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How to manage Strong Emotions - Mind Management Guide

Aman Varma, Personal Development Blogger / Author

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12 Lessons (51m) View My Notes
    • 1. Introduction to Mind Management

    • 2. Closing Energy Loops

    • 3. Journaling

    • 4. Master Mind Forced Optimization

    • 5. Cognitive Reinforcement

    • 6. Buffer cognition

    • 7. Effect of environment on your mind

    • 8. Understanding the Nature of Mind

    • 9. Using Calendar beyond mainstream applications

    • 10. State Management & Default Setting

    • 11. Minimalistic Thoughts, Goals and Life

    • 12. Mute Thoughts Technique


About This Class

You're nuts if you don't learn to manage the mind!   Of course, being "nuts" is pretty much defined as having an unmanaged mind.  Therefore, it seems the question is only "how nuts do you choose to be?"  (I recommend as little as possible!) - Buddha

You have decided to change your life, but you have not yet determined how exactly you want it to change. Or you have tried to change your life, but you seem to be stuck and nothing you try to do works out. Only wanting to change things is a wishful thinking with which you do not get results.

When you plan what you want to change in your life, you will determine what you have to do to actually make the planned change and most importantly you have to change your mind to get results. First you have to figure out how you have to change your mind and with what means you will accomplish this goal. You have to consciously prepare yourself for the changes and you have to reprogram your subconscious mind by repetitions of how it should function to get it in line with your consciously planned changes..

You know about the Management of companies. You might have or plan to visit a Business Management School, to get to know how that is done. Then there is the Management of larger households. You manage your houshold, and you might manage your own company. But did you ever think about the most important you should manage? Your mind! Before everything else you should manage your mind, as everything you do then will be build on Mind Management and be much easier. 

We do not learn to manage our mind at school and not from our parents, as they have never learned it.

Art of Mind Management Our mind is the singular most important factor determining the quality of our life. It has the potential of being our greatest comrade or worst adversary. If the mind is successfully controlled, it becomes our best ally. But if we permit it to run amuck, it steals our inner peace and undermines all our productive endeavors. 

Who this course is for:










What you'll learn

Understand your mind

Control the monkey mind

Gain emotional stability

Improve emotional understanding

Become more grounded

Organise thinking

Increase producivity at work

Increased focus

Increased confidence

Clear up mental mess

Mental hygiene

Improve self image

Resolve unsettled emotional issues

Program your subconscious mind

Make better decisons

Improve energy

Strongly handle life's ups and downs

Gain Emotional strength

Improved goal setting

Trauma release

Mental clarity and focus


1. Introduction to Mind Management: you know what's going on? Mine on one. But my here and welcome to this course. This course is about giving you lot of conference, giving you lot off success, giving you a mental peace, giving you a sense off grounded nous by introducing you to a lot off techniques that will help you to organize and structure and maintain your thoughts, your emotions and your life. All right, So, uh, we are human beings and we experience a Lord off things in alive, some good things, some bad things on our certain times. We don't have so much ability toe really give time to process on the thinking process, All the ideas process, all the emotions are the traumas that we go through. But if we use these techniques which are highlighted in this course, you will be able to really process them and then file them in your brain. Very organized way. Okay. So as you know, mine management has being one of the most most searched question on Internet. On Google, people are asking How can I manage my mind in companies, people know how to manage their work. But people don't know how to manage themselves okay, so incorporates in businesses. Many people are demanding the trainers and coaches to give our trainings and sessions on how people can manage their minds. So this is not only going to help you in your career and profession, it is also going to help you in your spiritual life, in your relationship and in your post for tabla player. Okay, so go through the course, enjoy the course. Do the exercises on before we begin. I just want to tell you this that if you don't apply all their techniques and strategies shared in the schools, if you don't take action on this, you'll be left alone in the sea off mediocrity. Okay? The only difference between successful people and mediocre people is that successful people are really greater. Taking huge action, they have trained themselves toe apply one day alone. So if I am telling you to write something, don't you do it. If I'm telling you to our force the video and do some exercise, do it. Okay? Don't just engage yourself in pass a bloody That would be the worst mistake that you can do in your life. On the purpose off the scores won't be fulfilled. We won't get the return on investment on the scores if you don't do any exercises, okay? So do that. I may also give you some whole work that you need to do. So do that on DSI. The results for yourself. 2. Closing Energy Loops: so energy. Nub's now. This is a very, very important and interesting contact that I had come across a few years ago. On the moment I got that and permission, my life changed. Okay? I'm not joking. It completely changed. And I was so compared on, I felt a compulsion to repeat that. That exercise off Oh, energy loops again and again. In fact, in my calendar, I actually shag. You'll I remind her every single day. Just let me show you every single day. You can see it on my calendar. I have energy lose. Oops, Right. Energy loops. Really? 10 PM I'm reminded that I need to pickle time on just close my energy loops. So what? RM energy loops while energy loops are all the things that are pending or incomplete. Okay, So for example, you have laundry to do what? You have not done it yet. Okay, You are given some commitment to someone and you have no full fit. You have taken project under yourself, and you have not completed it. There are uncertain things in your life with your partner or you had a fight with someone and you just broke up without clearly communicating with each other. Okay, So anything which is incomplete, okay, are the energy loops which are draining your life and making your mind go crazy. Okay, so what I want to do right now grab a piece of paper and a pen, okay? Or maybe your journal on, just write down all the things that are incomplete in your life. Okay? All the things that are incomplete in your life after you have done that, it will take about 15 to 20 minutes. You might have a lest off 10 things. 20 things are 50 things. There doesn't matter. Right? Them or down anything that despite missing, killed or anything that is incomplete. Write it down and come back. Okay. Welcome back. So now what I want you to do is Miko Star Mark next to the thing next to the tart or action which is incomplete. Make a star mark for which you can take some action and completed. Okay. So, for example, or my launder is nor done okay. And I have someone things unsaid, things, but my partner before I broke up. OK, so I will just bought them a star. If I think I can take some action on it. Okay. On all the things that remain where you have not marked a star, what you have to do is you have to consciously really enforce to yourself that you need to let them go. Okay? Just just let it go. No problem. Okay? Just let them go. Let it go. Repeat to yourself. It's OK. I let it go. It's OK. I let it go and really feel it over really field. So if you think that you that the project that was incomplete you cannot do anything about it, this little girl. But if you think that you can do something about it, take action. Okay. So before you move ahead to the next video on this course, I want you to take action on all the things that you have marked the star. Okay. And just consciously let it go. Okay? Sex. Um, 30 minutes aside, and just repeat yourself All the things that you want to let go, can you will see crossed. It's changing your energy on your mind. A chimp inside your mind will become very, very, very, very calm. Okay, Vehicle. So one thing that I would like to make sure is that there are two kinds of people in life. Okay, One who purchased this amazing course. Okay, They go through the entire course, and then they don't take any action. Okay, That they just keep seeing all of you after video to complete all the lectures, the thing that they are on getting the lard, But they get nothing in life. Okay? And then there's a second kind. Like you and me. May we buy the course? Okay, we go through the lectures, and then we take action on every single lecture. We do all the exercises and therefore very reap real results in our life. Okay, So don't do passive learning. Do active learning. If you don't do these exercises, there wouldn't be any return on the penny that you have spent on the scores. Okay, So take huge action and see me in the next week. You 3. Journaling: Did you see the movie? Infinity bore Avengers Infinity War, you might know, observed that tennis Waas telling that universe has finite amount of energy. The universe has a finite amount of resources, right? And that is why he wanted to destroy all many people. Okay, just reduce the population so that the new words can sustain longer. Now, this is the case with your mind, OK, your mind is the universe and you have limited amount off cognitive bandwidth. This, like you have banned, were top of website or the Internet plan. You have cognitive language. That means that you have a limited amount of energy to process starts and emotion and all the information that you peek in your system through your pipes centers. Okay. So as the cognitive byword fizz limiter, we want to make sure that that band word is used for some productive books so that we can be successful and happy in life. Okay, on. But that's nor the keys. Okay. Our mind is like a chimp. Just rooms around every single b every there he wants to go. Okay. So what can we do in orderto take control of the cognitive burn? But that we spend each day. This tool is fantastic. It's scored generally. Okay, Just writing or the earth hearts every single day in a piece of paper in your journal do fantastic things for you. It is the best way you can organize your tarts. All the towards that you have to order day for example I have starts off relationship. I have torts off my business in the current position. Okay then I have thoughts of the business and five years from them. And then I have taught for my health. I have tarts for the courses that I want to make and I have tarts for my friends and I have talked for my family. Then I have starts for my or learning. Okay. I enrolled myself in so many different courses that I have harmed bridge off ideas that I want to implement. OK, so a lot of activity is going on my brain. So how do I make sure that it is all well organized so that I give time to eat and everything with are getting overburdened? Okay. And the only thing that I found out Waas journalist, because it frees up your Haram Okay just income. Like in phones and computers. We have limited amount off Gramm, which is used to process information. Okay, that that is how our brain works. So when you write down everything that is on your mind, you will feel very lightheaded on. You will actually see your mind on the piece of paper. Then you can organize water as good porters nor than you can prioritise ERT, and you can do a lot of stop it. But the basic idea is just empty out. Do a mental daily or a piece of paper. Just warm it. Everything that is on your mind and then choose one or two things from the list and start doing them in your life. Okay? This is the best way to empty your brain and then organize it properly. Now, this is something similar to the drovers and desks that we have in our office. OK, if your desk is really cluttered, okay? All the files are messed up and the flowers are full. Everything is just messed up. Then you wouldn't be able to work after shaking. Okay. When you organize your draw, your book place, you can work more efficiently and That is why journaling is a great tool for your mind to function properly. Okay, so how do you do journal? Well, there is no formal. Okay, if I give you a structure than it is possible that everything that that is in your mind does not come up. OK, so it's best to use just a blank piece of paper and write down anything that comes to your mind. Okay, on How many times do you want to do generally? Well, it depends upon you. I like to do it every single day before I live to my office. OK, Every single day I wake up, I do some meditation, breathing, yoga walk, and I do some stretching, stretching. Then I do some contemplation work on my business. And then I do some journal e. I just put out everything that is on my brain on that piece of paper, it can be emotionally can be large. Okay, so this was a more journaling And how it is a great tool for you to manage your mind. I will see in the next video 4. Master Mind Forced Optimization: so mastermind in my experience, has been one of the greatest technique that I have used in order to maintain and manage and organize and inspire my mind. Oh, when I was depressed in my younger age, the only way I could get more division and get positivity in my life was true. My mastermind group and what is the must win group? Well, it is just a group off people who are very ambitious war, very energetic, War very positive, who are on their part. They have a vision to dominate on when they come together at one single place to help each other by sharing their wisdom and giving advices. Two other people in the group. So I have a mastermind off five people with my four friends. It is a very powerful technique that I came across in think and grow rich by Napoleon him, So you should have a mastermind group for yourself. So how do you conduct a mastermind? Well, it is like a weekly meeting or monthly meeting, or it can go for like, a quarterly meeting if you are not very are tight on your schedule. But it is a basic idea that on a regular interval. You have to meet people who can who can give you a clear direction in your life. We go through life, the face, many ups and downs. We go through a lot of trauma. We go through a lot of stress. But ultimately what we need to do is you need to organize and clear our minds so that we are focused on our vision. So Mastermind is actually a type off forced optimization for your brain. It forces you Toby, grounder and stay in line with your vision. So what I want you to do is write down on the names off 3 to 4 people who are really ambitious in their life. We're going after the visions who are very positive and will always be a source off encouragement for you. So pause a pause the video, take out a journal and write down 4 to 5 people and then just invite them and shared the idea off masterminding with them. And if they are open to where you can have your mastermind vaguely meeting or monthly meeting A according to your needs. Okay, so I hope this exercise helps. I will see you in the next video 5. Cognitive Reinforcement: so public, every enforcement, Okay. Oh, it is a natural tendency to keep repeating certain thoughts over and over again. This is what overthinking is Now if you just observe your mind for even 10 minutes, then you will come to know that your mind is only repeating the things that have already been gone. That means the things of the past. Or it keeps imagining something off the future. It is never in the moment, so your mind can never function in the moment. So all you're thinking is just a reinforcement off the past or of the future? No. What does this have to do with mine management now? This is a very powerful technique that I have recently come across, maybe three months ago and I'm using it and it is really fantastic. What you have to do is you have to taken tool off the cognitive reinforcement that is happening with you all the time. Okay, so the reason that you took the scores mind management is because at some level you are not very in control of your mind. You are fed up with your mind. You are maybe irritated and frustrated with how your mind is broking. You're not really satisfied. It is not giving you pleasurable experiences, right? So the cognitive reinforcement, we can take that in control. What you have to do is here is the excess. You might want to write it down, make a note in the journal or something. What you have to do is whenever you are not concentrating on something, okay are not consciously thinking about something. Then you have to start using thought loops. Okay, So what are thought Lips? Well, it is something similar to affirmations. Okay, these are short freezes that you keep repeating to yourself again and again on a loop until you are focusing on something else. Okay, So, for example, if I'm in my office and I'm walking on something, maybe writing a book, okay, I'm writing my book. So that time I'm very focused and concentrated. So no off cognitive reimposed towards the terror of past or future can come into my mind because I am so engaged in that activity. Okay, so the problem becomes taco, are actually comes in tow, existence on live in. I'm not focused on something. So So tell I'm eating my Ford. I'm taking a walk. I'm taking my shower or I'm just sitting there playing video games or doing nothing. Okay. At that times, the problem arises. I either start off thinking off the past traumas or of the future imagination. So I was just catch myself in that moment. Okay, complete awareness and I will switch those towards the tart loops. One of the hard truth that I like to use most often is like I love myself. I love myself. I love myself. I love myself. Now the atonality off this freeze should also be very soft should also be very inspired. Okay? And just keep repeating it in your mind again and again. So it is just a better option for you to insert off thinking and repeating all those past traumas or future fantasies. You are just using affirmations. So it is almost impossible for our minds to be talked less okay. It is the function of the mind to produce thoughts, right? So instead off using the old negative, non yielding talks, we just use some tarts that are more powerful and those which will help us in our life. I hope you get this exercise when I want you to do is before moving to the next video. Just close your eyes for five minutes and just keep repeating one certain tart over and over again. So when you will find that you your energy will be maintained, Okay, you won't get exhausted very easily, nor mentally nor physically. Energy will increase. Our focus will increase brain for Will renews on. You will just be off positive person on the best benefit. Igor Promet Force This that I became. I became very busy, grounded myself. Image became so solid, dark my behavior changed when confidence changed. My entire life changed just because off tart looks. If you have seen our TV Siegel suits then and you will see the Harvey Specter character. He's so confidence or dominant. Always very assertive, very clear, very grounded. Okay, so we're doing anything. What kind of self dog does he have that himself? Does he ponder upon the things that are born barred? Of course not. Okay, he's just focusing on winning. So it might be the case that every single Dave and he's not doing anything. He just repeats to himself some positive thoughts, instead, off letting the random negative thoughts come into his mind. I hope you enjoyed this video I've been seeing in the next one 6. Buffer cognition: I'm sure you might have come across this. That sometimes when they intended a slow Internet Internet is very shooting the videos on you to take a long time to play. And the dome for that long time to play is what we call us buffering. Okay, so, similarly, we have a buffering in our brain. This is Carlos called negative buffering. Okay, So the idea is that we go through life taking in lawful information, putting our Lord off information, doing the things that we do from digestion, toe communication, toe taking actions through taking risk and everything. We lured a lot of information not prey on. Sometimes we need rest. Okay, so this idea is that you have to take cognitive rest sometimes. Okay. Can be weekly, can rebuild. It can be monthly if you feel exhausted. Okay. If you feel tired, if you feel you dated, if you have brain fog, if you get irritated on small, small things, like a slight mistake off someone makes you go in arts, then these are some science that you need to take a bow for time. Okay. You might wanna go on vacation, but what that does it kills your mo mentum in business. Okay, So moment, um is a very important thing for you to maintain if you want to achieve great heights. So what? I suggest toe people to my clients and what I do myself is this I take one are okay, just one r I go out into some garden into some park into some words where it is absolute silence. And I just sit there, OK? And I breathe deep breathing techniques and now I have the energy really process my information. Okay, So if you have a lot of shit going on in your brain, you might want to consider this the stake of woman breathe our breathing breathe are bringing because as long as you warned and then come back and then use the journaling technique you can journal physically or you can journal it in your mind. Okay, Just clear out your mental desk in your mind and then focus on one thing at a time. This is ward buffering. Cognition is all about Okay. You need time to before. And if you are not giving yourself any time to both are, Then you will face a serious crash off your rental website. Okay? I hope this helps. I would see the next for you 7. Effect of environment on your mind: No. This technique that I'm sharing with you may sound very unrelated to you, but it has actually direct contact with mind management. Okay, so it's it's called just simply arranging your environment, organizing your involvement, keeping your environment, Lee. Now, this has been my postal observation, and I have read about it from the scenes off him. The mystics. Okay, in the mistakes they say, like in India. We have saying that if you are, if your mind is not organized, your work will not be organized and your house will not be organized. So it goes the other way around. Nice. Well, it came into minor this when I wasn't depression a few years ago. My wardrobe was really messed up. My room was messed up. My entire house was messed up because I was living like a batsman arrived. So Oh, when I was depressed, my environment wasn't very clean. It was shabby or spooky. My clothes were 50. I was grooming properly. And so it Sure the impact on my work. My vote wasn't very organizer Northern, very well structured. But when I started to clean my environment, I started toe clean my clothes. I started to groom properly. I started to take care of my surroundings. All the things were kept where it should have been. I just cleaned my room and I felt a serpent sense off clean meanness in my brain at that time. So what happens is that when you are cleaning your environment, you are you are a forming your subconscious mind that you other clean human being that you are organized human being. So when you organize your wardrobe, like all the T shirts are on one side, all the trousers, all the short, everything is very structured. Your brain, your subconscious mind, believes that this person believes in organization. So rather just overwhelming this person with lot off troubles and a lot of information, I must organize the information as well. So you start to clean your room, your mind starts to that organized. Okay, this is from a personal experience. I am sure that this will help you. Okay, so just take care of your own moment. Make a teen and your bringing nearly much more organized. No, it's a moments. And if your desk is messed up okay, nothing is properly filed. All the papers are here. There are your clothes, darling. Here and there. How can you think in that environment it's impossible to work on her cluttered desk when you organize your desk, you actually feel like walking. You get a fresh perspective on where you should start walking. Now, what are the thing that you have to do? Okay, so before you go, I heard in the score for this is the last lecture. Before you go, I heard with your life, just be one or two are and start cleaning your on warming your best, and the results will be on me. Okay, so do this exercise. 8. Understanding the Nature of Mind: After a lot off training and hard work, I have developed a muscle in my brain, which is the observational muscle. Okay, I observe everything around me on. I observe what's going on inside me and I have came up with some north and I want to share with you today that will help you to better understand your mind. Okay, so let's see the nature off mine, OK? It's always clearing activity nonstop by playing memories, fantasies or analysis. OK, your mind doesn't do anything and stroll off just repeating memories. Okay, Meter off fast fantasies, eternal future or and laces, which is off current. Okay, so all activities in your brain can be divided into three parts past, present and future. It cannot do anything beyond these three dimensions. Okay, So your mind will either play past memories nonstop or it will either play future fantasies nonstop or it will play cordoned, senile use and analyzing. Okay, it will analyze everything that is in the moment. So as your brain doesn't have anything else to do, it will do these three things because you are not aware of this three things You think that your brain is a problem. Okay, that deal talks is problem. And you want to run away from their hearts. After so much of the value of evolution, we have developed this ability to think animals don't have the ability to think So why do you want to get rid off? The only thing that we have gained after so much off evolution, Frank. So just understand that it is the job off your mind to create talks. All that. So what you have to do instead is you have tow maintain. You have to detach. You have toe. Just remove the identity off your attachment with the talks. So it would look something like this that your talks are going on over here. And you are over here. You're watching your thoughts. But you are not identified with them. And that is why you remain unaffected. That the and and then you know what kind of thoughts they will be. OK, there There can only treat their types of thoughts. Last remedies, future friend, This is our president analyzes when you understand there are only three types of thoughts. You will be detached from it. You won't let them border you anyway. Okay? so moving. I heard. What's the second point? It clings to miseries or memories that cause pain doing. So it report reinforces things intense trauma on yourself that further amplifies and tox if eyes old rules and that grammar doesn't even exist. In reality, it is just a memory. So if you are fired up, if you're infatuated with the China traumas our boss, Stevens, and just understand that it is the game off your mind, tricked will keep repeating itself again and again. So you just have to detach. All right, it can our stop doing okay. It cannot stop doing. It's a better luck is that we are said to be human beings, but we are always human doings. All right, so you just have to understand that it just wants to do something 24 into seven. Okay? It is moving like an anxious mother was an fortified bitch. So understanding that your mind always wants to do everything anything for any port, into seven, even in your dreams, then you have to understand that How useless Incorporate. Okay, just do that yourself. Does their touch yourself on the pressure on your brain on yourself on your soul will be decreased by a lot of degrees. The next thing is that it is under Lapid. Your mind is not really happened. Okay? Because it doesn't work when you want it to work. It does not give you pleasures, OK? Minus useless Only when you are not taking control of it. So you have to take control of it. It loops only what you have allowed to look. No, there is no stopping. Okay, So Oh, I like to share with you a story. Oh, when I was, like, 16 17 years old, ways I had a crush on a girl on I used to consciously do those torts again and again in my brain because it felt so good. Okay, it felt so good Imagining all the things that I would do with hard Okay, All the future things, all the fantasies. I chose the thoughts and I looked it again and again, combining with some background music from my airport. I felt really good. So it because my contest wise who repeat the torching in again. And it was also my consciousness conscious choice to repeat all the lost memories, the bad ones again and again My mom left me when I when I was dying. So it was also my conscious tries to just repeat it again and again and gain a lot off being promise. Okay, So you have to understand that all the things that are going on in your mind is some work. Your choice just did Stack choice. Okay, Just ditch the choice, and instead use what we call as tart loops that you will see. And maybe the next video. You might have already gone through it. Okay, so just choose some useful freezes instead of dwelling on the past or in the future. Okay? Now, this is very interesting, but in the moment off thoughtlessness, it disappears and takes away all its baggage. Okay, I'm a repeat that again In moments off heartlessness, it disappears And peaks of the all of its baggage is when you if you have ever cried being thoughtless, you will know what I'm trying to say. Mindful less is a form of toplessness. That means that you are completely in the present moment. There is not even a single toward that runs through your mind just like that. Okay? Just like that. Not a single talk and you will see that there are no heart. There is no brain. So when you are heartless, your brain doesn't exist on all the baggage that you carry on with yourself. But also create a me in a second on becoming thoughtless. It's really, really difficult. Okay, When I started doing it, I couldn't go maximum to Prusek games. Okay, Just two seconds off. Tortoise nous and then important. Baca. Yes. So what? I tried as I challenged myself. Toe go. Total us only for three seconds. Okay. Only for three seconds after three seconds I heard I thought I would go back and do the three seconds looking. I would keep debating it. And when I mastered the three seconds, I'm going to five seconds. And now I can be taught Lis for a minute, and it feels so good. Okay, It feels like I'm in like it feels complete excesses. No talks and who bring no baggage. Your mind is managed. Okay. If your mind is not there or will you manage Nothing to manage, right? So that it was an interesting observation. I hard. So that was it. I guess the talks are very advanced would that I would not like to share in the schools. So these were some few mines this world the nature off your mind. If you understand your mind, you convert a manager right? If you understand your employees, then you can manage that. If you understand your partner, you can manage them. If you understand yourself, you can manage yourself. When you understand your mind, you will be able to manage it. So this was the nature of mine and I multi in the next video. If you like this video, don't forget to invite your friends toe just enrol For this course, it would be a green. Create help. I've been seeing the next for you. 9. Using Calendar beyond mainstream applications: previous videos, you might have observed that I use the calendar up a lock. Okay. And it makes sense to me first. I used to write everything in my journal. Okay, even the to do list, I usually I used to write in my journal Mark. Recently, like Uruguay discovered the power off the calendar. I scheduled everything that is there does important to me in my calendar. Okay, I even shadier North's in my calendar. For example, if I am going through some period, of course. Okay. Or I'm reading some book. Take, for example, I'm reading a book on the Chimp Paradox, which is a mine management book You must create. Okay, I'm willing to marry rocks, and I come across something that that is like, very genius. And I think twice a guard them tonight I need to remember this and I need to just revise this again and a team. So what I do is I think that note I type it in my calendar, and I should you lied weekly or monthly as poor my requirement, and I get a notification saying that court can It just triggers something in my mind. And I'm back with my very glorious vision. OK, so it's a very good tool. You need to use calendars not only for share dealing. Your appointments and meetings were also for share. Dealing your self inquiry time, meditation time, energy loops, some important norms that you want to remember for the rest of your life. For example, I read a book, the richest man in Babylon. And they have a saying that you should always be yourself forced. Okay, that is a very valuable piece. Offer advice when it comes to managing your finances. So that was something that I never in my life I wanted to forget. Okay, So why shared Hewlett in my calendar, it's should build on every fifth off every month. Okay? And it never stops. It never stops because I want to remember that shirt for my and Dan life, and it will never stop. It will keep reminding me every month on fifth date that you need toe set some amount of money aside for yourself. Okay, So use the power of calendar. Just don't make it very, very small. Very limited by only fixing the meetings and apartments. You can do it all things with the calendar. Okay, So use the calendar. It is a people to manage your mind. 10. State Management & Default Setting: another very important thing that I would like to share with you. When it comes to mind, Management is your state management. Where do I mean by state? Well, state is your emotional state, your mood, your wide okay on. We have to manage that in order to manage our mind. Okay. Your state directly affect your mind. So what is state control? State control is the idea that no matter what happens around you or inside you, you will remain calm. Okay, Totally calm and collected. Okay. You will keep your composure. So for that I will give you a few specific exercises. Okay. Forster's cold showers. Okay. Take world showers. It does not only increase your energy and confidence, but it also gives you an opportunity to crane yaar deport, setting off state management. Okay. See it controlled. So now what you have to do is when you enter the cold shower. When you are under the cold shower, make sure your jaw is relaxed. Okay? You don't have toe go in the courtyard and be like glue. Okay? You don't have to make any official gestures or any body moment. Okay? You just have to go inside Steve. Very gone and unaffected like nothing has happened. Just let the water rennes you throughout. Okay, Let the waterfall on every part off your body. But don't make any official gestures or veered songs, okay? Just stay there. Very calm and collected. Breathe very deep from the belly. And this will give you an unfortunate digital pre in your state control muscle. So if something bad happens in your life, Okay, some trauma happens in your life and emotional trauma. At that time, it would be very helpful for you to control your anger, your frustration, your irritation or your depression. OK? And when you are in control of your emotions tax the moment when your mind can actually, punk. So before you manage your mind, you have to learn to manage your state. Okay, So this was one exercise to control your state. Other is off course exercises. Okay. When you woke up in a gym, I see people like they left doubles, and they're like, uh uh, OK, I know it's painful. I know it's difficult, but they're making all sorts off. Sound and energy is directed through that sound. Okay, we are lifting weights. We are gaining more energy. So we have toe take out that energy. It's understandable to shop. But if you want to learn this amazing art of state control and you have to learn to lift weights without any expression on your face, Okay, so it doesn't matter if someone backstab too. If someone you know, Cruz some F bombs on your face, you should be unaffected, just like that. Okay, You official muscles should be very relaxed. And it is also a sign off higher status. If you see people who are very who have ah, high starters in society, you will see that they are always common electric. They are in control off off their own state off their own mood. They don't like the cat down the road affect the mood. Okay? They don't let their boss or their mom decided how they should feel in that moment. Okay, so take control of your state. All right? So I hope this exercise heads for you to control your state. Now it comes to before setting. So what is the force sitting there before? Sending is the state you are in most often. Okay. So, like in computers or in mobile phones. We have a factory settings button. Okay. When we click that all the same things that we have messed up with comes back to 34 setting . So you have it before setting off your state. Okay? It can be over here. Can your here. So if you want to take your state natural straight from year to hear, you have toe continuously treating yourself these techniques that I shared with you right now. And after a while after you have crossed, like 90 100 days, it becomes your D for second. So any exercise you do any practice that you take, whatever you do that you learn from this course is to Stewart for 9200 days so that it becomes your before it. Second, once you are in a fantastic straight all the time you're feeling confident you are very enthusiastic about life and that becomes your D for accepting. Guess what will happen to your brain. What will happen to your mind? You will always have Was the positive talks okay, Not 100% time, But 99% of the time you will have positive, enthusiastic, challenging talks, okay? And by before your mind will be managed. Okay. So I hope you like this video. Thank you for enrolling in this course. 11. Minimalistic Thoughts, Goals and Life: I work in white. We just adopt minimalism. Okay, Uh, now, minimalism is not only about the murdered for nature you have or the limited close to where it is also about the limited tasks you have in your mind. Okay, So for example, I've wear the same clothes. Everything believe they have seemed colored T shirt of the same colored parents. And I own very materialistic things. Okay, just because it doesn't my word. My mind keeps my mind here. I know when I make up tomorrow what I have to wear. Okay? So why don't waste any time in deciding or Children, Okay? The thing is that even my goals in life are very minimalistic. Okay? I don't want to do it. There are only few things that I want to do. And I'm very focused on back just because there are a few things. If I give you our to do list off 50 things, you can art be very organized and productive because if they're a problem occurs you your attention, you go there and this thing that right now will mess up and the third thing will depending and it will be a mess. OK, so be very minimalistic in your thinking as well. Okay, When you have limited gold and you're focused on them, your hearts will be minimalistic because you will be thinking only off those things. And other things weren't matter. But you won't have time to think of other things. So minimalism in your wardrobe, in your foot nature in your tasks in your life, in your relationship. Okay. In your goals? No. How about relationships? How can you maintain minimalism? Okay, just stay connected. The people who will support you in your life cut off oxygen people. Uh, stop wasting time. The people okay, They invite you. Come or have a drink or something. Just say low, okay? You don't have to go everywhere. You have to be very minimalistic. You can decide that on Sunday. I will go with them over here. Okay. Rest of a beak. I am in my zone. I'm walking on my vision. On that way, your mind will be much more organized. No, I I have hard Or during the bunny. Very Oh, trending coach on energy saying that the more people you haven't like, the more energy you distribute them. Okay, So if I have many people in my life. I have to pay attention to everyone. OK, So instead of focusing on my thing or insert for questioning, focusing on one relationship with one person, my attention is divided into everyone. My energy is divided into everyone on that creates a lot of mess. You have to store more files in over here, which is a tactic Dusk. So it naturally makes sense. The minimal minimalism equals too well organised. Okay, If you have when we want, then you work or something, like little have small connections, but have high quality connections. Okay, One genius is always better than 100 intention people. Okay, so that was live a minimal life, and you will be much more organized in your life. 12. Mute Thoughts Technique: So if you are having, like, a mental diarrhea, thoughts are just running while in your brain. Then I have this technique that might be useful for you. Now I have discovered it myself for myself. And I don't know how useful it might before you but forced the loss and sharing our technique with you. That might help you. OK, so this is what I like to use. Okay. So if I find myself that I'm running and running and running, what I do is I mute my torts. Okay? If you if if you pay attention, your thoughts are made up off or you and visual OK or you're in video. So, like the torch school on running and running, I just moved them. Okay, then you big over the wise from your talks. Okay. When you do that, the talks no longer have any effect on you. Just white. Okay. Close your eyes. Cash in as you close your eye. Some thought we could come up and then there thought comes off. Just muted. Okay, let the video plea. Just mute the audio and you will see that its impact really reduces at least this This technique has worked for me, and I used it many times when there is a critical voice in my heart, just muted, okay and the game is done, Then I could focus myself on my part and move her.