How to paint birds in watercolor: step by step tutorial for beginners

Yana Shvets, Paint.Travel.Take a risk

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8 Lessons (1h 28m)
    • 1. You will love this course!

    • 2. Materials you will need today

    • 3. Let's sketch birds!

    • 4. Color scheme for this painting

    • 5. How about a first layer?

    • 6. Going forward with layers

    • 7. Adding some depth

    • 8. Final touch!

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About This Class

Hey hey! In this course you will learn how to paint a cute couple of birds in watercolor. It's a simple real-time tutorial for beginners and intermediate students who want to have fun and learn something new.

Follow my guidance and create this cute couple today!

What you will learn

  • main watercolor techniques: wet on wet, wet on dry and more
  • special tricks (with salt and more)
  • how to use additional art materials (except of watercolors) to create paintings
  • how to create volume and make those birds 3-dimensional
  • how to paint realistic feathers, beaks, eyes
  • how to create dynamic art

This course is simple yet full of knowledge. Here you won't just "play with paint and do whatever", you will have a well-thought actionable plan on how to use watercolor medium, how it works and how to achieve a result you want.


- cellulose paper, 300gsm, cold pressed (can be hot pressed too)

- any good quality watercolor paints

- few brushes: synthetic round, natural round, small synthetic pointy brush for details

- pencil, tissues, cup of water, white gel pen, salt

For more details on materials and the alternatives please watch a lesson inside this course.

Together we will paint adorable yellow birds!