How to make sales on Facebook & Instagram for small business/network marketing | Addy Stepaniak | Skillshare

How to make sales on Facebook & Instagram for small business/network marketing

Addy Stepaniak, Digital Marketing Certified Associate

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9 Lessons (33m)
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    • 2. Step 1 part 1 skillshare SM

    • 3. Step 1 part 2 skillshare SM

    • 4. Step 1 part 3 skillshare SM

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About This Class

Learn how to make sales for your small business or network marketing business on social media. Be able to create a clear cut plan, and make some money from these social platforms. 

You will learn: 

  1. How to create a 1 page social media marketing plan
  2. How to implement and use this marketing plan for your social platforms
  3. How to be confident and have fun on social media while making sales


1. Intro w: welcome. Today I'm going to go over how to create a social media marketing plan for your small business that will generate sales from Instagram and Facebook in 2020 before we get started , I do have a disclaimer. Social media Very toxic, if not used appropriately and has become a place where some people troll just for fun and say mean things just because they can. So please be brave and confident, and you don't let the negative bring you down. Take each native comment with the green assault. How can you better yourself and your brand and how can you spread good into the world? Just be kind, especially in social media. You will also need to make sure that you do have a Facebook business page and a business instagram account set up before we start. And remember, social media is always changing, so it's important to stay upon the trends and to be flexible with do plan. Most importantly, you need to actually have a plan. So today we're going to get in. What you're going to learn is how to create a one page social media marketing plan, how to implement and use this marketing plan for your social platforms and how to be confident and have fun on social media while making sales always create a plan, actual items and a timeline in which you want items to be completed, you may be asking what is a one page marketing plan? It's just like what it sounds like. Ah, marketing plan that it only one page and outlines nine items in the marketing and sales final in order to help gain revenue, create a great client experience and work on retention. Working with the one page marking plan is always helpful to see how customers will move through your final and to map out specifics. I can promise you that you're more being. Strategy will never end up the same a someone else's because you and your business are unique. Even if you were selling the same exact product of someone else, what you bring to the table will be unique, and you will be able to create a different customer experience than your competitors. Overall, the one page Social Media Marketing plan outlines nine steps to help bring structure and strategy to you in your business. The first quick before we get started who and I. My name is Adul and Stepanek, but most people call me Addy. I am from Minnesota but live in sunny California. I graduated the bachelors in advertising, public relations with a minor marketing and management. I'm a certified digital market associate there. Duke and I have been doing marketing and social media for the past 7 to 8 years, helping many different companies with their digital marketing and sales. My favorite movies. Dresser Park. I love my little Australian shepherd, played a ton of beach viable across it and enjoy every type of Avenger over the years and working with different companies, I've seen a lot of ups and downs learn new things, different tactics. But what is really state consistent is creating a clear cut strategy and plan a producing content that evoke some emotion within your customer. I'm glad to be here today with you, and I really want to thank you for giving up some of your time to learn and getting the appropriate tools to grow your social presence and to make sales again. You know your time is valuable, so let's get started leveraging social media for your business. You will need to inspire well trust and foster loyal customers, so let's learn how to do that 2. Step 1 part 1 skillshare SM: Okay, let's start with Step one. So this is called the before or your prospects. You're going to define your target audience. So who will you be targeting? You will be setting goals for Facebook and Instagram using the smart gold technique, and you will be figuring out exactly what your message will be. We need to first decide on the target audience and who are product or services for is your target demographic even on Facebook or Instagram? There are so many different social platforms uses these days that you could be trying to sell on a platform that doesn't even have your ideal client bonnet. To me, that seems a lot of ways to time and probably money. So how do you find your ideal target out against our client the simplest ways to ask yourself a couple of questions like this. Who needs your product? Who is most likely to purchase it? And then we can think about the other following factors. So age of your target audience location where they located, What gender are you selling? Teoh? Is it made for a specific gender? You know what? What is their income level? Will they need extra income to purchase your product, their education level. What type of education will they need to use your product, marital or family status? Is your ideal client usually married or single? Or maybe in other complicated relationship? What is their occupation? What type of job do they do on a daily basis that they would make them need or want your product and even maybe their ethnic background? Do your ideal clients have a specific certain ethnic background? Once you have answered these questions, we can dig a little deeper and consider the personality of your target market. We called them cycle graphics, so it's like graphics air. The more personal characters except person, including the personality, their attitudes, their values, interests and hobbies, their lifestyles and behaviour. After you have answered the questions and created ideal client or target audience, you then need to figure out what social platform there on. Are you trying to sell to the younger generation Z. Yep, they're not on Facebook. They're on YouTube and Snapchat, and probably the new Tic Tac. Okay, see you in the next step 3. Step 1 part 2 skillshare SM: Step two in the process. Once your ideal audiences found you, then know what to create your content around. But now each map out a plan and a few goals for you to target your audience on Facebook and instagram. I like to use a smart gold technique to get started. I would suggest doing two separate call sheets for each platform for Facebook and Instagram . So Sparkles S is for specific. Be specific and what you want to achieve by using social media platforms, the more specific, the better. Are you wanting to increase sales brand awareness by new prospects? Customer service Create better brand identity, etcetera, whatever it may be. State what you will be doing, and it's best to use action. Words I miss for measurable. Provide a way to evaluate your goals. How do you know when they have been achieved? Are you tracking specific analytics? Likes comments, shares, etcetera? What we use to measure them. Use your KP eyes. K p. I is a key performance indicator and is a measurable value that demonstrates how effectively a company in the cheating key this is. Objectives is very achievable. Are your goals achievable? Will they be possible to accomplish, and are they even realistic? Please make sure you are honest with yourself on these ones. Goal should be attainable. So don't set yourself up for something that isn't realistic, especially if this is the first time was in social media marketing for your business. R is for relevant. Are your goals aligned with your wife or your company's mission, vision and values? And do they improve the business in some way and then T is for time specific? When do you want these goals to be achieved? Be specific. With the time frame for you and the company to achieve some of these colts, you can have a bunch of smaller goals with shorter timelines and then one bigger goal that will take longer. Okay, see you the next step. 4. Step 1 part 3 skillshare SM: all right. The next step in the before is what will your message be, and how do you intend to tell your story? We need to remember that we're using a social platform, and everyone has a different reason for using it. Someone to sell items, someone, fame. Others just want to connect with other humans. Whatever it is you choose to do, let there be good and positivity in it's over. Make sure you know how you want to share your message. This will always equate back to what is your by And why are you even doing this? The reason why I'm asking you your wise because it will be the base for pretty much everything you do will market and trying to sell your product. Your service, your bread. If you jump right into marketing and advertising your business without discovering your personal brand, why will most likely have a hard time with marketing? Yeah, maybe you'll sell some of your products along the way, but you may not have as many sales as you pretty want, so you're three simple steps to help you find you or your company's. Why, obviously one figure out your wife discovered your wise all about the reason you started your business in the first place. Or if you are working to promote a brand Why did you start working there in the first place ? Why did you take the risk? Why are you working hard every day to make your business happen? Be honest with yourself. Did you started? Just make money? Probably not. I mean, money is a really good motivator, but there is something deeper there. Did it start as a side hustle? Were you burnt out on corporate life? Do you have a product of the world needs to know about? Are you really passionate about helping others? What is that driving force? Keep asking yourself why and peeling back the layers until you really reach the true wide. So after that, write it down after you feel that you have found your true why you need to write it down, put it in and Kareem it and let that be reminder you need as you move through this journey because you will use a time time again to keep you motivated and to help better serve your clients and customers. And then after that, don't be afraid to share it. You can share with your community, your clients, your customers. This will help you connect better with your audience and create that emotional connection which will help grow your business and your brand. I guarantee that most of your clients and customers will be able to relate to you and the brand in some way. And sharing this will make your business and product even more humanized. And riel. So share your story. Okay, Lots of information from this very first lesson. So but some of the main takeaways have a plan to find your target audience. So who will you be targeting? Who were you're selling your product and service to really hone in on this. Your goals for each platform use a smart gold technique and really hash out the goals for Facebook and Instagram. And finally you go what your message will be. This will be easy. So figure out what your wise you can click below to get the principal actually going for lesson one. Please take your time walking through it. Be intentional a specific with your actions in your goals. This will set you have to use Facebook and Instagram to help grow your business. You got it. All the good vibes your way. I'll see you in the next lesson. 5. Step 2 Item 1: skillshare SM: Welcome back lesson to on this lesson. We're going to talk about the during stage. So how do you use in screaming Facebook to sell your products? We are going to go over capturing leads. So where were your leads? Live nurturing them how we make your leads, know, like and trust you. And then how will you convert these leads into actual pain customers? Now that we have figured out your why your target audience and set up your goals for Facebook an instagram while also having a Facebook business page An INSTAGRAM business account. We can move on to how to use it to actually sell your product or your service. So capturing your leads and where are they going to live? Your leads are people that are interested in your product or your service. I will become your potential customer or quiet. We'll also have to decide where you will keep their contact information to be able to interact with them and potentially convert them into a car client. Please, please, please, please Please do not store their information on Facebook or instagram. The social platforms are rented space. So that means if one day they stopped working. Use all of the information you have saved on that. But worm, how do we capture your leads? Attention is going to be here. Content. This is what will draw them in need to capture your audience and perspective. Customers with your content. Some things to create in order to help with capturing your leads is a business page and a special group connected to your business group page. This group will be for open conversation and for community feel people helping people, and it's a way for you to reach your audience on a more personal level. So before they even get into the group, you can ask for their information in the pre qualifying questions, for example, even ask for their email What they're hoping to learn maybe by or what problem we are trying to solve or what they're bigger product is if they know your brand already, copy and paste this information to a separate document because there's no way to access it later on. Remember, Facebook has rented spins, so keep track of who you interact with on the platform. This will serve as one of the ways to capture your leads. Your business page and special group that you set up through the page will work hand in hand the business pages public in our facing, however, the organic reach has become awful for business pages in the past couple of years, so it needs to be grouped with a private group that members will need to answer questions to join. This is how Facebook is creating community once again on platform. By setting up questions for entry, you can see who is most interested in joining the group. I will most likely become a customer. Those who skip over the questions are most likely not that serious with purchasing way. How this will help you build quality leads again. There's always quality versus quantity. Also a quick tip. Within the group, you can post upward of three times a day, morning, afternoon and evening. Don't bombard your audience with information, and don't post asking about a sale on every post. You'll need a mixture of content between your sales calls. We'll talk about that in just a second for Instagram, the most common way to capture leads, and we'd information Mr Paid Media so the ads that you pay for, But I want to touch on the organic way to capture these leads offer something of value that they can download or sign up for. Usually this involves and that sending them to an external site from INSTAGRAM. But if you don't have a website where they can exchange star content, information for something of value can ask them with the instagram built in tools and features. Ask questions, your story or feed. Ask people if they want to. Delivery Guide and her drive for future by Heene's etcetera had them send their email address and name to you. This requires you to physically input pus data into a spreadsheet of some sort. In order to save it, you could make a list of people you have interacted with, put the rial aims and handle and any information you have gained about that. Here's also scary that genuinely get to know them. Once you start collecting information where we keep it again, remember, not on Facebook or Instagram, but there's only one thing you take away from. This whole thing is that social media is rented space, and if we're truly wanting to grow, our business is we will not leave our client leads or prospects information on the platform creating email list. You don't have to use a fancy email, automation or customer relationship manager, which is also our CRM right away, because the good ones do make you pay, but started by keeping a special saving any Peter or Nguru holders so you can access it wherever. Okay, so you capture their information. Not what soon the next video. 6. Step 2 Item 2: skillshare SM: next step in the jury in stages, nurturing your leads and prospects. How will you make your leads know, like and trust you remember, this isn't a quick fix, but an opportunity to build a base. And Dr used to come. We don't just want to put a bandage on things. We need to be consistent and tactical. With our approach to building our businesses, you will nurture your potential customers by solving a major pain problem in their life right now and telling your story. You want to provide them with an inside as to why you drive us to a specific company or teamed up with someone. How did that to this place in the line, or something very unique about you or the brake share your wife? We learned about that Unless and what so feel free to share before creating content. We need to find out what type of problem our customers happy. How can your product or service better there but make it easier and solve their problem? How will you provide a solution with its Once we have a handle on how we can make someone's life easier, we need to also build their trust but being honest, ethical. Been telling our own story. We need to create content that is engaging, relevant, reliable and share a bowl. Remember to make sure you're using original content. This will help Facebook mark Mark US SPAN, and you will stand out more in Israel with fund original content content must be thank you . It needs to be interesting fun. Funny, you make someone thing twice needs to be relevant. Timeliness needs to be with the times not outdated unless you're doing a fun blast in the past seven post or anything like a throwback, there's a well you'll make this known verbally most of time used to be reliable, truthful, accurate and solves their problem. It also needs to be Schaeuble, so engaging in us and that people are able to share with friends, family and anyone else who wants to enjoy the content. Quickened the shareable. Factual is how most content goes by Rome. So as a general rule of thumb, when creating content and telling, your story is the 7 20 tenable. So you are publishing original material 70% of time posting content relevant to the interest of your audience. 20% of the time and creating self promotional content only 10% of time. This self promotional content is the by now type content. What? You want to be using this very sparingly. And please don't forget about a CT A or a call to action within your post. Actually asked them to take action or do something. We want them to interact with the content and not just scroll past it. So how do we create all of this content while staying organized and consistent? Create a condom calendar and plan out your week or even your Lund? It sounds a little crazy, right? Just pick a theme for the week of the month and have your content follow that theme in some way. For example, an easy one for the month of October November could be the transition into fall weather. Tell your story how the product story and create engaging, relevant, reliable insurable content Based around this theme, you can even pick certain days the week where you do the same thing. For example, every Tuesday could be two truths and a lie about yourself. So ask your audience to pick the lie out of the three options this will help people get to know you like you and build their trucks. Or, let's say Thursday's can be the blast from the past or throwback. There's a where you share a fun picture from the past or fun. Fact about history of the product. Optimize your time but planning ahead and scheduling your content ahead of time. There were several third party cup second schedule imposed your content for you. We can also schedule your content directly on Facebook, using Facebook's creator studio to schedule your 100 for the week with month. And this works for both Instagram and Facebook. How to access your creative studio calling that below for you. But remember, please don't post too quickly or schedule was too close to one another. Facebook will think you are being spammy or that you were a box. Remember, your content is king, so make sure you are sharing content you target eyes will resonate with, and you are providing a solution to their problem. You're also telling a story for the content that you post content can be. Anything from photos, videos, collages, quotes, etcetera, Quick tip. They was really big right now, so if you can get into that, that will be huge. Also usually posting up to three Times Day Group and once a day on your page for Facebook. Best times to question your page and in your group are during week. You'll have to do a little research about your target audience and when they're actually on the platform to know when the best time of day to post for them to see it. For instagram about once a day in your feet and about five times a day on your story. Be careful because too much in your story, and people will lose interest really quickly, but too little, and they won't feel the need to come back because you're not giving them just like Facebook . You should be posting your feet during the optimal time of date that your audience don't platform quick tip when posting your story and you're telling a story. Use icons list and information to summaries. What you were talking about on this great over 30% of people who watch stories watch them without the volume on, and some people are are too impatient to watch the full video. So being able to visually summarize what you're talking about, we'll keep interests and keep them coming back because you are efficient and you provide that you remember. Suppose when your audience is on the platform to see when your audience is on the piper, you go into your page tools and click on the audience tab to see when your audience is using the social platform and then you concert schedule. You're opposed to go out when they're using Facebook and Instagram. 7. Step 2 Item 3: skillshare SM: the next step in the during process. How we convert these leads into actual pain. Customer. How do we make money? Usually wins being question. So let's break it down. You created all this amazing content posted in its reasoning with your heart target audience for your job isn't done there. You actually need to interact with your customer. Wait, what this means? That you have to be social on social media? Yes, this means answering questions, liking and commenting on their comments every once to have people be obsessed with them or their product. But we don't realize that we have to first be obsessed with our potential. Customers on their needs will say that again. This isn't about our genes. Yes, we're telling our story or you're telling your story. But everything else will be about hoping others and trying to make their day to day lives a little easier. We're just better in general, so I need to actually interact with people on Facebook in history. If someone new gets invited to your VP group, welcome them. Ask them a question about themselves. Natural responded there, answered with a genuine comet, probably trusting and positive community where people. Also luncheon. Help each other and only quick good rides with you and your brand. Get to know your potential customer. This will help in the next step. Be really human. Once you've established the know like and trust factor for sharing your story and generally engaging with your audience. Don't forget to actually ask for the sale. The number one room sales. The ABC always be closing. However, you need to do this correctly because we do not want to be pushy and scare potential customers away. I know this could be scary to some, but if you have done your job with previous steps, you should created your know like and trust factor while solving someone's problem. Which means it should be a no brainer for your customer to purchase from you. Just make sure they have interacted with you, your brand new product and they're showing some interest in it. Also put in a personal factor. This will show you were generally interested in them. It could look something like this. Haste isn't I said. They lied all the pictures of the purple yoga pants in them. Did you have any specific questions about them or were you interested in buying a pair? I think they would look great with that new jean jacket that you and use just got you. I don't have to get them order today if you like. They see. No, that's okay. Don't get too pushing here because, well, we will be following up. Put them into a lips to follow up with, because this will be your next step is going up with your prospects and segmenting them into a hot, warm and cold list. You're hot. List will consist of people who are on the verge of purchasing. Ask them because they make it personal. See what you can have them with. A capricious soon isn't easy. You're one less will consist of the people that have shown some interest in your product or service. Well, let me really aren't just there yet to purchase. Maybe you can throw them an extra little and set up to push them over the edge and actually purchase. And then your colon is just that People who may be new or have no clue what your product is or even know what that you could purchase it. These individuals need Warner Train so don't ask them for the sale just yet, because they need to get to know you and your product. But and last but not least, don't forget to check your analytics. If you find you're having a hard time for Bernie clients, there may be something missing within your cells. Check your analytics to better understand how many people are seeing your publishing content, How many people interact with you and your content and so on. Your analytics can also help you understand what time of day is best to post what content is residue with your clients and how much reach you were actually getting on post two Brandies. Analytics. You'll need a business. Remember, Organic reach isn't always the best. Facebook likes it when you put a little money to their quote unquote free platform that you have to be making money using. So don't be afraid to boost a coaster around, and at every now and then you get more people to view it. Just be careful here because Facebook and Instagram ads just got a little trick here, and I don't care to small businesses. But a boost of $5 every now and then seem to keep Facebook happy. And your counsel also Facebook owns Instagram. If you didn't already know that. So for the bait items and talking about both of them here. Okay, just a little recap. Facebook and his grandpa are not primarily sales channel, but social channels. In order to effect change a social network in the sales channel, you have to make the Brian process as effortless and satisfying as possible. Create, engaging, relevant, reliable and share a bowl content. Solve your customers problems. Ask for the sale. But to your hotlist, not your coldest. Remember to tread lightly because if you push too hard to market herself, you will erode the all important trust in likability factor. You've worked so hard to cheap. And please remember to check your analytics. Okay, Download your action player for lesson two bullets again. Take your time walking through it each step and I'll see you in the next life 8. Step 3 part 1 3skillshare SM: Welcome back. Lesson three in the last step is the after or your customer what to do after the actual pressures. So we were going to go over how you will deliver the best experience you can. You quiet even after a purchase, how you will increase your customer lifetime value and keep them interested enough in your product and how you will create social proof and receiver referrals from current customers after customers purchase. What do you do? Know you don't just want a one and done type of individual. You want a customer to become your clan, increase your customer attention and get them to come. This is one of the best thing you can do to your basis. Have brand oil customers who want to produce from you, but only you. If you have done your job correctly, involved the 1st 2 lessons. This you pretty be pretty easy for you. The probability of selling to an existing customer is 60 to 70% which is huge. I mean, why would we risk only trying itself to 30% of our time target audience? So let's look at what we can do to keep these customers. Don't just disappear. How you deliver the best experience you can you buy even after they purchased again. The answer. Don't just disappear. Answer any questions. They may have helped them return anytime they need and be there for them. You want to build your customer retention, make sure they come to happen. Purchase from you. I mean, you were so hard to get them to purchase from you. Why would you just let them go? You've all along. I heard the 1st 2 lessons. You learn how to build, you know, like and trust factor delivery. An awesome experience, even after they purchased should be easy for you. You're finding this is difficult. You may want to go back and make some adjustments. How will you increase your customer lifetime value and keep them interested enough in you and your problem Customer Lifetime value was It's just a fancy way of saying how will you keep replying is long term. What have a value will be able to add to it to their lives in order to keep them coming back to you and purchase it from you. Cree check ins and follow ups for them. See how they're liking a product. What type of challenge change, what type of change it brought to their lines. And even after you know how they're doing, make them feel like family tip. If you do have an email, I matter. This becomes easier with on mate emails to clients to follow up with them. You can also make a list of these individuals and spreadsheet with whatever they purchase, so you can reference it later on when we reach out. If you are interested in email on ITR, one of my marriage is active campaign. But again, that's my personal preference, and that's the one that I have used the most. I will make it below, just in case you guys wanna check out, continue or not, how to keep your customers coming back to purchase from you. Use your Facebook group. Keep them upstate within a VP group for your post updates problems and anything else that is important for your clients to know. But you are your brand in this ever changing world. Always be if the ride some type of value to their okay, the last step last but not least, how you create social group and we see you referrals from current estimates. That old marketing technique of word of mouth. It's probably one of the greatest techniques that is still used today. One of the main ways for you to create soldier proves to gather testimonials from your past clients. Testimonials help your credibility, and people like to buy from people that they know and other people purse trump, too. So it's part of growing up with your clients as some to write a testimonial for you and your business. A couple ways to do that to do this is have them ready to agree on your Facebook page. Make sure they have, like your page, like to follow it. Have them write your page of them, share a picture of them using the product on their own page. And then you shared on your so it automating things back to that. One individual asked him to share your view of or page with others that may have some interest on instagram. How do you create social proof? Make sure they follow your page. Have them share your profile with friends. Have them sure your profile or post on their stories. Have them take your product in their story or feed and you re post. Like I said before. If you do have done your job correctly, lesson one and two, this should be relatively easy to ask. But I know some of us still shy away from it and that's OK. Don't be afraid to ask for feedback from others. This is how we learned a girl effectively and efficiently. We take the good and the bad and make adjustments and create an even better experience for our clients going forward. How will we ever conquer our goals? We don't continue to live, you know. Okay, quick recap of this section. The actor. It's just important as the before injury. Use Facebook and Instagram for the betterment of your business and continue to create an amazing customer experience even after they purchase from 9. Summary Skillshare SM: Okay, Here's a final recap in summary of creating Australia to make sales and Facebook on instagram. We have learned how to create a one page social Newmarket plane for your small business. You were given the steps to able to quickly implement this plan for your social platforms and hopefully you gain the knowledge. Let you be confident on your social media while also having a little fun and making some sales. Please remember we need to define our tired a target audience. So who will you be targeting? You will set gold for Facebook and instagram so smart goals and figure out what your message will be. Also, when you capture leads, where will these leads live? Number not on the social pipe work how well you nurture them, make them know, like and trust you. And then how will you convert these leads in the actual paying customers asking for the sale of making the sales process as seamless as possible, then Hollywood over the best experience you can. You crying even after they have purchased don't disappear. How do you increase your customer lifetime value and keep them interested enough in you in your product? Keep in touch with, um, follow up, keep them in the note how you create social proof and seek referrals from current customers . Ask them to write some. Give your customers of best experience. You can stay the course right on your plan over her and refer to it. If you get lost, you got it. You need to connect with me and you have any specific questions, please feel free to reach out to me at Addy at good vibes. Creative out dot com Also on Facebook Instant and Instagram Thank you so much for watching and working through the's lessons. I hope all goes well. All the good vibes, your way you got it.