How to make sugar cookies & royal icing to then decorate cookies | Marlyn Birmingham | Skillshare

How to make sugar cookies & royal icing to then decorate cookies

Marlyn Birmingham, Montreal Confections Cookie Decorating

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4 Lessons (30m)
    • 1. Making cookie dough step-by-step process

    • 2. Skillshare rolling cutting

    • 3. Skillshare Baking

    • 4. Skillshare icing


About This Class

In this tutorial I show you how to make the sugar cookie canvas needed to then decorate cookies.

The steps include:

  • Making the dough
  • Cutting the cookies (with cutter & with a card template & knife)
  • How to bake the cookies

Once the cookies are prepared you'll need to make some royal icing to decorate them, I will show you step-by-step how to make a batch of royal icing.

Topics discussed:

  • Making the icing
  • Flavouring
  • 20 second icing
  • Outline icing
  • Coloring the icing

You can watch my “How to make a rose cookie platter video” to learn about the actual decorating process.

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Marlyn Birmingham

Montreal Confections Cookie Decorating

Marlyn Birmingham owner of Montreal Confections YouTube channel has been teaching cake & cookie decorating since 2010. She not only designs beautiful cookies but also invents great new techniques such as the Paint Your Own Cookie concept. A self taught decorator with royal icing running through her veins she is obsessed with all things cookie. She lives in Montreal, Quebec, Canada with her husband and two children. Marlyn's works have been featured across the cake world, including Cake Centra...

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