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How to make resin button by silicone mold

teacher avatar Art School, Became a better artist

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

8 Lessons (21m)
    • 1. Intro

    • 2. Materials needed

    • 3. Pasting buttons on mdf

    • 4. Preparing mold

    • 5. Silicon mold making of buttons

    • 6. Silicon mold making of one button

    • 7. Make buttons by resin

    • 8. Unmolding buttons

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About This Class

In these 21 minutes of training, I'm going to teach you how to make resin buttons by molding your favorite buttons, so you can create them with your favorite colors with epoxy resin to match them with your favorite clothes.
The topics of this course are:
• Introducing the material needed for molding and making.
•Paste the buttons on the desktop to format them.
•Using resin to produce and duplicate buttons using paste, ink and powder paints for resin, wreath and other materials required ...

I hope that by watching this course, you can create your favorite fantasy and beautiful buttons and also enjoy watching this movie.

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1. Intro: Hi, I am jump ship. Welcome to my training course in this training course, I'm going to teach you how to make a resident, but you don't need any background to make this part. It's You can make the Spartans at home with the least tools and equipments that you can customize any war deity of colors on Multiply a specific and unique, but it's enjoy making distress in bottles. 2. Materials needed: the first thing needed his buttons that can be off different shapes and sizes. Just keep in mind that the back off the bottoms must be as a smooth as you see in there. Kick. Next. Materials are colored glitter poder, which can be used in small and large size. Silicon modeling is also a king. Material for bottom molding with heart proxy raising on hardener are also used to make buttons on pool interest. Silicon This case that's a mix lighters, paper, glue and liquid. You are also needed way. Also use powder paints to paint the raising, which we can buy in volumes. Columns. Latex gloves should also be used for safety on the skin. Case. Finally way. Need MDF or plastic plates on for cuts wood to make a slick on more. 3. Pasting buttons on mdf: The first step in molding the bottom is to glue the buttons with liquid glue on a wooden or plastic surface. To do this, we blew the back off the buttons on, carefully blew the buttons together on the soothe. 4. Preparing mold: two more. The buttons we need to wrap around the buttocks for this purpose. Using thing cut route at a hate off at least one centimeter more than the thickness off the bottles way that around the buttons with a terrible glue adhesive to pre ran cynical. 5. Silicon mold making of buttons: After preparing the motors on the substrate, we begin to prepaid silicon. Silicon is used for morning at ambience. Temperature, which is used for sculptures, saw flight with Hartner. The ratio off silicon to hardener is 100 to 5. Open hardliners door with for the city con into a paper cup according to the environment. Inside the mall, after waiting the required it's time to calculate partner. Wait for this purpose multiplied. Silicon waits by five on divide by 100. You get 5% Silicon Way zero the weight off the paper cup and pulled the hardener over silicon and start stating with within mixer after the silicon is completely stupid for about two minutes for the silicon from the hate after 30 centimeter slowly over the models to cover our models during the war. If the silicone is low, we can repeat the same steps on at Silicon to the models to cover our borders. Uh, up to 24 hours after the work is complete. To close the cynical, make sure the mold is alive. After one day, remove the more wall on gently and carefully remove the sleep on mold from Yeah, the extra edge off the door can be caught with the Qatar. Otherwise, it's not this decision 6. Silicon mold making of one button: for making single and colored moments. You don't need to use food for the walls to make single malt from the buttons and these sweetie cardboard for paper cups. The distance between the wall and the bottom should be at least half a centimeter, and it's hate should be at least one centimeter higher than the model. Put the desert amount of colored powder into the silicon, prepaid for each more and pull it about 10 to to any seconds and pull on the moon. You can use other colors as well. This small will be ready in 24 hours. 7. Make buttons by resin: to make the buttons. We use a proxy raising on Hartner for this purpose. We put a paper cup on this cape and zero the weight off the paper cup. Poor 40 grams offers in here as needed way. Add to any grams off Hartner containers way at half the rate off the Hardener Prison, then, using a within mixer, started stealing the resin and hardener for about one minute until they are completely mixed. Divide the prepaid raising into six small paper cops off equal saw so that we can make you worry ity off colors. In the first cop we use colored a little, which we add to the raising. Using the glitter mixer as dessert. Uh, using a mixer, gently pour the raising into the more so that it does not rise above the surface off. More on does not cover the horse. Using an atomic lighter, we take the bobbles under it. Not that the lighter should not be close to the resin toe Bender's. Keep the mold in flat place without boost for 24 hours for the next paper car be used. Color powder on duty produces steps for the way raising should cover all parts off the moat in combination with colors in mortars, and you can use a combination of colors, glitter and clear reasons to make the buttons. As you can see in the video at the end off the work, we put them more in a flat place. 8. Unmolding buttons: After 24 hours, the resin models can be removed from the moat. The holes in the buttons must be empty. - I hope you enjoy watching this training course on make beautiful bottles.