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How to master Customer Service

teacher avatar Victor Thornberg

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

6 Lessons ()
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Lesson 1: Get to know your customers

    • 3. Lesson 2: Always keep your customers in focus

    • 4. Lesson 3: Smile and always offer help

    • 5. Lesson 4: Learn everything and listen closely

    • 6. Final Thoughts

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About This Class


This class is all about learning how to give your customers a better experience which in turn will profit yourself. This class will teach you some tips to use while handling customers, everything from a simple smile to getting to know your customers. 

I have tried all these tips myself and it has improved my skills a ton.

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1. Introduction: hello. When welcomes my first class in my introduction media. In this little intro, I would just introduce my class, explain it and talk a bit about what you can expect at the close. I would also explain who I am and also what you will earn from using this knowledge that I'm about to share. So what is discussed? This is a class about customer service. Here we will turn out to give customers the best service possible in every situation. And who am I? My name is Victor, and I work both in the It's the worst in real life, so to speak, and also as customer service online. However, I have the most experience off I rather customer service. And what can you learn from taking this calls? Well, you will be able to give your customers a very good experience. You can get the company, you work for a better reputation, which means more customers and more profit. This, in turn, will most likely make it easier for you to get up a race. And, after all, happier customers also means happier manager, and that was sold from my introduction video. I hope he was think around watching the whole cost. As this is my first class, I hope for some feedback and that you would like to close. 2. Lesson 1: Get to know your customers: Hello and welcome to the first lesson, and this lesson is all about getting to know your customers. This is, in my opinion problem, the most important, especially if you work in a smaller city where most customers will be regulars. However, it is also eligible in bigger cities, since every store will always have some regulars. So this step is all about paying attention to the customers. One example is very basic, and it's about receipts. If you notice the one particular customer always wants a receipt, try to recognize this, and the next time he comes in, instead of asking if he wants it for the time time in a row, just say something like, And here is your receipt on it straight to him, doing it the other way around. This a bit more risk our since you can never yes, for away your receipt, without even asking and this shows to pay attention to re customers and give them the feeling that you actually care about them. I've done this for a long time and always received positive feedback for it. Another way to implement this is a bit more risky, and you will have together feel for a customer before I try it. However, if you are sure correctly, it will help. Tom, this is learning their names. That's going to call them by their names. I have done this. A told her off four times. So it's not something I do a lot. However, these four are now all at the store even more often than they were before. This allows you to say stuff like, Oh, hey, Jerry, how are you today? Instead of saying something generic like Hello, sir. And if you don't know their names, person wants to make it a bit more personal. Yakutia change your name. She changed your hello, sir, to something like I know, sir, how are you today? And these examples, especially those who names, needs to be done that constant that you think are susceptible to it. It is a bit risky. And that'll customers were like this to try to some customers that you think it will work great on. And if you do it on the right about customers, this will work out just great. And that's all for lesson one. I hope that you enjoyed it and you're working for my next lesson. 3. Lesson 2: Always keep your customers in focus: Hello. Welcome to my second lesson, and this lesson is all about always keeping our customers in focus. This tape is all about making customers feel special and prioritized, and this soon it's a customer, walks into the store or walks up to the cash desk. He or she should be pretty much the only thing you care about in the whole world. Some things you should never do it start talking to her coworkers or even the cult for a window, while our customers paying for this items etcetera and you need to learn the customer's always comes first because trust me, if you don't learn this, you will lose a lot of festivals. Nobody likes to go into a store and pay for something while basically being ignored or feeling like it's not a priority to you. Yes, practice ignoring distraction while you were handling and customer. And then we would point out some more obvious no nos. Never, under any circumstances, talk on the phone, be on the phone or computer at such a well helping customers. This is really obvious. Just don't do it. It is very disrespectful to our customers. And if you're helping a customer and a friend would walk in. Try to avoid talking to him or her. You can say hi if you want to, but nothing more. Really. You can wait. Don't tell you. Are you alone with your friend in the store? And if a coworker walks up to you and ask for help, then it over. This obviously depends on the situation. Sometimes you have to help. We'll always try to help the customer first and then go up your coworker, and that is my best advice. I would emphasize that a customer needs to feel the tea or she's your biggest priority in life. Never, always try to think about this, and when I do, I always get investor better customer experience. 4. Lesson 3: Smile and always offer help: hello and welcome to yet another lesson, and this lesson will be all about smiling and always offered to help. You have probably already heard about what big of a difference a simple smile can make, but I still worth mentioning either ways since it released. True, I always tried to have a smile on her face as a great and help your customer. And I'm not talking about some scary, be green yesterday gentle smile, which makes it seem a lot more friendly and easier to talk to. I mean, just ask yourself, Would you rather walk up to someone smiling or someone living very grumpy? The other tape is something situational. If you mostly only be done if you are not understaffed. It's all about offering the customer help with, for example, carrying out big items that they bought a record that they bought out to the car. And this will, of course, depend on where we work. For example, you might work at a hardware store where I items can be very happy, but you may work at a place where customers can pick up packages that is sent for online, and this is what I do I always offer more customers to have carrying out their packages at the slight sign of struggle. However, you can also offer to help if they just have a bunch of small item said they didn't want the plastic by for some reason. I mean, just help them if you make them a lot more likely to come back to your store, just trust me. Of course, this also depends yourself. If you know that you are physically able to help carry something, obviously us don't. But if you can, you should. This would be a great help rip off you the company on your customers. 5. Lesson 4: Learn everything and listen closely: Hello and welcome to lesson number four. This lesson is all about learning the system on listening very closely to all your customers. So try to learn everything about your store, about the products in the boat where they are, and about whatever devices you may use for helping the customer. This ensures that you don't end up wasting the customer's time by, for example, no, no, we were a certain product is Oprah perhaps don't know how to fix the car issues, However, of course, it's okay to not know everything. I mean, we're all beginners of one point issued feel massive pressure to learn everything in one day, but it should always try to learn more. In my opinion, this will help a great deal in ensuring that customers were well handled, unfeeling urge to choose your store over others. I mean, it's really us to help you to look like an expert. For example, let's say that you work in a store or sell TV's. Wouldn't it be great if you learn a lot about the most popular models, so you can help the customers with information and help them make us more choice? I mean, I think that would be awesome. So the next tip is to always listen to your customers. I mean, this is pretty straightforward, but it is self often overlooked. If a customer stores telling a story, it's very easy to get stressed and stop paying attention. However, this is a big mistake as the customer may feel embarrassed and the overlooked, if you notice, is that you don't care about the story at all. So try to look interested and actually listen to what it's saying. Don't stand there looking something else and going, Oh, whoa, etcetera. Of course there is a limited this. I mean, if you have a lot of customers wedding in line, there comes a point where you have to tell your customer that Javed up to next, however, don't make you feel unimportant and don't brushing off right away. 6. Final Thoughts: Hello and welcome to the last segment off my class. These are my final thoughts. And I would start off by saying thank you. Thank you all for listening to my clothes. I would really appreciate if you could give me a review and some feedback both negative and positive on what I need to improve on or what I did. Good. Since this is my first close enough scale share and I will probably released more classes if this one is well received, I know some more tricks about customer service, so that could pop up in later classes. And they also know my way around programming. So that could be another topic I couldn't dive into. If you won't be, do and I hope this girl's helped you get better at customer service and maybe even give you pay. Race the facts again, everyone. And that's it for me. For this time