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How to prepare a Letter of Complaint

teacher avatar Dr Ian Broinowski

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

8 Lessons (31m)
    • 1. Session One Expressing your Point of View

    • 2. Session Two Clearing your Head

    • 3. Session Three Gathering the Facts

    • 4. Session Four Clarify what you want

    • 5. Session Five Know Thy Enemy

    • 6. Session Six Finding Your Voice

    • 7. Session Seven Let the Writing Begin

    • 8. Session Eight Teddy Bear and Whats Next

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About This Class

This course will help you through the process of how to craft a well thought out, clear and decisive letter of complaint. Whether you are concerned about a traffic fine, poor service or personal issues such as harassment at work or you feel affronted by an event which has affected your well being this course may well be helpful to you.  It will take you through a process of thinking beginning by exploring ways to release your pent up emotions before learning how to gather the facts, knowing thy enemy, clearly articulating what you want to achieve, finding your voice, writing the letter and finally critically reviewing your work with the help of a Teddy Bear!. I hope you will find this a helpful and positive approach to the art of writing a letter of complaint.

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1. Session One Expressing your Point of View: Well, welcome everybody. My name is Tim Panofsky on newsmen. Her not test. And I'm delighted that you're taking a look at this course. I needed a Course two, you should keep in mind are produced that Gemma, who is a great help, as you can imagine. Now, we all have problems in life. What we have little b, little problems and big problems. Sometimes the buses alight, has at times goods turn up and they'd broken or paper just downright rude. And courses more serious things when people are harassed or upset or treated badly. And this is where a letter of complaint can help. But it's a bit of an art to it. And that's what this is about. So in this course or this program, what I have to do it and it's helped me to step back a bit to think about what you want to do, what you want to achieve, and how you want to get there. And I have had some experience in this, so helped hopefully between us where it can help you to write a carefully constructed, polite but determined Malaysia to assist you in whatever it is that had upset you. The program we'll look at, first of all, to get rid of all that lots of anger and stuff out of your system before you start, you know, words. We'll look at how do you then also look at gathering the facts. Make sure you know what you're doing before you start, until you are done. Offset letters all the time that I was totally wrong. It's just barely get that striving. First. Need to find out who the person is, that you need to write her. And importantly, clarify what it is that you want. What is it that you're trying to get from this letter? How will that help you clarify a clear and will help you with that as well. Then there's the old saying, no, as I enemy, who are you writing this limited TO? What would life think when that I'd been up and what's the how well they're responding to you? Kikee, Know who your, your, your, your kind of sending led to. The next point is finding your voice. Is he going to be a formal letter, a personal letter? And emotional enter your voice and then you can write a letter to voice will lead you. At that point, of course, you need to critically needed cricket and who better than a teddy bear. And I'll explain that further. Once a let us written and posted. And you see how with a DOS wine or whiskey or a cup of coffee order, what do you do next? Deed white. What happens when the letter is return? I'll help you. Well, we will discuss that as well. Now a 100 and centrists, you look forward to being with you during this program. Why? Before we go on and I need to tell you, I've mentioned Aras casing or letter writing to my daughter, and of course she stayed quite radically. Again, everybody writes letters anymore. Well, yeah, she's right. I guess. I use social media for complaints, things like Facebook or teacher or Twitter or wherever. It's cool. When I refused to work, I've done I actually patents to work because I'm interested in the process. So the price is still, is, still works by singly. That is, keeping it add to your system. Thinking about pretty writing to thinking about what you want to achieve and so on. So please continue on this program and have a look and saved. You can use some or all of the prices. All right, good luck. I came. Just one more thing before we continue, you find an expression that you'd give somebody official tastes. And how to finish. My teaching is about teaching how to fish. So I'm not going to tell you how to do things. I'm going to trust your intelligence and your ability and your build your self confidence to do this by giving you some ideas, some principles and background. And you gave me letting you do it. Adults and children, of course, learning best part of problem-solving and do it themselves. There are lots of templates, guides. It's a pretty solid when you write your lead carbonate from you. So that's what this is about a 100 feet on sharable. And show you the code. 2. Session Two Clearing your Head: All right, welcome back. I'm glad you're joining me now is literally you hear because tell me really upset you and you're pretty fired up and ready to go. So the first step is to try and calm some of that font or in your stomach. Because you went back to rotational EDA, could feel 25A. So lots of things to note. One, why did too that is writing it all down if you like rocking. Just medic, Leon on just Iranian pack with Peng coming on, toilet paper. Comparing contributed doesn't have just let it sit for a clones. You wanted to get it all out. Once it's out, deleting, tear it up, put them turning up, toilet whenever. But you've gotta add new system. Other things you can do of course, is to boring things on cardiology. Or Sarah behaved or don't for walk. Chop things into the waves. It doesn't really matter. But you need to cut it any system because it'll help me think clearer. So thats what this is about. So electron work gulf and do that. And you'll feel better once you do the laid me. Because her whitish kind of loosely get upset and achieved nothing except up to your partner, which I can regulate. Thought She doesn't elicit anymore. 3. Session Three Gathering the Facts: Now you're big comma I heard well, you know, a little bit in naked do some fact checking. You made to work out exactly what this is about. I've I've done terrible things in my life. I've written letters, go fight, or will operate and call it a backend and found that I was totally incorrect. But in fact, the law why slides are not who's wrong? Soda doesn't make its way yourself. Check the fats if it's a parking fine, something obvious like that all over two accounts or something. Check it. Maybe you're wrong, maybe you just have to sit that suffer. Expression. Does the facts or soda might relate to law? Have a look at the detail of the law. I'm not a lawyer because it's not about losses before a lot of legal advice go from pi, huge amount of money instead of vagueness, This is not what this is about. If an event happened to you, such as airline service person being rude or somebody who arrest your work. Get the data out, time, dydt, write down exactly what happened. Nothing in my shell. I was in that tape room and Bob came behind me. And this is what he saved. It was on two-sided 22nd, 1115. Right now question, just facts. Get dipole in detail. Now, you also need defective. Who you're sending is turning point in sending good complaint letter to the CEO of an airline when it's really having to do with what happened to della, say portal and hope hot. Because by now a report that basically the manager there and it has to deal with it. So preferably find down the exactly dress, the name that the manager person, and have that on your letter, then you can write, Dear Ms. Smith or Mr. Jones or whatever it is, little bit personalize the letter. So you may run into a large government organized a covenant department. But again, find out which section of that government department deals with your complaint. It's quick, it's easy for them. Advocates hassle. And with that manager is the right person to be out to help you do some homework. That's what I'm saying. Hello. 4. Session Four Clarify what you want: Now this is a part where you really need to think about what it is that you want. What you get from this letter. You know, is it that you want an apology because it that you want to tell them about it. I heard Discrimination Commissioner tall once and he said look, 99 and center peg the rock complaints, 12 things. One is they wanted to polity, and secondly, they don't want it happened to somebody else. And that's what you want to be clear about that. It may be that said you Beethoven pocket expenses or you want some compensation. If he took a big dollar here, then I guess it's a lawyers job. But if you're not, I guess the example I can give you is I went to the emergency department at a hospital and the nurse, where's Tyrone? Careful buddy put on the wrong device without going into details. But it caused some considerable anxiety for me in pain, but it costs. Now, I thought what I want from this, I don't want this guy said, I don't want him in trouble because, you know how much pressure emergency department nurses and they're in your city, it was fine. So when I wrote the letter C, This is not a complaint. This is but unique to narrow that this this guy made some more training in this area. Also, I was out of pocket expenses for various things. Again, I wrote said, look, I'm not seek compensation. I just want to cover my expenses, out-of-pocket expenses. Now that accepted that, but it won't go One One day. I noted that data rate training program and I've been republished southern, that was fine. It would you'd need to work out what you want that can get very delicate cumulate site. If it's a restaurant or work. What do you want? Well, obviously you want that, you want to stop, but you also want the person to be a technique typically account for their actions. So working out, get to laws, get you support that site in a couple of lines. This is what I want. An apology, a whatever it needs to be clear on Project tab, just point phones. Don't get Carolina Santa can read it. Or arbitrary or noise. 5. Session Five Know Thy Enemy: Now this one is the old noted by enemy. I'm not salaries payable are enemies but kept another, you brought him to put yourself in the shoes. Not beyond that would say, somebody's moccasins opens s2's or whatever it is. You have to understand what are they coming from. More onside Lera, government bureaucrat sees when they take Joel later about whatever it is, you know, talking font or something, what do I gotta deal with that? How would I gotta respond to you then put yourself in this position? What about the Boston get cylinder about the fact that youth and her extra work? How am I gonna do with that? So, so think about who the person is that you write to encode the organization is and what motivates him. Now if it's a private company, genuinely, money, my advice and I'll call this M crash, horrible, boring doll thing called money. Or it's pretty superficial. But it might be that I just wanted to go on. Okay. So again, so he told my ni jiao, you know, well, you know, there was dug out into my page and it got me, I favor, I smoke suddenly. Now the manager and I said, well, you know, it's terrible, you know, blue, whatever, but depends. You have to know who the person not permitted postings, but they will have thinking. So think about that before you start your letter and don't go below o. Actually radiation, machine tools, room for growth. 6. Session Six Finding Your Voice: Now you realize what now of course, I love writing and Britain's books have big letters, hundreds alerts to newspaper. And I enjoy it. And this is what you could do to essentially, this is the point where you find your voice. The voice of the letter. The voice of the letter determines exactly how you're going to say. So the voice will lead your hand, lead your pen. So let's consider what voices there might be. There might be a fall Voice. Dear Sir or Madam, I'm writing to inform you that on this day these things occurred and greatly appreciated if you could deal with this matter, formal objective. So it might be. Let's come back to the Harassment situation, gear and inject this giant. And that has personal I'm writing to express to you how take it out. Said I wants at the behavior of dogma a lot. And I would like you to address this matter. It's about you, it's about a personal issue. So those are the sorts of things to think about. It. It might be better products complain. This is impersonal. It's a washing machine gear manager. Mr. What mistakes? The washing machine than I hoped them your company trade which we got as now blown up and pixel over kitchen. And I would greatly appreciate it if you could send a repair person around to fix my washing machine. Its objective, it's an issue called personal to them. And you stated the problem greatly. Different sort of voice again. So there's a couple of factors with voice. First of all, it's important not to blame the person talking manager's fault that for things blow up. They're responsible. I don't let followed. So he started blasting them in one go down, one level off. I've read quite a few complaint letters as research for this, for this program. I could tell you some of them are terrible things funny, but they're just playing downright awful. I brought a complaint alleged that they become like family, just horrible and deeply personal. As Fitocracy wouldn't change nothing other than being vindictive and kind of a climate sugar plane up here a bit. But it's not a capital offense and there's no getting stuck into them. Sometimes produce personally, sometimes you have to deal with the person. I remember once coming on, dying on a bus to the airport in Adelaide in Australia. And the bus driver and he's radio weren't getting stuck into this yarn in Kagan, woman in her twenties who was at Chaplin. And she'd obviously being ripped off with ticket pay for tickets. So she got on the bus and he was Bollinger. Disco, she's always quote shores in teams. Now it near Dodd-Frank with him. But when we got out of the box, so we're really Calico said I don't know about Charles said you were Room and any apologize to? I did write a letter to a paper that I monogamous, incensed that said that he would trade this young Italian go like that and they'll think it Italy lots dump and never had that sort of training. So there are ways of doing it. And you aren't in effect, communicating with somebody when you're writing to somebody, looked them in me, I look at them, face them in your mind and say, look, Mr. John, this is what happened and it upset me deeply. So. 7. Session Seven Let the Writing Begin: Now you're actually writing the Lakhani. You've got your voice, you're walking with a few points, few practical things. Always make sure you put manager's name, that precision, the address of the first old-fashioned. And that's all infections, but that's what you got, right? And that's the most effective way to do it. The second thing is keep it short, maybe 500 words. It's a challenge because you're gonna get five up, but they're not aerated. So just deionized, apricot, the concentration of a flame on the night. Wherever it American presidents who did it on Twitter or twitter or whatever it's called. It's called, and people, blog things. This is not an atlas. This is about communicating through them real works, real language and effectively. And if you want to twitch or whatever, either contoured terrain up and water needs, it sounds over. So it keep it probably father and it was very clear, state your problem. University jobs. This is what I'm writing about. I was arrested at work by this person. Be very clear about how you can resolve this while talking about your feelings. I felt humiliated dot so disgusted considers to be an inappropriate idea imago request. In order to resolve this, May I suggest the following? Whatever on a personal and quality from Mr. make mistakes or errors. I wanted to insurance policy and then it happened again, and so on. So when the reader picks it up, but I don't have to wade through pages and pages of your rattling on exam. I haven't exactly what you want. And you give them solutions which work on. The other critical thing is give them a timeframe. Solid. I appreciate your you're ready. My letter. I will re-contact you in three weeks time. If I have not heard header resolution or ordered from you your Sincerely or Okanagon's or whatever. So your, your your taping IT professional and polite phone. You're not giving up. And I know that's a lot of terms that you can use like, you know, not viral effects but filed three actually say, well, I hope that we can resolve this matter amicably. However, it's just not the case, then you must be aware of that. I will consider further action. Heat h figured out I got to about personal things all the time. I have a mobility issue was saying and I got hit by a dreadful sliding doors at bottle shop. I wasn't drunk, don't worry about that. I invited five newspapers, don't ball diver and broke my leg. Everybody said, you know, so, so that Americans don't. We started euro unfortunately. So I'm constantly looking and it's really tough to prove. So what I did is I wrote to the CEO personally and said, look, can we just make no lawyers, just gotta check? Well, humbly how he turned up at my hospital bed, weight shattered it through now over them. Afterwards. He resolved that. Didn't really have a tiny kindergarten. You know, that's a big decision. Sign. Think about it. 8. Session Eight Teddy Bear and Whats Next: Now we don't need critics. Would appropriate married had partnership at Alright, critics. But when you're writing a letter or a really good why. Students I've taught in Children's Services Education, ears, is multi-party gonna take bay or catch or somebody like that. Now, a good way to do it is to Rachel letter out loud, and later a teddy bear or your job was at criticize you when you read it out loud to somebody else. You're actually, it will help you a lot to see if it makes sense so much to leave out things which all MIT. I did it all the time. It's in my head but I didn't put the letter. So raided out. Critically. Think about it now. Entity can grandma noticeable fashion, but it's important very, very onto what you can't edit your own work. So I asked somebody who's got a few English skills, offending somebody who's not necessarily involve when your issue, keep them separate and saying, Can you raise my full punctuation error? It paid to team? And then we'll graphically. I can tell you I'm books written on my parents studies on I've had English edge, it just goes through it. And I had read lines in every single Reaganomics, every single line, but dynamite my amateur writing into a professional writing because actually you need during your letter entity and course, it helps you to delete stuff that you might regret saying. Yeah, the casing is nearly for colonies. Put it aside, leave it for weight preferably or a few days at least because if so ever complained to d, doesn't have to be. Now. Always wish a mouse had, had a spot where you can just leave it to think about, you know, think of that box because I'm sure when you pick it up for weight light, have looked at it. Wait, lambda, you will revise it. If he just ride it, send it off. And doesn't want to give autonomy to think about it. Common, not alive. So my shell, you can become, I'm sure. You've seen it written and you Why did you give them a timeframe? What you do next? Well, scar white. Now, various things can happen. One is they simply don't reply and I've had that operationally excellent. So at that point, you can write a novel, but a little bit stronger. Mrs. Jones, I write to you, I'm the third of June and have not received a reply. I find this disturbing as the matter concerning is important to me. Suddenly you've got a little bit more for we pay more, more, more determined without you wonder if they've written a letter back which is totally unsatisfactory and you know, it's unsatisfactory, then there are different terrestrially case. Maybe you bring in the union, whatever that process is beyond that, it's gotten beyond standard. Are you nervous? Initial letter of complaint? If you want to be as a daughter, as a 5S, I can't help you. I don't get money. Not interested. But of course, people do get injured and arms did badly and that's where you need a lawyer. I'm not I'm not decrying pay wanting money. I just summarize, wonder whether he's kind of Nike, life much happier. I know with when I was told by the door a sticky note, my wife and she said, Look, you're going to get so stressed and so upset and that if you continue with this, boy started losing money, is it worth it? Was thought, you know, I've got I've got a good live thing. And yes, I went through a lot of water terrible times with that. $20 thousand or $10, of course it wouldn't would do is I need so I decided no pursued, which was a good limit and there's a lot of watch six inches away thrive as we know, wash up. Why shall I stop? Think about them. All right, that's an added, I hope this has helped. It's not easy, but it does come with practice, sign, heavy, guard your writing, try see what happens. You're not going to be statistically we talked, he accompanied by definition, but it's a wonderful feeling. Of course, seminar writer gets stood up about things and I write the letter. It's almost like therapy, getting a happy eat each other. That in itself can help. Rotten to letters to the editor is quite like getting on, getting released of stress. Solid. I hope this is what figured. I wouldn't be interested in hearing from you. Solid. So all the best and attend to what I started to see you again.