How to paint a Landscape in Acrylics - Step by Step Landscape Painting | Kuhu Sheopuri | Skillshare

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How to paint a Landscape in Acrylics - Step by Step Landscape Painting

teacher avatar Kuhu Sheopuri, Artist | Illustrator

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

10 Lessons (56m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Materials

    • 3. Preparing Your Canvas

    • 4. Sketching or Mapping your painting

    • 5. First Layer Of Colour

    • 6. Sky and First Layer of Background Trees

    • 7. Rest of the Trees

    • 8. Water

    • 9. Foreground Trees

    • 10. Moon

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About This Class


In this class, we will paint this simple landscape using acrylic colors.
I will show you my process from start to finish. You'll also learn how to apply an acrylic colored ground to your canvas, which is a very helpful technique.

This class is for all skill levels. We will use limited amount of colors.
Although this is a lengthy piece, but if you follow along very closely with lots of patience you'll be able to achieve the same look.
At the end of this class you'll have a simple yet beautiful landscape painting.

Here's a list of all the materials that I used :

Water container
Mixing Palette
Washi Tape
Graphite / Charcoal Pencil

Acrylic Colours
Phthalo Blue
Titanium White
Carbon Black
Burnt Sienna
Quinacridone Red
Cadmium Yellow Dark
Yellow Ochre

No.2 and No.4 Synthetic Round brushes
0/0 Script Liner brush
No.2 and No.4 Synthetic Flat brushes

12 mm White Bristle Wash brush
Filbert Bristle brush
8 x 10 inches Stretched Canvas

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Kuhu Sheopuri

Artist | Illustrator


Hey guys! I am Kuhu, a full-time Artist / Illustrator based in India.

I have a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Applied Art and love experimenting with different subjects, of which most recent is fantasy Illustrations.

I have been creating landscapes in Acrylics and watercolours for quite a while now and am really excited to be here and share my knowledge with you!!

I hope I can inspire you and help you out on your creative journey.


You can follow me on instagram where I share all my ongoing projects.





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1. Introduction: Hey, guys, My name is cool and I'm an artist based in New Delhi, India. Welcome to work for skilled. Shake us. I hope you will learn something useful promise in this class. We will pay the simple and escape using a plate fellers. We're first going to prepare our canvas by applying an actually color drum. Then I did a sketch form apple. Never Objection. They will work in multiple layers. First, we will apply our till group off respective colors in respective parts. Then we will build up the depth by Alan Details gradually with each there for this painting , I'm using a reference image from a royalty free website. I just free folk of machines. I have a link in the description off this class so that you can print it out of rivers. By the end of this class, you will have a simple yet beautiful finished be. So far, I don't work with the next video to see all the materials that will be required to paint this landscape 2. Materials: Why not omitted is that you're building awarded Andina. Ah, mixing palette and a doll or around for the colors you ever need. Hello, Blue titanium white, carbon black one sienna connected all red and cadmium yellow odor. I'm using heavy body acrylic, but you can use regular click pains also for brushes I've ever using a number two and number four round synthetic brushes. Stripped liner brush were very finding is number two We're number four. Synthetic flat brushes. Well, women. Why Bristol Wash brush on a filbert, Mr Brush. You can also use a fact, Mr Bridge, it doesn't really matter. We just need a bigger brush to paint the largest section off the pain. You will also need a Washington yellow over for a create drum and a graphite or charcoal Benson. Finally, you will need a surface to paint on. I'm using really important in just stretch cameras, but you can use an ignorant paper or even a good family that should for the medallions. Take on the next video and we will start preparing our camels 3. Preparing Your Canvas: next prepare. Our camels takes on yellow and diluted with water to make it transparent. And now, using a large brush being this color all over your camels, applying the tonal ground gives you a mid tone for your paintings. It helps establish light in Dr Ones. And if you are someone who is afraid to start painting on a blank white surface, then you should definitely try the steak. I don't know, like this dry click on the next lesson to learn how to sketch on my about your painting. 4. Sketching or Mapping your painting: look sketch out objects. It's time to use our reference in vaginal with a pencil post Roe line where the trees meet this guy that sketch of the basic shapes of the objects that you see in your reference like I'm doing here. Stretching really helps if you are painting something that has a lot off years, otherwise you might get confused while adding color to your camels. If you don't want to sketch with pencil, you can use a color and a brush to my uncle for that take of brown color. I'm using one sienna and using a flat brush mapple jumping. Being lighter radios on. Move water, tow the color and for the darker radius, use less border. You can use either of these techniques what will have your pain. Now let's wait for this to dry. You can also use a hair dryer to save some time. Well, what do the next listen and we will start adding colors 5. First Layer Of Colour: it's time to add all four scored off with this layer. We will establish our light and doctors and even give this layer tone as well. For this makes some type of lube a titanium white and add a touch of one Seanna to tone down the blue A little bit you can see I painted a layer to 10 so I applied another layer over it with less water and it through the color, this time with people. Racial one is 21 with a color and water for this year on more titanium white to make a lighter blue color and apply to the area where spine surgeries using a English mix it with the doctor using the 12 AM A wide crystal flat brush are the first layer of background. Please make sure that your you should be a little darker than this guy. The color that I applied first was a bit too, so I I did more fighting for the rest. Failures off the trees keep adding more gradually again. Using tele blue, invite mixer lighter and darker blue on paying the water, keeping it lighter below them for foreground. Grease mixed carbon, black and Cala gloom and rock flipping the four countries. If you're wondering why we get this late in as well, that's because we first want to paint roughly all the different layers this references. Otherwise it will get very confusing while Ireland it is also, if you fully complete one section of the painting and you mess up the second, you won't be able to rectify our mistakes without revealing your already finished section. So award that I paint in several layers. And with each year I keep on adding Edu's the first layer of colors company let it dry and we will start adding videos for the next lesson. 6. Sky and First Layer of Background Trees: they would not be in this pain. Tell a blue, white and Bonzi Anna and mixed us here, similar to the first year of start, what with less water this time. Apply this color on the upper section of this back an air war white with the sculler and apply it to the lower section of the sky at a little bit off terrible to your sky blue and paint on the corners off the sky to make them look less back. - Now at idea bite and apply it just about the trees. Wash your brush and dry it with the dog and take some Stibel with the tip of the brush and blended with the rest of the sky. Would be this process undoing USA Despite defining well, we want to the trees mixed Ella bleu in titanium white and using synthetic flat brush in the basic shape of the first year, please now take a small round brush and start painting the portion of the trees. Since these trees are far away, we don't need to worry about the details. We just have to give an impression off the trees 7. Rest of the Trees: Let's be interest off the trees with the same small round brush. Take slightly darker will and being second layer of priest again. We have given impression off trees. - You can see this process in closer. I'm drawing a straight line needle a bit off the top and then randomly painting small for his underlines, left and right on that vertical line. - Now let's work on the 12 year being the process off making trees. Just add a little more media. Make sure to draw trees with Brendan spacing and off random sizes to make them look less. One of us for the fourth year of trees are more tell a blow to your color. Mention on with the number four flags and 30 fresh being the basic shape of the group of please. I was not happy with the second layer of trees, so I added more depth, were by adding some highlights and shadows using lighter and are moving on to the four clear. Use a number two some 30 round brush to Aditi's again, using a lighter and darker blue air left to the trees mixed in black. Tell a blue and using that to three more crease On top of this live, this will instantly and moved up to the section 8. Water: next me in the water there turned up titanium white with a small round brush and draw a horizontal line beneath the outer layer of trees. Then tell a blue in tight, anyway brought more lines, respectively, Winning the white line with the same brush. Take white color. That's coming technique to get the effect of water splashing with the land using the same colorist. Reason to find the splashing water. I repeat this process till I'm happy with the other. Next on the blue line beneath using just hello, I changed my brush to script liner so we can draw much thinner lines. Get titanium white and refined. The second word line mixed. Hello, blue and white between the less highlighted portion off the water using the same color paint water on the right side below the fourth layer off creased and darker blue oneto. Then using white being the line just above it and leaving a single line space Pain. One more line of over you ever splashing effect by using stumbling maker using light Didn't Doctor. I've left the potion of water awarded and four from next. Hello, you and idea Send it off the water body will be light as one will be just about the sites with darker because of the shadows from the twins. Watch closely and you will understand the process. - Let's animals reflection on water. No take in Akron on bread and tightening white and pink. Color the water. Just you know where you came from. - Let this near dry and legal. Our videos in the water now makes a lighter and darker blue, using tile of blue, white and black. Using the same brush, drop horizontal strokes across the water the dark and then using lighter blue. Blend those dark US troops mixing even lighter move and my night school. - You've never run brush and add some yellow over the pink reflection Had something toe tone that yellow down. What clothes me as a cool with the same media a couple of times winning between your laundry. It was like Noto tender affection big this process for the rest of the water. This is a slightly lending process, but this will give depth to the water. Otherwise, the water body will look really like what it has done. No next move before 9. Foreground Trees: Now these movement the darkest reason the painting take carbon, black and television and using a brush pinto with or really painted black parts to make, then switch to one number. Robert Pain stops Alerts off the truth. These trees will have more details than the background creased because these are much closer to us. - You're smaller brush where you have to pay a smaller crease. - What , this part? Random articles, folks. Yes, your brush over the black area. Then pull up like pressure. Keystroke should build where, England or closely paper. - Take a small around brush and make some random longer schools. Now take a flat with still brush, bet it and soak excess water with the club loaded with the bluish black color and repeat the process off, pulling your brush upwards. This will make these president more management with the same brush over the lower edges off the trees and rocks and do exactly what I'm doing. This will instantly make trees I can naturally over the water, and they're not just blocks placed over. Let's move on to the last part of the kingdom 10. Moon: I already painter thumb but didn't like the way it was looking. So I will show you that process of using the Washington draw a circle you can also roughly him. Just try not putting missing. Take a number two flat, fresh Mexican After little red, I can invite care and paint all the water heat this late it so that we have enough time for blending. Mix a darker pink and go around the edges off. Um, no mixer, lighter pink and paint wound. Center Vitter's Wash out your brush and blend photo colors together being this process until you're happy with the desert. - Makes little yellow with the pink and paint on top of them and blended with nothing. - Using a round brush to find the room. Take very late, think and act in the center of the and blended out with a flag. Brush used Telegroup, titanium white and Bonzi Anna to make a color similar to the scar and using a round brush refined edges of the And here we have a finished piece. I hope you like this class and learn something useful from this chair. You're finished paintings with me. I would love to see your arm. Thank you so much for taking this class. So your next time Bye