How to make great decisions instantly, at work & home | Yvonne Lines | Skillshare

How to make great decisions instantly, at work & home

Yvonne Lines, Mindset Mentor,

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6 Videos (22m)
    • Great decision making, instantly: Intro

    • A tale of two decisions

    • Be a hero at work

    • Personal values & goals

    • Three key bonus tips

    • Our class project


About This Class

Want to be a hero at work by making great decisions on the spot? How about choosing a fantastic lifestyle at home? In this class youll discover how to use company values as a base for decision making, and youll set up your own guiding principles for home.





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Yvonne Lines

Mindset Mentor,

I used to go home, flip on the 'toob, watch hours of mindless tv, go to bed, get up, go to work, repeat. Finally, I got sick of it to the point that I decided to do something...

I read every leadership and development book I could grab. After 236 books, my mindset had changed so much, I was able to leave my steady job, build my own business, and still avoid an all-ramen diet. And now I can finally call myself a surfer and a motorbike ad...

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