How to make supersoil - the best soil in the world!

Doug Reed, The set of the sail not the blowing of the wind

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4 Videos (10m)
    • Supersoil intro video

    • Supersoil ingredinents

    • Making supersoil

    • Fertilizer


About This Class

This is a lesson on how to make supersoil. This soil cannot be bought at any reatil outlet. The ingredients and recipet are simple. Join so you can lean how to make the best soil in the world - homemade supersoil!





Doug Reed

The set of the sail not the blowing of the wind

I am a school techer and have taught high school physics for 23 years. I grew up on a dairy farm and we also raised chickens. I have lots of experience in many different areas. My summer hobby is gardening. Two years ago I made my own raised bed gardens and created my own compost and soil. I have a great recipe for both. I also am an elected Justice of the Peace for the county I live in. I have been a JP for 10 years. I am happily married with five children.

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