How to properly use Canva Graphic Tool & How to choose the Best Font for your Brand (2 in 1 course) | Nikola Lugonja | Skillshare

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How to properly use Canva Graphic Tool & How to choose the Best Font for your Brand (2 in 1 course)

teacher avatar Nikola Lugonja, HR and Marketing Instructor

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

13 Lessons (1h 2m)
    • 1. What is Canva

    • 2. Canva's home interface

    • 3. How to design part 1

    • 4. How to design part 2

    • 5. How to export and different options

    • 6. Typeface and Font difference

    • 7. Serif fonts explained

    • 8. Sans Serif fonts explained

    • 9. Script fonts explained

    • 10. Display fonts explained

    • 11. IL1 test

    • 12. How to choose the best font (advice)

    • 13. Where to download the fonts

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About This Class

Here you will find a lot of new things about Canva graphic tool and also about graphic design in general. You will be able to use those graphics for a lot of different things (marketing campaigns, personal promotion, presentations, CV, card design...). Moreover, you will learn which types of fonts there are, what are the differences between them and how to choose the best one.

Canva graphic tool (lectures):

  1. What is Canva

  2. Canva's home interface

  3. How to design part 1

  4. How to design part 2

  5. How to export and different options


How to choose the proper fonts section (lectures):

  1. Typeface and Font difference

  2. Serif fonts explained

  3. Sans Serif fonts explained

  4. Script fonts explained

  5. Display fonts explained

  6. IL1 test

  7. How to choose the best font (advice)

  8. Where to download the fonts

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Nikola Lugonja

HR and Marketing Instructor


-Multi-year experience in both HR and digital marketing. I started my career in Marketing, but over time I dived deeper into the world of Human Resources. I find these two areas commonly overlapping (e.g. when it comes to the employer branding), therefore I will also try to link them in some classes. 

-Here are 4 values that I always keep in mind when preparing and publishing classes:

Keep it short and sweet - eliminating everything that does not bring any value and ensuring the students get the most out of every single second Unscramble the content - making things simple to comprehend and outlining the most important takeaways Always explore - stepping into the unknown to extensively research new topics and broaden the knowledge spectrum Improve on fee... See full profile

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1. What is Canva: Hello and welcome everyone. Welcome to this section of the course where we're going to talk about Canada. Can Vies, basically a free Web based design editor. I could call it like that, and the reason I want to show it to you is because it's very easy to learn. And it's very useful for for you when you can be very useful for you when you're making Camp A's and when you want to make a good ad looking. So in this first introduction video, I just want to show you how what actually can is. And in the next one we're going to see the tool on its interface. So here this is just about Cara section on their website. You can see here different things they have. And of course, you are able to design basically everything. We're going to see that. So, as you can see here a lot of different things. You can get templates for that, and you kept very easily not navigate in the tool. You can choose different images, filters everything, and here you can see some of the comments from the community and, of course, other useful things. So I just want to give you here. I found some numbers about canvas just to give you a short overview on how big it is. So it was founded in 2012. The name of the website this can without Com on its headquarters are in Sydney, Australia, So around 10 million users use it. And, as you can see here, it's not such a big company but still has around 100 employees about that. They have reportedly raised its $27 million and there in 2016 they were valued at 345 million. And as you can see here, it's a graphic design toe. So, as I said, there are a lot off interesting things here to see it. Keep in mind that although there are some free options here, mostly it's designed, of course, to be a paid version, and you can pay for some things to even get more access to, to get the access to more toe. But the most important thing, why I want to show you this is because you can use the free version very for a lot of things and make a very good design out of it. So you don't need to pay but off course. Keep in mind that there are many other a graphic design towards on the website. This is just the ones that one that I'm showing to you. And also the good thing is that here you don't have any water marks or any any type off trademark when you're downloading the final work. So that's a good thing about can. But as I said, you don't get you're not getting the full access to all of the tools on the platform. But anyway, still, you can use the ones that are prizes there in the free option in Nome. Your number here is Wait. So that would be it for this introduction video. Thank you. On see the next lecture. 2. Canva's home interface: Okay, so I'm here on my camera dot com platform, More dashboard calling, whatever you wish. And here I just made a new profile right now to show you how it looks from the beginning. So I just went to Canberra on signed up options are putting my email and passport. So here, as you can see, you can see there are many, many options, so it's pretty easy to navigate first. If you want to change some settings, you can always do it here. And, of course, if you want to sign out Moreover, here you will have. This is your home home section, and I would get back to that here in the brand Kid, you can You can dig more. You can dig deeper into this when you when you have a time. But basically we're able to navigate some functions here and here. Designs school. You can read a little about how to do different things. Basically, if you want to practice more, increase your knowledge off how to do certain things. You can go there created thing. This is a very good option where you can, where you can actually add people to add it the same work that you're doing. So you don't have to give someone else your passport or access to your profile or to send him the work so he can edit it, etcetera. You can do it in the same way on the same place. But you just need to add him here, as or her as a member by in putting the email address folders is the options that you go is the option that you're going to have When you start grouping your work, all your designs will be visible here. The designs that were share with you will be visible here. And of course, you will have, like a recycle recycle bin or trash here. And you will be able to see even, uh, the works that you deleted 30 days afterwards. So don't worry if you please, something by extent getting back to the home mother. So when you are ready to start, you can. If you already know which design which measures you need or for which purposes are you making your your at creative and your design. In general, you can choose here so you can see here whether you want to do it for social media. And as you see when you hover over certain certain type, you will get the measures down in pixels down here so that that's a pretty good thing somewhere in pixel, somewhere in centimeters over. And I think even you here millimeters so you can navigate through different things here. I mean, you have even more that you can see. I mean, you can see it's not just for social media, but even for documentations. A four papers letter had book cover residue, new certificates and so on. But even if you would say that you still haven't found the measures that you need here you can always go to custom dimensions and Jews from pixels, inches, millimeters or centimeters, and put with and hide here and press and creating a new design. And also the thing you can do is just but here, like link in banner, for example, and then you will automatically get the offer of different than plates here for which you can use. So as you can see here, he knows what is the measure for for link in banner, and he will automatically offer you offer you that. But we will be back on this later on. I just want to finish with this field here. Also, you have here how button in case you need something. And what I also wanted to show you here is that when you click on social Media, you basically get the same same thing as we just did with the Lincoln manner. So he will lead you to a new page where you can, where you basically get blank paper, and here you're able to choose your template. And also here, if you just type let's say that you need four track measure for your phone. Okay? So he will make that here. Okay? And you can choose different templates, so that would be it. I wouldn't like to go in this video so deep in toe into this interface, we will do that in the next video. I over that here. Everything was pretty clear. I mean, there are many, many options so you can get confused about something. I suppose if you want to upgrade, that is to use to Teoh pay for some premiums. You can do it here. And as you can see here, you will see what what are you getting with it? You can try it for free for 20 days on. After that, you will have to pay in order to keep using. But we will also talk about that in the next video. So thank you for watching and see the next you. 3. How to design part 1: Okay, so we're back with our Kandla section on a Z you can see here I will start now working on some of the design templates. So let's say that I'm just making, for example, regular social media. Oh, Mr. Or designed for in several me, I choose 1 to 1 ratio, as you can see here, 800 to 800 pixels. And as you can see here, I will get the blank page. So before I start doing something, I will I will navigate you through this interface. So here you can zoom in and zoom out more on your paper. I mean, here there is no point off off putting it on 100% because I'm not able to see everything. But here I can let's say put it on the 75 automatically he will. I recommend you the best one. You know, here you have ah, page manager with which will let you to if you have several pages to see how it looks more on that later you see here there's an option to add a new page. Or even when you're done with this one, you can duplicate it. Actually, corporate copy here and then make some changes to see how it looks. So you don't have to do everything on the same ship. And of course, if you want to make it full screen, you can always do it here. So Ah, here you will have a search father for different templates. So this is just when you're getting started. And I would highly suggest if you take a look at some of these templates because they can be useful in many ways, they can save you a lot of time. And as you can see here, these are categories. So here we don't have just two templates I can click on all, and I have much more. So keep that in mind. And also, yeah, it would be like I just typed real estate template so But the thing you also need to pay attention to is, since you don't use an upgraded version, Teoh only click on the templates that are free. Because you take a look when you click on, then play. Okay, sir, this one I like this one more. So when you click on the template that is afraid, you're able toe edit it and do everything you wish, and you don't have any water marks decreases a bit. Okay. Actually, 75 is much better. But now when I let's say, click on this one, that is not free as you can. As you can see here, I'm still able to edit it. But when I decided to go on, download that version, you can see here that he's not allowing me to do so because I have to pay for it. And you see, here I have the option to remove border marks. Maybe you don't see them right now because of the background. But still, there are symbols remarks and I would have to pay for this in order to downloaded. If I go with the same thing here and press download, you see, I'm able to do click on download bottom for free. So keep in mind to take on Lee Not just here templates, but anything that you're taking only when it is written that it's free. So more of the things that I want to show you. Here are the elements. So you have some free photos as it is called here, as it is written, it's free. So you can take it as much as you wish. Even have some greats. The rates are very useful, for example, when, as you can see here, So when you want to make a layout or something like that, Okay, just delete these things and even a great Okay, So let's say that I want to make a layout off order it. Is there a way out of four photos or not? I can see right now. Okay, let's say that I make that I want to make a layout off three photos. So, as you can see here, the cross section, if I just go to photos, get these are payable ones. Okay, Free photos. And I just put them here. It's much easier when he knows that there are some Brits because you can just hover over and he will automatically put it. If I had only one grid and tried to do this with three photos, I would have to manually set, set them up and configure them. So this is much easier if you're in putting more photos. That's the point of this great thing shapes. I don't have to go so deep in it. You can choose the free one. You can change its color here, for example, and you can edit it. You can decrease it if you want. You play only with one side. You can do that. Also different kind of shapes. You have different charts. So here you will. I mean, there are a lot off options here, so maybe I will not be able to cover all of it because I'm always trying to keep these courses and lectures short in order for you not to spend too much time watching watching it . But don't worry. I mean, you will easily navigate here if you ever used excellent. You ever used power point there. If you ever use photo shop, there are many similar things that you're going to figure out so you can change even if you wish your you're great. Graph here. And, of course, put different values here. Play with colors and so on. Moreover, lies frames if you're inserting another picture about the other one illustrations keeping minded and Aikens that keep in mind to take the ones that are free. So, for instance, I can use this one because it's completely free. And as you can see here I can even change the colors of it. And I get a really, really, really a lot of options. But for example, if I go here and I decided to take this photo which is not free, you see, I will get it with watermarks that say that I have to pay in order to use, so he will allow me to see how it looks. But these watermarks, this lies, I will always stay there. And you can see the price of the off the images that you're using here, or just some things you can see here. Off course there are the highest possible format because you're paying for them. But anyway, keep in mind that you don't have to use the necessary old. I mean, you can also download your photos and I just follow those, but also graphics here. I mean, it's really hard to navigate troll of this thing. So if you know what you need, like life like shopping, and I'd say that I need I don't know, it's shopping basket or however you quality, it's free, so I can easily use it for whatever I need. I can even change the color and make it in different sizes and so on. But if I I wanted to use something else, like if I wanted to use this one because it looks better, I would have to pay for it, because it is. Ah, it is a premium photo. Bring a graphic, actually. But don't worry about that. We will see afterwards how you can apply. Upload some things that you find online so that you can make a combination of the free things here and upload the things that you found online. Okay, I will just use them. Okay, Just some random templates or doesn't look so lovely. When we come to the text part here, you can see that we have different phones. I mean, this is like the sea ocean off things that you can choose here. And you can see there are a lot of free things. I mean, when I just click on it, I will get the opportunity to see it here. I can change the color of it. Off course. Let's say that I want to produce to be white color on. I can even off course changed the phones here. You press okay. He just did it. So I can play with alignment with spacing, with phones with colors and so on. Here these are all currently these a role just the group things they will put to be together so you can easily decrease them. Increase them. You can even move them 12 different places. But if you wish that you see. But if you wish to group them, you just go to this option which says on group. And now you're basically able to move each one separately or to delete the ones that you don't need and so on. Okay, so you can put this things here. Okay. Anyway, if you have some things that you want to add manually, you don't want to use this pre made templates. You can click here at heading, and you can just write your random text on. Then you can edit it here with different options also from the subheading, the same things or body text. And if you want to move your text so on different positions, you can do that by aligning it here or going back four back in front. But here I only have one abilities. So what? Maybe I will just put like this year. Let's say that older, this doesn't match at all. But let's say that I want to make this. I think to be behind the text, this basket or correct however you you call it. So I will go to position and I would put backwards, as you can see here now, the letters are in front that I could do the same things it with leather. So we'll see that more later. And in case you made a mistake or something, you can always go back with your steps, undo the movement. And that would be that would be it. So that we live with this. This part of the lecture I will finish with the text and in the next travel, continue with the background and up close a few other things here and then we're going to see what we have left. So thank you for watching and see the next lecture. 4. How to design part 2: Okay, welcome back, and we're continuing with our canvas section. So we were talking about text on a said you were able to edit it here easily, so you can you can play with it. Next thing I want to talk about it in the background. So you have here free backgrounds. If you go a bit down, you will have premium ones. You can off course, choose a solid color for your background like this, or you can choose some of the designs here. So basically, you just click on them and it will show how it looks. You are also able to use filters, which is a very good thing. If you have ever posted a photo on instagram or basically any other AB with with some builders, you know how they how they work so you can play with them. Moreover, you can use your custom filter where you can reset and put your which the brightness and contrast, or a tent or blueness or benet as you like you can even across you can even crop for those asses this oneness if they see if they seem to be too large and of course, you conflict them horizontally or vertically. If you want to decrease for some reasons, I mean you wouldn't do that with the background photo. But if you have some extra layers that you want to decrease transparency, lives or something, you can always do it here. As you can see here now, it's completely turned off. It is actually the black background, but if I put it on 100 it's it's visible the most so that would need from the from the background perspective. And now we're going Teoh upload sections where you are able to upload your images from your computer, which is very good, so you don't have to use the paid ones. So if there is some, I think that you found that you really need in your design. But here you need to pay for it. You can go to go home. You can download that object in B and J format, and you can upload it here on the would you can do here is basically just take any picture and just but it here yet you will have to design it of it, but still you will have the same options as okay and you can put it to be like this. You can also play with filters and everything so can always really good at it. She it will. The program will allow you to do so. We have already seen you can crop. It is your wish. And even if you want to know that, so you can You can do that here on. Maybe I could just, let's say maybe adjust some some things. Although I really don't want to spend much time on the design, I could definitely do that here in this this area. I could even I could also copy or position it in the different way. And let's just say that I want to decrease the brightness the better, Maybe decrease contrast also So I can play with those options here, you know, And, uh, the thing I was want to show you is that you're able to add multiple images, which is very good here and not just images. You can add objects you can. It supports the camera supports. Here are other different formats. So you can do here. You can have some type of your library here. What? It comes to the folder you can. You can create different folders holders on purchase things, and here you can come in different labs, and this is more advanced level. So you can You can take a look at that later on when you are more in tow, the tool and know how it works. The thing I was want to add here is that you can always copy the current design that you have. So, for instance, if I just coffee this this page, this whole design to be on the 2nd 2nd design here, I can edit some things without losing the 1st 1 So let's say that I want to compare her. Is it better with this headline or not? So I don't have to delete here. I can just copied. And if I like this one, then I could just come here on delete this one, so I will only be left with this this one. I can also use different designs for different things and so on so you can really play with it on, uh, I think that will be it. I think I show you most of the things that you can do here. You can play with them you can find different things. You can add elements, which is very, very good. Especially not just photos, but also graphics. You can type the element that you need. I need a camera, you know. I mean, mostly they're not. These images are premium ones, but I can use Let's say this one and I can decreases in size and I could put it here. I can even change the color of it to be a little Ray or something like bad. So it's much better. And so So it's really You can spend a lot of time here playing with it, so I wouldn't like to take much of your time war so that that would be it for this lecture . And in the next one, I'm going to show you some final auctions on the things you can do more and how you can export your work. So we'll see you in the next lecture. 5. How to export and different options: Hello, everyone again. And we're continuing with kind of a section. So, as I said here, you're pretty. You're able to do pretty everything with almost everything, actually, with those in the sidebar, and you can take then place that are done on just change a few minor things and make it look great. So these I still didn't mention here are here are the ones here, So you're able to resize your your design, but only with the premium version off the stool. And of course, you can see or Saad size off your design here. Margins. Print bleed on the course, creating your design. You can make a copy. You can save it. But don't worry about it, because I can automatically say is all of the changes immediately unless your computer is frozen or very slow that it maybe take some time. But don't worry about it. It's It's very similar to Google to when you're working in Google documents, so everything is instant in real time. And, of course, if you choose to go back home, you will see it here so you will see your designs. Here. You can change the name like camera day that gay. And here, of course, you can move to a special folder, download a comment or like it. That's the thing. If multiple people are working so you can communicate to the trash, remember that you have 30 days when it's in the trash to restore it. And now to finalize. I would just say that when you want to download it, you can click here and OK, sorry. Something went home, Try to refresh it. Oh, yeah, He didn't recognize the name because I changed it there. OK, anyway, when you decide to download it so you will have several options you could do with Speed and G, which suggested or Jeep G Ph. D J D, uh, way as pdf standard file or a speedy F files for printing. So whichever you choose, whether it's being g o. J back file, you can. You can use them for for other purposes. And this one animation one is only available is a premium option. When you're able, when you choose the one that you wish, you just press download and it will automatically save you to your computer. Here. I want to show you some several options that are available. So we mentioned download. Of course. If you have multiple pages on, if you're making some type of presentation, for example, I say that I choose Joe's here to make a presentation. Let's just say that we decided to make a presentation here in seven off instead of doing that in Power Point, which is also possible if you if you make your design from create Okay, I would just take a few more things. I won't design anything. I will just basically make it so. I have five pages now. Five them that I took from templates. If I go to inside of Donald, if I go to the present option you see, he will ask before the transition style, which I wish now. Apparently I took some some premium. Yeah, I took a premium one. It wasn't Freeze. Some are free. But the thing is that you should definitely design it. These are all. Yeah, premium once. Anyway, I think you can just I can We can At least I think we can at least preview the presentation . How it would look like Yeah. Okay. So as you can see here, you're able to see your whole work on the screen on to navigate accordingly. So that's the great thing that you can do and you can enforce. Downloaded. Except now I use the premium options. So that's why asking me to pay and, uh, more options, I would like to return to do with one to this design that we already did. Some great things that you can also do is share it directly to the Facebook group or Facebook page. But of course you need to connect it. Then you can also send it in an email attachment. I mean, using for different social media to linked in to Pinterest and so on. You can prepare it for printing on one great thing that is currently this is in a better version, but I suppose that very soon it will be it will be available normally so you can download it as a public point file, and you can basically added this in Power Point file, which is which is created. It's like interaction between the two programs. And of course you can see how does that design would look like on your website in different , different types. So I just say that I'm playing, planning to make a website. With this design, you can see how it would look in the background. And I think even I could, like, put it to be this way. Way. Yeah, is more with scrolling thing. So these air deserved the awesome things when you're planning a website, you know, to make or landing page. So I think that would be it from the things that I wanted to show you. Here you have a lot of options so you can share it on different places sharing with your friends or editors and send invites, you know? So this is a great tool. I would highly encourage you to use it on. That would be if you have any questions about this system or any other questions about my courses in general, be free to contact me into asking questions. Thank you. 6. Typeface and Font difference: Welcome to the following election off the course where we're going to take a look at the what type faces and phones are what are the differences? Different types off them that are available when you can use which one. And we're going to take a look at some brands, which duck faces and plans they use, and so on so well. I will try to give this course short into the point we won't go in tow many details, but we will try to answer some basic questions, and you're in the course and lectures you're going to get some useful advice is that you can use later on. So first of all, I would like do this video like I would like to explain the difference between type, face and form, because very often they're used as terms they used interchangeably, which is not so unusual and the in order to understand it. So it's important inducted people. Usually when they talk about phones, they're usually referring to the type faces. But as I said, those terms are usually used interchangeably, so it's not so unusual to hear that anyway. A type face is the collective name off a family off related phone, so that face is a much bigger, broader term. It's a collective name, as I said, for a family off related phones, while phones are, as the words just phones in inside off a type face inside of the family that belongs to a certain typeface to give you an example. Times New Roman is a typeface, but phones that refer to the wait with styles that make that typeface, such as time issue Roman regular times your Roman italic, bold blight. There is that phone those air specifically specifically fun, so typeface would be times your Roman font would be times you'll remember times your Roman regular times, you know, Roman Light ST Ng with Oreo. Let's say so. Auriol would be type face, But Arial black Arial Light Arial italic would be fun. So that would be it for that first video and I hold it Now you understand the difference between the two terms. Thank you and see the next one 7. Serif fonts explained: welcome back. And now we're taking a look at the different faces and phones. And just to mention this, at the beginning, during the course, I would probably use more than their bond because of used to it, although I would be mostly referring to the typefaces. But since it's easier for me to say fond, I don't get surprised if you hear the word fun for me. Even the wise was supposed to say typeface, so there can be many divisions and so on many different types off five paces in balance and so on. But this is the most usual one that there are four groups, So Serif San Serif script on display. Maybe you only heard about Serif and San Sarah because their most popular even script display or decorated phoned is not so often mentioned. Although you can see it sometimes, anyway, I will show you now. Examples of it will say a few words. I didn't write anything. I mostly found this, this explanations and templates and actually posters Ally, which are very good. So there are a lot of websites that explain this in more detail and just trying to give an overview and seven times. We don't have toe read bunch of articles about to visit bunch of websites. But as I said, I didn't make this poster. I found it. It was great. So I decided to do use it before we go on. It's important to know the difference between serif and sans serif because people sometimes get confused. As you can see about Serif is actually more traditional phone. It has those lies and those I don't know how to how to refer to that like curtains at the end while some syrup. Basically, it doesn't have that it's in this in this example, it is like at at the end, it has, like corners about Sometimes it can also be a circle edge, so it depends. But anyway, you will be able to differentiate them. A base of this so serious and San Serif san serif in translation would be actually without Sarah. So keep that in mind on now we can take a look at some examples, so on the use of it. So first of all, sir, if you can see here how it looks with with small on Capitol Lennar's on, you can see that it has those lies on curves at the end, not sure how to refer to them. So here it says, use a cell phone if you want your friend to portrayed these characteristics, and you can see here tradition, safety, reliability, authority, history, integrity, respectability and honesty. So it's aborted, noted Syria was among first phones for Was wide basis and the usual and sincerity of actually appeared after serif with rise off digital technologies on screen screen interface , it turned out that sounds serious is a better option you can see here. Surface popular amongst traditional bring media brands that are portraying the sense of history and tradition it is used while in the high street fashion brand you can see that are serious offers a sense off safety and reliability due to the sense of tradition, as I says as a set, and it portrays a feeling authority and on the state history so you can see that some may be older brands use it Still, it was very popular during the 20th century, and you can see that also many books and actually, when you read something from a paper, usually they use Siri phone because it's much easier on the eyes when you're reading it on the paper. On the other hand, you will see that in the next the next. Talk about in the next video. When we talk about some serious, you will see then that their son Serifis much more used for reading lines on websites and body text. Anyway, here are some examples of the companies that use Sarah branding. You can see both Sony Rolex, Jack Daniels, Cold War, New York Times, even your times. It might be confusing. Somebody would say that it's it's maybe a script fun. But this this research I found it to be serif, and I would agree because of the edges anyway, Canon law So you can see that those are mostly brands that our traditional one that has some meaning beyond beyond the business they're doing and so on. So that would be for the cerebral Thank you for watching on, say, the next year 8. Sans Serif fonts explained: Okay, so we're continuing without with our course on this video, we're talking about some service A Z you can see here. It's a bit if it's different than Syria, but when it comes to those edges on the here, you can see small in capital letters. When it comes to the brand characteristics, you use a sensory phone if you want your friend to portray this characteristic. So model clean, contemporary, stylish, orderly, elegant, fine and check so you can see here it says her. It has become synonymous with the modern design. It's light and older light, when it needs to be, can produce, refine and polish look and feel it against it can portray the minimalism. Also on the Helvetica is the most Walter long use phone in the last 60 years, which is which belongs to this group. Off phones. So important to know, as I said in the previous video, about some surface, that it came after serif and it basically means without serious sounds means without. So with the rise off digital technologist screen on computer interface, simply things type of phone proved to be better, and you can also see that some brands actually changed. So in the next slide, you can see that the brands that are using this branding and actually some brands that used to have a Serra phone, they change it to some serious. I always remember the example of Google if you take a look at their not the first locals, but later on you. In the beginning of 2000 they had Siri found, with those edges sharp edges on then now you can take a look at this moment at the moment of recording off course, and I believe it will stay. So they're using some serious fun because it's easier on the eye anyway, Here you conceal or it out, Nestle added. US. Netflix FedEx, like Samsung, are using this pond. You can all you you will mostly see their companies using this phone. I mean, the previous example we saw that Sunday was using Serra phone. But keep in mind that Sony was founded in the middle off the 20th century, or maybe a little bit after. So it's why the traditional brand, usually new Brennans, are more focused towards sunset reform when it comes to the technology double bed for the San Serif Thank you over watching and seeing the next year 9. Script fonts explained: Okay, so this video we're talking about script on on a Z you can see here it's a much different it gets. Clearly you can clearly differentiated from serif insincerity, and you can see them here. How loose with small letters and bigger ones. Here are some characteristics that are that portrayed. Is this phone so elegant, feminine, classical graceful? Play full on so long so you can read here so it can be represented handwriting or calligraphy and are more fluid and traditional bases. Scripts Scripts offer a wide variety of moods and characteristics from that can be from Four World too casual one. They can corner personality but must be used with restrained and for rule conetta sense off a formality, while casual can bring an element off playfulness. You can see here some examples off the companies that are using this. So but why's there Agent M Bamber Peppers, Cola, Cola for Carlsberg female and, of course, maybe the most popular one that you know this instagram So this could be interesting. This phone is very interested, but it's very interesting, but you must use it properly. Sometimes it can happen that it is not so easily readable, so that could lead to the confusion, mostly with seven different sensory if you that can happen because you are always able to read it clearly. But here with skirt, it can't happen. So it's very important to clearly distinguished the brand and to make it readable. So did this. Is the this another? More? I mean, you can see here it's cooler used it. Four uses with the company's from with jaar companies with 100 even more years of tradition . So I can't say that its recent fall it's not. It has been around for a while, but you must use it very, very carefully, So that would be it. Recording the script for which actually shows presents a handwriting fall. So thank you for watching and seeing the next to you. 10. Display fonts explained: okay on now we're taking a look at display or decorated type faces. Antonia did advantage to find such a good poster for that. As I said, it's not so widely considerable as 1/4 group. Off is usually the first read that we mentioned are every dimension, but this one is sometimes mentioned, sometimes not. Sometimes it's very similar to the script phone. For some reason, I don't know, but I think it should be mentioned as a separate group on. As I said, display or decorated attacked faces are a special kind of falls they never suitable, actually, for reading at length. So these are the type of Ford's that actually yell and scream. Look at me. They are used to draw attention on. Also important to know is that they come in various degrees of usefulness. The bold, all caps phones that might be used for headlines. This play for skin make a big impact when used in the right way. But keep in mind that when used incorrectly, they can make a design look very bad and unreadable. So this is, I mean, with with Sarah found Sunseri. It's true you can make a mistake, but it's not such a big mistake. And if maybe some, most of the people won't even notice that. But if you make a mistake with this this type of fund, it will be noticeable for sure, because it wouldn't be credible. You can see some brands its use. They are actually in this group of phone. So a Lego Star Wars Sprint fan and the toysr us. Even this I adjusted this example and so type face to show you that show you approximately how it looks. So recording the display, that would be it. I have nothing more to say. Very as they say, they're usually very big in size. They're not used for any body, thanks or silver because they would be hard to read. There used to draw attention on a headline or something like that. So thank you for watching on next to you 11. IL1 test: welcome back and the this video to show you something interesting that you should take into consideration when deciding which one you're going to use. And this is called I want test A so you can see here on it. Basically, it can be used for any phone which you're considering for passages off tags that includes both the letters and numbers you shouldn't try on do this, that so die about a capital I A lower case out and the number one If you were war off, those look identical. Then the readers might get confused sample over seven words or letters on number combinations. So it basically says that those three things to leathers and one number should be clearly different. So if they don't actually need to be different if you're not using them in the same way, So if you're I don't know if you're Headline only has some numbers. That off course doesn't matter if number one and are the same, because if this if you if the readers see that other other symbols are numbers off course, they will know that the 1st 1 is also number one. But in the passage or some in some explanations, may be re mentioning both letters and numbers, So you should be careful that there is a clear distinction between leather I, brother l lower gays and number one. So give those things in my here. You can see some interesting example how it looks like on, uh, you can even see that, for example. Uh, here, number leather. I and Al are very similar hero. So hearing somebody, they're also very similar here. You can see that. Let that number one is similar to letters, Another phone. So you should be careful not to combine this phone with some other phone which has a leather I and l like the number here, and you can see here. There's only small difference between the tree, so keep those things in mind. It's not a mistake if I'm not saying that these phones here are bad not to get any work, But I'm just saying that you should be carefully if you're using them in combination off letter numbers. Thank you for watching and seeing the next year. 12. How to choose the best font (advice): we're continuing with the course, and the here I want to give you some advice is on choosing the top faces and forms, so we will start with the 1st 1 Don't use the curry display and skip phones for body tax, as we mentions, as we mentioned earlier. So those are really hard, hard falls on. They should be mostly used for when, when the size is much bigger and when you want to draw, get someone's attention. Scripts can be used when it comes to the maybe some slogans or I don't know. One sentence is something like that. It should be clearly, clearly readable, and you should has different sizes and positions. And so next one. Never use caps lock with script fund. Just believe me on that. So if you ever tried to use, it's like doing the hand writing with old capital letters. It's really hard, and it's really hard to read, and it's not pleasant. Be careful when it comes to the spacing between letters, although this sounds like like more political ice on it is. But sometimes people get to get confused there, and they used simply the letters that they used too much space in gold too little, and it doesn't look nice. If you're not sure, use only one type face for your design. If you read more about bones that faces, you might find some advices at some size that says that you should combine type faces. I fully agree you can do that. But keep in mind that that this you should be well aware off which typefaces can be combined. They should. There should be a lot of contrast, and you should make mistakes with that. So my advice would be I'm not saying that using more phase one design is bad, but if you're not sure, it's better to stick to one. Don't use ball light for for body text. I think this is a clearly is it later statement. So when you want to build something to make it brighter, it it's better with short amount of text with headlines or catching up the attention. But not for for the reading off the whole passage, because it's really hard. The eyes be careful not to use light phones on the light background and vice versa. So not to use strong farms on strong or more more darker backgrounds. Or keep that in mind because it be hard for readers. Sometimes I ran into some websites where they have, I don't know, light gray or white background, and they put light letters so it's really, really hard tweet used there. But I just want to say that sometimes they do that on purpose, and that could be very, very elegant only if you do it properly. But you must. You must clearly know that line between be between putting the letters very light and being able to lead them without any problems, so that the line is very, very, very tense between those two. Use different phones inside the typeface to make the sign better. Choose Richard Typeface if you recall from the previous videos we mentioned, what's the difference between fonts and typefaces? Always seek for the type faces that are rich with different forms, and they can use different different phones inside of it. You know it's not. It's not the same if your type face has a fond which is italic, and if you have to press the italic bottom to make it to make it from the regular two italics, so don't do it sort of two different things, although it it sounds the same if you're not sure, don't play with the color. So sometimes playing with the colors can be fun can be different than the others. Candle attention. But if you do, if you do it wrong, then it could be very, very bad. Check if the fallen our license for commission used depending usually when you do it for your own, for your own needs and for learning education. Or, I don't know, for for something that is for yourself or your offensive than usually it's OK, but if you're like publishing a brand or doing something especially globally, you should be very careful not to use. Someone else has fallen. That is that if you don't have its license, so be careful with that. Matched the phones personality to your brand, so that's that's a bit hard. But here I'm going to give you an example so you can see here, which you can read the words. And then you can decide to be a role, which, which face which found actually presents the word the personality of the world better so you can see that words on the right are much more in the connection. Teoh phones and the writer connection with words meaning so yours. Full time, last casual elegance you can see on the other on the lab that simple. It's not. It doesn't represent that. So give those things in mind. Try to determine the personality for your brand on. Then ask yourself whether that adjective in that type face would describe is actually describing my brand in the proper way. Nudge, it's I'm referring to the brands, but it's such as friends. It's broader services name. Whatever you choose. Politics, whatever you choose, whenever it comes to fonts and typefaces, keep doing things like thank you for watching on the seat next. 13. Where to download the fonts: welcome back and the in this video this short video. I just want to give you some websites where you can find different phones, although when you use different software programs towards you already have some fun building. But usually people don't use them because they're so common. So they go to certain website and they search for the funds. There. You can see here that phone cool phones 1000 and one foreign sports quero on shelf from fabric are just some of the websites that have available. Phones are usually the first ones that I mentioned here are the most popular ones, and you can find free phone sterile and sometimes they're even available for the commercial use. Keep in mind that maybe these other websites you have to pay for some phones, but there are always some free on the other side. Check whether they're available for commercial use, educational use, personal use and so on. And I also want to say that those are great websites that you just do a default due to Donald it, but also to you can type your words on the name of the brand products, and so and you can see how it would look in different phones so you don't have to download it to actually preview with how it it looks like with your words. But you can actually dive the word. They're usually maybe not on the whole websites, but usually they get that option on. You can see how it looks were different. So and you will have different programs and Salter that allow you to just like the world. And they show you different combination with different phones so you can see at once what is the best. So give those things in mind. I hope that you learned a lot months. Everything's on that. Now you will start seeing the different options off the prints, different types of the prints, off the sort of different types of the ponds on they be able to differentiate and to choose the most appropriate one for your situation. Thank you for watching and steal pulling videos