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How to make products that people want to buy!

teacher avatar Iulian Popa, Life Architect at SkillShare

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

4 Lessons (16m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Your skills and "The Other"

    • 3. What people want? (on the internet)

    • 4. Making stuff. The process!

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About This Class

In this class you will be able to learn about how to assess your skills and to use them for something productive, like serving the needs of others. I will walk you through the top free tools on the internet for discovering what people are searching for and what they want solved.

I will show you the logical steps of making anything. A smart structure that can help you put your mind in order. You will be able to make better decision on what to spend your time in order to grow your business. 

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Iulian Popa

Life Architect at SkillShare


Iulian Popa is an architect, writer, instructor, and thinker. He has a lot of experience in starting projects, online or offline. Being versed in a lot of fields he can't really decide what to focus on because of the near-endless thirst for knowledge and questions. Yet from all that possible exploration and understanding he wants to do something more than anything else, teach. Helping people understand concepts and ideas, from the most concrete to the more abstract. His reach of subjects is wide from personal development to architecture, video editing, 3D modeling, and even to the more practical, hands-on building.

He has a small parcel of land where he plants apple, plum and pear trees for household use. He really enjoys making some jam after a hard day editing video or architec... See full profile

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1. Introduction: work. Welcome. Please have a seat. Thank you for showing interest in this amazing calls. It may even change you more than you expect. Change yourself. I'm milion. Please stem your name. Come on, say it out loud to the screen in front of you. It is very important. We have to relate. Set. Nice to meet you. Lesson number one. Always good people with a smile. But be sure to have a genuine smile. Otherwise even know in the scores. I would do something extraordinary. This is not usually this is not easy, but it is he send show. I want you to develop a mind for him through week. Better decisions are possible in your life. Imagine tomorrow you walking with the knowledge off people that were and people that still are. But they are old and full of regret, not information but the still lessons from the regrets. And if I had another chance But they don't have another chance. You have a chance. You can avoid the traps. And at the end you can smile, smile and say I leave my life of cooler. We can take this course in the right side of the page and see you in the next 2. Your skills and "The Other": Welcome to lesson number three. Welcome. Always decide what you want to do by intersecting what you like with what is in high demand . Jews. Accordingly. Now that's a great lesson. Wonderful, beautiful, logical. So many end up in jobs they hate because that is what makes money. They don't intersect with something that individual loves doing. He didn't understand that if you are not careful, you can get in places that you hate the more you stay there, you get comfortable. You hate it. But it's familiar, I would say most are in this situation. Why, you may ask. While the vast majority off people are asked to make a choice in life very early around age 18 when their brain isn't even developed completely so the truth is usually rely on your family to guide you. I'll tell you a secret. Your family will give you a device on how to become them. If your parent is a 9 to 5 worker, he would not advise you on anything as but to become a 9 to 5 worker yourself and to find a 9 to 5 job. He doesn't know how to become an entrepreneur on an artist or a freelancer? No. And that that's fine. The problem with that, if you want that lifestyle, I'll tell you something else. We end up going to university because the smart people go there, everything that will make a lot of money behind the scenes. Not something happens. Actually, that's very We're not making our own decisions, and that is horrendous. Exercise number. Who? Let's make a Venn diagram. You know what a Venn diagram is explained in a G Open. A photo editor game for a job. Coral? Yes, even Microsoft Pain. A Venn diagram is made up of intersecting circles. Each circle is filled with information. One of our circles will be the skills, actions, activities that are in high demand. So you will do a little bit of research, see what pays best. And you will ride that on that circle with text, draw a circle and then we takes, um, Palm Pampa. In the other circle will be the skins, actions, activities, passions that you have write them just like in the first. I will do this for me, and then you can do it for you. Good. Now you see the process one needs to follow in the world economy. You can't be selfish. You got to serve somebody just like the song from Bob Dylan. Gotta serve somebody. I put a link, right? Yeah. So you can go and listen to the song. Listen to the song. Listen to it. Listen to the song and see in the next video. 3. What people want? (on the internet): finding what people want. First, we have to understand this. We don't know what a good product is for other people. We only know what a good product is for ourselves. We have to do the research, see what they look for, what they want. Statistics, psychology is of use. Feelings, everything. Fortunately, we can find a lot of these things on the Internet sometimes paid, sometimes free. I'll show you a very good tool that is free. It's called uber suggest you can find it odd messages that you What does this tool do this to shows the monthly search volume. For key words, you can find what subject it's highly searched, where people pay attention, a good way to identify problems to solve. Now let's see how it works. We load the page and we see a box where we can like in Google type something we can type. Let's type how and click suggest we've seen the bottom part of the page, what it suggested, how to tie a time, how to make slime, how to screenshot on Mac, how to get away with murder, how to kiss, how to lose weight and you can see on the other column monthly volume. That's the amount of people that are searching this exact phrase on Google. So you see how many hundreds, hundreds off, thousands of people or even millions OK, and something that's even more interesting. It's the word cloud. If you click it, you see the words that are associate ID the most with how so people when they're right, how they also write one off this word. The bigger the word, the stronger the connection We see that old die. Yeah, there are, of course, cold earth, so you can get the idea off what people are interested in. And if you scroll down to the very bottom, you will see something called Heward everywhere. That's an extension poor chrome and Firefox, and you'll get search volumes for free. This stool, if you install it, will display at the bottom of your search box in Google. The amount of searches per month, like uber suggest, does on this page. So it's very useful because you are searching every day and you will form an idea of how searched a certain keyword. Is there useful? Okay, The next tool is a tool from Google, and it's called Google Trends. Visualize. This is another good one. If we open the link, will see what is searched right now, The most searched things in the moment on these squares, this colored squares. Here we have what's, ah, searched in all regions. If we want to change the region or one specific country, we can go at the bottom here when where it says hot searches in all regions click on all regions and then select a surgeon country like the United States. And now these are the searches hot searches in the United States. Right now, you can also go in the left stop corner here where you have these matrix and you can make it bigger to have more searches display at once or smaller. They can read them whatever you want. And the third to that, I want to show you a Google trends. Now Google trends shows you the history off searches. It doesn't show you the absolute numbers. You won't get a fixed number like uber suggest. When it said 500,000 people searched for this last month. No, you're get interest over time, so let's see how it works. Type winter in the top box and hit Enter. Now we see that winter is searched more in the winter than in the summer, and you see this cyclical graph that shows when is this term most searched? This will help you make an idea about when to do certain stuff. There's a good time for it, or you'll get an idea. If the interest is growing or dwindling, let's search something else. Let's type you to me. It enter, and now you can see that you Timmy is growing in popularity over the last five years. So this is interesting. Let's see if we can compare with other similar sites. Click on the box at comparison and right course era it. Enter now you will see a graph with both words, map. Statistically, you will see that coursera maintained a pretty high searched search volume, But you don't need to really catching up. That means we're starting to beat those professional both professors. If you scroll down, you can see also the interest for region, and this is a good indicator as well. If you're in a country where it's high interest for a certain subject, you can see it on the map that a lot of things that you can modify here. Of course you have right other top that worldwide or to a specific country, Lengthy. If America Samore searches for you. Damn your car, sir. You see, they don't have enough data to show here. That means they're not searching. It's something like in the United Kingdom, a great spiking new Demi searches over the last couple of months. Interest. So these are the best tools, in my opinion, for you to find what interests other people as a trend. If you want to get deeper into what they desire or what they are troubled by, you can visit Cora at core a dot com. This site is used to ask all kinds of questions. Use the term question product idea that you found viable in the first part of the video, based it in the core. A search you will find there what people are talking about, and you can get a better feel what you can do. You can also search Amazon and reader comments if you have in mind a product that has competition. See what the buyers love about existing products or what they hate This is all for this section. What did we learn? Until now? We learned how to analyze what we know and like to do and what the world needs. The process of making anything from need toe idea to concept, to prototype and product, the online free tools that can help you identify the needs and wants off 3.5 billion people currently on the Internet. And with that, see you in the next video. 4. Making stuff. The process! : Let's get right in business. Most people think in the following way I'm interested in something, which means I will make a product from what I know. And then at the end of all that effort, I will start to look for a buyer or for someone interested in what I've done. That is what I call insanity or blind luck. They experienced a gay people that made this mistake and ended up successful in their later part of their lives, said The best way is to look for something that people want find a need, an ache or a way to improve their lives. Imagine that you are their servant. You didn't saw that coming, did you? If you ignore what other people want and put yourself first, you can't make money. People have a lot of choices, a lot of different products to buy. If you don't tailor a product on their needs, you can't compete with those that do. This is, ah, humbling situation country today image that people have entrepreneurs or business people, so after you find the need, you must satisfy it the best way you can. This is the step that puts you in the spotlight all your skills and with your personality or knowledge, your business partners and you're supportive family form this this process through which you can build that thing that you want to build again You notice that it is not just you that is important also, the people that are around you get that wrong and boy is like you try to win the marathon with a metal balls strapped to your leg. After you find this idea and build something functional but not perfect tested on people See how they react to what you did. Let me give you an example. You wrote a book on the subject that you thought others will enjoy. Get a couple of friends and send them there. The manuscript Ask for their feedback. They will say good things if they're like most people. What you want to see here is the enthusiasm. When they give you feel back If they are enthusiastically Um hey, I really liked it. Wow! Great job. Wow! Wow. This is what you need. A book sells well when readers are pleasantly surprised by the good information or the story or something in your book, they will spread the word. If this is the case, they can even be angry if the book is controversial. Also a good things for sales. The emotion that you never want. Our apathy, disinterest and boredom. Pro tip. If you never did it right, a short book, 5100 pages long about the subject and go through the whole process off publishing or self publishing and get the feel of the process. Experience is king. Okay, This is the information. So the process is simplified. You look for the problem. You select what you can soul and what you enjoy solving. You test a good enough prototype. You get feedback from the people that will buy. You develop a second better version. You start selling and marketing the product, you improve and make 1/3 version of fourth, etcetera. In the next video, I will talk about about Frito that you can find on the Internet and can help you get an idea of what people want. At least the ones that use the Internet. See you in the next video