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How to make your Word Press Menu stand out from other websites/blogs

teacher avatar Partha Gupta, Set your goal and work hard for it

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

7 Lessons (17m)
    • 1. How to make your Menu stand out in Word Press website.

    • 2. Introduction to Mega Menu

    • 3. Give your Mega Menu a professional look.

    • 4. How to add Icons to your Menu items.

    • 5. Adding Icons to your Menu Items using a free theme.

    • 6. A simple project to do.

    • 7. What we have learned.

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About This Class


First of all thank you for visiting this page. In this class I have showed you how  can make your menu stand out among all other websites/blogs. I have introduced you the concept of mega-menu using the DIVI theme of Elegant themes.

You can now easily add ICONS in front of your menu items giving your users a total new experience.For adding icons I have used both the Paid theme (DIVI theme) and free 2015 theme which comes with each and every Word Press installation.

To make the mega-menu full width I have used coding and I would be very happy to share it with you all.

I would be very happy if you introduce the same in your website and I am confident that your visitors will enjoy it.

Best wishes.


Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Partha Gupta

Set your goal and work hard for it


I am Internet Marketer who tries to use new techniques for his marketing. I love producing videos both for my personal use as well as for my clients. I also try to rank my video's doing some basic SEO.

I am very passionate about teaching and like to share my knowledge with the like minded community

Best wishes.


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1. How to make your Menu stand out in Word Press website.: first of all, hello and welcome to my class. I am part in this class. I will show you how you can design your the news. Using what? Prissy anus? No, I'm be showing you two different types first, how to have or how to design. You may come in on what is Mega Manu. I will explain in details inside my classes do yet a mega me new I'll be using Give it him from illegal teams. Next I will introduce you. So how to add icons in front of you Men were items This will give your menu items a totally different look. We'll get it on. Your users will get a new type of experience for ending ankles. I have used both of DVT and also a free 2015 18 which comes with what press? So please enroll to my class. Thank you and see you inside 2. Introduction to Mega Menu: Hello and welcome to this class. First of all, thank you very much for a ruling into my class. Now, in this class I will show you how to give your news in different look in your WordPress websites. No, let me log into my website. This is just the move upset for for you that days. Definitely clogging. No. As I have told you in my introductory class that I'll be using the meeting. Basically, the Levitin is loaded on faster for Let me show you. The menu barked. No, this is the menu I have just is the basic home bait. And below it are about us, our services and connected with us speeches. No, you see individual him. It has a option for introducing Megan. What is it? Let me show you step by step. First, let me go into the screen. Option No. In the screen option. You have to like that, plus CSS class. Otherwise the mega Manu only Sure. So let me click the CSS class. We closed the screen option. Um you fake Please. The home. There you see the CSS class options. So here I have to type mega Boesch menu. No, After that, you click. Safe. Mental? No. Let me show you how it looks. No. Previously it was giving you it. Particle. Look. No. If you fresh the speech, it will give you a ride. Dental? Let me see. You see, it has given you a totally different look by introducing to the mega me. No, there are many other things to do. I'll show you step by step. 3. Give your Mega Menu a professional look.: Hello and welcome to this class. In this class I reach to you how you can give your mega menu a more professional. Because you see, if you go here, you see, there's a gap in between these two. I am Well, it is not looking very much profession. So let me show you how you can make it full wheat and how you give a more professional. So let me know what to my log into my back back office about this. Is this what we call the mega menu system? Yeah. First we'll go to the customers step. I should know how to do it. Here you go. To the head and neck navigation part. If you pick here if you show you the primary middle. But I have I have picked it into my primary minimum because the home about a speed is are the primary. If you click here, you see, there is an option toe. Make it fully Let me click it. Make it fully staving. Publish. Yeah. No. If you'll see Here, let me refresh. Let me see. Harvey happens. You see, it is no call full of it Here. I'll show you how you can make your main news more professional looking by adding some CSS schools. No, let me go and add some CSS courts for reading. Seizes goods like the TV and go to the team options. No, he said. Inside the team options you go at the bottom where you can add your custom. CIA's this course? No, let me in legit being allergic to it No. Make that drop down menus full. Well, First we have I've shown you earlier that in April in section If you go to the customers area And if you click the food with No, If you click the fully then only this course will start function No, If you go down you also add the shadow effect. This removes the top line No border and Alice had with you can change the rgb a value and you can also modify the look off your website. Then you can also use this time transition Deal it off one second you can change it and accordingly. This year function no. After putting on the CSS schools, just click save changes. It will give you the safe changes and let me show you how it looks now? No, this is my site. Now. If you click here, you see it Just change. This is a perfect drop. Shadow effect. Now, if you move, remove you about Mao's. Also, the headings will remain. No, you can't easily maneuver your medals. You currently about us? These are all empty pages. No, in my next class, I assure you, hopefully ab pictures or icons? Ganga about us. Our services can. Nick Peters. Except dropping on. How do girl added from the middle sections. Thank you. Let me see you in my next class. 4. How to add Icons to your Menu items.: Hello and welcome to this class. In this class, I will show you how to add pictures in front of you means so that your may lose will have a different. So let us begin. I'm already logged into my WordPress account. Um toe at pictures. You have to build some custom links. So I have already been one. That is our services. Let me build another one. So sweet to you. The custom wings. A hash tag here on the link dissed literacy got nicked with us at terminal making this up men on the whole Save them in and let me see how it looks. This fresh. The gays? No, You see, visit toe our services and connected us. No. Let me have some pictures. No, all services. What is? So we'll be adding pictures into Dhaka. Stumpings. So let me go to the media library. No, I have already uploaded some pictures. Now you can also upload your old are getting so for the connect with us. Let me put this picture. This is another picture. Let me put one by one. No, do incorporate the picture. One of the easiest way is that you go to the posts. Just click avenue. We do not need any posts. I show you how it is. Add media. No. Suppose we select this one. Just inserting to the post. You'll get that. Totally. Just copy. Delete. Oh, before that you have to decrease the width and height of the picture at the rises will not look very good. Let me decreased the week. You can do trial in it, but borrow less. This goes very well. Hi, didn't we? So let me copy it. Um again, go to the middle. You did not have to save the beach. Just leave. That is it as it is. And let me boot. Connect with us just before connect with us. You He is telling I'm saved. No, Let me see how it looks. But maybe a fresh the beach and see this is the case connected. Us? Yeah, pugilistic. No. Let me put another our services so similarly. Let me go to the pages. Have new What would the media library let me click this one? Inserting to the page. Similarly, let me decrease the width and height four feet, then no copy that totaling and again go to the middle part lead the pig because we do not need it? No For all services Just based on the length in front of our services. Just click save mill and let me see how it comes. Yeah, just see. He said that too when his connect with us on one is ourselves. As because this is a full week. I have already shouldered into my previous classes the rest class that I have made it for me. No, You can also incorporate other. They lose on with pictures. It will give it totally a different professional. Look, we're website of thank you. It has proceeded to have next class. 5. Adding Icons to your Menu Items using a free theme.: Hello and welcome to this class. In this class, I will show you how toe have pictures to your menu by using any other thing or any free team. Let me for you days. I'm already logged into my WordPress on in the apparent sections. Let me go to the team Syria. Previously I had showed you using divinity. These are professional. No, I'm using the 2015. So let me show you. Let me go to the minerals. Now. I have just incorporated two minutes that is home and about us safe men. And I'll show you how it looks. Yeah, this is about us. No. I will show you how you can incorporate another They knew with a picture? No, for adding pictures. As I have told you, that you have to prepare some custom wings. So first, let me put the custom Lee's first Let me get the link. That picture? No, I have already shown you. Let me show you. What's more, have media. Let me use this picture inserted to the bulls. We don't hide. Let me chicken just change. You missing for Pete? Let me put for deep and height. Yeah. Um it will be used with Connect me. Oh, now let me copy that. Totally. And now let me go to the middle. Well, just straight away. Leave the paid because we do not need this new post. No, here. Just see if you put the custom Ling You were You put it, huh? And for the text link You just added to the middle. No, here you see, It will not show to show you as depending on if you save it Also, it will not show you into that. If we suppose if you save me I'm sure you No, If you see the original, you are website lush You So let me go back. Let me again put the custom Ling did That's hash at two menu spending So let me navigation level Let me put it this. Yeah, safe from saving on now if ego you fresh the beach, you will show you connecting us. That means you can use it. You know our free team Selves so thank you very much. Let us proceed to our next class 6. A simple project to do.: 7. What we have learned.: possible. Thank you very much for being with me to this far. No, in this class, I really just Sinop size what we have learned. First we have learned how to set up the mega millions and then we have learned how to add I constant That means for any items I have used both professional team That is the DVT more Iligan teams, um 2015 free team which comes with every wordpress installation. So please use it and give your website or block a totally different look so that your visitors enjoys and appreciates what they see last but not the least. If you like my plus If you like my class, please leave it himself. Review which will help me and encourage me to do more classes in these cities. Thank you. One sickening and have a nice day