How to maximize the quality of your videos | Gabriel Ortolan | Skillshare

How to maximize the quality of your videos

Gabriel Ortolan, Illustrator & Animator

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4 Videos (10m)
    • Intro - what this class is about

    • Preparing the footage

    • Setting out the configuration

    • Summing it up


About This Class

This class is for everybody that makes video production for a living or just a hobby, whether a professional or a begginer. Here I talk about the pre-production, that can be done on Adobe After Effects, and the pos-production, that I recommend you do on Adobe Media Encoder, with the proper configuration. Honestly, I think the result of that process has the highest quality of various tests that I made and to me they work, and I hope that they work for you as well!





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Gabriel Ortolan

Illustrator & Animator

I graduated in Technology in Graphic Arts (almost the same as Graphic Design) by the Federal Technological University of Paraná (Brazil) and also completed a Post Graduate on Comics and a Post Graduate on Game Design. Right now I'm trying to improve my drawing skills. It's not only something I believe I'm good at, but also my passion, although still have a lot to learn. And by doing that I discovered another thing I love: animation. Well, in fact, tradicional animation. Check out ...

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