How to monetize your Construct 2 games using Admob ads 2019 | Paul Chin | Skillshare

How to monetize your Construct 2 games using Admob ads 2019

Paul Chin, Developer, CGArtist, Musician, Meditator

How to monetize your Construct 2 games using Admob ads 2019

Paul Chin, Developer, CGArtist, Musician, Meditator

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46 Lessons (2h 52m)
    • 1. 1 welcome release

    • 2. 2 create layout

    • 3. 3 adding buttons

    • 4. 4 saving your game

    • 5. 5 intro adding button events

    • 6. 6 add button handler banner ad

    • 7. 7 exercise add handler interstitial ad

    • 8. 8 solution add button handler interstitial ad

    • 9. 9 intro admob

    • 10. 10 download admob plugin

    • 11. 11 creating admob event sheet

    • 12. 12 create admob event sheet and functions

    • 13. 13 adding test ads

    • 14. 14 intro exporting cordova projects

    • 15. 15 export cordova

    • 16. 16 config xml

    • 17. 17 adding phonegap version

    • 18. 18 intro github

    • 19. 19 why github

    • 20. 20 signup

    • 21. 21 installing git scm

    • 22. 22 creating repo

    • 23. 23 summary

    • 24. 24 github pull

    • 25. 25 intro building apk

    • 26. 26 creating phonegap account

    • 27. 27 fix config error

    • 28. 28 building apk

    • 29. 29 creating live ads id

    • 30. 29a direct upload phonegap

    • 31. 30 config c2 live ads

    • 32. 31 export cordova live ads

    • 33. 32 configure new xml

    • 34. 33 creating new repo

    • 35. 34 changing name live ad app

    • 36. 35 building live ads apk

    • 37. 36 intro sign apk

    • 38. 36a download java jre

    • 39. 37 installing java jre

    • 40. 38 generating keystore

    • 41. 39 upload keystore to phonegap

    • 42. 40 signing apk file

    • 43. 41 another way to unlock

    • 44. 42 testing release build

    • 45. 43 download for googleplay

    • 46. 44 bonus

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About This Class

This course will teach you how to insert AdMob ads into your Construct 2 Android mobile games, and build it using PhoneGap build. At time of writing, trying to find out how to do this from the Internet, is almost impossible as there is no one reliable source that seems to work. Everything seems to be in bits and pieces all over the Internet. Some partially works, and some just fails. I have done the research and put together everything you need to know to get it to work. And this course is the culmination of my work. The contents of this course is geared towards Construct 2.

I created this course because… CocoonIO has died. Yes, you heard it right. CoccoonIO by Ludei was the only workable way to add AdMob into your Construct 2 Android mobile games. Unfortunately, the owners decided to close it all down in early 2019, leaving us with nothing.  So what else is there? PhoneGap. But getting AdMob and PhoneGap to play along was no easy task. It was almost a hackish activity trying to figure how to put AdMob into your Construct 2 game and yet be able to convert it to an apk file for publishing on Google Play. So I started experimenting with AdMob and PhoneGap, and had to endure the frustration of the lack of support and tutorials from Scirra .  After much sweat and tears, I finally found out how to put AdMob into your Construct 2 and make it work with PhoneGap. Hence this course. This course was created for 2 reasons. First, it is to document what I have found and second to help others who are facing this issue as well.

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Paul Chin

Developer, CGArtist, Musician, Meditator


I am a semi-retired college lecturer with more than 20 years experience in teaching computing and information technology. My interests range from coding to graphics design, apps, games development, music, health, spirituality and well-being. I enjoy teaching face-to-face and online and also love educating and inspiring others to succeed and live the life of their dreams.

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1. 1 welcome release: welcome to end right research. My name is Paul Allchin. In this costs, you will learn how to add more ads into your constructive game. By the end of this cause, you will be able to use em up. Baggins Export Cordova projects Create and use. Get heart ripostes trees useful and get cloud to build your abs. Generate and use key stars to sign your CPK falls by profession. I am a college lecturer. I have been teaching computer science in I t for about 20 years. I have a lot of experience in teaching rep development after development and games development. This is a fun costs in which there are plenty off step by step tutorials. Rabbi, you be able to easily fall along on your PC. There are plenty of particles. Hands on exercises and practise. Relax, enjoy. And yet 2. 2 create layout: in this section, we will be creating simple constructive. They are protesting, had no heads. By the end of this section, you will be able to create a simple. They are containing two buttons. The time button is a show. Banner had harden quality. Bottom button is a show interstitial button. 3. 3 adding buttons: in this lesson were you at two buttons to Alia. So go ahead and open the new project by clicking file and then selecting New in the select template, for example, dialogue scroll down to the template. New Empty SD Poetry 16 by nine Project Frankly, on the button opens and Did you Fought Leon Didi's Given. He's quite big as you can see. The layer sizes 96 whole by 17 You know it. However, the window display size is smaller. The winner size is only for 80 by 854 We are now going to precise to Leo so that it has the same dimensions. Has to be in this ice, so taking none of the window size for it. Oh, by If I four we know plea on the layout one kind during the size to the same size rice, the window size, which is for a zero by 854 And now we can see leaving those size and lay off size. Uh, I had exactly the same. We can guess how earlier, By selecting for myself, I will be using the NW Jess Preview browser. Klay Run Leah, know that you can also use chrome or any other for your browser. How quickly Run the out now and C review. So here is what it looks like in a preview to give you a better view without the black boulders and a sigh, I'm going to set any skill to skill, you know, and try again. Much better now. The next step is to add he two buttons onto the air greatly on Julia and so that he said, you're gay. So they spread okay, frankly, and give you the name Beaky and show Bena at frankly, he said, give a color Teoh button How? Just choose a nice orange color and then his clothes and precise me. But next to you at a labour on top of this button by right clicking and selecting in certain your object and then select Thanks. Subject and the name 40 stakes of J Racial calling txt. Sure banner. Okay, great. When he said and please, on the off the But in next, you set me text property for the button. Yes. Creek and 30 Tax show. Uh, okay. And now we have our But then for showing banner. The next step is to cruelly So, Jack, we are going to clone the button and also the tax. So let's Cloney a 10 rightly and glowing object type. Hang Basie and bottom resize it and give it a name. But then yes, Julie. Here, Full name and give you name nothing. Sure, in the T show at then. We are also going to grown the text O J directly on the subject. Select grown object type and click on the bottom buttons Changed the name off these Thanks . Object to DST show in the sti show. Okay. And then changed the text. Do sure in the show. Okay. And I'm gonna increase size we next to be agreeing to and thanks object. Come off this to button. So rightly. And you said, you know, object and said I thanks. Okay. And they need 40 sex. Sanjay, we should call it. Thanks. Message Yang, sleep somewhere in Delia to insert your text message. Object for now. The text message property. Who? Yes, Show the name off the off day self text message. The purpose of this text message, he's to show debugging information. It's on. If we need to do any debugging, I will increase the width of it a little bit so that you'll be able to bring more text messages, longer text messages, how real justice it'll be. And thanks. Message I was sent. Yeah, Lyman. Or isn't a lineman to the center and Batticaloa? Lyman, do the centers? Yeah. You that we have completed the layer that is death. Our Yeah. Go ahead and click the wrong button and checking up. Yes. Now we have our two off buttons. And also, the text message is that we have completed this lesson in the next lesson. We'll continue working on this project. 4. 4 saving your game: in today's lesson really will be specifying the name of our yet the I. D. The description. And also let me how to see our project Now in the left for property spaniel, there is a property name whereby you'll be able to give a name for the project. Misha, call it extra do day at most in a description. Do we just mentioned extra go that more Dan more And in the i d. We would just give it a name. Con strah. Yeah, I know that the idea is important later on when we are exporting the file as a cold over project hang when be about to build using Forget the the author email and er site Hot, optional. We could leave it like next. We're going to save this project. Okay, File Before we saved the file, there are some minor changes. Oh, yeah. Really? To correct the mistake, I made in the last lesson Change this to the correct spelling in the STI show. Now we are ready to save the file. Go ahead. Angry five See, has project and then go to a location for me. How we choose the desktop and I would create a new photo by clicking on the make new for the button. And I will call this new folder the same name as thes the kiss construct to day. At most. I would then select the folder and click Martin. OK, I would then go to the desktop to make sure that my project has been saved. We could also saved the project in an alternative format. Safest protect has surfaced. Single file. So we could click on this safe a single far and you can give her name going struck to day. Okay, TV Josie's option. It will be a compress. Construct to Okay, X form it. Five going increase. See, you could say in this form it. Oh, the origin of of it. Now we have, uh, get max pool yet. File received. This concludes, useless it in the next lesson, we will continue to work on this project. 5. 5 intro adding button events: Hello. Welcome back to and I research. My name is Fortune. In this next section you will learn how to work the banshee. How do we sit? Dash objective events and hang Go touch here ends generated from the buttons. By the end of this next session, you will be able to get events and also handled in Thank you and enjoyed a second. 6. 6 add button handler banner ad: welcome back to another lesson in this lesson will be adding the touch object and also will be creating the event hander for the show. Bennett. But then so first thing you'll be adding his he touched something directly home. Really Up. Insert new of yet look for the Dutch object and then click on the button. The thought object he seen is about, But you can check it to make sure it's inserted by looking and the project spaniel when they're right, as you can see, that's okay. Has been sexist City added to our NIA. Now we can hit on to the eventual plea on even she. This eventually step was automatically created during the creation off Leo one. Yeah, every layer who have is owned, even she. So in this case, eventually one is eventually for the out one. And you can come for me by King Eddie One property on the left. He then she won. So, coming back to the Vinci no, you a a group so directly and had a group. And for this group, we can say give it a name, but headless? No, he cited Button ender Do that. Hey, he then directly on the tender and dig on a something, anything. Select a touch object and the next. So right on touched Jake. And then click next. No, the object you want to check for touch? He's me, But in show Venna Okay, okay. And then done. So we have successfully had it. The button hinder for sure. Bennett, in order to test but in to ensure that he works, we are going to add in action, do we? This station is simply to display a message using the text message. So click on elections, select the text message. Frankly, next, Then select the set. Thanks. Uh, I should frankly, yes. And here Hey said Texas is where I'm sorry. Set, Tex. And then click next and here the text message. If you want to see showing, then uh okay, then creating. Done. Now we have added action for the touch haven for the show button than that object. No, we showed this. I was You read three. Run they up and issue fire using the preview browser. And now three on show Burnett button and you can see the text messages showing chewing Bennett. So we have completed me heading the Haven handler for the show, Bennett Button. So hey, on to the next lesson where we will be doing exercise for you to a button and the for the show Indecision. Thank you for working. 7. 7 exercise add handler interstitial ad: welcome to this exercise, adding even hander for the show Interstitial at Britain In a previous lesson, I have already show you how to add here in Hendry for the show banner at Button. In this exercise, try to act and even hinder to the show interstitial at button below. Good luck. I will show you the solution in the next lesson. 8. 8 solution add button handler interstitial ad: welcome to this lesson in this lesson, I will show you the solution to the exercise. Richard D. Earlier we are going to button Handwara for the show interest issue at Button. So the first thing we do is click on here and she and then directly on the group button handless. I didn't I blang stuff event Then double t on the blanks of urine against the like, the touch of jack and click. Nice day. The ANTOSH. Okay, uh, select the object that you wish to capture The event in this case Do but doesn't show interstitial at object, Andy. Okay, then click. Done. Now we have he ran that captures the, uh, happen show interstitial at That's even next a message that would be showing. So for that, we can duplicate these and put it down here by clicking control and then dragging the top batters down the top Message down. Now we'll hear changed the message to showing in thirsty show in, uh, the show at click done. Nice. We would guess three on the runway out, but then to reject the the display now three on the show into C share. But then Okay. You get our message showing into seizure. You then were completed. This solution See you in the next. That's it. 9. 9 intro admob: Hello and welcome to Android Research. I am Fortune in this next section will be learning how to dollar ad mark plug in and install it into your constructive program. By the end of this next session, you will be able to dollar general plugging and also will be able to know how to install it into your construct to program. Enjoy the section. 10. 10 download admob plugin: Hello and welcome to another lesson. Today we will be downloading the admiral, plugging and in starting into constructive program. Why are we deluding him a bragging when our construct to program already has a plugging? The reason is because the the fork Blufgan that comes with constructive that's not work. These forget. So to download the bragging there, Roxie for again, I have done some research, and I found this plug in by these gentlemen, Jose Carlos Hernandez to be working perfect e we forget. So this is the place you go to gamble the again. You can, uh, don't worry. From the Dropbox laying down here, click here to download from a Ghostie. You should get the divorce sitting over here, and you can see the name of the file called a wide Not free See to plugging by whose at 549 40 and dig knowledge. Direct down the script on the second thing. Continue to dollars. And the file is standing now, as you can see. Okay, once the dollar has finished, how you can open the folder and zip it so we can see this is I'm using Rings it if you don't have been dignity for those as if is it too can also work. So, yes, sounds in the file. And after Zippy, you should have, uh, pro day over here. Cordova, add more free. So inside this, you will see the problem. You have the GS far. Any time in the icon. In the run time, you need to copy this whole folder in tow the cords to construct two bloodies for the so I open. In that way, go and go toe my constructive location. I'm using the new Sten. Hey, the location for a start doing Windows 10 is being program files construct to on the exporters. He came out five plugging. So it is the path so construct to on my machine plug ins holder So copy extracted for their could've I'm or free is dragging here and dropping into this pagan folder And it does it from you to do you his can continue. And it is how the now the confirmed that it is Ah, already called successfully copy. Unique to tested. So what you do you need to close your construct to and reopen again so that he will be able to read the new pregnant. So after it was in re opened construct to again. Okay. You can open your Oh, he earlier program the sheer We stopped up to the stage and now you can check the sea or the plug in has to be excessively stalled by right clicking. He said the object and then you can see scroll down to the bragging begin by Jose 5494 So this is lugging Appreciate successfully. He's talked are not going to use it now. There will be for the next lesson. Another thing I like to point out is dead. You think future you are not able to come to this fish to download from was a color Dundee's website. You can go to my alternative that site where I put out a copy off the file on get up. And I've only made the necessary credits to Jose Fernandez. Oh, yes, you can see this is a backup copy off. He could I'm a free plug in by Jose Fernandez. And you can get it from here, sir. Yeah, in the future. So there some for decisive in the next lesson. Continue with this plugging. Thank you very much. 11. 11 creating admob event sheet: Hello. Welcome to Android Research. My name is Paul Chin. In this next session, we will learn how to create Add more. Even she's. By the end of this session, you will be able to create an ad Mark Correnti and used the animal plug in to create and more functions. Enjoy the section. 12. 12 create admob event sheet and functions: Hello and welcome back to anger research. In this lesson, we will insert our new Cordova admin free object into our project and also a function object. Then we will create a new even sheet call at no for purposes off, creating three functions. Devon, look and sure how add mopeds. In a previous lesson, we added a dash even to the even she in this lesson. They used the admin free of J on, you know, construct again and also create I am a human. She rightly and select, he said. New or J screwed up and look for the new object car. Cordova. Add more free under decisions. Blufgan Spy, who was a 5494 going on you set and you can now confirm. Yet it is already successfully sited by inspecting the Projects panel on the right. Yes, we are going to create a new even she and you even she call at long and create three functions reading the mob heaven. She first we were at a function off J to the project so directly on the layer, selecting, said object and look for the function on Jake. And then he said, confirmed that the function of Jack has already been added by looking at the projects panel on the right. After adding the function object we will create Can you even she directly on the even she for their And so like heck, even she diamond of name all the new eventually And now we have a new even she Hey, look, we are now ready to add our tree functions to our new air Mom even ship plea on any rent and then select the functional J and really nice. So, like on function, U N and greatness the name off this function Misha College Look said look X click done. We were now at any actions to dysfunction. The first I should is to look banner. So we click on election and then select the Cordova had more free object angry. Next, select me look cabana entrance and then click next and you will see the para meter before he's position top center and over like true. If you like to put the banner at the bottom of the screen, you can change it here. But I was leaving her top center angry. Done. Now we have a look vanish in next we do at another action. Do not the interstitial that Klay at action Select the cold over and not free three on next . And then So, like the look in interstitial action and click next over here I said that you thought were that true? Frankly done. No. We have successfully added function on look and wives and, uh, the two should instead be want to perform. We should know the other remaining functions So they are at he then and select function Select on function and greatness and the name for this function he's at Look show Vanna Rick Done. Next we will add inaction for a mop. Sure banner sickly action and then select on the and called over and not free object and click next. And he I shouldn't be so like, sure Benner click None. So this function immunity shows in a nice we were at another function at the event again click me something object and select Han function. And for this function, they call it head mo show interstitial and click Done. And next we re at the action for these fashion so clearly our nation and then select again . He called over I'm a free object and click nice. And in this Ah, no. Had I shouldn't Sure play on look and show an interesting show and click next except in the fall and get it done. So now we have three functions. The first fashion. Um abets. Look, he banner ad Any decision that the second function and mom? Sure banner. Who? Sure? Bennett there was earlier loaded up here and I'm not sure. Interstitial function look and sure. And he says he show at Peshawar earlier loaded here. Notice that we need to use a lot insurances, Isha and not sure Indecision I have tracked using Suren physician. He wouldn't work. You need to call, look and show and indecision. So the, uh, in order to call this function, we will go back to even and she won. And then you add a new group rightly that group and caught it any Okay, Okay. And directly in it and, uh uh, blank. Some even and then wreck publicly on this blanks of event. And so, like, system select on. Start off, Leah, stop half layer And frankly, done. So you and Delia stuff you want to call a function so bring on the election. Never clean informations. So like call function really double course. I mean at the bar codes and you will see the available conscience that is Ah, never popped up. So here we said, like, look and what That's Inkley done. What time? Use the arrow key. Go down, press enter and even feeling the rest of the name of the function for you. So go ahead and click done, and we have that completed. Okay, Next time we want to do, he's too. Ah, call the sure Ben Ahead, uh, function. So for that. So what we'll do is over here, but then show Benny Click on Add a Should and click on function publicly on the call function. And over here we'll call the and not sure Ben a function press center and gently done. And then over here we were handy. But ensure interstitial, bring on direction double Klay on function and now Berkeley confirmation really go double court that good and then use the Iraqi and select and not sure into Seasia and in press enter and click done. So now we have our tree, the gun, what we are going to do Now he's We're going to cut these position, put it in, however, function so cut. He's on rightly in select cut and then go to an imam and then select me. Sure bet directly and peace. We would do the same. Really? Are the text message here directly and then really the right wing cut Go to the Emma haven she select me and not sure into tissue a function directly in peace. So we have done that. It makes more sense to put the text my station inside the function. So we have done that and I think we are done so to Tess Thes uh new add monkey. Eventually we need to import it so rightly and then include even she and then So I had not even she Okay, so we have included the Emam. Even she misses salsa is importing. So we included the semi venturing into the even She won so that he rented one knows where to get these functions. These functions are all defined in the mommy as you can see you. So now we're going to test to make sure that this on mobile eventually functions can successfully be caught. Although we will be able to show any s yet because we have not implemented the other necessary parts. But to be I go and give it a shot. So we're going to click Run layer. Thank you. You should stop. Start up soon. Three onshore Benet buttons And he shows the message chewing better plea on the show into surgery. But then and it shows. Sure. Interstitial. So these confirms that how, uh, even she's in functions are correctly. Why it up? So I think it is a good place to stop for this video. Okay, so you stop there for now. See you in the next video. Thank you. 40. 13. 13 adding test ads: welcome. In today's lesson, we will be heading the test Ben I d and the test interstitial at i d. Before that, I would like to add some day Mason small changes to our constructive game. In the last lesson, we had it thes two commissions and you also call it from the I haven she he's had a chance . He added. So today we are going to add another message came here. So I'm gonna compress control key and then drag this We're here to copy and then the message I would change too lo the loading it's bring them and then we just give a quick test to see that this is working. So what happens is that when the layer initialize is you start on start of Leah He looked here and what passes and you assure this message to show in UK Yes, I know that. So let's give it a quick test by clicking the Rondae up and you can see the message shooting s successfully sure indicating that this function has successfully ran. Now we're going to a guy's head most so in order to get I'm not test ideas, we can go to this website here. Developers start google dot com and more Hendro test heads This on a process that Google and Mom has given us You can use these DSS ing really clicking on the asset assured What we need are the Vanna that I d which is this fun? So we said like it and any copies then I d head back to our and more. And then yes, this is, however, deck Alderweireld free Good on you. And they're on the right Making peace Our Ben I d incite me public peace Fender. Next, we're going to base the interstitial at i d. Over here. So head back to the That's a speech and copy interstitial at I D, which is this one directly and in copies and then head back to constructive and spatially decision I d over here. Right? So now we have two ID's both far for running your assets. We just confirmed You're correct. Be sure. Joke. All right, Right. The 1st 1 is this he hands he nine hit 97 triple one. So each one is correct and the 2nd 1 is into seizure and 73712 That is correct Okay, so that we have correctly and the dice that I d. And we are ready to go to the next stage. So I will stop here for now and see you in the next lesson. Thank you. 14. 14 intro exporting cordova projects: Hello and welcome to And I Research in this new section will be learning how to I spot Cordova projects. At the end of the session, you will be able to I spot called the work projects and also be able to comfy the conflict personal far for building the a P k later on. See you in the next lesson. Thank you. 40. 15. 15 export cordova: Hello and welcome to Android Research. In today's lesson, we will be exporting Cordova Project. So to do that before we a spot the actually, uh, said things for the project is correct. So we click on constructor and more project and then in the property section on the left, check on the name. Make sure you enter the name devotion, the description, the I D. Uh, the author. So I'll write my name here in the in an immunization for water and the email. I might leave it blank on, then for the website. I can could kill. That's I hear on dry research in this case. And then if it is correct, you can go ahead and click on this. Ah, safe and then to export it. Ukraine on file, angry on a spot project and then in here select under more bar station, select the Cordova Project expert with type and frankly, home. But the next, and then in this, uh, export options, make sure you ah, like here don't mean if I script do not mean if I script hey would give problems. You did that and then up here and go and select the folder I'm going to put it on my desktop and I will create a new photo for it and I'm going to call it uh 03 name that I will call it E construct do at mall Ah, I spot a spot and then I was select the photo that I've just created and click OK, and then ah, the rest. No changes Live in a city for an inkling on. But next and then he will go ahead and come to record of options and you could options unchecked. Use wk VEB you inject in testicle form it inject islands. So the only thing you check his, uh he high Cedars bar and he android any other platform hoagie on and then under here minimum before is it plus recommended Relieve? Yes, that and the minimum android. He's 50 Actually, we're not exporting in Iressa, it doesn't matter. So the only exporting for android. So go ahead and click on a spot and then it will go and create the spot folder for you. Now we can open the destination photo by clicking on this and this is still exported far so not this year that we have conflict isn't and conflict SNL. We can deal it. The country, Jason. So just selected daily. We only need the conflict. I several far. So in the next lesson, we will work with. Confess enough. I will stop here for this video house. You next lesson. Thank you for watching. 16. 16 config xml: Hello and welcome back to and I research in this lesson, we will be editing the conflict I seminal far, which we created in the last lesson. So that's that's any I spotted a Cordova project and I put it on the desktop and this is the folder. And if I were to open his food there now I will see my two fouls one for the end 15 So I'm going open. This five. My favorite text editor have itches. We shows to your court if you want to use wishes to your coat, you can hit to This website called Visual studio code dot com wishes to your comment. Donald. This program here, however, you are also free to use any other co editor which you prefer. You can even use no back, so my visions to record is over here. Open it, and then here I will go ahead and file and open the file on my desktop. This folder and this is the father I want to edit and I could open. I cannot close the site panels and take a look at the conflict. I said Mel Farr. As you can see the confidence in my file contains the i. D. Issue exported earlier from the constructive. You can taste this year if you like, and also weaken change your name here and a description. And this is your daughter reference here and all the other said things here. So you, uh, the father we want to add it is the you're going to add a preference name for the phone devotion for Gabby's. The platform we are going to use to build these baby k far later. So we look down, scroll down to the plug in section here under the this under the Why Lisa, We had a new line. Bloody name bragging name Prague name because to Cordova dash plugging day at more, that's free. And then, um, we put the closing that for the plug in. Hey, so I hear, uh, the right vera going in where? Believe everybody in the sad more on the school hit on the score. Heidi, you type in a value for this and more. Have I d. Okay, you have to Hey, I de for his help. And the idea is obtained from this website and over to this developer Google that come had not how their site. And this is a have idea that God has given you for testing your s so I'll just copy this. I will put this link his your l in the dollar resource far for this essence. So copy it is have I d and paste it into the values. Who here and then we don't I s o degree. Yes. We don't need iris engine. And you also don't need any configuration for the iris. Oh, yes. So we can deliver this nice as well. You're only going to build for and right then the rest. No change is needed. And, uh, we should be ready to Ah, save this far. So go ahead and save it by President Control as so fast. If Who here? Farsi? The other thing. You need to change if you want to, but is optional. We are the icons, the icon in this photo. Www. So head onto your, um construct anymore. A spot for their inside it. You have ah, www folder and you can see your icons here. You can change this icons to your liking. So if you wanted to James, I can. You can use these icons is also okay. So I would just stay with these icons over here, So I'm next. We are ready to, um, say this far for a spot. Um, we are going to use get up. So we need to offload these files to get help. And we will do that in the next lesson. So thank you for watching. 17. 17 adding phonegap version: Hello and welcome back. Last lesson. We settle the conflict Osama vow because this fall, But I forgotten to any forget version. So we'll do that in this lesson. So now we opened this conflict center file using the shows to your coat. I have got might be shows to your court open here and I open the file con vsnl. And now I'm going to add the forget version. And you can do that under preference. So good of Ryan 16 and then type preference name because full game dash version. And then over here, time in the value equals and c r I dash Hey, the zoo dark zero There isn't why I'm using CIA A 00 is because this happens to work with the hado with the Ottawa ah, plug in and more free. So to ensure that you are your Russian also verse, you should include devotion for if we get over here, if they think this is all we need to do for this convict, assemble far. Remember to save the file into ass or Farsi cause he and you will stop the video. So I know and next lesson we will go ahead And then how to I have lost the this project into the heart. So see you next lesson. Thank you for watching. 18. 18 intro github: hello and welcome to another section in this new section will be learning how to absolute How would that files to get up at the end of the session? You will understand why I didn't forget up. You will also be able to create new could have account installed a c m create new get happy posses and how to upload the files to get up. See you in the next lesson. Thank you. 19. 19 why github: Hello and welcome to another new lesson in this lesson. I'm going to explain to you why we need to use kid, huh? Now, in order to build our A b G a foul, we need to use Bill, a cloud service known as Adobe Foreign. Gambill, As you can see here on this screen, I've locked in into my account. I will show you how to create an account later. So as you can see Ah, the dove. A club you service allows you to create open sauce in private projects. What is the difference between open sauce in private, in private projects? You can have a look The zip file for your project. But the limitation is you can only How about your only a lot of the one private A. J. And that is a sick far directly to this other Bay Global service, As you can see here. Yeah, I want to try to create a new breath for Jay. I'm told it. I'm seeing this messaging. You are currently using more than the quota One private has I already have one problem at down here, which is this? Have this came here and these is counted as a private atmos you can see from here. So if I tried to create another problem, I get this message. Meaning I'm not allowed to create another product. And, uh, forever ever allows you to Abbas. It falls. So because I'm not allowed to create morning one product, I cannot have low in others. He fell. So in order to ABBA and as if I have to delete this this at so every time I want others If our I need to delete my Oprah Jay, what if you want to keep here open around So if you want to keep the whole project around, you need to use open source and he has a lot of your fast to get up. That's the reason why we need to use Get up. Who? Me? This way. You'll be able to give all Europol yes around and a so you can see here. Oh, my projects that I have, uh, Husing get up. So what you need to do is created could have account, have low your project to get up, and then basically you have reports tree here and quick pull from grip Astri. I will be showing you how to do this in detail in the next few lessons. So that's all for this lesson. I will see you in the next lesson. Thank you. 20. 20 signup: Hello and welcome to another lesson. Today we will create a new get help account. So head over to use the outside get help, not calm. And you will see the sign up form if you heaven sent out before you can use this form to sign. Um, but if you already have an account, you can skip this lesson. So feeling your user name, have a king. I use her name. Hi. Parching 20 So it's wholly taken. I'll try another one. Maybe watching 219 and he's available. And our king My email, You know, here will be, uh, this he mill near the calm and my password. So I just keep my password like these. Okay. It says it needs to be at least 15 characters always. Hey, characters He green and number and the Lucchese letter. So make sure you satisfy the requirement and I'll try again. Okay. Still not accepting eight characters, including a number and a little kiss character, A number and a lower case character drive a more time. And the sea. No, it's still not accepting it. Try again. At last he works. So now I will click on Santa forget help. And despite for the next instruction. And he asked you to solve this puzzle. Still taking verify Touch the arrows to rule the image. So this stuff, the arrows to rule image. And didn't I? I don't gauges is sending new Okay, then it's very fight. So now you're given a choice to choose whether it's free or pro. He differences you can re here the pro can allow unlimited public and private reports trees . They already discussed the difference between public and private. So in the last SLV discussing. So for now, we're just going to stick the feel free abortion. Every allows you unlimited public. Um, OK, so we just go ahead with this and then click continue. And then the next one, uh, welcome to grab the ask you for some information. White level so you can click anything. Your eye Where? The court. Uh oh. Is it blue Jay? Ah, All right. So here you can just get anything, um, anything, right? And you can discreet summit, and then he asks you to verify your email address. So it has sent this email to this email address of mind. So if you check your email inbox is well, if you don't fight it here may feel check your junk mail folder. So my knees here and I can see the verification email that has been successfully sent. So what I need to do now is just great on this link here. Verify even address. So I just click very far in your address. And then you take me back to here and I find that my you have a car has bean verified, as you can see from your So this is the way how you create sign off Santa for a new jihad female Jama Khan In the next lesson, we'll continue with how to download the get up kind to install on your computer. So see you next lesson. Bye bye. Thanks for what you 21. 21 installing git scm: welcome to another lesson into this lesson. We'll learn how to download the CNN and then started on our computer so hit over to get dash SCM dot com and then on the right you will see the link to download the the S E n. Go ahead and click on Donald, Do you want for Windows? And that should begin, As you can see on the bottom left hand corner, it is not a very big far an issue completing a few seconds. Now get a C M. As I mentioned in the earlier lesson is the kind that is used to connect to get up to $2 absolute. Your riposte. Trees. There are other options, but I prefer to use get a CNN because of its flexibility. And you're almost done, as you can see here and here completed. So once the dollar is complete, you should get a far toe after 1 64 that b e x e. So I disagree on this? Yes, maybe 30 to be depending on your windows. So I just great on this to install it. So you ask you the control you want to run the foul run and gang user control Pakistan Nasuti, confirm Yes. And now it is stalling Re truly uh, the license and frankly, nice. And then did you for location is, uh, here? Just accept it. No need to change in Inkley nice and gang. All of these are the options to Teoh customize your installation. I will end knowledge and the chain boxier store additional icons on the desktop And then likely the rest do not change Leave it as it is on Go ahead and creating the next button. And then it would create Ah program shortcuts. Ah Levi s city fault He and then click next. And then this on us used him on a default. Usually rear cities only change anything. We won't be using Vin clean this and then here. Same thing You no need to change anything just reading the next pattern. And then here 17 only change anything. Just click the next pattern and same thing here. Clean the next part then and nothing changes. Well, your screen the next pattern and sending here and discreet his stall button. So now it will extract the fouls and install the program on your computer. I know that If you have any C command line time now, open you. We need to close it and reopen again in other to for your environment variables to direct getting We start some environment variables into your system so that your command line terminal will be able to identify he given by any reciprocation. So it is almost done. The extraction and the installation should be quite fast. Ah, it is also ah, commonly intermune. And when you install it after installing you be mostly using it from the common item. You. So you need to read the review notes. Just great finish. We'll be using this, uh, next lesson. So for now, uh, discreet finish and then to confirm that get has been installed, you can go ahead and look for it this quickly in those icon on the right. I rightly on the rinos icon and in such and you can get and you can see a degree at, uh, I'll get back. So let's create non gay bash and you will come up. He gave back like this Another way to use Ah, get is to right click here directly. Beano icon, take the common from and then you see in the terminal open and then here you can type, get and then enter. And if you come up, something should appear. Maybe that we for conversion I know share. So get ah, Dash help getting dash dash portion and then you should tell your version Windows. If you need heavy anti g deaf, they have get the stash up. All right, so this confirms that get has been successfully. You start. I know that if you do not get any response when the target then if you close CEO comin from and then re opened again and then time just saving to come on again and you should get a response. Get pushing. So that's all for this lesson in unless lesson we'll learn how to use Ah, get to create reports tree and to upload the or fouls. Thank you. See you next lesson 22. 22 creating repo: welcome to another lesson into this lesson. We are going to create a new reports tree India have and then use our you're install Could have kind to have. Look, the how a program help project files to get a grip. Astri. So the first thing you do is head over to get have dot com and signing and your Do you have use ideo email Address Anke Possible now Once you are long in, there is a button to please to start the project, you can also start approving a by clicking on this mountain year. He started project new upholstery and then give a name for your repository. I will call you and no how about a construct to that? Hey, Mom! Devil and then description is optional. And here 84 his public in clear breach Riposte tree. Now you will see your riposte. Trees almost finished created. You need to do a move A few more things First you need to execute dis commands in the command line in your local computer. So right, click your windows high con Frankly common problem Now you will never get to our next stop . Very safe. Our exported Koldo our project. So type CD desktop. You can use a shortcut for 10 completion this type D e And in press a techie see the ministry's directory and then nice chase to your folder. Verily, uh, you see, if your exported could've a project, If you're not sure, you can type the hour The R stands for the right. Really Sting. Yeah, he will show you the available for this on your desktop. And this is the one we want. Construct to admin spot. Use the common CD 40 territory. Haven't I see ho and press a techie. If you President Lee again, you get the option to completely found him before the name press enter. And now you are in the correct folder. The first thing you need to do is to any So you're typing get even g i d in it. Price end. And then the next call Manny's. Uh, get yeah space bar that notice the common is different from the one even by cab. Ah, the one that I'm showing you is the correct one. You should be in it and then followed by at all and then press enter. So what this does is you create the, uh here at all the photos and files that you wanted a blow to get up then next one. You You follow this common here given make it have get Comey. So they get Comey that came and a ah, that's him. Ihsaa means message so you can give a message. He was the first time you have looting this for O. J. You die first Comet. You are also going to get any other messages. Yeah, instead of first Comet presenter. And then he will commit and you might see it is missing. Please tell me who you are. So if this is a case, you should type his two commands to tell Get who you are. So what you need to do is that just common? The first command is and get comfy? No, that you only need to do this the first time you are using ECM in future. I have lots to get have you and you don't have to do this again. Get Call me Gruber user he knew and then your email that you used to sign up to have. And then, um just to check in conflict. Lubo he was that he mia And you, you know, presente. Then it's ankle money is get country. No, but he's ah, name followed by the name is the idea that you used to signing to get up. So this is someone user that name and then president. And then after that, you are able to do, uh, get does him. Oh, first call me first call me and then press enter. Okay, Call me dash hand first comic presenter. So now the heat is committing the only new thousandfold us and getting ready to average and then the next common you need a copy this line and copies and basic into your time. You know, one more time I go pee. So, like this healthy and then right click reckless in here. And you, Pacey, the whole common know that this is only done the first time for every you were prostrate that you created no presenter and he would then had in the remote region link. And the last command is Bush. That's you. Hurry gain master and in present. And then you have looked your project files to get up. You notice that the this common here you we need to do only once for every new machine this part get conflict global user immunity Configurable user name is only done one time if you're using a new computer. But this common here, where you give me more at origin will be done for first time every time you create a new repository. Okay, so next you there will be a proper asking you to log in. So go ahead and again we feel use the I d and your possible and then click logging. And then you have so it is alluding and ah successful. So now if you go back to get home and refract this page, you should be able to see Ah, you're three being a alluded Congratulations here, Successfully uploaded video project. You will get up. So if that you stop this Ah video here in the next lesson. Well, um continue to learn how to use this Common. Ah, you Skip Hap Sorry. You should have and put it into the o I obey. Forget big crops of these. So see you next lesson. Thank you 23. 23 summary: Hello and welcome back to another lesson today I will go through the summary off the kidnap commands. In the last lesson when we created you could have a con. We went on to Great and Europe Astri. And then this Waas the commands we had to execute. This is only done when you are doing get up. Uploading for the first time on the new machine you had to type getting it get dot Meaning the are. And then these two commands only done one time for each new machine that you useful Get up . Once you've done this, you don't have to do this again the next time you have load files to get up. Unless you're using a new machine, then we need to do commit. And I am, as I mentioned before means message and the first time you have loading you put first call me. You can also put first initial Ablow or any other meaningful messages. And then this line is where you get from your get up website itself. When you first created your upholstery, you busy into your home online and security. And in the last line I've lost you get help I've lost the fast to get up. Now this you only do it the first time of for a new machine. And for first riposte tree which you create for a new repository we should created subsequently. If you made any changes to your project, you don't have to attack all the commands again. You only need to do these commands. 33 Commons get at dot give coming. And then the message for the changes that you mean and they get Bush. So I'm going to give you a demonstration off this Trico months. Now, I we already have a file the construct to export Cordova export file and he didn't modify the confidence amount. So now let's say I want to make some changes to confess and a foul. So are we opened the confession of our and let's say I made these changes. I deleted two lines here 9 30 lying 29. And then I see. So now I made a change to this file. Now I want to push these changes to get up. So what I need to do is directly on the Windows icon and open my command from and then in a common from I would never get to my project folder. And then what I need to do now is I need to time G yeah dot So it is the first common here , G at dot and then the next command I need to do is have this. So I do get not first and remember, get at dot means get at everything. Dark means everything in this location in this photo. So I present her. And you had all the new changes to this folder. And then next Common is coming. Dash cam and the message Have a gift. Have this. I know that you can give our ah messages if you like for some food. Um and ah, do you need the related to lines in corn feet? I said no. For example, you could have tried something like this. Oh, I'm was going to give you simple. I'm just going to see habits. It's all right then. If presente and he will now Abdic me during the if I was the changes one for changing two divisions. And now let's command is get push good process against here. So our target bush and present and then he might from for he password. And, uh, you user name and password, if he does prom for is impossible in just injury here isn't even possible on. If he doesn't promise, animosity will go here. And I have the have looked at the files to get up. So now if you go to your gap account and calling in you and press for fresh I received it. Um, the message you should tap is shown here. Have this first comment waas the message you used when you first have blood that he origin afar. And this is the second Have you need it in the message you send when you have the second changes, which is this one. So, as you can see, um, whenever you make any changes, you do not need to type all these all over again. The only to attack three lines whenever you make any changes. All right, now and not a scenario. What if you make um, creating a new reports tree that makes you create a new project and you want toe push to be happy? So the first thing you need to do is you go to get have had any plus to create new upholstery. Um, before the lettuce create the new put. So I'm just going to quickly create a new project using construct to so opened on my construct to and then I'm going to stick new new, empty PJ more selling this one landscape 16 by night. All right, And then over here, I'm just going to give her name test, and, uh, I d yes. Food. Uh, construct, uh, that's demo description. I'm just gonna write something, just a test. And, um, the rest are just leave it. So now I Just when I spot this file spot protected Cordova and I'm going to save it on my desktop in a test folder. Clinically, tex and not just CIA spot One decision for that. So now I have a new project and let's say I want toe absolute is to be happy. So the first thing I need to he's go to get half. Hey, thing on this button. New Rebus tree. You can also do it from here. Let's say if you are in your home directory like this and you want to create new more three , you can actually go here and click this hiking. Click this button. Oh, another basic in, please, from your profile here from your profile here, um, you can also create the same button here. Suplee, New reports tree even him. And I think that's I just use level case. That's and include creative industry. And then you need to do the same thing. Go back to here, go to you. And you, Poor yet Syria. Jordan means serious space. Other missing. Go wonder, Agree and And tell your new Ford a folder that's his heir knew you project. And in type this command is here getting it. You in it get Call me. Dish him first. Call me. Uh, are I forgot. Didn't only after getting a knee I share type get at all he is Danone. Get Call me. Okay. What I just did just now is I press that, Miroki, when you press, I'm Eric e. It's Cruz back to ah history of all the previous command. So now I press have Roky and go back to my history here and free presenter. Okay, so now is committed on these files. And now I need to do copy this copies Korpi and recklessly this year and notice. I do not have to do this Two steps here. I didn't have to do this. The reason being I have already done this before for his machine. So I don't have to do this again. I can get to go straight to get committed and then you get any more. So that's the difference between doing the first time on the machine and doing a second time. Many great new reports trees. When you create new report city for a second time, you do not need to do get conflict global user. I mean, here's the email and using him, so has continuities the remote and then finding Bush that you origin master press center an issue either premier for use in the past Oh, he just goes again which is pushing up to All right, it is successfully done. And now if you refresh this, you will be able to see you and you need to have it put It falls first, call me first comic first coming. So I hope that this demonstration clarifies everything to summarize e to summarize it If you are creating ah new get for the first time on a new machine you. We need to do all these, including these two lines. But let's say you Holy Dundee's. And now you're creating another new upholstery on the same machine. You don't have to do these two lines. You don't have to. You need to do all the other in many lines, okay? And then you say you want to make some changes and have lovely to get up. You only had to type three lines for each of the repository issue on the project that you have that you don't have to attack all of these commands again. Okay, so, um, I hope that is clear. And, uh, I was stuff here for this lesson, and I'll see you in the next lesson. Thank you. 24. 24 github pull: Hello and welcome to an adolescent today We're going to study to new things you can do and we have one. Is cloning cloning a project from and the other is synchronizing your project from get up To make it easier to understand, I'm going to give you a particular demonstration. You can fool all along. So first we are going to study cloning. But before that, I just like to inform you that all these notes really both doubled in the resource section . For this lesson you get, let's to get started first. Cloning. What does cloning mean? If you were to go back to you, get up and longing. You can see here, there to report stories that we have greatest so far. The 1st 1 Waas constructed and mob Demo. And the 2nd 1 is a test industry now cloning maze creating a copy off air upholstery calling a local machine. Why would you wanna cologne, for example, you might have to computers one at home and one in the office. And if you are at home you did something. You create a new report story and you want to continue working on your new upholstery when you get to the office, then you will use clone. You're clone a copy of this in the office computer. So, toe, give her in simulation off this. I'm going to rename the ah, my employee Jay, your you know, project here, which was called Test. I'm gonna rename it. I'm going to rename it to rightly. We knew I will call his tests Dash Oh, region. So this is all your project. That's stop test special, you know. So now I'm going to clone a copy, uh, on my desktop from Get up. So I go to get up, likely on decibel Astri and Oakley on this green button Here, clonal down. And then this is the get up you are l for this project. Likely on this button. Here to copy to clear. But then I go toe open my command, Tamino. My problem and I never get to my desktop cd. Yes, that. Then I get clone indirectly to piss the a copy of the sling, which was a copy to my clip earlier. So now I'm going to execute these common press center and so evil behaving a copy off this project by pulling it down from get up and began copy on my desktop so I can confirm by typing the RD army is very interesting and confirmed. Now I have to project we already know won best original and the copy that I just don't know the car test. This is a clone copy. So this is the meaning off cloning. So after cloning, I can make changes to the DOJ that I just clone. For example, if I want to make changes toe project test, which I just clone. And remember, this is a clone off. That's original, so that would be identical. So now I'm going to make a copy of this clone. I make some changes to this project which I've grown called test. So what I do is I opened fine in, uh, clawing for the So I go to my desktop and open the clue in food there, and I will make some changes. I see. Maybe I had something I end and you foul. Okay, What I do is hide and you far. So I I want this for the helping you for the test. So now I had a new fire here. Ironically. Oh, I can just clean your father and telling you fall that's not come hasty and policy. So now I just had a new file. You can be defy. Doesn't matter. So what I need to do now is to push this to get up. So have go here. Go into my That's project that get had dot get call me message cheese, have the have to close coffee. Okay. And then I could get pushed so this would push the changes to get up. All right, so now he has pushed The key is to get up. So if I go back here and could refresh, I could see my new message here. New fathers mean edit and push out to get up. That's his damn ill. All right, So now if I go to look at my original file and compare if he clawed copy my print copy. We have a new far. Tests by my Oceana file does not have a new copy. Are you for a new father test? So how do I get this origin? A test for the new original test project To synchronize with my copy and get up. So to get synchronized, you go to the second Commander here. Col get pool. So get pool is how you single Nice. Your local copy Witter get abolition. So the synchronize I will need to enter my whole project. So seedy done that to go to do through parent territory and my how are you know, Project Cortes. Aria and time. Get cool. Press enter now, you single Nice. The tests original project if the arbiter situation on get up. So now if I go to my that's how did you know for their I should see the new fire here. So this is cost synchronization. Okay, So yes to kept Get clone Israeli. You make a copy off. Get happy Jack in tow your machine get pool is very synchronize e your project with ab data Copy and get up. Okay with that. I hope he makes things clear for you. Then is the use. Get pool, get clone. And when you use get cool. All right. And, um, a scenario will be when you work on a project in the office, make some changes and you push it to get up. And then when you get home and you want to continue working on the same project, you will get pulled. So we get pull, pull the chain just and you meaning office to your home computer and you can continue working. And then if he would go here and make changes to the project while you're working on the home and you push it out to get up the next morning when you get back to the office, even it due to do a get pulled in the office so that the office copy would be synchronized with D could happen. Jangers, which unit? On the night before? So, um, I think I hope that's clear to you. Um, you stop here for a lesson and I'll see you in the next lesson. Thank you. 25. 25 intro building apk: Hello and welcome to a new section in this session, we will be learning how to build an A p K file. By the end of this section, you will be able to create a phone get bill account, link your get hub repository to forget Bill and build an E p K and install it on the android device. See you in the next lesson. 26. 26 creating phonegap account: Hello and welcome to another lesson. Today we will be creating a new account before get the Has it been see? So if you have not already got an account head over to this website Before you get beauty, don't forget come and then signing If you have any car, If you don't have a come, you need to create a new account So they re creating your counties by standing up for your come. So this click on signing and then you work on a and then over here we are going to create in your account by clicking getting That'll be I d. Alternatively, you can also sign in with Facebook always google if you have a jimmy account. So I'm going to try these methods, get another B i d. So getting a little B i d. And then I would write my name and in my email address and give a bus fit so a person esta into at least one number symbol both low case number case Hell is eight characters long and then heroically sign up. Okay, so I have no Santa for a you fresh a calm. So I want to create a new woman sauce. I need to go and copy and bases from Get up. So we'll do that in the next lesson. So if you wanted to, Allegheny can log in. If your new account and just to checks you, there's anything from them to verify. So far, there are no, you know, so verify. So successful way have already created successfully. And you will come. So with that new stop here, see you in the next lesson. 27. 27 fix config error: Hello and welcome to another lesson in this lesson. We are going to fix two errors in our confidence in my file. So go ahead and open your confidence in my file. Using the shares to you go for your favorite ICE editor and then go to this line here where you see preference when get version put a right forward slash headed back here, then the second error is this part of the six. Put another force that here as well and then Savialova contrasts. That's all for this lesson. Next lesson we will be learning how to ling our post re get have upholstery to for gamble service. Thank you for watching. 28. 28 building apk: Hello and welcome to another lesson. Into this lesson will be thinking our how Ah, get help Reports straight to the I called Bill phone get sarees and then treating our a p k far and then downloading it. Do a android the rice. So first thing going to get help, not calm And then copy this. Ah, uh oh. Stream by clicking on the close button She we're copying the correct for J construct to animal demo So clear on this and inkling on the copy decree. But I come here and then head over to your other bay phone, get big clubs, cities and log log in after logging in select open sauce and based, he'll get have a boss three here. Next, great on bull from getting about three and reform toe, uh, connect. We all get up O. J Now there's a green blue button he says, ready to build. So go ahead and really by clicking the blue button So give it a few seconds And if you start booting He was certainly tree projects and I s on dry And those food, however, the only insisted in the Iressa project. If you just eating about a few seconds Sougou. And once it's complete a building, you will be seeing a solid blue line like this. We're waiting for these. Get your hand for ready. So I've got my phone radio here, and, um all right, so now you see your on android has finished building. Just ignore the I s RSS in a row. There were no interesting that you just understand this one. So what is successfully built there needs to be. This will turn blue in color. So go Teoh Mobile device for And we're going to download this into our phone. So before you can install and, uh ah, it became father your phone from third party sources. You need first to set your device by going to settings and then scrolling down, look for security time and then hear me Sure that this is anybody unknown sources. So you need to make check this to measure your phone is a lot to install from the party sources. So once you're done, then opened your browser on the phone and then on Goto do do not forget the bill and lock him. I've already long in before, So everybody's So why so long in you be able to see your project here in, uh, in the banner this clean on your day. And then you receive the same store button so clear on this thing. Stop button. And you were in start downloading the here. Far as you can see, the that would have started. So once it's finished dollars, you can get stuck Buckley on this. And then he asked you to install Do you want to install and just, uh, good about them and click star. So what is really startling open? And if you see ah, constructive game running. And then he was, See here you're gonna Christian Children and financially. Then you click showing Sissy Sha. He says he should have shown you can also click on his this issue and because he said that set. So it's quite safe to do so. And then he was sure yet and then to this monsieur click the back button on the android device and inkley close yet you can also click honey Bennett and then you can see Ben at Choi on and then clean back. And that's it. So congratulations here. Successfully implemented. Uh, I'm not messing toe. Yo, uh, construct a game. So this this is awful. This lesson How? See you in the next lesson. Thank you. 29. 29 creating live ads id: Hello and welcome to another lesson. Today you create life that's using our eps not dot com console. So if you don't have maps on Mama, can I d You can apply for one by going to extra Emma had come. If you already have an account, you can go ahead and blow in and create heading and at button. So the first thing is you ask you have your publisher Hedman Google play said that you know , and then give the name off. Um, we will call it construct to life It's and angry and drive we head and then create unit And you know so like when I handing her name constructive like hat manner, Dash Brenner and select very unique Next great Another unique calling Saleh Estrosi show this time give her name construct to life dash interstitial and select very unique and then select Done. So now you have feel new unique go construct to life s And this is the idea for the decision And this is the idea for the banner And that idea is all here Recaps i things and you can see the f i d over here. So this is all for this lesson in the next. Listen, we we see how to use this life as in our in our constructive game. See you next lesson. 30. 29a direct upload phonegap: Hello. Come back. There are two ways to absolute here. Yep. Teoh that formula dot com the first way he's to use get happy did have his more hunger way and more typical. And today I'm going to show you a nisi away, which is to die really have loved your you're projective buildup. Forget that. Come. So first thing it to do he's two zb a project. For example. If I wanted Teoh Despoja to get up, let me do it. Get fathers So you need to delete get folder Because, uh, before the is not a serie for good in your head when you're using Daddy Abla too big for yet next Jozic for the and once you're fortese, you can have looted by going to the o big forget Then you create um first I'm going to dealing Myo Project here otherwise still be too So I just did it. No one You can get it by clicking on it. Then come here. There should be settings and then screwed down I said delete button next year. Really tablets creating you bet by clicking this pattern and this year instead of open source said a private open source is forget privacies. Direct blood. So in a private one, he can dolly variability fall. So click on this button. But the problem here is how I already have to. No, I don't have any. If you already have a private fire, it will be able to have another one. All right, so it seems I don't have any private files. These are both public. How absolutely now. And it's good on my desktop. And so, like, the is it far hoping then Now he says, ready to deal. So I click on the spatter here, and you should start digging soon. Yes, so is now started. So this is how you have love your private? Ah, it, uh, notice that if you want to Ablow another problem, you will need to delete the existing one because being forget when he allows you to have one. But I would hit. So, um, once he's finished building, you can just download in any story like ah, like how we always used. So thank you for watching, That's all. What is he docu Nixon 31. 30 config c2 live ads: Hello and welcome to another lesson. Today we will use the life at ID's inside our constructive game. So open your constructive game and then click on the Kodo and more free of yet on the left , you will see the properties for these objects. And this when I d an incision, I'd, er the test ideas, fishery and earlier, and the testimony is set to true. We're going now we're going to change how these so first thing is go to your Google, uh, Emma and then select the ah new construct to life s fishery created in the previous doesn't and in select the unit and copied e into C show I d. So click on this copy, but then and then go back to your constructive game and Basie He said here to override the ho i d. Now do the same thing for the banner. Go back to your and mom and then select Ben I d and then go back to your constructive and then over I this test hideous life. I d tried it again. All right, so now we have to lie ID's Venna and eases issue. Next thing is unique to set this month to false. So? So, like, these two falls as we want to use live at, seen our game. All right, The next thing to do is safeties far. So that's all for this person In the next lesson will continue with this project to see how the export and you could, uh, project. Thank you and see you in the next lesson. 32. 31 export cordova live ads: hello and welcome to another lesson. Today we will export our Cordova Well, Jake, in a previous lesson, we already and turn the like Heidi's. So let's go ahead and I spot is pic file, Click on a spot for yea, make sure you said like Cordova, click on the next. But then and then here we'll give you a new folder on a desktop on May new folder and then give a name for this photo who call it construct do Dad Life Day hats and then select this new folder. Frankly, okay. And then make sure you do not mean if I script Klay next and yeah, make sure the only either First, uh, check boxes check. And the last one is well, you check and the wrestle leave them in check. Check me sure that this is five path zero and more lollipop, uh, Android Lollipop Annan, Click Expert and then open this nation for their once it's completed. And this is your constructive life. That's new export. Then we can really the country Jason file and we don't need that, the only any the confessional. So at this stage, we already have ah, new, constructive life that's called overprotective. So if you want to check you that stop now he will find out to projects. One is Thea Construct to Add Mom Demo which contains the deaths heads and then the other one is the life. It's project. This continues in the new and modern life. It's so in in this ah lesson, we will be creating you get have riposte tree to upload this new project that contains the animal life s But have you also before exporting before uploading to get up we'll be also configuring the conflict XML far so be dead house And this lesson here and else you in the next lesson. Thank you. 33. 32 configure new xml: Hello and welcome to And you are not a new lesson. Today we will configure our XML file for the new project Mystery exported. Wiki sneaks one here. So to do that, we opened the shares to you. Oh, you can use your favorite co editor How would go ahead and, uh, at four total space. So our first opened the whole construct to and not demo, which is containing the old That's the most heavies. And then how also at the U project continuing the life brooch so outgoing at forgettable space and select construct to live It's now I have two projects open One is the constructive and Mom Demo, which was the first construct toe co device fun and second project is concerned to live. It's which is the second could've I spot. What we are going to do is we're going to copy this conflict XML file copy into our new con scored over project far. So let's go ahead and do this first open the or construct toe alcohol completely, you know, so like everything copy. And then he opened the new config SNL and then you sell everything and tasty local into this so now, then you're going to save this. So the next thing we do is for the new confidence in a file We need to change the animal at I D. Over here. So to do that, he had over to our Google Emma and then look for the have I d. So bring on app settings. And the here is you have i d So click on the I can tow copied e Obaidi and then go ahead and busy here. So just doing this and facing the how this stealing days first and in based on, um, I d so is a new have I defies you 362 years confirm five years. That's correct. So the next thing to do is say this all right that you have now configured our conflict SNL for our new Cordova project. We'll stop here for these lesson. In the next lesson, you will create a new reports tree and get upto a blood This new project. See you in the next lesson. 34. 33 creating new repo: hello and welcome toe. Another lesson today we will create and you get half preposterous e And have look our new Kodo a project. So the first thing we do is head over to get up, Logan and then click on start A project. Oh, you can click on you here. So I just clicked on new and then given you for this new riposte Tree and Goldie construct how you slow case for consistency Construct to, like hedge and then click create reports Tree next hidden work toe your command nine and change territory to your new construct To quit your desktop and and tell your contract to life has folded. Click on Get in it press enter and then type thingy. Okay, Don't enter and then diving gear. Call me this ham immunization First call me presenter and then copy this line from Get up and basic insight Your come on line tell me known by right Clicking, joining presenter and finally type Get Bush desks You arguing master and press enter and so it is have loading successfully And now Jessica from you go back to be home and refresh by clicking on the refresh button and we have our new project, would it? So then you stop here for this video and I will see you in the next lesson. Thank you. 35. 34 changing name live ad app: Hello and welcome to another lesson. Today we will make so much injures to the life too. That's really construct to life heads in order to differentiate it from the ah question to this demo. It's so we will go a open this construct to life s which is here and then edit He conflicts and Mel Farr under the our region i d Here we we change me I d to construct the and him a done okay life. And then here we re changed this to contract with Osama dish like like it's and then here We also changed your life. That's to make a consistent with the title. And then under the description here, you could contract to handle life has. And then down here we were really he engine try s And then are we here? We were also removed The reference to the IIS settings. You need this configuration and gang we already ready to upload to get up. So the city is far First contra rising soon his father and then go ahead open a common line terminal And I assure you I great folder construct to live s time to Come on, get dot Get Call me this and read a message and eat it. Name I D and description, and then press enter. Next time you come on, get bush and you go ahead and have a look. He may Sometimes as for your using any passport, So in this case is completed successfully and you can go in and check the Uh huh, likely refresh. And you should see the newly edited conflicts about with the message. Little name I D and description. You can be conclude this lesson. See you in the next lesson. Thank you. 36. 35 building live ads apk: Hello and welcome to you lesson. Today we will link. I get half new reports. Cherie, do the, uh, food in game beauty and create. And you have so head over to other beef. Big don't forget dot com and then three on three you had. And then here said I open sauce. And then here we are going to face our kidnapper tapestry. Go back to be her. Make sure you are selecting the correct project, which is to construct to life heads and then click on this green clone or download button heading. Click on the icon copy to clear boss and then go back to your ah, away form yet and then click in here and peace next on pool from gear upholstery and you go and fresh the new project. As you can see, he has a name called Construct to had more live. That's and the description is construct to at our life. That's demo. And this is different from the earlier one, Which is how are we contains test heads. So now the if you don't see ready to be here he is. You could refresh and then this ready to do about 10 you'll be shown being on ready to be. Then you will see the, uh, build process starting. We just ignore Harris and those we are only interested in the, uh in the end, right process. So if you complete soon Meanwhile, you can go to your phone and knowing, too the, uh, built forget do. And then once it's ready, you'll be able to download here. Okay, Now is really so I refresh this three on eps and then here select the first fine click on it, an inkling on his star and he should start downloading. As you can see once it's finished downloading, please to install it and then you ask use you confirm early on the button he start. And once his finishing Soling, please open Now click on the first button. Sure, the nets and you will see your life at showing. So you should not going on this Bena Cities Life hat and great non libraries is, uh, against the hammer policy and any three on show into seizure at. But then and it's a share button life And you sure, so it's clean. Oh, thank single back. So that said congratulations. He has successfully implemented life ads into your constructive game. This answer is Listen, I will see you in the next lesson. Thank you for watching. 37. 36 intro sign apk: How does come back in the previous lesson? We created a project and then he alluded to be that have not come And um sorry the gallery to forget And, uh, he used forget to build the project into Ah Deborah A p a p a The Bible a PK is on you for testing. You cannot have a lot of these to go play. If you want to elaborate go play here. We need to Ah, do extra step. That is to use a key star and sign you a big Eva Then only you can, uh, get released. Build a PK. So in order to to sign your your project with the key star you need to absolute this key star to ah build Forget not come So how do we get this key star to get this kid star? We can create it using her program called Key tool and key to comes a Java. So we need to Eastern Java before we can generate a key star. So, in the next few lessons, if you will be see how to tell Java and use Ah, the key to generate Yogi Saw and subsequently to Avalon the key star too. Don't forget And then to use forget to sign your project and release and build a release. Good A BK. So I'll see you in nice lessons. Thank you. 38. 36a download java jre: Hello and welcome to the new resident. Ah, In this lesson in and also in the next few lessons to come, we will be doing Ah, getting ready to sign our a PK fire for release in order to be able to sign the A p k far for release, we need January key stall And you know that the general kissed all minute who download any is tall the Gabba key tour. So the first step is to install java before we can have access to the Iraqi who so in this lesson you down any style java runtime environment? I know that if you already have Java, you can skip this step. So open your browser and search for Don Jr E Java runtime environment. And frankly, on the real first result for me is the first results. And then I'm choosing Java runtime environment hit So Klay on a set the license agreement and then look for the Russian for your pre system mine is you in the 64 bit. So I will click and download this version. Jerry, you to 11 in those excessive for you see? So if you start downloading, sir and he requires to science. So if you don't have an account, create one now and discreet, create account and then issue you for your details. You're dis icky. Your details create a passport. His possible must have upper case in the gaze. At least one number and at least eight characters. Return the passport and then give your name and you can just in your phone you one hanging create, uh and address anything and then click on critical. And he asked you to tell your email. Elgon, Teary mu, Just take it King on your verification email and verifying your this Why is ready to continue and now you can Well, thank Teoh Idea Link. You can search for Donald. Yeah, you again. And then a 78 cents and take one more time. The version that is suitable for a machine And now you consigning you. Here you are. Count him. He made possible. And then you can see it has started a duality on the bottom left corner. So you stop here for this. Listen and listen will go through the installation process. See you next lesson 39. 37 installing java jre: Now that you have downloaded the installer for the Java Jerry, it is time doing started. So in a Donald's photo, you can see here your screen on it to start the installation process. Yes. And then he was Start the installation. He really insulted toe a d former fish Heidi for path. No need to change the folder Quick install. And now it is started installing, as you can see here. Ah, I would like to. And it The reason why we're in stone in Java is because Java comes have her to call key tool and we need the key to in order to January key stall. As I mentioned earlier that he start, he's used to sign the A P K foul for release. And so it is homeless done now and is give it a few more seconds and you can while waiting for any complete you can open up. How come online Soviet successfully installed Java? No that now if he were to type, then he created screen first. Even with Italian Java, all key to you will get no response because he will command line terminal and does not know where to find the Java wineries. So by default, the general binaries should be found in here. See Dr Program Files. So I'll hit over to my C drive program, files his 86 and look for Java. If you don't find it in here, you can do for the under folder. He's programmed fouls and it's here in Java. Holder. So what we do? Is he going on this? And this is a full of everyone, and they're being for the so meaning this path shall be copied this par regularly. Copy. They're going edges to the environment. Variables. So such for environment and click on the I. D. Added the system environment variables. Next, Clea R Michigan Ionia have on step be on environment variables and then go down to the water system. Variables. Great new, uh, no need to click new do for path and then clean. You already look at it and then here creating you. And then we're here. Just peace. Are you Jerry here? And then once you've done that movie up to the top Clear. Okay, be ok when one time and other. For these, an environment variable to be available to your command line, you need to close it and reopened again. Quick search for CND and then going on common problem. And this time he tests homework time by typing java. And we should get some response Any of you with a tacky too. He should also be getting some response. So congratulations here. Successfully install the Java runtime environment. It comes with the key to this is off for this medicine. We will continue in the next lesson. Thank you. 40. 38 generating keystore: Hello and welcome to this lesson. Today we are going to generate a key star. So before we do that, we need to create a folder where we are going to keep the far directly. Then they stop. And then we're going to create a new folder here. You forget it. And then I was typing the name off the voter. Okay? Still, and in this open common, come on 19 0 and go to your new folder. Which is honey there. Stop. And once they're in this folder, Okay, I security this common. Ah, I will put this command in downloadable results so that you can Donald in I a copy and paste into your tummy. Nice. Well, so I'm gonna copies Come on and in pieces year and then press enter now the name of the key stories test darkest are But you are welcome to give a different name from this If you prefer, then press enter and the name off The user name is test tst. So presenter And he asked you for a passport so it isn't password password will not be shown Although it is being recorded presente and entering at a time. That's impossible. And us, for your first and last names Press center ask you for organizational unit. Anything you like his presenter, the same organization again. You can time any tingling you like and every city just price. And why and why and why. And you are welcome to time your city. If you want that, I'm just going to keep it simple. So over here is a confirmed. He's just correct. He was correct. He was supposed to talk. Yes. Why? Yes, he has. Because it before is no to press enter. And then now he has generated your key store and any accident the new bus will again for the east or so press enter his presente And that is that is home is done. So now you can see a key store here and is a key saw. So that is so for this lesson. I'll see you in the next lesson 41. 39 upload keystore to phonegap: hello and welcome. Today we are going to upload the key start to be forget not come. So go ahead and log into your bill. Thought forget not come account. And then on the right hand side, he was seeing Icon Graziani, a king on any account. And then over here three times going on the center, one signing keys. And over here silly he android Ah, icon and then below it and dry it on at key and given in for this key. Call it this And then the aegis should be the same esta alias you use when you generated he all kissed. Or in this case, it is DST so key in just tst Exactly over here. And then I will here choose to file Thank you so far which is on the desktop selected frankly, an inkling on some G and you are done So your key store has been a Buddha successfully. Now this is all for this lesson and next I said we will continue if working using the key star. See you then. Bye bye 42. 40 signing apk file: Hello and welcome to another new lesson Today we are going to sign our A pdf file using the pistol which were uploaded to you Don't for in game not come. But before we consign, we need to unlock Nikki. So that's how they are not a keystone. Uh, Over here. Yes. Ah, but it's Ah, I can't be sure. Seddiqi so is locked to unlock it immediately. Just going on it and then we enter the password. This is a password we used when we created new key star Alia heading click some e e and has been seen a The icon has changed to the unlock state. Now, if you do not see this here, let's see if immediately after low game Julio count. This is why you see to get to the unlock base unit, go to this pattern here quickness and then click on any account and then over here, clear on signing keys and then cling on these to unlock. And if you want to Long Qi, you want a lot of key star again He just click again the same icon and then you long Aggie . Now another place you cannot The keys over here when you're about to sign yet. So let's say I want to sign this thing here so I couldn't rebuild home. And then over here, there should be an option do along the key. Sometimes you just show so it doesn't show. You can go over here and uses. Met it toe along. So we're here. You can bring on signing keys, and then over here is slow. Just make sure you said like the end right on a key key in the password. And Lisa Mickey just like it. And then you go back to us and in here you can clean rebuild home if you had. Morning. One key dental be, uh ah. Little drop down lease asking, selling whiskey Want to use But because we only have one keys Who? The drop down list ins and appear So that is how for his lesson. So you this bill that is created it will be the release in the next lesson. You download this release bill and he started on our handwrite. Your eyes. See you in the next lesson. 43. 41 another way to unlock: Hello. And welcome back to another lesson in this lesson. I will show you on the way to lock the key store and also the select. If you have morning one keys, you be able to select. So in this case here, even politically, update court Pulitzer's this thing will appear so in this thing a beer. You can select whiskey when they used to, uh, to sign your cook. So at a moment when I actually have the automatically hey, was able even know what he was saying? You keep the same but my body for he isn't saying he's any keys. So if he would rebuild how it would be signing with talk, uh, key that miss u b A. De about In order to signing with a special key, you need to select the key from here. So I'm just gonna let this finish booty. And now he didn't select the key. And a moment no kiss like that. So if you want to sign it with specific kissed are selected his star that you want in this case, huh is the unlocked gvc. If this keys waas long, he will see icon here. For example, if I will go back and look the key. He rembered longest key and go back, do my head and then, um ho here, Rene trying to review actually have the cook pull ifthis He will see that his lock. So this is what this is what I mean by be ableto a locket from this speech. So there are two ways to allow your case. Are one these? You've been a lot from here. Click on the and the police are not key star used to unlock it from here. That means from here who you can have it could pull it is and then clear on these celestial Akita you want to use first, as is, he is law. Then you cannot longer from here so clear on this and a key in your password and take Sammy Key. And then, um now says is hardly unlocking clear on this part immunity redux. Make sure you through the android version so he would not sign here. This baby Gaafar using this key so I'll stop here for these. Listen yes, I said you don't know this Release bill and in story on the and ready rice Souness, listen 44. 42 testing release build: Hello and welcome to another lesson. As you can see from the previous lesson Yes. Accessory built. He release PK far. And now we're ready to Donald Him started on our android device. So use your real android device. How use mine ho here, my android device over here. And then I'm going to Did he on my old fouls? These are all my olbg. I'm gonna just stall them. Yeah, I'm just going to only start all my old um, previous ses home construct to And then I'm going to go to my foot, Get and you know, before you get don't calm. And then I've already signed you. So if you have in signing, is resigning. And then I'm going to click on the live eggs, uh, wishing. And I'm going down with this the android version, which is to be signed with this test Keystone. So, Donald, discretion. And now the Donald has started, as you can see from here, So yes, completed downward. And now if I want to go and check in my folder all my Dallas I used by five many Joe T. J Oh, my God was have you can see I have those who d but news. Which was saying in the guys id's tests, I'm Almighty's and one release Bill Bishoo Assigning the, uh um key stall is we absolutely toe Who would get so the other ones who are and sign And this one is saying, if the release no sign of any So that's why the name is differently. It's at movies, so begin install is not just by double clicking on it going on, you star they open And now you can show the net And you're Lebanon Shoe show sometimes doesn't show. Maybe the know head of entry That is okay. All right, so is fine. The worries. So this Ah, conclusive. Listen, you have successfully installed the You have successfully signed the hey begin file with your kiss Tall and successfully Billy and Donald Antacid e. See you in the next lesson. Thank you. 45. 43 download for googleplay: hello and welcome again. The next thing I like to share with you is how to download the AP K foul to your computer so that you can use it to summit to go play. So the a big a file, he's who were here? Yes. You can see what's his finish building? He will be. There will be I icon button here this click on these two Donald the UK Far and the battle should begin, as you can see And you can see the name is at death's release And this epic if eyes for some meeting to, uh who go play star. So go Teoh for there. And this is the father you want to upload to play. So with that, we have come to the end of our lessons. Uh, has been a pleasure teaching you how to add a month s into your constructive games. And, ah, there will be a bonus structure after these in which I will be giving some free stuff away . So go ahead and wash the bonus stature. Have you this? I wish you all the best in your give development and hoped issue in another cost. Thank you so much for joining Is taking up this cause 46. 44 bonus: Hello and welcome to the bonus like chair. I would like to congratulate you on completing this costs for taking a cause. I'm going to give away my amazing Kindle e book rich East title Make money. We construct two games and this book is bundled together with the resource Is it far which you can download through you? Demi Along with this lesson, I also accompanying the book You can download my free act from Google Play Star have it is available on Google play And this link here which have included with this, uh that soon as well. So once again I wish to thank you for taking this cost And I hope to see you in my future causes. Thank you very much.