How to make your Website/Blog look different from the rest. | Partha Gupta | Skillshare

How to make your Website/Blog look different from the rest.

Partha Gupta, Set your goal and work hard for it

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6 Lessons (15m)
    • 1. Introduction to Colour Palette- use it in your Word Press website/blog

    • 2. Design your Colour Palette (Part-1)

    • 3. Design your Colour Palette (Part-2)

    • 4. Design your Colour Palette (Part-3)

    • 5. How to use Colour Palette in Word Press Website

    • 6. Chosse your favourite website


About This Class


First of all a warm welcome to my class. In this I have introduced you to 3 websites from where you can get new color code generated and use them while developing your website/blog. These color codes (also known as Hex codes) would give a different look to your designing part though you may be using similar themes.

This class is the Part-3 of the classes which I had planned to release while making classes on Building Website/Blog using Word Press as CMS. In case you have missed my earlier classes- here is the link to those :

1st Class (Start building your website from scratch)

Premium link    :

Free link          :

2nd Class (Why you should use SEO optimized WP themes)

Premium link   :

Free link          : 

So, enjoy the class and feel free to give a positive review if you like. This would also encourage me to produce more classes in future.

Best wishes.






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Partha Gupta

Set your goal and work hard for it

I am Internet Marketer who tries to use new techniques for his marketing. I love producing videos both for my personal use as well as for my clients. I also try to rank my video's doing some basic SEO.

I am very passionate about teaching and like to share my knowledge with the like minded community

Best wishes.


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