How to paint an Impressionistic Landscape in Acrylics- Step by Step Landscape Painting for beginners | Kuhu Sheopuri | Skillshare

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How to paint an Impressionistic Landscape in Acrylics- Step by Step Landscape Painting for beginners

teacher avatar Kuhu Sheopuri, Artist | Illustrator

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

6 Lessons (36m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Materials Required

    • 3. Preparing the Paper

    • 4. First Layer

    • 5. Background

    • 6. Foreground

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About This Class


I love to paint in impressionist style as it gives me freedom to manipulate the colours and forms in my painting.
In this class I am going to show how to paint an impressionistic style landscape. I will show you how to prepare your paper, and then we will paint this landscape in just 3 layers.

If you know the very basics of acrylic colours you will be able to sail through this class easily.

I hope you paint along with me and find this class helpful.

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Kuhu Sheopuri

Artist | Illustrator


Hey guys! I am Kuhu, a full-time Artist / Illustrator based in India.

I have a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Applied Art and love experimenting with different subjects, of which most recent is fantasy Illustrations.

I have been creating landscapes in Acrylics and watercolours for quite a while now and am really excited to be here and share my knowledge with you!!

I hope I can inspire you and help you out on your creative journey.


You can follow me on instagram where I share all my ongoing projects.





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1. Introduction: Hey guys, My name is cool and welcome to my school share class today I'm going to teach you how to paint this impressionistic landscape. I'm going to show you how I prepare my paper. Then we will paint this landscape in three layers. First, we will apply a foundation off colors. Then we will bend the background and lastly we will paint the fulcrum. Since this is an impressionistic style painting, you don't need a lot off blending skills. If you know the basics off acrylics, you will be good to go And the end of this class you will have a finished moody landscape painting. I hope you enjoy this class and find it helpful If you decide to paint with me, which would be amazing. Then share your finished artworks in the project section of this class. I would love to see your work one to the next lesson. You know the materials that you will require for this class 2. Materials Required: Let's take a look at the materials that we will require for today's class post. You re leading a full size paper. I'm using a 200 years and mixed media paper. A piece of cloth. So 1st 4 color mixing Jessel masking deep, some brushes, a water gun dinner. I'm using a brush washtub for the colors You even need cadmium yellow deep You Hello. You getting them orange? You one number Yellow CO Goodman. Red and ugly. You will also need some tight in your right. That's it for the materials. Click on the next Listen to see how to prepare your people. 3. Preparing the Paper: once we will take down over paper so that it doesn't buckle of during the painting process . And it will also give a clean edge When we removed the tape Now we will apply Jessel all over the people. I will also add some yellow Oka to turn the Jessel. This will give us a nice colored ground. Take any large synthetic brush, damp it with water and mix these two together. Now apply this evenly on your people. Use water to make it spread easy. No, let this dry and then we even start with the weapon. 4. First Layer: now, this is completely dry and we can start printing. I will start by setting up my printer for this. Listen, I will just use a number 10 synthetic blood pressure. No, with phone number, I will map out where I warned the ground. It doesn't really need to be pope it because we are going to work on it at the end. No Renzo to brush. Now take some year, Loker. And a little bit of born number and titanium white, please. This just above the ground. And we will place the sculler here. These are the lighter clothes. Had more yellow over and burnt umber and apply it below these lighter clubs. Makes these clothes using left and right motion with your brush. Since we're painting an impressionistic style, we don't need to blend too much at some water and take phone number and applied on the top right corner. Next, add this color here as well. Again. Gently mix this color with the previous one. Add some darker clothes close to the grounders. Now with more burnt umber. Spend another record close on the top left corner. Bring this a little bit down. Handsome orange to this color. This will give us a dark, muted orange. Let's apply this here and here also, and these clouds also need some orange at a tiny bit of green tothis and applied this color to the dark cloud on the left and also below the dark clothes on the right. Take more green a little bit off fight and apply it between the two darker clothes. Apply the same color below the clouds that are closer to the ground. Makes titanium white, green and orange and apply it next to the green color. Not be just applied at the same color over the green color that we applied between the darker clubs. Okay, now runs out your brush. Take your local and titanium right, an AK discolor toe, the center of the background at Moriah, Loker and Orange. To this, a tiny bit of green turned us down and apply this color below the darker orange clothes, blended slightly with the light yellow color in the center. Also apply this color just above the ground on the left hand side. No dates from your local, a tiny bit of this orange color, and at some point, number two this and apply this next to this orange color, and why do this and apply right next to the previous color and gently blend them together. Add some bone number to this orange color and apply this right above the ground in the center UK Local in tiny bit of born number and apply this color between those darker clubs and again slightly blended with the rest of the colors. No, let this lead right. 5. Background : this letter is dry. I know this is looking really messy right now, but it will come together in the end. That's been the second Lear. No, with the second layer river with the opacity with the second layer, we will build the capacity, and we will also blend this color a little bit more together. I started painting with a white crystal brush, but as you can see, the brush waas giving a really streaky, which we don't want, So I'm switching to number six. Synthetic flat brush with this makes your local some white and dina bit of orange and apply this right up off the ground I have against which to number 10 synthetic flat brush. Make some titanium white with yellow polka and apply this color about the color that we just apply and drag it to the side of. Take some orange at some yellow local tiny amount of green and some weight and apply it above the ground in the center, slightly, mixing it with that your local now at some green and white, do this color and apply this over the clothes that we created about the ground on the right side. Don't forget to mix it with the orange color, mixed born number and dark green with this color and place it between this lighter clothes with the corner off your brush. Mix them together. You don't need to be exact with this, as we are only giving an impression off the clubs. Just place your color and blend cycling. Right now, we're focusing on the lighter colors. Then we will move on to the doctor, - take your on going down work and added between those darker clubs, - mix orange, white and yellow over, and a flight below that your local wash your brush used the clerk to solve the excess water and mix those colors together by going over them with swiping motion. All right, take this orange color. Place it beside that yellow color and mix it with the Let's being darker clothes. Now make some yellow card one number and orange and apply it over the Orange Club. Take off excess color from your brush with the clothes and feather off the clothes with the site. Tip off your fresh. I just feel give a fluffy effect to the clothes more orange at some red and place this above that orange girl. Now I want number two this color and place it on the top. Right corner makes this brown with orange color. Also apply this color just with this orange club. If someone tumble and a little bit of and apply this to the clothes on the top left corner , that dynamic fight and yellow could do this and place it below their darkest club and blend these together. - Now make some green, white and worn number and place it besides the darkest club and blend them together. We are building up the capacity of the colors that we painted in the previous year. - Take that lighter wrong color and place it below the darkest clothes renders. Using a mix of your local and fight mix , yellow can invite and applied between the start. Now this next step is really important. A number six round white restore brush and feather out this yellow color using circular motion, and I'm going to repeat the step for all the colors on with soup. Circled motions blend them together. This step doesn't really need horrible explanation. You can just follow the visual. We're not done with the background 6. Foreground: Let's start with the foreground. For this, we will use tell a blue and carbon black, mixed black and blue, using a number six synthetic dried brush and being the ground to give it a more natural look. Make it uneven. No. Take a script liner brush. What a very 10 Romberg. Using the same color, we will be in the tree. This brush is really great for reading details. - This is the main trunk. Now. Let's be in the branches, paying them randomly, some smaller some longer. You can also very their thickness. Just make sure your anatomy of the tree is right. The trunk and the branches will be tickled when they're closer to the ground and thinner as they extend further into the sky. Draw lots off branches toe. Make it look tense. You can add water if the color starts to take enough. Okay, this was done. Let's remove the masking. This is over. Finished printing. I hope you enjoy this close. If you decide to paint this landscape, then share your work in the project section of this class. I would love to see your work. If you have any questions, you can reach out to me toe the community section of this class I would be really happy to help your ways And you can follow me on Instagram to get on the after its regarding my future scale Share classes. Thank you so much, guys.