How to make life easy for a busy marketer-Some Word Press Plugins | Partha Gupta | Skillshare

How to make life easy for a busy marketer-Some Word Press Plugins

Partha Gupta, Set your goal and work hard for it

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6 Videos (25m)
    • Introducion to WP plugins

    • WordPress plugins for content writing

    • WordPress plugins for SEO

    • WordPress plugins for Social Media

    • WordPress plugins for E-mail Marketing

    • What I have taught


About This Class



First of all welcome to my class. In this class I have discussed about some WP plugins which would make the life of a busy marketer much better. If you are a marker then you have to take care of lots of things like:

  • Writing useful content
  • Driving traffic to those content
  • Sharing those content to various social media.
  • Generating a e-mail list.

Though there are many more plugins but in this class I have discussed only 8 of them. I would request you to go through the class and implement any of the plugins which would make your busy marketer life a bit easier.  I have also produced a class on increasing your blogging productivity with these Google Chrome extensions.

You can visit the class from this link.

So, use these plugins and make maximum use of it.

Best Wishes.






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Partha Gupta

Set your goal and work hard for it

I am Internet Marketer who tries to use new techniques for his marketing. I love producing videos both for my personal use as well as for my clients. I also try to rank my video's doing some basic SEO.

I am very passionate about teaching and like to share my knowledge with the like minded community

Best wishes.


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