tool. You can find it easily just Google trends in Sir Gentian and the first thing that pops up. You can click on that and it will bring you here. Mogul Trans is a very popular through that IHS used to, as it says here, explore what the world is surging so you will get inside into the search queries that are popular and search topics from 2000 and four until now in order to show you how it works, since we were talking and making the base about electric cars and actually cars in general . But let's just say that I that we that we're selling electric cars and we want to see how that how actually popular electric cars are. We checked here United States, but we can do it for any country, and we can do it. The world fight. As you can see here, we can choose the time period. It can be from the past hour to 2004. Still now, or you can make it a custom, you can choose the location you can choose if getting worries, Web search and so on. And the interesting thing here that I can see from the past 12 months is that the term was different. Period has some ups and downs. This figures, as you can see here, is actually interest over time. That is, the maximum value of 100 means the peak popularity for the turn. So we're not talking about number off queries or number of clicks or number off visitors. We're talking about popularity for the term value, 50 means that it's 1/2 a sparkler, while score of zero means that it wasn't popular at all. So there were in any surges over there were only a few of them. What is interesting here is that you can also see, since we're talking about United States, you can see the polarity of the term according to the regions and states in this case. And the interesting thing here is, if you're like planning to open the subsidiary somewhere or you're just planning to, we're selling to the whole us, but you want to focus on certain states. You can see here that on the West Coast. The term and the search, the search term electric cars is much more popular on the West than on the East. That doesn't necessarily mean necessarily mean that people click more on it or that they buy more like the cars. But it means that there are more interested in electric car. So maybe they're reading more about. Maybe they're reviewing it more. Maybe they're watching more videos about electric cars. As you can see here, the California is the most popular one for this term. Which would explain, Why are there so many Tesla's and down here if I school, But I can see some other popular related queries, and I can also see some related topics. The great thing here is that I can also compare difference terms so I can see their popularity, and I can take it for a much broader time horizon. As you can see here, I do, too period of five years for the U. S. Or the same term and the although it had ups and downs. As you can see, it went eventually it went up. So it's very popular now, and it is often mentioned in media, so that would explain its popularity now. But it had all the time ups announced. And what I can also do it with the example I like to give its for Bitcoin, which basically didn't exist before the 2008. And of course, in the beginning it was also discovered. So what you will see here is I want to make it from 2000 and four. It's much better. So basically the term Bitcoin which Okay, I put it just for the U as But I want to make it worldwide right now so you can see the difference. Okay, so we're looking at their Bitcoin worldwide since 2004. And as you can see here in basic since it didn't exist off course, he didn't have any search search queries regarding it, even in 2008. In 2009 in its first days, it still didn't have any queries because people didn't know much about it. Now, in 2000 that we're gaining something, you know, we're starting to see its popularity in 2013 with its first big values. And of course, in 2017 18 when it it reach peaks can see. The popularity was its maximum, and now it also decreased. So you can see here by regions where it was the most popular on where it was less popular. For some reasons you can see the related topics, and you can see the related query so usually they would be going price or Bitcoin you is in the U. S. Dollars or how to my Bitcoin since or how to buy it. So these are some great things that you can use here to do, Sir John Your queries. To see what's popular and to gain inside in the market that you want to enter, very want to market yourself. So that's the great, too. I suggest that you use it off course up for this kind of broad periods. But you know, you can take it for the best 90 days and compare the bed how it is in print forming whether it's popular right now or not wise and popular on so on again. Keep in mind that these numbers are not relevant in terms off the visitors or clicks or any others. It's more. It mostly explains the popularity in a certain period which is, of course, different if you move the whole spectrum. So as you can see here, it says 100. But we saw it on the much broader grab that it's a pretty low. But for that period, it reached the above popularity than these other periods at that time. So keep those things in mind and you can off course play with it. You can search different queries and see what's currently popular. And of course, you can compare different terms here, so that would be it for the groom friends. It's a great do. It's great broader from Google, and it's free. That's the most important thing. So keep in mind to use it sometimes, and I think it will be helpful. Thank you for watching and see the next video. 11. How to use Google Alerts tool: hi, everyone and walk into another video. We're going to see another Google stool for marketers, and this one is called Google Alerts. You can also type it on the surge engine on Google, and the first thing that pops up you can you can just click it there, and this will actually helps you monitor the Web for interesting you content. What it does is basically your time with the term that you or the phrase that you want to follow. In my case, that since we're talking, we were talking about electric cars. I talked here electric cars, and here I have some settings to make. So first of all, I want to. But to reach it to the United States and off your language will stay the English and hear what the Google Wars going to do is inform me every time for me as an alert every time when there is some news about electric cars. So when there's an article published when there's a new video that has these key words in it, it's going to give me another. So I know that, and here I can check which sources I want. So if I only wound videos or lab or just news. I mean, this do is very good for general education and if you are working with certain and uncertain, feel always having New Year's about it. But it's also good when you have some keywords from competitors and you can die put here, just Web. And then you can follow the things that you were competitive. Reese Publishing, which is very important to stay up to date, and here you can choose it, how often you want. It may be worth once a week, which is not so often once the day. Maybe you don't want to get overwhelmed because all this all those alerts are going to be delivered to your email, and maybe you would like to know as it happens. So this is a very good tool. I wouldn't say when you're making a pain, may be the better. One is school trends, but they're different in different ways. So I would suggest that you used boat once when you're planning something big here down, you can see the lays. You can see the, uh, things that are propping God, and you can easily click on them, open them in a new tab and so on, so and you can choose. If you have multiple emails, you can choose here where you want to do put it. You can choose different regions and so on. When you're done, you just create Lord, and you will get pontifications to directly to your email address because it is connected. So that would be thank you for watching on C with next lecture. 12. How to preview your ads: welcome back, students. And in this short video, I want to show you another great tool. But this time, inside off the platform Google ads where you can actually preview on So your ad when they're published. So what you do is on your main page over your page. You go to the tools and select at preview and diagnosis. You will get this window here. Were you actually able to search for a term? So if you qualify for some terms, such as as we mentioned electric cars, you can set up the location here. I mean, the one where you're targeting your ads, language and even the device. And then you can, uh, see what will actually pop up for the users that are searching this term in California, on English from more. As you can see here, the first time will be the first you are All will be from this website and the 2nd 1 and so on. So now, of course, I didn't make any ads regarding the any complaints regarding the electric cars. But if I did, I could see here for which keywords am I qualified. I could do the same thing for that stop to make it a bit bigger and you can see how it would look so now. Currently, there are for this query in California, there are 22 websites that are taking this main place, and my world would be if I'm advertising in California with this keyword on English to pop up here so that, as you can see here it says you're at is not showing because I didn't make it. I'm just using this. Hypothetically, that would be it. So this is a great tool for preview with your search campaigns. Currently, you're not able to do this with display ad, so you're just only able to see some off the campaigns you will make. But anyway, it's a great toe on its free. So it's much better than going directly to Google and surgeon for your query, or maybe clicking on your link because you will get charged for dead. And that's nonsense because you clicked on your own. That so that would be it. Thank you for watching and see the next lecture 13. Different types of keywords (important to know): welcome back. And in this video, we're going to see some basic things about keywords in this, actually, just in this video going to show you different types and possibilities off the keyboards that you can use. And in the next one, I'm going to show you the keyword planner, which is also Frito inside of Google. Let's so here I found a very good picture. Actually, that explains that phrases and keywords in general how they work. So as you can see here, the broadest option that you have if we're talking about let's say that you're selling for most shoes if you put your so here. As you recall, we had some key words that you can include when you make your campaign and if you just type foremost shoes. That broad match, which will also include formal foot where evening food where mantra, swing tips and so on. So this is a broad match. When you put that in the compay that you want to qualify for this keyword this praise. Actually, since you didn't put anything else, it will automatically make it much broader, and you will also be qualified for this terms and many others that are similar to this one . If you go a big a bit deeper, you have modified broad with where you put for more plus shoes. This means that whatever the term is, query is. There has to be a word shoes, so it doesn't have to be formal shoes, but it has to be evening shoes or black dress shoes and so on. So this is a good thing when you're, for instance, selling shoes. And you have different types for different events. Different occasions, different colors, different materials. So even more modified broad is when you put boat for more shoes, formal and shoes with the plus A Z, you can see here it will include both words the queries, but they don't necessarily have to go Teoh. They don't need to go together less serious. And if there are some misspellings like here, like thermal shoes, it will be recognized. And it will also included here. Phrase match is where you actually put the quotations on. Uh, these words have to go together. So as you can see here, it will match with black. Four were shoes or forward formal shoes for men, but, for instance, it can include that it cannot include this one former evening shoes because you strictly said that with this quotation. That means that these words this praise has to go together. And the exact one would be with this brackets where you basically say that you only want to match this phrase, and that's it. Not any additions, exceptions or any other thing. So this is a very good when you have certain crime that you are offering and when people are when you know what people are searching for, so that gives you can use this one. Keep in mind, this is a very important thing to know. Neutering the keywords showed, also matches the surges inside the smaller ring. So basically it's maybe not everywhere, but mostly it does so broke The broad, the broad phrase, the broad keyword is the biggest group, and it would include all of the other takes. So keep this in mind. You can did for this easily on the Web, And, uh, be careful when you use quotation or brackets or pluses, because you might qualify for some things that you don't want to. But also be careful when you use a broad match because you might also get qualified for the key words that you don't want to. So that would be it. Thank you for watching and seeing the next lecture. We're going to explain you how to use the keyword planner do inside of Google acts. 14. How to use Google Keyword Planner: Okay, Well, finally here in this video, we're going to talk about a Google Kieber planner, which is a free tool inside of Google ads that you can use to prepare and make your campaigns. So what you're going to do is come to the tool to sexual and click on keyword planner, and basically, you have two options here you can find new cures, or you can go directly to start to see their search volume forecasts. If you re new to this, you can use this how to use Cuba by the or you can read about it online. But this video I will try to give you the most support of the photos about it and how to use it properly. And the first thing that Google, as a keyword planner is actually asked me is to provide key words here with which I'm going to start. Since we were talking about electric cars, I will put it to B s. So let's say electric cars, cars on may be by you, uh, you be actually be for sale. Some people referred to us uh, electric vehicles, E V harbored cars. Also, I can include up to tag, keyword. So I'm just thinking about which others should I include. So maybe I can put long rage electric cars, and that will be now I can always add more if I wish. And of course you can include you are out there. So as you can see here now, I have a bunch of numbers and before we start with numbers here, you care. Set up your location. So we were talking about California in the U. S. So he already recognize it, And I would just leave it there. I would actually exclude United States, and I would just leave it to you calling for here, But you can even go deeper, get this. And now what I have here is my five keywords that I chose to see the stats for and below that I have some other keywords ideas. As you can see, Google found almost 2.5 1000 keyword ideas that are very connected to this one. So it's a great place to get some ideas If you don't have any, as you can see here, electric vehicles, best hybrid cars, electric cars for sailors want. Actually, this one is very but I would include this one. So what can I do here is not now. Later. Sorry. Would you can see Here is the volume cost per click and competition for these keywords. You can also see average monthly surges whether the competition is high, lower, medium and some other things. If you want to read more about them, you can always hover over and get some data on it. If you want to modify columns, you can do that here. You can also hover over and read more about it. And, uh, the interesting thing here is that I can see which keywords are performing better than the others. And according to this things here, I can see that the keyword electric cars is performing very good. I mean, it has a lot off search queries on this one. Also, Thesis Destry are reforming weaker as you can see here, I can see approximately average monthly surges and I can see the competition know where competition is very high and where the competition is very low. So you want to have those things in mind and now I want to show you. So keep in mind that all of these numbers are not 100% correct and punctual. So take them with a reserve and know that they're just approximate numbers. So they're not exact numbers, That's why. Here you don't see the exact number, you receive the estimate, and here you can see approximate number, but those are very, very broad numbers. So now what you can do since if you want to know a bit more about this keywords, how much you would need to pay for them and how would they perform? You can check them here. Actually not this one I saw. This is a good one. Electric cars per se. Okay, I just I have just chosen the streaky words and I'm going to add them. Here is my plan overview. And as you can see here, basically, I get over you for the campaign, which tells me I'm going to perform. So let's let's explain this. What? What it means. So here Google, actually keyword planner is telling me that if I spent 980 euros for one month off marketing with the daily budget off 34 euros, I will would get 1.3000 clicks 3 3000 impressions my collection rate will be 4% with the average cost per click for 0.75 euros. And this is my average position. So what I can do here is, and as you can see here, the most money will go for the electric cars. And then for the second keyword that will put a dent for the 3rd 1 You can see the device is a problem. I mean again, keep in mind that these air old just forecasts and approximate estimations. This is not something that will be certainly correct and punctual if you put it here. But it will be something, something very close to it. And what you can do here is, actually, if you let's say that this is too much for you and you don't want that your average cost per click is 0.75. You can lower it here and you will get a new forecast. And now it says that if you're average cost per click it 0.38 you will spend, of course, less money. But you will also get less clicks and, uh, a smaller number of impressions and so on. But if you put this to be a maximum. Let's say here. So I say that you're willing to pay all wars as it says, on average, three point well, euros per click, as you can see here, I mean, you're going to spend a lot of money, but you will get a lot of clicks. So So So you can compare this number is whether you're getting war with when you put your budget to be smaller, one with high, you can see here. Now click through rate is lower than when the budget was around 1000 euros. So you can't compare those things. You can see what bigger doesn't necessary means better so you can see those things. But as you can see here, my position would be almost always at the first place. I would be on the 2nd 1 so you can go bare those things. And the other thing, I also want to show you it's a bit. It's actually a trick that you can use If you want to rebuild the keywords that you have included here, you can go to the section off key words here, mark them all and breasts removed. Now, when you get back to the keywords idea. What you can do is, if you want to get a sense off, the exact search volume that you're cured is going toe make or just close the Web. You can choose a keyword, but this one electric cars for sale here. It's a very important, spare, important step. You must click on exact match, not broad. Match an AL A keyword. Now, when you go to your plan, overview and you set up your grab to be at the highs here a long in the top. Okay, you can see the numbers off the impression it would have for the next month, and that on you would be off course first position. This would be your average cost per click, so these are great numbers to see the approx, to see how how popular your term would be. And, as I said, these are just destinations. So keep in mind that you can combine this stool with other tools with Google Trance with other keywords. Planner. There are many of them. This is not the only one, and then you could get a sense of a sense of the numbers and popularity off a certain term . The thing I didn't mention is here You have sub grouped ideas for certain keywords. So as you can see here for, I don't know electric, the move aisles you have different keywords that is offering or for vehicles from, I don't know, hear it mentioned 2017. But there's probably a category for 2019 or latest electric and so on. So there are a bunch of the things that you can do here now. I really don't want to spend much time, and I wanted to keep this short to the point. But anyway, this is like, this is a very big thing on. You have a lot of things to look here to search. I mean, I could make a separate course just for this whole and let me know off course, if you wish to have more lessons for for this topic, and that would be it. So you can. You can use this things here on if you want. If you're satisfied with this predictions, you can click here on create campaign because, of course, at another conversion metrics on, you can always export your leader to CS the file so that would be it. If you also want to make a different locations and different languages, you can set it up here at that would be it for this lesson. Thank you for watching. I hope that you are now familiar with Gore. Keyword planner on that you will use it in the proper way. If you have any questions like no, that would be to thank you for watching and seeing the next lecture. 15. Negative keywords explained: everyone. And welcome to another video where we're going to talk about negative keywords. It's also interesting and important topic on that. I will try this in these few videos to explain you in detail what negative three words are . So we'll start with defining them and their purpose. Negative keywords as it is written here. Tell Google what search queries are not relevant to your business so you don't get ad impressions for surgeries that won't be too sales or any other objective that you have chosen for your at. And that is a really important part because a zit is said here. In this quote off, I found a great quote, one key to a highly targeted campaign ish. Using what? Not target. So keep those things in mind. It is really, really important. And for that reason I decided to include thes things also in the video because I found find them relevant to be, despite the fact that there sometimes not included in different courses and people are not mentioning that then that much they are really important and, uh, the important thing to know that there is a difference between search campaign and this pain video campaigns when it comes to the negative keywords, and we're going to take a look at that within a moment. But first, I would like to explain you actually where you can find negative keywords and how you can use them so you can find negative keywords in Google. Keywords planner. You confined negative keywords ideas there for your list, which later on you can build in a separate in a separate section where it is allowed, and then you can integrate it with your campaigns. And here is an example, which I found on the word stream, I think, and you can see here. What they did is it's a great example. So that's why chosen. They used an example where a company would sell calendars so their product or service is here is it is written calendar, and they're looking for the key words that they don't fall to qualify for. So as you can see here, free calendar templates free printable calendar, fleet calendar, sprint double calendars, free online calendar. Those are the words that are not relevant to you. So the thing here is that you want to sell calendar, so you want to provide some services service with calendar so you don't want to qualify and to show your ads when people type free calendar template or when they type free online calendar because they're not interested in buying something, they're just interested in getting information. And that is the whole purpose off negative keywords. So sometimes the meanings off off the same work and be multiple. And there can be multiple meanings off only one word the same or one phrase. And that is why it's important for you to help Google as they're trying to to identify the right meaning that you're aiming to achieve with your ass. But sometimes they're they're having trouble with it, so we never think keywords you're actually helping Google toe understand? What do you where do you want to position and publish your as so that is a really important part, and that is the whole purpose of negative keywords? Because in that way you're not going to show your rights to a non relevant audience, which means you're going to save money and we get effective results, and you're going actually to spend money on on the right audience. When it comes to display on the video campaigns for Search Campaign. As I mentioned here, it's important to know that if you're using this by or video campaigns, negative keywords can help you avoid targeting unrelated sites or videos. But they work differently for for these campaigns that they do for search, depending on Thea other keywords or targeting methods in your ad group. Some places where your ad appears make occasionally contain excluded terms, so it's different in comparison with the search. So here you might have some words that are excluded and for this bay on video ads. Currently there's a maximum of 5000 negative keywords, and you can also avoid targeting unrelated sites or videos by implementing implementing side category options on content exclusions. You have those options separately. So Magothy words negative keywords are more used for search campaigns that can also be used for this but video campaigns. But there you also have that option for for excluding calling that which content which we saw in the previous videos and in the following uh, sites, I'm going to show you different types of key negative keywords that you might have. But I just want to give you another example off. What is the purpose of negative keywords and how can they be used? So so I would be sure that you understand understood the concept completely when selecting negative keywords for search campaigns, you can look for the search terms that are similar to keywords, as we did with that example for the calendar. But here's another one. Let's say you sell eyeglasses, and in this case you may want to add negative keywords for search terms like wine glasses or drinking glasses. Because you know, glasses are referring to Dio eyeglasses but could also refer to, as I said, wine drinking glasses. It's a great example that I found the Linus and that that's how Google might get confused. But you were. Actually, your audience is not relevant when it comes to the drinking or wine glasses. You're certainly aiming to the eyeglasses, and another example could be if you're selling courses off English online, for example, and you want to qualify for the front phrases like learn English. So life ignition like courses, Best English teacher, etcetera. But you don't want to qualify for the queries like free English courses practice English for friends so on because it's important that you exclude those phrases because you're not those people who are typing, typing these things. They're interested in the free material. But if you're selling it, then that's not your relevant audience. So that is another example that I just wanted to to brought up. So you I hope that by now you understand the concept of negative keywords and the for such campaigns. You can use a broad, exact or phrase match for negative keywords, and it's important to know. So we have a similar thing with Let's Go are positive, normal keywords. But it's important to know that these negative match types is working differently than their positive counterparts. And here is an example off the first perceptions of negative broad, much as it is described here. This'll type is by the fold your negative keywords for your negative cures and negative broad match. Uh, when you when you put the negative broad match your ad want show if the search contains all of your negative keywords terms, so even if it's in a different order, so order is not is not important here. Your ad may still show if the search contains only some of your keyword terms, and here is an example to understand it better. So running shoes and this is this is actually an example from Google's platform. So they use this to explain. They're negative keywords and broad matches because it's really confusing sometimes, and you can see here. So if you put running shoes to be negative keywords and get icky work and then you put the's, you can see actually how on these surges your ad will perform. So if somebody types of blue tennis shoes or running gear, your ad will show despite having these negative keywords. But if some somebody perhaps the blue running shoes So you see, it's mentioning the exact words from here or shoes running, which is basically just a different order or running shoes, which is the same then it will exclude it from these surges. So if you're not selling running shoes and you put them in the negative keywords section, then you will be excluded for from these thieves queries. Next one is negative phrase match, and it's more. It's going more deeper from now on. So for negative phrase match keywords, your ad one show. If the search contains the exact key keyword terms in the same order. So this is the most important part you can see down here an example with running shoes with quotations, and you can see here for blue tennis shoes. Running gear, as any is, as any previous example is going to show, and also for shoes running because it's not containing the same order as it is here. Under the quotation marks but blue running shoes you see here running shoes and only running shoes, these two queries will be excluded because they're put in this order. So here it's excluded, although it has an additional work. But this order remains the same, and the last one is negative. Exact match, which is most targeted options for for negative keywords and, as it is written here at one show, if the search contains the exact he words in the same order without extra words. So even without excellence, which is more detailed in comparison to the previous example we saw and here you can see again running shoes in these brackets you can see here it's going to show on many, many, many different queries for off four out of five. It's not going. It's just not going to show here where it says running shoes, because that's the same order without any extra words. And it's going to show even on the blue running shoes, because it hasn't extra word, and it's not showing it as as the phrase from the brackets. So I hope that now you understand that the differences here and the following video we're going to take a look at how to actually find these negative keywords and how to make a list of them and include them in your campaigns. Thank you for watching and see the next video. 16. How to a create negative keyword list: welcome back and we're taking a look at how to find and include negative keywords in your list. And I'm hearing the Google ad spots on Google s platform. And what I'm going to do here is to go to tools and settings option and choose negative first negative keywords list. I'm going to get this window, and I'm just going to leave it like this for now. And then I'm going to choose this option here that it's keyword planner for another window and I'm going to open it here. And this is the We already saw this part, but I'm going to explain it against you have to Windows. You can choose to get discovered new cures or get search volume and forecasts. I'm going to choose this one. And then now I'm going to talk with mentioned eyeglasses. So I'm going. I'm going to say that that's my product. So let's just, uh, just looking at it like this, I'm going to try to find some negative keywords. Let's say I'm just selling eyeglasses reading for four people, and I want to exclude negative negative content. What I'm going to do now is take a look and I can only see I can already see that on. I have many. Many are different options here, but I'm just looking okay. He's a role relevant. Waas which is okay on, uh okay, maybe I can exclude this stir. I will just market for now. I can either I can cook s So I have two options from here. I can create my separate keyword list, which later on I can include in my campaign and I'm just breast on that. Plus here I can add it like I blesses negative list and here I can put different. I can put the different negative keywords and save it later on. And I'm going to use the list with all of this cures. That's one option. And the the 2nd 1 is to check this keyword and go here on the street Wants more and Ada's negative keywords. And as we explain the street types, I'm going to use it as a broad match because it's usually by the folk. So that one and the I'm your fashion glasses also. So that's after element. You see, I'm selling glasses for older people who have difficulties with reading, see well and I'm not interested to to show my ad when people search for fashion less. I don't want my ad there. They're searching for something else that's not my relevant audience. And for that reason, that will be my negative keywords. So I'm helping right now Google to know what I'm not qualifying for. Also computer glasses. So no, I'm not selling computer glasses. Also negative. And, uh, I'm just going to take a look. I didn't see if there are like sunglasses. Maybe, but I also want to exclude those things. You see, I don't want to exclude, for example, reading glasses because it's something I need. I'm I'm focusing on that. So I just, you know, kids glasses. Also, I said that I'm focusing on more on the older people. So also can be negative. Keywords depends on your campaign. This is not strictly basically the right option. I'm just using it like this. If if if it had, like sunglasses or something like that, I would also exclude that because in my example, I'm selling those things. And now if I want to see those keywords, I can go here, and what I can do now is go to negative keywords. I'm going to see the list of the things I have chosen. I also have a volume I have average cost per claim, and so on which match type I chose. So I can even deleted time. If I change my mind for some reason, I can remove that keyword or I can leave it here. So in this way, I have already included in my keyword plan. But if I used it this way so I could copy these things and put it here in the list, and then I could use that list several times in the future campaign. So that's that's That's just that was just a simple overview or on where to find negative keywords were to get ideas. And here where to set up negative keywords list and later on, when you set up a campaign, when you have that section for keywords, you can also add their your negative keywords. So that will make thank you for watching. And in the next video, I'm just going to show you on to give you some tips on on what still, you need to know about negative keywords before you start setting them up. Thank you for watching and see there 17. Important to know about negative keywords: Hey, everyone. And I forgot one thing in the previous video just to show you where you can add your actually include your keyword negative keywords list. So before we get to those recommended things and things you need to know, I just want to show you here. So when you get get your campaign, you go to the keywords bar here, and by default it will be at this section C search keywords. You have to choose negative keywords, and then you just go to this plus. And if you want to create or just add negative negative keywords, you can do this here. Or you can use negative keywords, lives that you have already prepare. And then, from there you see here it says no less because I didn't save anything here. But if I had, I would If I did that, I would have this eye glasses negative list. And then I could just add it and it would be much quicker. And I could use it for the several campaigns in for the more than one campaigning future. So that will be regarding the setting up the negative keywords. And here I just want to give yourself a three important things that you should know. So the 1st 1 is that you should choose negative keywords carefully. If you use too many negative keywords your ads might reach, few were customers, so you're when you're using negative keywords. It's important to know that you're narrowing your your audience and surges. So keep in mind that also, you shouldn't go too deep, because then you will. You will make your your campaign so narrow that Google was start spending much more money in order to get to the broader audience and to achieve your goals. The next one would be that your ad might still show surges of pages that contain close variation off your negative keywords terms. Keep that. Also, in my and the last but not least, is that your ad might still show when someone searches for a phrase that's longer than 10 words. So that's important to know, and your negative keywords is at the 11th is the 11th word or the place number 11. In that case, so here is here is an example. If the negative keywords is a low price and your ad will show with somebody searches for nice clean hotel rooms in Los Angeles close to beach. Low price because here low price is on 11th place. You can see here 123456789 10 And then low price is the 11th place after the 10 place. Negative keywords won't affect the search query. However, If go, if you're negative, keywords is inside of those places, then Google won't show your ad to somebody who type that. So, for example, nice clean hotel rooms in Los Angeles Beach views low price. So 123456789 and 10 So the this user won't see or negative once you're at no. But this one, which has put the your negative keywords at the 11th place. Well, if that keyword was anywhere in the first time places he wouldn't see an ad, that's for sure. So that would be it. Just to conclude that effective negative keyword management keeps your keyword research clean and maximally relevant, so you're better able to deliver a competing and targeted message to the exact Simon off surges. Exact audience that you want to reach. Your budget will be spent on the impressions and clicks and are highly likely to try relevant traffic leads sales side us whatever you choose, whichever the objective is in this way. So you're helping Google in this way and you're making yourself better. So that would be it regarding the negative keywords. Thank you for watching and seeing the falling videos. 18. Thank you: Hi, everyone. Thank you for taking the scores. I really hope that you find it to be helpful. Please. If you have any suggestions, steps, advice on how I can improve my courses, let me know. And also, if you have any suggestions in which topics I should cover, please limit down below in the community tab or related within the review. Thank you once again and I hope to see in the following blesses