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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

7 Lessons (20m)
    • 1. Welcome!

    • 2. My Story

    • 3. Breathing Hack!

    • 4. Relaxation Techniques

    • 5. Find a New Hobby

    • 6. Sleeping Well

    • 7. Laugh, Laugh, Laugh

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About This Class

Having anxiety can make like more difficult and uncomfortable. It's hard to know what best to do to compare anxiety so to ease the pain and remain in a peaceful state. I for one have had a long personal battle with anxiety for over 20years. However, I have learned many basic methods and strategies that are not commonly spoken about. I have helped allot of my friends and family members with these techniques and the results have been very positive. 

I feel a few of these simple strategies can help turn the tide on your anxiety and help promote a more peaceful mindset. It will give you back control and allow you to heal 


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Matthew Andersen

'Helping others win'


Mycoach is an online coaching practice that focuses on helping clients with Business, Health and Life Coaching needs. The Mycoach brand has started as a YouTube Channel and has grown significantly by providing free coaching content for varies topics and trends.

Mycoach has grown across all social media platforms and continues to provide quality coaching through one-one skype across the globe.

Due to the high demand the Founder, Matt Andersen decided to leverage the power of video and online courses to package the best knowledge up and have it available on demand.

The goal for Mycoach is to have growing courses for all client needs and for success to be fast-tracked through enrolling to a Mycoach Course.

To your success,
Matt Andersen
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1. Welcome! : Okay, guys. Welcome, Teoh. This awesome calls how to manage your anxiety. So glad to have you with me. My name is meant, and I'm gonna take you through, basically broken it down into sort of 10 lectures and gonna explain different strategies, techniques, helpful hints and ways to essentially help you with your anxiety to manage it. 2. My Story: So let one. My story. So basically, I wanted to go through Moscow remark, background with exact and essentially Trott and give you guys an understanding off where it has played a role in my love. How I was able to, I guess, found a way to manage very well to today very, really have it as a so my story started with anxiety back women in the early years when I was quite young, probably 6 to 7, that started feeling those feelings that you do with exactly which is not great. It's uncomfortable feeling, and it was coming on kind of Lockley State, probably from over thinking worrying about shooted themes whenever growing up at school. But as I kind of went through the years, it started become a bit more pregnant, and I found myself, you know, becoming stressed out. And it wasn't until I really kind of felt finishing school that was different. Making things did more difficult without actually went to university. That's when it really got took point where you know what? I'm trying my best job. It's really becoming a challenge to concentrate to just simply relax, so I decided to seek help and to go to my GP my doctor and ask you Hey, is this something that I could do to help me with this? Yeah, as soon as I waited a day, he was very supportive. You know, it's something that is quite to beauty going off for help in this regard. But it's something that I did me embrace and encourage. And, you know, it's always a good thing to go and get support from family members or your doctor. You know, they're there to help. So he obviously helped me on the opposite and put me on to basically what's called a mental health plan. We have 10 sessions to go see a psychologist to talk through the issues. Yeah, developing over the years, whatever it waas. So way to go and talk to a psychologist. And basically his name was Graham and went on quite a few sessions on had breaks and it went back over the years. And I guess the things that I learned to go into the sessions was a lot of things that I feel that have brought me to where today, where I feel much more comfortable and as such feel that so I guess, managed by exact way. I don't feel like it's called Control it, but I feel I can manage it, and it doesn't really become, um as a result of that's for fair. That helped a lot of family members and friends that have had bad anxiety. So that's what actually gave me the will to try and do this course to see if I can help others out there. You know, because a lot of this knowledge isn't quite available and in this sort of way, so basically coming back to grave, it was one of the things that a few of the strategies which I'll go through in this course in this lecture, it was obviously quite a different mindset, a change of perspective, you know, we're not going to grab. What I want to do was to get healed from exactly to get rid of it all together and immediately, he said. That's not possible. You know, anxiety is basically within us, you know, it's built within upsets and grading us from really man from how we're made, you know, we were made to have that anxious feeling that fight or flight feeling when something is warning us. So, for instance, back in the day, but be walking in a park and see a snake. You know you have that anxious feeling off what to do, which is to fight or flight. Most people float, run away. Mistake. So you do need anxiety full there, certain things in love. That's why it's the, however anxiety becomes a problem when you called, manage it where it's coming on. We just try to relax on the captial, having deal with dinner with friends or, you know, just trying to get on with your day and it comes on. You actually don't require it, so that's what it becomes. A problem. So I went from the months of trying to get rid of it, putting a lot of pressure. Have you heard of it? Actually, just managing it. I'm getting really, obviously. Sometimes you you know, you don't manage it perfectly. You do get anxious, and that's fine. But that passes. But I guess it comes back to trying to come back to your techniques that you develop a life so that essentially, is this story off. How I kind of came through anxiety and, you know, my only defense for anxiety was to go surfing, actually, without surfing or doing some sport that would take my mind off things and relax. Me may be in the moment, but of course, I could insert 24 7 so I had to kind of figure out what else I could do. And then that brings me on to my fair strategy. Just gonna be 3. Breathing Hack!: you breathe correctly to help you with anxiety. So this was one of the biggest things for me. Helped me instantly with my anxiety. You know, there is a specific way that if you do breathe when you start feeding it almost that panic attack hello. People tend to breathe from the chest, but she just promotes a drilling and promotional. Exactly what you want to do is free from your Billy boxing out and in, which is where the dye friend is. That lower section of the stomach. That's what you want to breathe in and out. So if you want to try this with me at home and just breathe in and out, Big Depress. So obviously just trying to focus on your Billy Buttock bellybutton coming in and outs and really just getting that live die from breathing, you know you do. If you do that over 10 times, you can really start feeling initially. That difference, even in your mind, starts becoming quite clear, getting more oxygen, and that's essentially what you need to do. You need to get good that it's that dr for him one of the best things off. Whenever I start feeling anxious and feeding it immediately. I got to breathe. A lot of people forget to do this, but, you know, learning to continually breathe in that way. Even if it's 10 short breaks to get into that relaxed state and continue trying, remember to breathe through your diaphragm. I will give you that quick Fix that quick fix off, eliminating that anxiety, slowly relaxing because that's a century. We want to be one to be in a relaxed state of mind, so breathing through that the dire friend is the key. So what, you know, to go and stand up way you are what you do. 10. Big, huge, deep, brisk in and out. Coach Ross and off to the 10th 1 I want you to say the word. Relax. Blacks off that 10. What it really just helps you to, I guess, firstly saying the word helps you to relax, but definitely off the 10 deep breaths will definitely help you to these things. So that's the first sort of quick fix set isn't chapter. He's breathing correctly through your doctor, All right, 4. Relaxation Techniques: chapter is about some relax ation techniques techniques that you can use when you feel yourself becoming interests. And you really need to just, you know, steeple down, relax and just get out of that sit and just almost just beginning. Manager Exactly just in the aviators and tried to shift to the peaceful state of mind thes acute. A few modest is really to put your hands on you to basically make a fist and again whilst doing this. You doing your breathing that we spoke about previous chapter Doc from breathing crazy. Ours. Obviously not Doing this around other people is best but just control office just really. Richard and I want you to come to seven and then say the word, relax and drop your head so pinching three whole six and then three seven racks it just dropping it out. That's the best. So you might have felt a little bit different with doing that, and you felt that sort of attention leaving. I hope some of the anxiety leave it, so that's one of the ones the other ones is. Really, you know, if you want to share, is really putting your legs crossed across the and holding the sauce. And again, same thing. Pushing your legs together and clinching the arms of the chair for seven seconds, just really pinching it. Six. Just saying Relax. That's an excellent technique, because that's someone you could almost do if you offers these people are accuracy, say, relax loud the next relax ation. Take me. It's actually to not do anything physically, but just to take your mind to a peaceful place place that you might have seen in the past Holiday destination. Even if it's the count for me, it isn't you. Me. Relax. Ation place that's really peaceful, is winsome surfing and then picturing yourself on that way. So sure, it may be doing a turn you in that moment, and often you just do that are amazingly, you change your focus and you feel the peace. Or perhaps it's another just relaxing with your partner. The beautiful beach kicks sitting coconuts just looking at the sea, just peaceful, stacked, you know, just think about it. Think about what? How feels the sun on you think about. You know that's noise is the sound of the ocean getting the beach. She's taking yourself to that peaceful place. Okay, so that's an excellent technique. You can kind of do that without anyone really knowing, especially if you know, Crowded place Sports Stadium. And you don't want to do this with people next to you, Encourage quickly taken to a peaceful place like that. So I have seen the beach with your family having Christmas, or if you even running of the Jew could take yourself out somewhere else, just doing something at peace. So that's the best excellence. 5. Find a New Hobby: finding a new hobby. This is one of my favorites, guys, and it's one that you can actually have fun with. Now for me. My number. One thing that's helped me with my anxiety has been surfing. Like I said from the early Yeah, certain things great in a highly recommend that to be perhaps your home, You know, you you out there in the ocean in nature, handling for away, catching away. If you're living in the moment, you having fun, you've got adrenaline going and just enjoying being dead. Perhaps you with framed you join me with their you taking your right off everything. And there's living in the moment. It's amazing sport and his healing this to being out there. It's incredible. So for me, something is number one. However, if you're not into that, definitely drugging exercising is amazing. Going to the gym, I said, a lot of people, if you're going through some troubles, especially with anxiety, hit the gym Joe Hart, because after about six months to a year, if you hit the gym hard and taking it out on the gym, the worst that could happen is that you come away with a really good looking body like you are, Does so getting the June is amazing, you know? No, you're gonna get healthier. Does stuff, releases endorphins, makes you feel good after an exercise and makes you really, really, I guess. Active on more. Sorry. This is my little dog. This is probably another thing. Get a dog. All right, this is me. Many making me trying that brother and sister, but that really they fought from our attention. Dogs are great for designs. Okay. You know the hobby box. You get a little dog been North Sea tonight, but they definitely having something to love. Like a dog that was have to see you. That really helps things out. So it actually gives a peaceful this, I guess. Loving an animal, your dog or cat definitely hopes. 6. Sleeping Well: about second lost lecture is about, I guess. Sleeping well, a lot of people that just don't sleep well and I'm going to actually give you guys a hack hoping you sleep much. Okay, so this is a hack that actually goes over Ted talk. He said, God give each other people some going. So basically, this guy was drama, and he figured it out that the brain loves really? You know, when you see to a good song and it's going good shoes and you start nodding thats what the brain loves it loves to have that that not, you know, basically with your head is just happening. A little beat on your head on your with you sitting on the side of your bed, tapping a little beach. Just do that. Just three. Do you readings and just do that? Okay. So just tapping away. Do that for about two minutes for anything often. Two minutes. Once you guys to slow that, keep breathing just slow. So you just got for another minutes. Overrule. You do this three minutes before you go there. Now, if you do that, the brain loves the fact that gets into that rhythm he loves just like I. Because it's in that rhythm cycle. Find yourselves getting a lot more relaxed. Peace. This will become, I guess, at ease. Where Waas thinking. Isn't that happened? No. You go to sleep on sleep Very well. You really want to sleep for seven plus hours? Seven to I ain't is where it's at, you know? Say 7.5. Excellent. You can do walk, right? You can, I think over tens waiting. Um, I tried you at least eight hours asleep a lot, but we're really hot. But seven. Titus, that's where you want to get. If it's anything less than that, that's not me. And, you know, people have had some serious health issues from look sleeping and before I was not. You know, these are issues that if you ever sleep over 10 miles, so seven ages where but trauma take me. But 7. Laugh, Laugh, Laugh : So last thing is so important to the brains mechanism releasing endorphins and just help. So what I want you to do is before you go to bed trying to see if you can watch a couple. It is look comedian on you. Choose something funny funny meeting movie before you got a bit on Really trump off. Just lofty. You know as much as you can what you do this for up to a month. Every day you'll start to notice that you start feeling happier that you will start feeling more relaxed. You'll be in a bit of a monster. Lofting is truly the best medicine, and it's something that we've got access to. You choose this times of stuff to law that they're just pick something, you know, kept playing piano. Whatever it is that you into, you can pick it, Google it on love. And even if it's five minutes of watching something, laughing and laughing eventually over time every month you'll find yourself feeling much feeling this anxious feeling mistress feeding Mr Press and feeling okay. It's a seat. So now that we've done all this finish up with essentially my final, so for two single is to every night. Fun. Five minutes of law. I want you all guys. The second thing I want you to do is to once a week trying to help someone try to help someone else. And in 13 Mr Trump, worry what should really get and condenses. Worries keep that fulsome off you, Donald. This it did. You see a difference to do the so Knicks anxious, More control. So basically, that's a wrap. I hope you've enjoyed this course. Hope there's been some good tips and tricks I know it might have been, you know, everything that you thought it would be, but hope there's some things that you can take away. Uh, I do want to put a disclaimer in that if you are continuing continually, body yourself, still anxious, highly recommend going to a Doctor GP and telling getting that support network to help you through. You know, it's just a challenge, and it's just something that you could work for. And it is a place where you can get to learn to get to, um, when you can be more peace and live in the pirate. So all the base guys don't forget Teoh give us five stars. You know, that really does help the ranking or for courses. We will help other people up there share this video. This whole course sold to other people that you might think would need because the more people that maybe no sings of all they can get help feel Look, they living more happier. So all the discuss