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Project Description

I have attached a copy of the reference image I use for this project. It is a photo that I took myself during a recent camping trip and I am happy for you to use it to practice with, I would love to see your artworks and for you to share them here. 

Materials List:


Paint: Acrylic paint (The brand i use is either Derivan Matisse or Amsterdam acrylic paint)

Colours - These are the colours that I have used, however you don't have to use the same colours as me.  Midnight Blue, Aqua, Sky Blue, Australian Sienna, Cadmium Yellow, Scarlet, Titanium White, Permanent Light Violet

Canvas (mine is approximately 40cmx40cm)

A selection of acrylic brushes of your choice. 

Optional : paint markers. I use Liquitex and a white Faber Castell Pitt Marker

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