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How to open your bed and breakfast

teacher avatar Vincent Vermeulen, The art of Hospitality

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

15 Lessons (57m)
    • 1. Trailer

    • 2. Automated timing checklist

    • 3. The mindset

    • 4. Why become a bnb

    • 5. Full time

    • 6. Things to consider

    • 7. Bed and matress

    • 8. Breakfast

    • 9. Food safety

    • 10. The welcome book

    • 11. Facilities

    • 12. A few waiter skills

    • 13. Marketing tips bnb

    • 14. Dashboard

    • 15. End of course

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About This Class

Why not earn some extra income by opening a bed and breakfast. In this training we take you step by step through the process of opening your business.

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Vincent Vermeulen

The art of Hospitality


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1. Trailer: 2. Automated timing checklist: So to start of this course, I really want to give you immediately something Incan use. Now, this is a recommended timing checklist to open your bed and breakfast. So the only thing you have to do is put in here for example, the date where you have the agreement on the building. So, for example, if you buy a building, that is the day you actually get to key to get in. Otherwise, if you rent a building, that is also the day you get the key to get into your building. So that is what you fill out here. Then you put in the desire to opening day off your bed and breakfast. Now these two can only be eight weeks support to make sure that all of this will work. So I filled out here the fifth of January. That's where I get the key and the third of March. That is where I want to open. So since it's an eight week timing checklist and then if you go through it, for example, this will calculate why this will calculate actually, when you have to do things. So let's say I change this to the sixth of January off 3 2020 You will see that here things will start changing. There you go. So this is calculated to be sure you don't forget anything and that you are timely so that you can do things on a specific time. So let's have a look. For example, he should apply, obviously, for a building permit. Now, as you can see here, that is scheduled for the seventh of January. So this is the day after you get the key? Yes, So the fire Department Department should be contacted on. You should, for example, start making up on H A CCP plan. So this is like a hygiene plan, which you will need not only in your rooms but also in the kitchen, obviously, but we'll talk about that later. Um, you have to register with the Chamber of Commerce and start up any administrative tasks such as a tax number or any other tax related issues. But this is obviously something you can do before you get the key as well. This is when you start your official company and you'll heal or about official make up your official company in our section about the business plan Now start ordering equipment such as the bad, the mattresses, the sheets but also kitchen equipment and smaller items. I'm thinking, for example, like towels for in the bathrooms, mirrors, maybe a small desk chairs for in the rooms, anything toe Welcome people at the reception area. If you have a reception area and your bed and breakfast, it could also be just a simple lobby. But this is where you start making up a list of everything you need. And obviously, throughout this course, we will give you also a few lists with things not to forget. So we move on drafting the marketing plan. You should really start thinking now. How am I gonna attract customers? Obviously, that involves making a website making sure you're on the platforms such as booking dot com an Airbnb, but also that will be discussed in our marketing section. Don't forget to confirm all utility instill early installations. If you're cooking on gas, you will need electricity water. If that has not done already, this is really the deadline dates. So 18th of January. That's about 12 days after you got the key, so it's really time to put some effort in there. Start putting out ads for it for your team. If you are looking, for example, for housekeepers, if you have a bigger bed and breakfast, if you don't. If you're gonna do this all by yourself, well, that's fine. Obviously, this might seem like a small detail, but you need to start ordering office supplies. For example, start finalising on supplier. So if you have people that will be supplying things to the bed and breakfast, such as bakeries or maybe toilet amenities etcetera, etcetera, Children related items to be bought, could be toys could be like high chairs. Now I put down order pos system. This is maybe no relevant because this could be a big investment. But if you have a bigger, bigger bed and breakfast, or maybe you're focusing more on serving meals such as dinner or lunch might be interesting . Don't forget to order your credit card terminals so people can easily pay. On the other hand, there are a lot of solutions these days. You can do, for example, with an iPad where you have a Q R code where people just can scan with their smartphones to pay. So there are other options as well. But I do think about it outside publicity. Maybe you want a very nice sign outside. It's time to start ordering that amenities like little soaps, all those things stationary. If you want to personalize something, I absolutely love personalizing things because that gives the identity to the bed and breakfast. Um, start thinking about the breakfast offer. So what are you going to do? And maybe research? What kind of cutlery Gonna use? What kind of porcelain? Maybe drive around town. If you have some nice bakeries or fresh produce. Maybe you want to work together with a local farmer. That's always a nice touch. That off course, we have the insurances that need to be finalized, especially fire insurance. On top of that, you can also think about installing those smoke detectors because that will bring your insurance is down. If you need some software, you can purchase that now. That goes really quickly these days. If you do it online, don't forget about licenses and permits. Just go down to tone Town Hall and get in touch with the people there. They will be more than glad to help you start rolling out marketing because we don't have that much time left, Um, really work on this day and night for the very first weeks, especially if you're looking at doing an opening events. You want to draft a guest list at this time? Eso that people get to know your bed and breakfast? Could be influencers. Could be friends. Could be family will come back to that in a minute. Um, any parking considerations? So do you have a parking? Um, for example, you got more and more people buying electrical cars these days, so maybe you need, like, a point to hook up their cars. Could be a unique selling proposition for you. So that you say, Listen, we have a bed and breakfast, and if you drive an electrical car, you can charge it while you're sleeping. That could be something unique. Um, have the fire Department's coming again and have a final check. Make sure that your first aid boxes ordered on I especially put this off to the fire department checked because maybe they can give you some hints and tips. Finish the welcome book. Now what is the welcome book? I'll talk about that later, but I just want to tell you that it's a book so that people immediately get a lot of information about the broken back bed and breakfast and about the surroundings environment . I mean, where they can go for a walk where they can hire a bike, etcetera, etcetera. Could it could also be that you offer a bike renting service? Um, if you have any suppliers, it's interesting to ask them to give you a training. For example, if you have people um, selling you wines, ask them to come in for a day free of charge, mostly so they can teach you about the wines how to serve them where they come from so you can pass that on to your team or maybe to your customers. Getting a window cleaning company. Make sure you make a first inventory. This is not only interesting to know what you have at this moment, but it's also for insurance purposes so that you know what the value is over your inventory . That's very interesting. And of course, now it's really hands on. You start preparing the rooms, make up the beds, you do the final housekeeping, the dust, take out the trash etcetera, and you might think about doing a dry run for friends and family. So what you do is you invite a few friends or family into the bed and breakfast. You have them sleep there, and you actually service them as they would be the first real guests. And this is a very valuable test because you will see from the start what is working, what is not working on. On top of that, you will get honest feedback from friends and family, and then we have the opening day. Now, based on these calculations, the second of March would be the most realistic date for opening day. So if I go back, I put in the desired opening day, which was the third of March. So with the calculations off of what needs to be done on what day it would be around that date exactly on the day itself, print your guest list at the last moment because things will change. And don't forget to take care of yourself or your team. Make sure that you have enough to drink your hydrated. You have to be sharp that day, so don't neglect your personal health and maybe the day before I go to sleep quarterly, even if you can. And if you ready, take one day off. That's a two days prior to opening. It will never happen. But if you have that luxury, do it. And then, obviously, after you opening day is over, you should contact everyone who assisted you with opening day like your suppliers, your team, your friends, your family. Just send them a small notes, maybe a text message or an email. They will really, really appreciate it. So this list it's not fully complete because, of course, this is not for every bed and breakfast that could be special things. For example, if you have a pool, there's nothing about the pool here, so you can a justice. We will add this document to the lecture. You can download it. You can add stuff to it. You can simply change the dates and the system. For example, if you look at this so put in the desired opening day, you can see here at the bottom. So if I go here, I added 56 days to this one. So I added eight weeks. If you want to extend this for example. Let's say I want to extend this. It's s 0 63 instead of 56 which is nine weeks. There you go. Everything is calculated again. So have fun with this. Look around on. Of course, much more things to be done will become clear to you in this training. But I wanted to show you this from the start so you can get immediately on top of things and get that bed and breakfast opens. 3. The mindset: So the main question is, Do you have the mind set off the business owner? 80% of businesses fail in the 1st 5 year. We want to be in the other 20% because any way you look at it, it's running a business that will make you successful at this time. I hope you are excited with your decision, but there will be times you'll want to give up. There will be times when you will ask yourself why you started this. You will want to give up plain and simple. And you know what? That's perfectly fine because if you have the right mindset, you will not give up. You will overcome those hurdles. That is what we call passion mindsets. You should have number one discretion. Being this Greek is something which will really serve you in the future. Don't tell any gossip, especially not to suppliers. Also being very careful with name dropping, your clients will know when you were discreet and not discreet. Your discretion will make sure that every client has been treated uniquely number two organizing you like to organize parties and social events. Maybe you are already doing a bit of that you might find yourself driving around every time Friends organizes a party, and you seem to be jack of all trades. Number three. Eye for detail, your detail oriented. When you walk into a room, you spot what is out of place. You see what is wrong or what could be improved. Romance can be in little things in the details. For me, for example, it's making little things beautiful, so they leave a memory. An imprint for the future. A small vials with a few roses in the bathroom. It can romanticize in a big way. Number four Be proactive and football, they say, Don't wait for the ball. Go get the ball. You don't wait for your customer to ask you something. You are always two steps ahead. Number five multi tasking. You are able to juggle a few plates at the same time, if you know what I mean. The key to this is actually delegating and keeping that helicopter view. On a personal level, multitasking is just like a computer. Several applications are open at the same time, and they run in the background. Tackling all these tasks at the same time might stress you out, but you have to be able to keep your style while on the pressure. Number six Creativity. What is it? It's thinking on your feet. This means that things can and will go wrong. Or at least not as you plan it. When you are creative at heart, you have original ideas that bring value number seven learning. Now this is really key. Never stop learning. Analyze every part of your business and improve. Take a course on wine and food pairing or maybe training and making beautiful gifts. You name it Number eight vision. That is a question you hear a lot and some people see it as a distant future. But I will tell you this when you have a vision, when you can describe in detail how you see your business in a few years, you will have much a much clearer view on how to achieve it. Imagine you say I want to make a blue painting. Well, that means you go to the shop and you buy blue paint, not read. When you have that vision, you will be able to scale your business much quicker than anyone else. You will build your team and very soon even have an exit strategy. That means that you might already have a view on when you will be stopping, selling or expanding to another business and keep this one going. Maybe with a partner, for example, Number nine action. The only difference between you getting ahead of the game or your competitors. Winning this game is action. You think ahead. You anticipate stuff getting sick. You do this rather than thing. Too much action is what sets you apart from everyone. Everyone can starting business, but the one taking action immediately after dis training is the one who was going to succeed. A business is never made from your couch. Number 10. You can perform long hours when I say you could perform long hours. I don't only mean on the floor. Your mind is working 24 7 To me, it's the most rewarding thing. I have a challenge every day, improving the business, being creative on the other hands. Can you physically handle it because you better get in shape to be there when those beautiful things are happening? Number 11 people are the core of your business. No team, no business. Nobody can do this alone. You have to be able to find the best people and then make them better. Look at yourself as a trainer, a teacher. Not so much a boss, but a trainer. Bosses create fear. Trainers inspire number 12 tried to innovate in this industry. So can you innovate? Maybe new ways of delivery, payment, choice of products you name it all things to think about. 4. Why become a bnb: Why would anyone want to be a bed and breakfast owner? While my number one reason is the connection you have with your guests? It's a very rewarding job. Only do you see every time, the fruits of your efforts. But it's always something different. I was always curious who was going to walk through the door when I worked, for example, in the hotel of my parents. Those stories these people bring with them are simply amazing. What is more amazing is that over the years you see people progress having Children getting married or maybe celebrating their anniversary as a business person. I would say this is a great business to be in. Since the market rarely goes down, it's actually growing markets and more and more people are traveling. And since the financial crisis they might travel less frequent V. They're very happy to spend a bit more and have a bit more luxury, whether that be in the room, the facilities or the comfort. I enjoyed it very much that I was able tohave combination of creativity and freedom in this job. You can come up with new ideas in your own time, and you can schedule it How you like you can add a few new features. New ways to welcome guests, etcetera. In short, it's a very exciting job. 5. Full time: How are you going to start this? Is this going to be a full time business, or is this going to be something on the side? It's something you have to really look into. Maybe you're in a job right now. A nice job gives you security, which gives you a salary for your and your family, for example. Now, if you very excited about opening a bed and breakfast, you should go for it. But never lose your stability. Let me give you a golden tip. The golden typists Don't leave your day job until your bed and breakfast operation is fully supporting a minimum off your lifestyle. You don't want to see your Children and your wife crying in the back room because you cannot make it financially. And you even had a stable job. So really think about this. If you say right, I want to do this. But I don't want to start straightaway full time. There are a few options. What you can do is do it half time. You're probably thinking halftime. You gotta be there. You don't be. You don't have to be there. Well, that's not completely true. What you can do is, for example, being innkeeper. But let's say, a residential innkeeper, I'll explain. There are a lot of bed and breakfast is out there, and a lot off owners don't take that much vacation, so it would be great for you. Toe. Offer a service to these bed and breakfast operators that you take over their business while they are on a holiday. That would give you the opportunity to see how everything works. Make a bit of money on the side and plan it into your schedule as you see fit in your full time job. It's a great way to gain experience, but yet again, if you want to go full time, you want to go all in. Make sure you have that financial stability, and I'll show you a small calculation on how you can see if you're about to become financially stable in your bed and breakfast. 6. Things to consider: the things you have to consider when starting in your family home is that you have a big decision toe wing it. You have a few spare rooms in your home, and this will be the starter off your business. Now that's a good idea. However, there are a few things you have to consider. Obviously, First of all, it's your work life balance. It's much harder to maintain. You actually live in your business, and so does your family. Now, this can give a bit of friction sometimes because maybe your family is not that supportive . Next, how much of your privacy do you want to give up? Well, you can't blame your guests for knocking on your door in the evening if if they need something, for example, so you have to think about your privacy whenever they not gonna do it for a light bulb, for example, Number three you'll need a very detailed accounting system to separate the business expenses from your personal expenses because it happens a lot that business people start taking money for their personal thing, and I know it doesn't hurt to take a bottle of milk from the B and B and put it on the table with the family. But these expenses will rack up over the course or, for example, one year and give you a distorted view on your finances and how successful the business actually is. So please be careful. Number four. If you want a day off, the Holbein be needs to be empty. That means you don't take any guests and you have no ankle. So no guests, no money on the upside. Fifth tip. When you take a holiday, you can have someone look after the B and B and stay at your home at the same time, because the home is already there. Number six. When your guests actually stay very close to your current home, you can build great relationships. And that way gas becomes like regulars and they become regulars much quicker. It's almost like building sort of a family lost. You can benefit from your own infrastructure. For example, the pool, Jacuzzi or the solar. If you installed one in the bed and breakfast, it's yours to use with your family, for example, so these are a few things you have to consider when you start the bed and breakfast in your family home. 7. Bed and matress: If somebody comes to a bed and breakfast, the main part of their stay, they will be sleeping and obviously they will be sleeping in a bed on the mattress. Now it's very important if you have to choose a bed and or a mattress to do it in the right way. 8. Breakfast: it's called a bet and breakfast. So breakfast is equally important as the bed. You know what I mean? Now let me show you how he can choose set up and serve your breakfast. Every single detail is hugely important because people will rate you on breakfast. Aziz. Well, it's a big port off the evaluating system, which I will show you later. So the breakfast. There are a few options. First of all, you could offer a buffet. Next to that. You could serve the breakfast and a slight different way of serving. It is obviously having a menu so that people can choose what they have, and then you prepare it and in your service. Now let's have look at different ones. Let's start with the buffet now, of course, the buffet. It's a bit larger. You need a bit more room. So depending on the layout off the rumor, you're going to serve the breakfast. If it's not doable for you to offer a buffer in terms of space, you're going to go with served, obviously. But let's have a look at some advantages and disadvantages for a breakfast buffet. Well, first of all, you have a larger choice for the guest, So that means guest come in the morning. They have, AH, range of bread rolls and jams and eggs and what have you. So there's a large choice opposed to serve. The red's a bit smaller now. On the other hand, buffet also is allergy friendly, so people who are, for example, lactose intolerance while they don't need to take it if they cannot have it because there are alternatives on the Buffy, it's also portion friendly. So that means that they can have any portion they want if they're big gators or not, that big eaters, etcetera. A downside is obviously the leftovers, so you can have a lot of leftovers, and you know always sure how much you should for C, so you have to be careful with that. On top of that, when you put out, for example, a plate of ham and it's standing there for about, let's say, 90 to 120 minutes, even if it's on like a cold plate or it's chilled on ice or whatever, it's still meat that has been out of the fridge for over 1.5 hours, so you cannot really serve it anymore. And of course, you lose that food, and that is not that cost efficient. So be careful there with a breakfast. On the other hand, it's great to have a great range off choice. Second option is deserved breakfast, and now you can go really creative here. First of all, it's a fixed offer. So, um, you determine what's gonna be on the plate? There's not that really that much choice for the guest, you say. For example, here you go. We got three different bread rolls, bit of butter, some jam, ham cheese. It's all pre cuts, but it's a fixed abortion. Yes, Um, of course. On the other hand, if you work with allergies, um, and they don't like something, you have to go back to the kitchen. There's but more work for you because you have to adapt it etcetera. The main thing, and especially for starting bed and breakfast, is a good advice. It's very cost efficient because you know exactly what you cost this per person. You know exactly what your revenue is per person in terms of the breakfast, so it's very cost efficient. Another one is you build up routine that means every morning you know what to do. But it could be that you creativity is going down over a certain amount of time. So that means that, you know, if you've been serving the same breakfast for six months, um, it's not. It's not that creative anymore. Now let me give you one last big tip in terms of breakfast, offer local produce and use storytelling. I'll give you a very simple example. If you go, for example, to a local former and they are selling eggs from free range chickens go by them, it will be very cheap. On top of that, you can use that story to your guessing. Hey, we've got fresh eggs from free range chickens. It's from a former just around the corner. You can give some extra details about the farmer. Maybe he's also growing little lambs or whatever. So use local produce in your breakfast. And don't forget to serve nice warm bread rolls and nicely cooked egg. Anybody, everybody will absolutely love it. So have a great breakfast 9. Food safety: we're two on food safety because I think this is rather important. First of all, it starts with personal hygiene. As so. If you have any cuts on your hands, you should cover the plaster or some kind of medication. If you have long here hair, make sure it's tied back, especially for the ladies. Um, we always say anything which is lower than the jawline should be put back. Um, if you're working with staff and the only stuff even yourself when you enter and leave the kitchen, you should actually should wash your hands. And if you're installing a new bed and breakfast, it's very interesting to have a special separate hand sink. Not so much the hands so much, the sink where we are doing the washing up off the pots and the pans etcetera. For the ladies, I would advise not to wear nail varnish because you know it can chip on. Does chip ings can go into the food? So be very careful. On top of that, if you are wearing nail varnish, I would really adviser to have some transparent ones because, you know, people sometimes judge if you know what I mean. So be very careful with that as well. Make sure you have liquid soap. Very good. You got these special systems where you just put your hands on there and starts running. So it's like it's an automatic thing. Have some disposable towels, always laying around to clean things up. Um, and if, for example, you have a cut and you're preparing food, make sure you always always have blue collar plasters, because if they fall into the food, you can see them because it's very, very rare to have blue food, if you know what I mean. Um, if you're working in kind of an environment where people can see you like an open kitchen or they can look into the kitchen, I would really advise you to prepare food with hygiene gloves on So these plastic gloves you can buy and I would not advise the ones with the powder inside, um, could be messy. But try to use these gloves, for example, when you're cutting some meat or whatever, when people see that they will, they will see that you care about hygiene and about, you know, food safety in general. Um, another thing. If you're for example, clearing glasses from the breakfast buffet or from the table. Whatever. Try to keep your fingers out of guest glasses because you never put them in. You should use a tray, so just put it on the tray. Looks much more elegance. You can take much more glasses at once, so try to keep your fingers out of guest glasses. Um, and finally, if a food or beverage item looks questionable and anyway, you do not serve it. You cannot take that risk. So how do you see this smell? Smell is a very big one. Smell everything. When I open the fridge, I take a bottle of milk who has been open maybe a day or two days before. I always smell it. Second of all, taste it tasted, tasted, tasted. Never take the risk off serving something, you know, 100% certain about right next. If you're around guests, don't put your fingers anywhere on your face or whatever that that creates. Kind of Ah, what is this guy doing? Kind of, you know, opinion. Um then all hot food should be served hot, and all cold food should be served and kept called. Now, this might sound very simple, but it's not. Yes, like I told you before, if you have food standing out maybe one hour, two hours on a buffet, it should be kept cold. And it should be kept hope, if that is what requires, because you cannot take the risk again. Off food going bad because of temperature So be very careful about that. Always use a nice scoop for getting ice from a nice machine. Don't touch it with your hands. The asset on your hands will will touch the ice, obviously, and that goes into the food or into the drink. So be very careful about that and never allow stuff to take food out of the bed and breakfast to their home. Because, as I said, maybe you have some leftovers, etcetera. It's been out there for a while. They take it home in the car. That's another kind of temperature than they gonna put it back in their fridge, and they're gonna eat it like two days later. The risk is too big for people to get sick and last, but not least, if you have a uniform, if your star for as a uniform or you have a certain uniform. Use it for work only its first of ah hygiene rule, if you ask me. But second of all, it allows you also to kind of switch off and switching off from work. So try to keep that uniform for work long. So these were my tips on hygiene and on food safety, and I really hope you apply them in your bed and breakfast. 10. The welcome book: the reason you took this course because here you will find things you don't find in other training courses, and one of them is the welcome book. Now you're probably thinking what is a welcome book? Well, it's what it says it is. It's a book welcoming guests, and in that book there's some very interesting information. Have a look, right? The welcome book. Now the welcome book is actually a book which you can put into the rooms for people to have some information straight away. Because what happens when people are arriving at the bed and breakfast, You welcome them. You might even help their luggage out of the car, bringing the luggage to the room, Whatever. And then you have that small, awkward moments where you go into the room with them and you want to give some explanations . But they don't want that. They want to be, you know, comfortable as soon as possible. They just want to have a look around. That is where the welcome but comes in so you can really limit your explanations when they get into the room. But the welcome book will take over from you, so it's a book which you can make you put in a welcome texts just to say hello, etcetera. You should put in how to reach you Very interesting, especially for bed and breakfast owners who are not living on the premises or just next door. Whatever. So people can reach you with a certain phone number or whatever. That might even be interesting to put in some photos of stuff to reassure people. I'll give you an example. Let's say they're walking in the garden and they see a gardener. Is this guy legit? Is actually somebody of this stuff. So if you put in a photo, they will. You know, Let's say you welcome them and it's afternoon. They will not know who the breakfast lady is, for example, so that's an interesting idea. Obviously, you can put in all sorts of excursions in the area. So where to go? Visit waterfalls, have a bike ride, etcetera, and next to that, you can also put in other stuffs, such as where they can shop where they can find a doctor where they can finalize bar etcetera. Because he's still not a hotel, and it's it's interesting to tell them on bacon, read it when they like in their own time, and you don't need to bother them for minutes and minutes and hours and hours to explain everything. This is, for example, a welcome book you can use. Ah, I mean, it's just an example. Um, so there's this many things to be done there. So the welcome book is a very, very powerful item. To my humble opinion. Eso people come in, you can put anything in there. You want their up to speed if they want it or not. So it's actually a very valuable tool, and not that many bed and breakfasts are doing that, so I think it's a really good tip. 11. Facilities: now, obviously, a room in 21st century is not the only thing we will have in a bed and breakfast. Maybe you want to offer a few, Let's say, facilities like a Jacuzzi, a swimming pool, a sauna. But obviously that is where the difference comes in between the hotel and a bed and breakfast. So it's up to you to choose one. You what you want offer. And maybe that's how you gonna be competitive for the area. But there are a few options to choose from. So let's have a look what you can do and what you cannot do. Certain facilities. Well, we can go, really, really, you know, extensive in this one. But a gym is, for example, one. You can have a very simple Jim appliance just like this one who can offer multiple exercises. It could be beneficial. It could be in attraction point to attract more customers, etcetera. Another one, obviously, is a sauna. Now I must say that we see entrance. The sauna is going down a bit. People kind of prefer a Jacuzzi, so it's completely up to you. Of course, again, it's in terms of budget in terms off place. I mean, if you have the space to do this. But there are other facilities, of course, which are much more importance. The number one question the number one request for a facility is from role WiFi. So my vision on WiFi is the following. If guests coming to a bed and breakfast the wife, I should be open, there shouldn't be a passwords, and it should be a very high speed WiFi because that is the number one frustration. If people don't get onto the Internet quickly and easily off course, it's completely up to you again. And what I do, for example, is I have to WiFi points. One is closed for everything, which is the office and administration on my staff, and the other one is completely open for my guests. So they can easily go on because this is a question you will get, Yes, another facility, for example, our bikes. You can have a few bikes you can rent out on. On top of that, you couldn't see this as up selling. So when people come to you, But I'm breakfast you got for example, five bikes, you can rent them out, and that's an extra revenue for you. So in facilities you can go a long way. Could be a tennis court. Well, that's a bit too much. I could be like a small, you know, a small field to play on for the Children, whatever. Whatever the space you have, whatever the facility you want to add. Great. But remember this First of all, it could be great for you as a family as well. Second of all, it's an extra income. So I hope you have some great facilities. And actually, if you have something really special, drop me a line. I want to know about it. 12. A few waiter skills: so right. A small word on waiting at table. So in the morning when people come for breakfast, you're going to serve them. Let me give you just a few etiquette tips on how to do this, because this is a question. I get a lot and people are not really sure if they're right or not. Now, from what side do you serve? For example? Well, I made this small overview for you. If you would be serving something with a fork and a spoon onto a plate. So, for example, they ask you, I don't know, maybe some axe, and you want to serve it from, let's say, a tray or like a ball onto a plate when people already sitting down with that empty plate in front of them. You're gonna do that from the left of the guests. Anything else? Which is serving plates, clearing plates. Serving drinks is gonna be from the right off the guests. So this is a small tip which can really serve you, and especially if you always do it that way, you have a certain consistency, so you always do it like that and you can train your starve accordingly. so nobody makes a mistake. It's not that bad. If you make a mistake, obviously, if you're going to serve a plate from the left one time, nobody's gonna notice, I guess. But it's It's a good guideline next to that. A few other tips if you serve, be always common collectives. I mean, if something goes wrong, don't focus on the negative. Just continue. In most cases, people will not even notice if they noticed. Just make a joke about it. Maybe your your head will turn red. But don't worry now, next. Never clean in front of the guests. So what do I mean? Um, like buffing up your glasses or cleaning anything. Try to keep that in the kitchen because, you know, when people are eating, they want to have a nice time. They don't want to see somebody like they're working in their kitchen. So try to avoid that. Um, if you serve, played strict to take them by the side with the palm of your hands. So don't put your thumb on to the plate. Just hold it into the palm of your hand and extend. Actually your thumb. Try to use a tray as much as possible. Why? Well, there are a few reasons. First of all, it looks great. It looks much more elegant. And second of all, you could put much more on a trade and in your bare hands. Try carrying I don't know, 10 glasses in one hands. You got to be really experience to do that, but if you put it on a tray, it's much more easier. It's much more elegant, and to my humble opinion, there's much less go risk off dropping something, so try to use a tray as much as possible Next. If there is a stain on the table, for example, somebody spilled some orange juice. Put a napkin on it. Put a table runner on it, cover it and let them just continue. If it's really too bad, for example, there's like a whole jug of juice over the table tried to move these people to a different table. If you don't have a different table, let them step away from the table and try to change the tablecloth as quickly as possible. Maybe put them in another area of the house so they can wait for a few minutes if somebody drops his or her country tried to replace it, No questions asked s because again, it's a hygiene thing and people also recognize you for offering great service. Finally dress an empty table. What do I mean by that? If you have, for example, five tables or four tables in your bed and breakfast, or maybe only three doesn't matter and you got people having breakfasts at seven in the morning and you got other people coming in a 30 the ones from seven o'clock already be gone , but that table will be empty now, instead of just leaving it empty with the breadcrumbs. Amit tried to clean it up. Put like a nice vast with a small flower in the middle, maybe a candle, so that people coming at a 30 don't have the impression. Oh, that table is already gone and still dirty. Just try to make it a bit more attractive, even when the table is empty. Now these are my few tips on waiting at table on. I really hope you can use some of these 13. Marketing tips bnb: let me show you a few tips and tricks or not A few but few powerful ones for your bed and breakfast. I'm not gonna talk to you about Social Media and Instagram and Facebook and all those things. I mean, I think Europe own speed of that. And you can get some courses on you. To me, for example, about, you know, Facebook promotions, etcetera. I really want to go specific for your bed and breakfast here, for example, weebly dot com. We believe dot com is a website that allows you to make a website, and it's very cost efficient. It's actually free. If you want to have a look here. Pricing at Weebly. It starts at zero. Then you have the plans that go up, obviously. And the more you pay, the more you can do. I used the sometimes for customers of mine, or maybe force miss more websites. I have myself. It's very easy. It's a dragon drop system. It will take you one day, and you're gonna make one hell of a website for your bed and breakfast. Go have to go. Have a look at it. It's weebly dot com. There's another one which is called Wicks. This one is the same as you can see. You can also make stunning websites. You can actually adapt anything you want. You can add a reservation system. You can add a shop, etcetera, etcetera. There you go. So it's weeks dot com, as you can see here now, maybe you say I I don't know anything about websites making. Well, Not to worry. I got a great tip for that. It's a Web site called Fiverr dot com. Fiver comes from the, you know, $5. Now on this website, you can find anyone who will do something for you and all of these areas, as you can see here, like graphics and design, Digital marketing, etcetera. So, for example, if you say graphics and design, you say, for example, Oh, I need a logo for my bed and breakfast. Well, there you go, logo design, and then you can see here up, so just, um, that one way. So there you go. Ah, lot off people who are actually making logos for you. So let's say, for example, you want more for your butt and breakfast. Let's say I like something like this. There you go, you can see a few examples they've done so far. And it could just contact these people. And you can see it'll cost you maybe $10 or 10 euros. You can upgrade it. So premium, for example. And then you get treat concepts. They gave you high resolution. They will help you with the factor files, etcetera. Really? Have a look at this fiver dot com. It's absolutely amazing. Kind of only on logo design, but they do anything. They can make websites whatever. And these are all individual freelancers will be there to help you with this. Um, for example, if you need some music or audio to put over a video that you're making for your bed and breakfast absolutely possible writing and translation. If you're looking for example, for a copywriter for some text on your website, you can find it at fiver dot com and you just register. It's a very fair system. Ah, a lot of experts are on here. I've been using it for many, many years, and it's a great system now. Another one. If you're a bit more, let's say, um, you know, creative yourself. I'm just gonna put this one on because it keeps bothering me. There you go. Um, is creative market dot com creative market dot com You can actually buy here templates now , and you can see here also, logo's magazines, presentations. But why am I showing you this as a bed and breakfast owner? I'm gonna punch in menu, for example. Yes. So there you go. Look at this. I got all sorts of menus. So if you, for example, have a breakfast you want to present. Well, there you go. This is actually a website that sells these templates. And as you can see, they look absolutely stunning it just download the file on you just go and adapted. You know, as you wish. Now, this is, for example, a PSD file which you have to change the photo shop. But there could be other ones as well. You can even have a look at you. Go, Jay Pek, PNG. Html pdf If you have other documents, they're probably also being words. Look at this amazing one. This is for Christmas lunch. This is Farina. And if you say, for example, all right, I like this menu, but it's in a photo shop file. I don't know how to handle this. I don't know how to change it. It's It's way too difficult. Well, you by, for example, this template it'll cost you. Look over here $12 very simple. You goto fiver. And you look for someone in graphics and design. You send them the template and they will adapt it for you. How amazing is that? For a couple of bucks, you got a great presentation. Now, these are the first things to get started. So a website you needed logo? We need some stationery, etcetera. And then, of course, we have to get our bed and breakfast out there. We have to make publicity so people will come to our bed and breakfast. Well, I'm going to show you just very simple to sites. The 1st 1 very well known booking dot com. Very, very simple. And here you go. This is what we need. List your property. That's the only thing you need to list your apartment on booking dot com Could be your bed and breakfast, etcetera. Just follow along the lines of what they're asking. You just put a bunch in all of your details and it'll really show itself next. Of course, Airbnb. How can we forget that one? It's one of the biggest out there. He ago become a hosts. List your place. It's all very simple. You can just sign in and, you know, do whatever you have to do. But these are actually the basics of marketing. It's about making a website with a free website builder. It's maybe having a logo. It's having, you know, a few templates for Let's see if we can actually, um, that in Barack Festival. There you go. Just punch it in. Well, have a look at that. Look at this. This is just a great picture you can buy. You see 17 bucks. You can use it in your marketing. How amazing is this? So again? Website logo, templates and pictures List your property. Put it on booking dot com. Booking it on, put it on Airbnb and you are in business. Obviously, it's done up to you to list them on multiple platforms, and that is a very simple Google search on the other platforms that are out there. One, for example, is trip advisor dot com. It's also a very big one, so marketing for your bed and breakfast is not overly complicated. You just have to know just these few websites. I wish you a lot of luck. 14. Dashboard: So what I have here is what we call the dashboards. So this dashboard will allow you to at one glance see how your business is doing. Now, this is just a example, but let me take you through the different parts of it. So here you have a complete year Overview off how you're being B is performing. So for example, here you have to total rented rooms in January. So 99. So how do I come to this while obviously it's in January. I've got, for example here six rooms and these are the dates where rooms or rented on. I just put down one if it's rented zero if it wasn't rented. So as you can see here, Room one was rented out seven times room 23 and 4 22 times and five and six with 13 times. So this is that my revenue. It calculates up to this. So I go back to my overview and I can see here the total rented rooms. I have a possible maximum of 186 rooms to be rented in January. This is, of course, depending on the number of days in the month, and that gives me a 53.23% occupation. So we can do much better than that. And this was my total revenue. So in this graph, I can see my occupation. In this graph, I can see my revenue now, I just to be honest, I just put in some numbers. This is obviously not a riel scenario off a bed and breakfast. But I put it in with a purpose. Because if you look for example at occupation, you can see that December is our best month. Yes. Now, this is what I want for you is that you can see at a glance what you can do or what you can steer to improve certain things. For example, you could say a May is like kind of slow. How can I a justice? Well, you might, for example, agree that you need to ramp up marketing as of February and that may be May will go up. On the other hand, if you see that December is your most busy month, it might mean that for November and December you need, for example, extra stuff. On the other hand, we see that July is not performing that well, but in revenue it's one of the highest. So that means that we have less people, but they're spending much more, so you can see, for example, what they're behaviorists and why they spend more now. You can obviously see those patterns and then apply them two other months like October, for example, how can you get people in? Not necessarily more guests, but how can you get them to spend more now? Why is July, for example, a big revenue month? Well, because it's a nice weather out there, and people ask you all the time to do barbecues. They have nice bottles of wine. They linger on the terrorist for hours and hours, and they spend money. So this dashboards will actually allow you to see a full year. And, of course, it grows over the course of a year. So Bir Month, you can actually then have per day. Let's say you change this to one. So this one's rented. This one was rented, this one so everything was fully booked on that day. So if I copy this now, her is simple like this, and I just do this there. You go. I'm just filling up everything. I'm not touching the revenue, but I'm just increasing the number of rooms. So January, There you go. And if I go back to my dashboard or their ghost, January is speaking. Yes. So, again, you can then find an explanation for why that ISS? So this dashboard is something to keep close by. But it on the desktop of your computer, take carried it, take care of it every single day, and then you will actually see what is happening in your bed and breakfast. This should be a really handy overview. 15. End of course: This is it. You've done it. You don't The whole course and I'm absolutely proud of you. And you know what I would love most If you would drop me a line if you would send me a photo if he would show me your results on how you are doing as a Breck bed and breakfast operator. I would absolutely love that. Now, I wish you a lot of luck and keep in touch.