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How to paint a watercolour poppy

teacher avatar Michelle Kral, ARTIST :)

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Watch this class and thousands more

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Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

6 Lessons (25m)
    • 1. Lets paint a watercolour Poppy

    • 2. Poppy supplies

    • 3. Study your subject

    • 4. Lets paint part 1

    • 5. Lets paint pa

    • 6. THANK YOU :)

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About This Class


in this class i will show you a simple and effective way to paint a poppy in a loose wet in wet style, at the end of the class you will have a beautiful painting and the confidence to paint more :)

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Michelle Kral



I am a freelance  Artist and Textile designer based from my 18th century former pub in West Auckland Durham UK, where i live with my very tall son and crazy dog Cyril.

My passion is painting flowers in watercolour. I am inspired by the beautiful countryside around me and my very large garden where I have some of the most beautiful flowers to paint.  I also love to share my knowledge and  teach watercolour classes privately and online.

I have a very varied style and prolific way of working, I use a mixed range of media, I just love to paint... digital, vector, photoshop, illustrator, gouache, acrylic, pen and ink...anything that makes a mark!  if i am not creating i am not me.

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1. Lets paint a watercolour Poppy: Hi, My name's seashell crawled and I'm a professional watercolorist, and I've bean painting water color for around 30 years or more. I paint in a really free, loose, expressive style. I suppose you could call it. I wanted Teoh share my knowledge and experience with you so you can also enjoy painting in watercolor in a free and expressive style. This is what we're going to paint is going to be a very free and least poppy painting. While I show you all my tips and techniques, I used to create beautiful textures and interesting effects on your end up with a beautiful poppy on also learn lots off interesting ways to create texture on defects. 2. Poppy supplies: Hi. I'm just gonna talk you through the supplies and explain a few things because this is a beginner's class and I wanted to make sure everybody understands what everything is for on describe everything that I like to use. This is blocking food. Paper. I've got something on the front, but I'm going to paint on the back. Try not to paint on the back of watercolor paper because it doesn't always work very well. And always try and get the best watercolor paper. You can try and get £140 white all above, so it's not. As you can see, This is nice and thick, and it holds a lot of water because I paint with a lot of water. See, Don't want paper to stop buckling with the water on. You don't mean you need Teoh stretch of paper as well. Which is a good thing, because ah, hate stretching paper. What else began to leave again to need some water. I've actually cleaned my water change. Now I've got brushes around brush where this is a C white sable brush. It's a number 12 round. Any round brush We'll do it doesn't have to be sable could be anything as long as it goes into a nice point at the end. When this is wet, it forms a nice point, and it also holds a lot of water, which I like. I've got parent here. I'm just using a paper plate for this. So e I make it a bit simpler, as I like to say for your viewing pleasure, because let me show you how I normally paint this. And I know a lot of beginners with water color wouldn't be up to cape with that. But this is my palate set up, and I have about three of them that I worked from which they will look like this. But when you get better, you'll probably have your own way of painting and set up things. Now the colors I've got are there a watercolor tubes and I try and use artists to solitude . But the wind zone Newton cotton what colors are quite nice. So I have a mixture. I don't prefer one brand against another, really. But saying that I do love window and Newton and I also do like Daniel Smith's water colors , the ones that give the really nice going, texture. But that's something you don't really have to worry about just by what you can afford. And you don't have to have all the colors that I've got. You can use all the reds that you have and things because it doesn't really matter. So for a poppy there red. So I have pulled out a few reds that I like to use. This is a Cottman watercolor. A zillion crimson. Yes, I'm just gonna put the blob on my on. The next one is a Sienna. See, in year, I never pronounce words properly, which his a bright red You can use winds a red, which is a similar color. And I have a Daniel Smith peril Scarlett on. I have a mission watercolor, which is for 1,000,000 which isn't us orangey color. Oops. Much. I always tend to squeeze out more painting, and I actually on. I'm just going for one green here and quite a lot of greens to green. If that makes sense, you know, or they don't give a natural green. This is a mission Olive green quite like, and I knock it back by mixing some of the read into it all my colors will merge into one another on the paper as we get paintings. They don't want me too much. Vettel that And don't be worried about squirting too much onto your palate because watercolor he can be activated with water and the same you can at extra as you gay. We will also need some water soluble pencils. I have a favorite castle one here, which is an up grip at qui l pencil. It's black and I also have a coin nor Progresso at l watercolor pencil. And that's just the red use Any water soluble watercolor pencils that you like. I find the cheap ones are quite good for how I use them as well side just anyone You didn't have to have the same as I have and is that you need some sandpaper. Got quite coarse sandpaper. He can also use a nail file. Andi, I thought I might solve. I'm not sure if I'm going to use this, but I might do this is don't take any notice of what this is. This is not what it says on the bottle. This'll is black Drawing Inc. I put it Gosh, slap bang I have is this. I have a huge bottle, but I like to put it, dispense it into a little bottle so I can use it easier. Because if I I like to squirt things straight on to the paper and for use this just it will be big mess. So I have got there and I'm not sure if I'm gonna use thes either. But you're probably seeing me using these quite a bit in my water cause I might try it and use it so I can explain what I am doing with these. These are little square two bottles with muscle on the end. This one has so pants soaked, which I've grated a bit off and I've put it into the squirted bottle with water, and I use that squirted onto my page, and it gives us texture and pushes the paint around. And in here I have a bit of household clean that diluted with water. So I think it's flash kitchen cleaner, which has bleaching in it. That is very dilute mixture. Again, I'm not know used this, but I might try and show you what happened on it. Also got some salt. Oh, it's normal sort of kitchen. Fine. So that so. I think that's going. I've made my paper, e think that's all you need for this? 3. Study your subject: got a photo for you to look at when you paint anything, please go. Look. The structure of the flowers going Look at loads of different poppies. Best way to look of flowers is for you to actually see them in real life. I great them in my garden on Dhere is a lovely video of some that I had in my God. And this year, actually, they are still blooming out there because they do flower right up to October from June to October. And that's fact about poppies. I just love them and I paint them a lot, as you probably see. 4. Lets paint part 1: I saw off by getting my brush nice and wet laid of water. I hope you can see this. And I'm just I'm just gonna paint one poppy on the stem just really simply for you and are trying not to make it too complicated on I do paint really quickly and wet on wet se. It might look really fast to you, but you can slow it down on the start off by. Ah, let me see. Slapping down a big pool of water, which is ladies of water. It's like if I picked it up, it would just float everywhere. So it's a big pool of water. Don't be afraid to put too much because oh, yeah, after saying You paper town, don't be of worried about putting too much water on your page, but you don't want it. Say it just swamps because I don't not sure if you can see it's catching the light or no, how much water I have. And then I just sort of let it soaking to the paper a bit. And if you have good quality paper, it's not going to stop buckling too much and stuff, so it should be OK, now I'm gonna activate my watercolors by just dropping in some paint, paint some water. I'm gonna get all three colors. I don't worry about the moon merging in together because that's what they like. Now I'm going to start off with the light of Squam, which is the familia and for milion color on the, said the Daniel Smith's Woman. Jump it there something like that on the mission one. Well, I forget. It doesn't matter. I'm just going to drop in some color and just let it do what it wants to do. And I just call this blubbing in just sort of make sure it's in like this. It would be the silhouette shape of a poppy if you think of the shape without any detail, and that's what I'm going to. And I just like to let it sit there for a bit. And then I will add. This is that Daniel Smith's Dark Red, which is quite grainy, and it does tend to push, um, other colors away like that you see on day, and the more you get to know different paints, you will know how they react. It comes with experience and I do have quite a bit of when it comes to watercolor say I sort of know what happens. So just be warned that some paints push other paints at the way. Some pull them in. So it's fun. You don't know what's gonna happen that the Daniel Smith one does like to take over, as you can see, and it's pushed the colors out. Andi, I will. I'm going to enhance that pushing of that color with my bottle with my absences. I think it's got bleach diluted bleach, and I'm just gonna drop a bit in the middle, and that does the same thing. It pushes the color out because I want to keep the center of the poppy, quite lights I can put in the dark. If that doesn't make sense of it is the way I like to pay. And now saying that I'm gonna come in with duck on because it's bleach is going to make the ink lighter because it's bleak. It's bleaches out, but I'm just going to do that. That's for the dark center of the poppy, and that might end a bit more of this in the middle, and it will push it out, but further as it goes and then I'm gonna This is the soapy one you can see. Oops that's not supposed to happen is not specially in blue blobs that has got stuck up the end shaking it. It will blow bit. And then if you add splashing some water, just let that the color do what it wants to do. I've got quite a lot of water in the middle of that and I'm gonna come in. Looked it. I want Teoh wanted to be dark, but not too dark. And I love the way it's just flowing. Then what I will do. I will encourage that flow out by dragging the paint crew my pencil. And then I also do some frilly leave patent weapons up. I'm just holding it right at the end. You get a nice flow and just a drag, the pain and the ink and everything. And then I'm gonna come in my towel and blocked out where I think the light captures the petals, which is on the edges, and you can create the folds and few scrum Plett. It, um, creates a nice paper rayfield to to the poppy petals. Now I'm gonna come in with the zillion crimson, which is a dark red. I'm just gonna drop it in in places where I wanted to be a bit darker and also I'm goingto handsome, brighter reds in a swell because with all the blotting and everything you do, it does sort of make the paint not so bright. And whilst that is wet doing its thing, I'm gonna mix my green. You can see how green it is. I think I'm just gonna get a little bit of a zillion crimson and mixed in and it dulls it down a bit. And I'm going to just draw in a line for this. Them Don't worry about the lit merging Li. I like that. I think it looks quite nice at all something. But I didn't say we would need. He's a, um You can use a a toothpick bamboo skier, or I'm going to use this. Excuse me. Second a dick pin. And if you look at am Poppy stem is what these fine little hairs on it. And if you just use the dependable scare or anything you have, you can just give a suggestion of a few years don't get too carried away because I know it's tempting. Now I'm just blotting out a bit of color. Just black did take over Clinton, but I'm getting Teoh embrace it. I like happy accidents, so I just let things do what they want to do. He might need a lot of paper town just say And I'm just gonna add a little bit green to the center in here, just ahead of color. And as the sheen goes off the water, color the paint as it starts to dry. Start going a bit duller on if you drop in display NEWater. At this point, it will create these lovely wash backs. Cauliflowers People have different names for her, and but the paper the paint has to be just slightly drawing feet for it toe work. And it doesn't always work on every color. Some colors you use, it would give a more dramatic effect and others it would be a softer effect. And I love this effect, and I use it a lot. My weight And when I just let it all go in and if you get big pools of water like that, you can get some paper town and just more pop a bit off the water. I don't always like to use a hair dryer when my pain I do. After I let it settled for a while because I like to let that all merging together and do what it wants to do. Let it dry naturally. My what? This Pence has got bit where the end this effect would work that well, So make sure the ends Troy in your pencil and I'm gonna get sandpaper. And in there is where it's wet. I'm just gonna send my water color train. And that gives a nice little effect that I'm trying to addle the effects we can. This works really well for the center of the copy. No, it has a really dark center, which I'm going to try and sort of draw in here. You see coffee shop more when it's Troy Blacks taken over and I got to use the black crane to create the stamens of the poppy as you drag a sharp object over wet water. Color depends on the drawings age. If it's still a quite wet and you drag a sharp object over, it will take away the color Sometimes if the objects quite sharp and you make an indent in the paper and the watercolors wear the color were running to concede here into the area and create a nice line. And sometimes you can just draw over it. So it depends on the stage that the water colors dried. I think I went a bit o t T b the black ink in the middle. There should be put so much in, but yes, Poppy. And as I was saying, the I've got statements in the middle of property that they dropped the black pull it. And I like to use a black pencil and just try and emulate the poll. Intense alone everywhere. Now that that effect will only stay when the water colors wets, you have to work quite quickly and not let your what college Roy se much. I'm just gonna do look town and drawer in. And I think I'm just going to let that dry and you finished. Oh, no, no. As I'm adding all my effects in our for at a bit so hit you have to put this onto wet paint indicates like a crystal lee effect because the salt draws in the water and it affects the drying time. So I would just Sprinkle it a little bit over here on this side, and we will come back to it when it's dry and we can see the effect. Now just let your watercolor dry naturally, and we come back to it when it's dry. 5. Lets paint pa: Okay, I've let this dry completely. Now, on you conceal the details. You could see the detail that the salt is made and the little splash backs with a dropped in water. And the effect I did with the year sandpaper and what color pencil on their little has on the stem. But one thing is that I have added a bit too much black ink in the middle on Guy didn't blotted out quick enough, so I didn't catch any highlights. So what I'm going to do is I'm gonna come in with a watercolor pencil, and I'd like green and I'm going to try and rectify this. So we haven't lost a little bit light. I'm just so drawing in the shape, blending it with my finger fingers, a good and of my even Dawson with statements in the color as well and a little bit green to stem to blend it. And though that's off, picked up some of the high life hasn't got everything. So I'm going to come in with a white pencil. This doesn't Beanie show up to well over the black ink. You can use any void. It's always it. Nice thing to rescue white. And hopefully that would just pick out the center of the poppy and make it a single bit. Yeah, much differently. They're so that's a really simple way to paint a poppy have ago. And if you like this, please don't forget to like and subscribe. Thank you. Bye. 6. THANK YOU :): Thank you so much for taking the class. Your project is just a pink A poppy using all the techniques that I've shown you. What do you have to use on? I really hope you enjoyed the class. And don't forget to post your projects. And I'm always here for any questions that you may have. Thank you again. Bye.