How to paint food in Japanese watercolor style and create digital sticker pack in Procreate | Inga Yoon | Skillshare

How to paint food in Japanese watercolor style and create digital sticker pack in Procreate

Inga Yoon, Digital illustrator and teacher

How to paint food in Japanese watercolor style and create digital sticker pack in Procreate

Inga Yoon, Digital illustrator and teacher

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7 Lessons (52m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Creating of textured paper

    • 3. Adding colors Pt. 1

    • 4. Adding shades Pt. 1

    • 5. Adding colors Pt. 2

    • 6. Adding shades Pt. 2

    • 7. Creating sticker pack

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About This Class

Today I will teach you, how to draw food in Japanese watercolor style, where we will combine actually watercolor and ink together.

I will teach you:

  • how to create texture paper
  • how to create those watercolor look that we might see in different anime
  • and finally how to create sticker pack of Japanese food with transparent background
  • And how to separate textured background from our actual painting.


I will show you my whole process from the start till finish.

And as a bonus I will share with you my new custom brushes that I created. I will also add png files of my sketch (that can help you to save time), textured paper, reference picture and my picture that i drew. Feel free to use them for your own projects. I will add them to the “Resources” section.


The whole set of my new watercolor brushes you can check following the link below: 

my Instagram:

My YouTube channel: 

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Inga Yoon

Digital illustrator and teacher


Hello, guys!

I am Inga Yoon, artist, digital illustrator and tutor.

Throughout these years I took part in different exhibitions, TV shows on local Ukrainian channels, organized workshops, you name it.

Although I`ve been painting since 2005 and teaching art from 2016, my carrier as online art teacher is just taking off. Hope you will support me on this journey:)

I am major is gouache and oil painting, but I am obsessed with watercolor art. Especially in digital.

Hop along for the ride.

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1. Introduction: Hello guys. I'm glad to see all of you here at my glass. And today's topic will be about Dr. food style. And you'll use brushes that I created as it. You can use totally for free and maybe as they might be very useful for you. So let's get started. Hello guys, I'm Inger freedoms illustrator. And let's next class. Today I will teach you how to drop food in Japanese watercolors style, where we will combine actually watercolor and ink together. I will teach you how to create the extra paper, how to create those watercolor and look, you might see in different enemy. And finally, how to create sticker pack of Japanese food, reuse transparent background, and how to separate texture background from our actual painting. I will show my whole process from start to finish. And as a bonus, I will share Vizio, my new custom brushes that I created. I will also add being gif files of my sketch is that can help you to save time, textured paper, reference picture, and my pictures that I drew. Feel free to use them for your own projects. Because this class is great for beginners, but can be useful for experienced artist. Probably here you can find that inspiration and new ways of Boehm TIN. Your class project will be next. Create your own sticker pack in Japanese style, uses a teabags and brushes said, I gave you today. You can use my reference picture or find some other pictures, adds a website and splash. I will use procreate for this class is iPad and Apple pencil. So if you have it or some ours, a drying beds or interests, regular watercolor, paper, paintings and brushes. Please join our course and good luck. 2. Creating of textured paper: So we can start and today we're going to create a sticker said from Japanese food, different dishes like this at one. And it will be in traditional Japanese tile. Let's me increase sad, positive. And actually guys, I already created for your sketch layer. I'll show it to you now that here. And we're going to use said today, I just decided to save some time and I will go share is your authors paintings. And first step of this layer, what we're gonna do is I will be going to create a textured paper. And guys, I will add to the description of the project pictures of paintings, of our reference pictures and all sketches. And also a guys I'm going to tell you that it's very important to keep SAT exam. And because we are going to use it today, we will not turn off our sketch layer off to finish. And I'm going to show you, I want to tell you of each brush I use for, for this catch. And it's mercury brush that is in Incan set here and procreate a. Once again, I found all those pictures on a website, on splash where you can go, choose a picture, saves it. And so once again, we're on a new layer, such as below all our layers. And we go and add. And guys, speaking about the size of my Canvas, I chose to do screen size. The first options that you have when you decide to create a canvas. So this is green size canvas and now will be Bill Nye, implicate texture paper and moved to linear bond and colorbar. And now doubly case as well, two times n large enough to group set. And once again, you need to lower set of linear burns mode and the tip without extra paper. 3. Adding colors Pt. 1 : So next tab, you're going to turn on reference picture, islands abdicates Em cos. I'm going to change the size. And I will caught some of our reference picture. So I need to keep say regional layer. So you have reference picture of ammo sketch layer. And once again, we are on the yourname set just below textured paper. And guys, it's very important to remember is add. In Japanese paintings. If you want to keep exhaust Japanese Luke watercolor look, you shouldn't apply bright colors. And obviously you will keep, in. Our rush that I created ends is called bull marshmallow watercolour brush. I will share as his brush vizier literature. So inventory that pictures are referenced, pictures we'll get. But once again, how can you I've told you many times in my pre-rolls classic union, press this button and after drag and peaks of colors, a tool like that unique thing for me, at least this is color would be fine. And let's start coloring. Controls up posterity. You control your brush as a blending tool, vivo, use boy, General Bender watercolour brush. You might some white spots, it's fine. If you go beyond the edges stentorian just grab an eraser. I have matter, curry brush, same income brash as an eraser. We can grapple marshmallow watercolor eraser is all up to you. But for me as this color is define, next color, it's not wide. Like something between white colour and Fh and no hurry. Non-black. It's like something between black, brown and purple color. Some parts where colors overlapping each other. And we need to add some black dodge launch again for their same colors minority. So I have done is trust fund. And now I'm going to show you a magic break. I will deplete Kate, just layer NEC sprint desaturated about item needs to trade it color soil. Lovers have Pasha just sliding up to merge. Yeah, we have that fun. So let's start feed points against guys. Be careful you need to be on a new layer. Reps or color. How should the Clinton tool and you blend colors? So, so you've done to plate. Now trips to. So what I like about Germany, Spain, beamed into here executing. You've to add my new color variations. You just need to add choose one color and after zed and shade dead and took picture. To teach my children. I CPU didn't check my previous question where I taught how to paint a kid, say in Japanese style, please feel free to go and Chip missed second-class. And so I've just done using Spark novel. Let's add colors to right here. Okay. So let's color seat fonts again. The blockade, lovers out, prostitutes flies by and large and turn it off. So we have big true. We have our reference picture and we can color said, once again, you layer and then start to be some plate trips this color. Right? Now. 12 colors, two chopsticks. Right? Thanks so much. So here's an example. 4. Adding shades Pt. 1 : And now I wanted to achieve two. And once again, we need to be a new layer and we have a marsh go watch colored brown and shapes. Okay. So you see all spacecraft boys folks, which like just going from left to right or from right side connection. Let's get started. It's an integer. Thanks. In general terms. Okay. 5. Adding colors Pt. 2: So there's boundaries are stressed by technologies can do a second one. So if you take a marched also slayers together like a coloring launch. Bad. So rest. I elected from Dutch. And I'm gonna go and craft my reference feature. And I think I want to start with this one. I am function go err. And I'm gonna go and correct it. But black, I think it would be like dark purple. From the engine to work. Kansas Green. Machine. Go chopsticks u1 to make slight empty print. Y. Bye. I don't know, I think plays. And in stock three specimens. Find a colored. And now we have a four and a cold 22.4 fold. Okay. That's just a fringe and even whole competition fan. So bunch Again, I'm gonna lay around and let's get started. The primary structure. Okay. Okay. Hi. Yeah. Okay. So next step, i1, shift, remaining, one layer collection. It better. 6. Adding shades Pt. 2: My suggestion is to replicate. You'll layer one can search engines. And your last final step, we're going to create a new layer and I want to add some shapes present. Remember in this very important point again, reopening layer. Now let's move to the next block. It just doesn't work. Okay, great. And final step. I'm going to Poland different key chain, eat, promote percept caution, prescribed thing, merge sets and march together pieces later. And now let's merge said, oh, a team's Kim part. Notice from connects bars and those creeks to curse and push. I'm going to go and saves us pictures because we need to separate by ground, textured the grounds from our painting. And it's the same time we need to keep set as a watercolour paint. And I told you during my previous classes, if you turn off a textured paper now it's nonsense. Extruder what color? Light if it turn off on paper, it's true with the color is varying Japanese style. So our next aim is to remove and background from our country. 7. Creating sticker pack: Well, so we need to save out being teens out pictures separately to pack Soviet saved first picture. Now I will turn it off, turn on second bomb. And those same also saves it as a jetpack. Next step is we're going to turn off everything, all layers, textured papers while snotty have transparent, transparent background. And we're gonna insert. Yeah, we wanna add an insert, photos teaches saved. So just as first drawn. And second, turn it off. Return in there to photo. So cool. Now I have to remove our background and so it wouldn't be easy because we have our income part. So how you're going to Joe's it once again, I told you is advised to be me to recall that in our memory. So automatic nafta trek. And next step we'll copy, invert, copy and paste. So we'll just same as you might see. If they have some dots, just erase him. You don't have so many any. Well, let's just say in this second picture, turn it off. Turn on our first one. Selection tool, automatic. Copy. And turn off sketch layer. And let's just erase some parts. So nice. Now we have our Japanese food viz a transparent backgrounds. It's what are you waiting for half. So STI cares. And we can arrange set in a sticker pack. And it's true this options first. So I think our first a, our main aim, a severe need to arrange all six tickers on one list. So let's do it. Copy and paste. I wanna keep it here and turn it off. Next also Selection Tool. Here's trustee care second run. Yep. And we have most teachers. We have second page says spawn, copy-and-paste. Next one. Can they arrange says played here. So beaker. So let's play around and think and try to arrange all those. So we can go and saves it as a PNG file. And in this way, Hugo keeps his transparent background. Well, so our next step is to add borders. A stickers. Like some people, they don't like borders. So Zai Jiang egged ZIM, but I'm gonna show you two options and choose any option you like. So this was a first option you can make. So stickers you can sells a sneaker store, whatever like his em. And let's start doing set. And I want a new layer. Once again, we have our paintings, ze i here. So I do like how it looks for now and I want to merge all of it together. Like sand. Yeah. So perfect. Now I go to Selection Tool told press automatic. And so after the press phasor, like sad, and after that, invert and copy and paste it here. And our next step is I will select this layer and fill layer of ethe white color. I'll do same Once again. I go grip here, press Selection Tool, automatic. I choose set one and after it feather. Or if I, there's a slide, they optimize it, invert and copy and paste. And again, select Fill layer. And I can emerge set together. Once again, select, feel layer, select and fill their cycle, does it couple of times. And now you see some edges are very sharp. So my suggestion is to erase Sam slightly. Title now. This magic trick. So we turn on paint and level, and now we are on the selection layer. You said like selected players have to be field to his white color. Lets choose this layer. And after this it move slightly. We can control set borders. Likes is fill in, so I'm gonna keep it set way. Let's just say the next one. We need to dose it one by one cos, if you want to make all of it phone to move. As a whole layer just expanded, make it peaker. Proportions and perspective. It would be nice to. So this is why you need to make it one by one. It's just noise and definitely not. Need to write stricter, sad or like Japanese food here. And I'm going to merge that together. So now we have it as a one layer. I actually key indicators or slayers. Now I have some separate layers as well. So this, in this kind of page, and you'll have lots of players as idle, you might seize it here. So next thing is, I want a new layer and i'm going to go and add some text. So it's Japanese food sticker Peck. And I wouldn't dread some like cute details to all pain D. So in this way, go and grab mercury brash, such as in a set, Incan set. And probably I want to stick to the white color. Why ammonia you layer? And let's draw some to my kit. Kit here. So that said guys, it created our Japanese fought sticker pack. And I hope you enjoyed our today's class. And as you might see, if you like, you can change the background. Like it can be y, can be black, blue, any color you like. Like S0, S1, o just you can just keeps it transparent. Guys. I hope you enjoyed our today's tutorial and let's see each other later next week. So we'll look forward to see all your paintings. And if you have any questions, feel free to ask me and have a good think. Well, this is the end of our class. I hope you enjoyed my today's tutorial and now you know how to create Ford and articles style. So let's see dozen next week and next week I would create one-way interests in public for you where I will share with you my custom rushes and some useful tips that might help. So a c because a later bye-bye.