How to plan a (How-To Video) That Boost Audience Retention

Kramer Ammons, If you think you can your right!

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9 Lessons (22m)
    • 1. How to plan a (How-To Video) That Boost Audience Retention

    • 2. How to capture an audiences attention

    • 3. The Most Important Lesson

    • 4. How to Open a Story Loop

    • 5. Examples Of Opening Story Loops

    • 6. Connect To Your Audience Emotionally

    • 7. Make Your Content Manageable

    • 8. Empower And Address Their Fear

    • 9. Class Project


About This Class

Do you want to learn how to create + plan a "how-to video?" This is a tough question because how-to videos are boring, but how do we make them interesting? How can we get the audience's attention while educating them? In the end, it is simple, yet difficult. We have to take a lesson from Hollywood on storytelling and apply it to our videos. This is simple when you understand the ends and outs of it, but difficult to do. In this class, you will understand a clear outline to make your "how-to" videos much better. You will learn how to gain your audience's retention to the last second of your video. You will also learn how to tell a story so that your audience will listen, understand, and have their life changed! This concept will leave you feeling confident about every single video you create while leaving your audience dying for more. Are you ready to create killer "how-to" videos? Let's do it!