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How to make life easy for a busy marketer-Some Word Press Plugins

teacher avatar Partha Gupta, Set your goal and work hard for it

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

6 Lessons (25m)
    • 1. Introducion to WP plugins

    • 2. WordPress plugins for content writing

    • 3. WordPress plugins for SEO

    • 4. WordPress plugins for Social Media

    • 5. WordPress plugins for E-mail Marketing

    • 6. What I have taught

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About This Class



First of all welcome to my class. In this class I have discussed about some WP plugins which would make the life of a busy marketer much better. If you are a marker then you have to take care of lots of things like:

  • Writing useful content
  • Driving traffic to those content
  • Sharing those content to various social media.
  • Generating a e-mail list.

Though there are many more plugins but in this class I have discussed only 8 of them. I would request you to go through the class and implement any of the plugins which would make your busy marketer life a bit easier.  I have also produced a class on increasing your blogging productivity with these Google Chrome extensions.

You can visit the class from this link.

So, use these plugins and make maximum use of it.

Best Wishes.


Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Partha Gupta

Set your goal and work hard for it


I am Internet Marketer who tries to use new techniques for his marketing. I love  producing videos both for my personal use as well as for my clients. I also try to rank my video's doing some basic SEO.

I am very passionate about teaching and like to share my knowledge  with the like minded community

Best wishes.


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1. Introducion to WP plugins: Hello and welcome to my class. My name is part in this class. I will introduce you to some very useful workplace plug ins. You feel that? A marketer Then you have to take care of a lot of things. Work up that things first off in the area off. Creating content means you have to write unique content so that you can drive visitors to your blogging website. Secondly, you have tow optimize this carton for is hell looking after all H one h two techs Mitt topex description. Except thirdly, you have to take care of the social media. Vince, you have to market your content in social media like Facebook beaters, instagram. Except lastly, you have to build an email list. So you have lot of functions to take it. Take care of. So in this lecture sorry. In this class I will introduce you who somewhat plus what press plug ins which will take care of all the fool most of changing needs for a marketer to have. Thank you. Please Enrolled in my class. See you inside 2. WordPress plugins for content writing: first of all, thank you very much for in ruling into my class in this class, I will introduce you toe to WordPress plug ins which will help you in your content, right? No. When we come across anyone, any content, we click. First off all we see the title. If the title is attractive, we didn't go through the card. I will. In this class, I will. So you want plug in, which will help you in writing your title and experimenting with them first. What does it do? This titles for book post and things. Signally force, which is the winning radiations? Thirdly, statistics on impression and clicks. That means the number off clicks or impressions it gets your title gets if people No. I have already done a class on how to write good titles in the description. I will give you the link to this class so you can also go through that plus also no, I mean for you. The details off the title experiment work. Chris playing by visiting its website. I have already opened the plug in page in my browser. Let me go to it. He doesn't capability off split distance which is known as a be distant. Let me go deep more, a bit more by clicking the stamp here. No, you can download a plug in for free, or you can upgrade that maybe just $29 per year. No, if you go through the frequently asked questions, you'll see that that clearly stated. First question one. Do I need to do after I write that? Itis clearly say that you do not need to do anything. The plug in will take care of everything else. Another very important question. But I don't need to take back and visible the bad titles. Yet they have told that you do not have to do anything. Those titles which is not responding, they will show it less and less, and they will show the plug ins which are getting a lot off. Two more in. So this plug in will take you off your titles off titles, both for the paid and your posts. Let us know. See the another WordPress. Plug it. We will help you in that, concentrating it here. I will introduce you to another. What press blocking, which will help you in your marketing effort, which is known as intelligent related post. In a simple tops, he incorporates small boxes off in line related post. The post are in such a way who it is related to your block topic with you, Henry. 10. In your blogger website. No, it has many advantages. What are the advantages? First off on? It puts related postbox inside your content. No automatically puts multiple boxes in your posts. No, If you have a paragraph on headline design, it will automatically detect the brakes, which we have in the paragraph breaks. It will introduce intelligently. Put that the post. Now it has 20 plus combination off styles and teams which will help you to match. We don't block design or your website design. No, if you're going, go a bit. Details into the website. What does this plugging? First, it reduces the bounce straight. You know, Google is very fussy about Bomb Street. The longer way said, which has high bounce straight, they will not means you'll be not be indexed. Your index rate will be quite low. It increases your engagement. We don't busy Death keeps your readers attention because he just will get a lot off related links on it increases that page views. So this is quite an important bloody If you are market in my next class, I will introduce you To do is your plug ins which will help you in your marketing. Thank you and see you in my next class. 3. WordPress plugins for SEO: Hello and welcome to this class. In this class, I will introduce you to WordPress battalions, which will help you in the area of search engine optimization. The 1st 1 is the rich Snippets. When does it do when you we do a certain Google search. The search results gives you a Synopsys off. What? Your content. Izabal. It gives a clear, small synopses which will help you to increase that click through rate on kicking people will click on. Visit your site. Now let me. Well, let me show you what of that advantages off rich snippets. First, it gives the surgeon you the only important and precise information will be displayed in search resumes. Restatements is a very interactive photo star rating price. Author accepted later standard from your competitors? No, it helps to rank higher in seven prisons. No, If we go into the side, let me see you. So yet they have clearly state what is a snippet. A snippet can be defined as a small piece of external small piece or an extract off content or details or playing from the website. These are small example. So snippets, so you can introduce it on you can take advantage in your search engine results as well as your click through rates. This is a very good example. Off rich snippets. What does it say? A snippet that comprises off every minute detail. A user looks up for his call s streets. Snippet. You can just compare these two razors. 1st 1 is chocolate cookie recipe. Yes, they're thinking Yes. The rich snippet has written. All recipients are more than 250 trusted chocolate cookie recipes. But on the bottom one, which stands out, the tells that crisp ages means what your chocolate cookies keeps to their cut customers, Chris pages to a middles. And so slow is it to me? So this is much. This snippet will get much click through rate Benda up now. Let us go to the next one. Here, I'll introduce you to another. Very good. What? Chris blocking, which is known as issue presser, which will improve you in your search engine optimization, Jer. No. What does it do? It helps you in many ways. No, at the beginning, Let me tell you, this is a pay plugging having a monthly judge of $9. No one does it do first, it gives you on page analysis. It does the issue. Intelligence for your block post Semantic builder. Roller control on link Manager. It helps the Google crawler Google Bark toe. Crawl your posts on it. Also take care of the links. We do have outbound or inbound wings from your block list. No, Let me go to the future step. Yeah. They have clearly say that it resumed. It improves your on pages. You analysis. It helps you with no issuing diligence. Comprehensive semantic builder, the enemy college crawler control and smart link management. So thank you. I'm in the next class. I will introduce you to two more WordPress plug. It's which will help you get your social presence. Thank you. Once again, let us. But what next class? 4. WordPress plugins for Social Media: Hello and welcome to my class in this class. I really for you. Or rather, I will introduce you toe to WordPress plug ins which will help you in your social market. Injured Vince, your block bulls will be more problem found in social media seconds. Not before I introduce our Sure, I tell you the name. Let me show. What are the features It is. But so far you can interrogate upto 20 social network profiles with this plan. Secondly, you can put this plug in or use this plugging in five different locations in your block posts. Thirdly, it will provide you a detailed analytics of how your block pools. Last issues. How many people are following you are retweeted, Retweeted, your doc Post and sore. The plugging name is Mona Blufgan on It is well in the productive off the Iligan teams. I love going to the side and show you details about I am loved in my elegant team account. I'm a premier member. You can become a premier member by banks is $9 a year. With this payment, you can get access to all the teams, including them blankets. So let me show you how you can use the morning with this moaner plugging you can use it in your side. Birth, about content below content as a pop up or flying are on media. So let me show you the below content here. You can see below your content on here. You can easily she area link said the link off your block. Post your social media sites now. If you go, you can use it in your sidebar. Just simple in your side. But you can send the link to your social media's that comes with a link to your more. We turned out Social Media's you were doing. You can just see here you do a Google plus dribble tumbler blogger Tweeter liquor. We don't they? No. You can also design in many colors and many ways to become to make it more attractive. You can go down. You can go through all the details. You did not have to become a member. You can. That is a lots of videos. It will show you how you can share it, how you can use it in your block post If you are not elegant team members and also you do not have to have a lot of knowledge about courts, and it is very easy to give it. So no, let me talk about another planet he had. I'll introduce you to another plaque in which is known It's so moving. No, he tests two functions. First, you can roll your email list by connecting it to your offer responders, and secondly, you can share them. Do your social media sites. You go down and see what are the features. First, free and easy interrogation with any what first thing you can use. They have. You can use this team with any type of art responders. They have given a big list, such as male Chip Away, but inbox first. Except now. It is also 100% move I loved optimize, so it will get traffic in your movie. People have mobile trophy you have is just kind of jealousy. It also have a heat map facilities. If you go down here, it map. You can easily, visually see where visitors are clicking on. No, it has both free and paid version. The If you go down to the pricing structure we see that's Mommy. Basic sumo me small so me pro mediums, me, probie. These are all the pricing factors. You can see what other pricing factors and which one suits. See you can go also with the free version are if you meet, you can also go with the baby bush. Here there is a in the pain version That is one very good important thing that is heat map through. You can see where you are is just clicking like this. So thank you very much for visiting this class. Let us go to our next class where I show you two more plug ins. It will help you in your right your email list. 5. WordPress plugins for E-mail Marketing: Hello and welcome to this class. First of all, I like to thank you for being with me to Busan. Here. In this class, I will show you to plug ins which will help you in your email marketing the first flag in what does it do? It has six different types off often forms. Secondly, there are 100 plus designs. Plus you can also remotely according to your needs. Thirdly, it readers the from using time delay or user interaction. Suppose you put a time delay off one second. It's after one second. The up to inform Will a pair blog's readers are If the block reader wants to leave your side, then the option for will come, lastly it into gates with all the major auto responders. No, I am talking about the plucking which is known his broom, which is one of the productive illegal teams. Blufgan, here I am, inside the Bloom Blufgan Documentation page. I'm a premium member off elegant. So first, let me show you how you can add your milligrams whether you are using May team or it we were get response exit. Let me show you. Yeah, there's a little video description about it, but let me for you how we couldn't do it. Suppose you want to add the a waiver. This is a new account. You can flee control how we can set up the accounts. These are very easy. You did not have to have a coding experience. No, How to get the p a ki If you just click the link Urabe Yankee, such as a labour MP, a key or get responsibly Yankee, your whole least or whole different parts which have which you have made inside your or to respond may be shown in this blue like suppose you have a email list. Did you want to collect least only related to your online learning that least will come out ? Suppose you suppose you want to create the least for the people who are interested in learning athlete marketing. You love to get that this is very is with you can en route. Plus another thing is that they have given a detailed documentation how you can get your a p a keys from different but the responders let me go back. Yet other varias designs settings you can see you can just add the fixed Upton title that click here to get this book that anything. What do you want? These are the videos often forms which you can design. This is one this. This is also another thing. Different style. See canoes, background color hitter from body Frontex colors. Then these are also various types. You can also choose border style solid dashed double stroke. How to set up the forms for more inundation than form styling. You can do various things. These are the video Swiss. Suppose you study from it. It's time. This is straight. This has a weaker These are various ways in country. Plus, if you are interested to have your own CSS, you can also inside your CSS code and give it a new Could we not have to go to the original ? What Bloom Blufgan has given, please. If you go toe there, another supposed often display cities here you will see there are various types of up in display cities. Suppose trigger after time delay. You can click delay in seconds. What I was telling to get after in activity various stinks. Another thing is that it is very beautiful. He you're in fact, European box you can choose which which pages will be putting European books? Opposable. You are having a right up about affiliate marketing. You can put their often box related playoff it affiliate marketing by indicating are clicking here, um, selecting it so that it appears only on that particular pitch. So these are all the videos with even chicken, this beauty according to your needs. Here, I'll introduce you to another plaque in which is no less mailing. It is basically the same name, loose plugging. No, it has a lot of important features. First of all, let me tell you, if we're just starting out, we're shortage of funds and etcetera. You can send 9000 meals per month free from this using this plug ins. So what are what are the things you can get? First, you can design your subscription forms that easy, then in can interrogate are you Can you sort code also, that is an option for developed in, um El Redirection. Then it has a library of mobile family creative email designs you can design on. This Plug in goes very well with the blue plaque because you can inside your a p a ki in into your blue blooded system? No, To get the Yankee, you have to be. It left the logging and you have to be a member off. If we go to that page, you see these other videos designed sinker. These are all dragon drop. You can see template. They have a lot of They have a very big template gallery, mobile friendly meals, etcetera. No. If you want to go to their pricing system, it can go and see what other pricing. India's free for 9000 the means as because I am from India. They're showing the Indian money value. It is roughly around $9 Parliament. You send 40,000 emails. These are some of the pricing. It is when you can see on what are the main features. If you go to their feature stuff, I've already shown you the that the areas. Then you can go to the video Contact management campaign reports. You can get your captain reports even what is the open rate except then marketing automation. You can go there. So it is a lot of functions which you can incorporate. Do you Bronx? So thank you very much. And thank you very much for being with me. I'm This is my last plus on in my concluding class. I'll tell you a bit about the project which is involved with this class. Thank you once again. 6. What I have taught: first of all, thank you very much for being with me this far. Here in this class, I will just give you a Synopsys off what I have shown you. But Rhonda against I have introduced to you. Last one is let me fool title experiments and in line related calls related to content marketing. The 2nd 1 which sympathies on issue person related to issue the 3rd 1 monarch blogging and salumi toe dispute Your block pulls in social media on last partner off the least the bloom plug in and send in blue plugging for your email market. So thank you once again and for the project part, I would just request you that if you use what press, just write down any of the to plug in switch. What do you think you knew? Lungs are what Chris Thompson. Thank you once again and seal it