How to make products that people want to buy! | Iulian Popa | Skillshare

How to make products that people want to buy!

Iulian Popa, Life Architect at SkillShare

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4 Videos (16m)
    • Introduction

    • Your skills and "The Other"

    • What people want? (on the internet)

    • Making stuff. The process!


About This Class

In this class you will be able to learn about how to assess your skills and to use them for something productive, like serving the needs of others. I will walk you through the top free tools on the internet for discovering what people are searching for and what they want solved.

I will show you the logical steps of making anything. A smart structure that can help you put your mind in order. You will be able to make better decision on what to spend your time in order to grow your business. 





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Iulian Popa

Life Architect at SkillShare

Iulian Popa is an architect, writer, instructor and thinker. He has a lot of experience in starting projects, online or offline. Being versed in a lot of fields he can't really decide what to focus on because of the near endless thirst for knowledge and questions. Yet from all that possible exploration and understanding he wants to do something more than anything else, teach. Helping people understand concepts and ideas, from the most concrete to the more abstract. His reach of subjects is wi...

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