How to make your own Glitter Textures in Photoshop | Serena Avril Archetti | Skillshare

How to make your own Glitter Textures in Photoshop

Serena Avril Archetti, Artist and Creative Entrepreneur

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9 Videos (27m)
    • Welcome

    • Base Texture - Method One

    • Base Texture - Method Two

    • Base Texture - Method Three

    • Ombre Glitter

    • Glitter Gradients

    • Sparkle Brushes

    • Your Project - Applying Glitter

    • Thank You


About This Class


How to make your own Glitter Textures in Photoshop

In this class I will take you through the step by step process of creating your own glitter textures in Adobe Photoshop and learn how to apply them to text and graphics. We will then create a set of custom sparkle and glitter brushes to personalize your designs.

What you will learn from the class:

  • How to create digital Glitter textures using Layer Styles and Photoshop Filters.
  • How to create custom Photoshop Brushes.
  • How to apply a glitter texture to text in Photoshop.
  • How to apply a glitter texture to patterns and graphics in Photoshop.
  • How to create Gradient and Ombre effects in Photoshop.
  • How to save and export Photoshop Brushes and Layer Styles.
  • How to create Glitter Layer Styles in Photoshop.

What you will need to follow along:

All you will need to follow along with the class will be access to Adobe Photoshop. If you don't already have the software you can download a 30 days free trial from the Adobe website here.

Class Level:

This class is suitable for both beginners and expert alike! :)

What can I do with this knowledge?

Glitter textures are incredibly versatile and can be used for a huge array of themes, from a childreen's birthday party to a glamorous minimalist blog! They are perfect for Graphic Design, wedding decorations, blog graphics, social media templates, print on demand websites, add sparkle to your surface pattern design portfolio and so much more.

I am looking forward to seeing your class project so lets get started!:)





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Serena Avril Archetti

Artist and Creative Entrepreneur

Hi my name is Serena, I am an independent illustrator, graphic designer and creative entrepreneur with a passion for fantasy and mythology.

Originally from Italy and currently traveling all over the world while creating art that I love. I work in Photoshop and Illustrator to create a variety of styles going from hyper realistic paintings to cute whimsical vector illustrations.

My goal is to share with you the artistic and entrepreneurial knowledge which allows me to work and tra...

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