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How to make custom birthday cards

Madi Hill, digital artist

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    • 1. Intro

    • 2. Procreate settings

    • 3. Candle birthday card

    • 4. Balloon birthday card

    • 5. Cake birthday card

    • 6. Gift box birthday card


About This Class


In this class, we are going to be making, drawing, and creating 4 different birthday cards.

These are great to make for friends, family, significant others, and peer's birthdays. You can send them over texts, post on Facebook, or put them on Instagram stories, and they are great to personalize. They will look super professional but also completely your own. I know I really appreciate a handmade card, and they are so simple to create but will be cherished forever.

 This class is great for beginners and will include step by step descriptions on everything I'm doing, and you can follow along exactly on procreate via the setting videos. They are also awesome for more seasoned artists as a bit of an easy design that you can draw inspiration from, really elevate, and make your own.

These ideas also work for drawing with pen and paper (I would recommend drawing in pencil a first time watching the video and then going in with color and pen a second time because I do mess with layers) or with a different digital art tool such as photoshop or adobe draw. 

We will draw candles, a cake, balloons, and a cute gift box while also talking about color selection, composition, and formatting :)


1. Intro : Hello. Hello, Y'all. And today we are going to be talking about my custom birthday card class that you are about to be taken in this class. I am going to be teaching you four different cards that you can make on procreate by yourself. And then I am going to give you some ideas on what you can do to spruce them up in your own way. As we go along, I'm going to be going through every single step, step by step. And this is going to be amazing for beginners because you are going to be able to see exactly what you need to do at the exact moment I'm showing. However, if you're a little bit more advanced, did that is fine, because thes designs will work where you can apply your skills that you already have on to them to make them even better than the basic one we're going to be talking about doodling. We're going to be talking about how we're going to do the calligraphy for this. We're going to be talking about different fonts that we're gonna use when we're writing on her own. It's going to be amazing. We're gonna talk about colors. It's gonna be so good. And if you want to know a little bit more about me, my name is Maddy and I am going to be teaching this class for you. Um, I am a artist, and this is something that I think that anyone can do and I think is going to be Superfund . If you remember when you were younger and you were making custom card to lit up people's lives, they loved seeing handmade cards. I still make handmade cards, and I think handmade cards are the best. So let's get into the next video, which we're going to be talking about procreate settings. 2. Procreate settings : Hey, you all and welcome to lessen where we are going to talk about how to set up your pro great and as a reminder of what we talked about in the intro video. I am going to be doing all of these on procreate because I think digital files are a lot better, but you can follow along with pen and pencil. Just make sure that if you are going to follow along that way, you start out in pencil. And then as we move and progress, you can go back in color later, because I will be reformatting as I go. So for the size of your image, you are going to want to go into custom canvas and then into inches, and you're gonna add in 8.5 and 5.5. So basically that is half of a letter sized paper, so if you want to print it out, you'll be able to format it so it's half so that you can fold the paper over fourth, the brush style I'm going to be using. I'm going to be using calligraphy model line because designs are pretty simple, so we can do that and then I'm just gonna change the size when I need to. And then for Eraser, I'm going to be using Lee round brush because I like, quite honestly, the eraser doesn't matter that much. And then I also want you to get acquainted with using copy paste. And I will tell you when we're going to use it. But we will be using it. And that is it for the basic procreate set up. You've set everything up. Now let's get drawing. 3. Candle birthday card : hail and welcome to the first lesson in this installment on greeting cards. Let's get into the drawing. So, as I already said, we're going to be using procreate for this. So first, I'm going to go ahead and pick my colors for the candles. And as always, if you need to pause anywhere in this video, don't worry about it. Just pause and then catch up because I might be moving a little bit fast. Starting off, we're going to pick five colors that match I went with kind of between a pastel color and just a little bit brighter than a pastel. Okay? And then also, as I had already said, this is the 8.55 flag 0.5 screen, and I'm just going to turn it the other way because I think that one, you know, mix it up a little bit now, going in at the bottom of the screen. I'm going to take the pink color I selected and write. Happy birthday, babe. At the bottom of this congee for an actual babe. Or, you know, you can fill in the name. I don't know. I just thought it was cute and I'm just going to use a kind of fun, loose fought don't really worry about it too much. It's supposed to look hand written, but like hand written and better, so don't make it look disgusting. But, you know, and I'm just going to go at it in a little bit more detail, make any changes, make sure the lines under the H and the A r like lower down and makes it look a lot cuter. And then I'm just gonna add detail and we're done with that. And now it is time for the candles. So I am going to go and draw in five skinny looking rectangles. That's pretty much Azizi, is that I'm gonna switch colors in between them, and I'm going to color them all in. It's already if they look just like Legos right now, because we're going to go out in detail now to make them look like candles. So for the week, I'm just going to use a almost black bluish color and then for the fire, I'm going to just go in with a simple yellow color and make a little teardrop fire shape and colored in. And then I'm going to make sure that the black still shows through. So I'm gonna go in and add a little layer sticking into the bottom of the fire and now going in with each color. I'm going to go find a darker, more saturated version of the original color and create kind of a very, very messy outline. So I'm actually intentionally not following the lines here. I think it looks cool. If you don't, then you can follow the lines. But, um, the whole look is kind of messy, but cute and very simple. So we're gonna go ahead and do that. Feel free to pause if you need to stop and get caught up again. But once we are done with all of that, we are going to move on to reformatting. So if you're doing this on paper, you don't need to do this because you've spaced out correctly at the beginning. But if you're not, then go ahead and use the selection tool in procreate and make sure everything is lined up the way you wanted it to, all right, And then this is what makes it really special. We are going to at a special message right on top of the candles. So to do this, we're going to do a new layer. Or, if you are drawing physically on, I would add a little bit of white out and then get ready to draw on top or another layer of paper or something like that for me. I wrote your old now has I love those. I think there's such funny courts, but you can write a inside joke. You can write something else, whatever you want. And so for this I use that same black blue color as the wick, and then I'm going to go in and make it look like I know calligraphy, which I actually don't. So the way I'm doing this is on the left side, and whenever you're going down on the strokes, I just go and fatten it in. So it looks darker, Like when I wrote it, I pressed down harder, so that's on the left side, going down. I'm going to go at that in, then, with that same color of text I used at the bottom, I'm going to go and add a layer in the background like a stripe and then at the two tail ends I'm going to add a little triangle cutouts so it looks like ribbon. I think it's super adorable like that, and we're pretty much done. As always. I'm going to go in with some finishing touches and make sure everything is exactly I wanted to look very important. So I noticed there weren't any highlights and I didn't like that. So I'm going to go in with a lighter white color, a little bit whitish pink and add in highlights to all of the candlesticks and also the fires themselves. And that will be it for this lesson. I so hope you enjoyed and see you in the next one by. 4. Balloon birthday card: how local. And welcome to the video on this card that we're going to be doing today. Let's just jump right into it. So we are going to start by writing the happy, and this is going to be in its own layer, and this is going to be in a light version of the color. So this is all gonna be themed in one color. So find the light version of your color and we're going to do a bubble fought. But instead of like crossing over, we're going to make sure they're isolated. Separate letters, okay. And then you're just going to go do that for the entire word happy. I am going to be speeding parts of this video up. So do not worry. Just pause video until you are caught up with me. And we are going to move on now. So going in with a darker version of the color you were using before I want you to write birthday on top. If you're doing this on procreate, I would recommend doing this in a separate layer. I might not have showed that in the video, but I didn't do that. And then, um, I want this toe look very loopy. So I'm gonna go in and then add darkened spots just like I did in the past where I'm going down, and then I'm gonna add it to the left of everything. And I'm just basically doing this. So it looks like actual calligraphy and not just really, really bad. Like I learned cursive in third grade type style. So I'm going to go in and add dark spots on the left going down. So any time I'm taking a stroke down, I'm adding thickness and then I'm going to write to you underneath birthday. So I'm just going in with literally just basic lower case writing. Um, I'm making sure to space it the way that I want it to look, and then I'm going to thicken it up just slightly so it doesn't look super tiny. Next. Still like the big bat writing that's in the same color. Um, and then I'm going to add hearts because I like hearts. No one's surprised and then we're going to move on to the balloons. But right before we do, go ahead and make sure that everything is exactly the way you want it. So this is gonna be our little pots fixed everything, make sure it looks good. And then we're going on two balloons. Okay, so for the balloon, we're going to start by drawing a circular shape and then a little scrunchie looking triangle at the bottom, and then we're gonna outline it and then going up from the left, we're gonna color in with the purple and no, all the way, just a little bit. And keep that messy edge. It's very important. And then we're gonna go in with that dark color, were used on birthday, and we're going to add a little bit of dimension coming up the side of it. And then we're also going toe Add the end, a little tail, and we are not adding the string yet. So do not pay attention to what I did because it was bad. And then also on the bottom, I liked it more flat, so I decided to do that. Now we're going to copy Paste, so we're going to take the selection tool and then we're gonna switch over, and then we're going to go into the little button over to the side where it looks like a tool and then we're gonna press copy, And if you already know how to do this, that's fine. But then we're gonna copy it, and then we're going to paste it. And every time it actually add just own layers so you can mess around with it from the size of the last one, and then we're just gonna continuously paste in paste and paste, and we're going to build up more and more blooms, and I'm going to change the sizes so that it looks really, really cool. Okay, so let's do that pause. Go ahead and fall along. If you need to go back and watch how I copy, paste it, go ahead and do that as well. Make sure as you do, it's to, um, layer it in a way where you like the formatting so you don't want to, like, put two of the same size like right next to each other and then a bunch of tiny ones. I don't know. It looks out. So we are now going to add this drinks. So this is really basic. With the dark color, you just kind of draw a line down. You can put them in different lengths and things like that. And that is it. We are completely done with this card. Now, if you do not like it being this high up with the white on the bottom, um, you can move the text down because it will be in a separate layer and then add more balloons or redistribute as you like. I will include a photo of what it looks like. Move down if you like. The simpler, like, more minimalist style. You can leave it like this. I'm sorry. I don't have a video of the fast version of me moving everything around. My computer crashed, but I You really don't need it. Just go back and move everything down. We've already done something very, very similar. Okay, Thank you so much for watching this video. And I hope I see you in the next lesson by 5. Cake birthday card: Hey, you all and welcome to the lesson on drawing in this birthday card right here with the cake in the background and then the fancy happy birthday in the four graft. This one is great for girly girls. But you can also change the colors up and make it blue. And then it's just fun and fresh. I don't know, I really like. Okay, let's get started. So to do this, we're going to be using again one color and then we're going to be basing it all off that So for this, I started with, like, a very light pink creamy kind of color. And I'm going to start by drawing a big old like square shape and just coloring that in. Then I am going to open up my color palette and try to find a darker version of it. So I'm just gonna go in there and find a darker version, and then I'm going to draw in some drips. So I am basing this off of a drip cake. If you've seen those with the really cool drips at the top, I don't know. I like how it looks of literally I'm just going up and down like drawing bumps to it. And then I'm going to color in from the top. And as in previous lessons of this class, I am going to be speeding things up. So don't be afraid to pause. Um, you will have to pause, so I'm going to color. Listen, go ahead and pause if you need to. And now I am going to go back in with that light pink color and I'm going to start on the camp. So I am going to draw some lines of varying sizes for dimension. And those are going to be our candles. And then at the top, I'm going to add teardrop shapes, and this is very, very similar to how we drew the candles on the other card. And I'm just gonna go in and do that with that same color from the drips, and then I'm going to draw the wicks. So for that, I'm going to use a grayish color from that same pink color palette and just draw a line between the light part in the dark part. It's really simple, but it looks good. And now I'm going to add a shadow on the left bottom of the cake, and I'm going to hit the color palette again. Like always, find a less and dark, great tone and just add that at the bottom. And then I'm going to do that same thing on the left side of the candles. So basically, I'm going to draw a line on the left, and for this you can change thesis eyes of your pen or again new pen so that it's dinner. But I was leaving, so I just drew it on the left side. And then I added, using that same light color, a layer on top, so just then did out. But feel free to do as you wish. And now I am quickly just going to make it filled the entire page, and I'm going to mess with the formatting later, so don't worry about it. And it's time for us to write Happy birthday on the bottom of the cake. So I'm going to change the H later, but basically I'm going to do a very, very big, loopy fought, and I'm just gonna write in happy birthday in big, loopy font to make it look like this every time. You haven't overlap um you just wanna add in another loop just so it's unnecessarily big and fancy and you're going to do that for both words, Then using my absolute favorite technique ever I am going to go in and make it look like I know calligraphy. So any time that there is a loop, I'm going to go downwards. And on the left side, I'm going to thicken it up so that it looks like how you press down with, like, a nib of like, a real pen. But we're doing this on procreate after we wrote it. So you know what I mean. And we're just going to go through, and every time you go down, you're gonna sticking it up and I'm going to do this for both words and fill it in. Go ahead and pause and fill it in as I go. And then you can feel free to reformat any way you want at this point. But at this point, I'm going to go in, make sure that I'm making every edit that I feel like I need to, and I'm going to add in that light pink color as kind of like a back ground edge to all of the text. So I'm going to go in at a new layer, put it underneath the happy birthday one and add in like a light pink edging toe all the text just so it looks more refined than it does now. And it doesn't have that messy, kind of confusing edge. We're gonna go ahead and fill all of that in. No. And once that is done, we are almost finished with everything. So the last thing that I am going to do here is I'm going to actually go into the cake layer after fixing everything that I feel like I need to fix. And I'm going to go into the K player and change the opacity. So I'm going to go into the layer and then I'm going to press on it, you know, make my little edits, and then I'm going to press on it and mess with the opacity until I feel like the text has enough of a stand out from the background of the background doesn't disappear and that we're going to be done with this cart. I love this one. I think it's really cute. You can personalize it at the bottom and add another name If you want to put like Happy Birthday, Susie who or something. I think that would be super duper cute. And I think this one is great for, you know, younger kids, things like that. Or if you change the color up, it's like feminine with a bit of like. A darker tone would be really awesome as well. Okay. I can't wait to see you in the next lesson by 6. Gift box birthday card: Hey, guys. And welcome to the last card that we are going to be drawing in this class. This one is only one color and literally one color of the whole time. Um and thank goodness it's just one color, because my computer actually decided to delete the footage of, um, the screen record of me doing this. So this is from the procreate save of the video. And I'm sorry, but it's not gonna have any of the color options in the corner. But we're just using the same pen as I talked about in the video. Same racer. Nothing is gonna change here, so it should work. Fine. Let's get started. So we are going to start by writing out happy, and we're going to do this in a big font, but not as puffy at Sweded before on one of the last ones were just going to kind of do it as a thick font. Happy is all gonna be uppercase, and birthday is all going to be lower case. And we are going to go and do that on birthday. I'm going to swoop the letters down a little bit because I just think that looks cool. All right, now is the part you have been waiting for the gift box. So we're going to start by drawing a big box on top, and then we're going to put a bunch of circles clump together at the top, and then we are going to add another box down at the bottom, and I'm also going to move a couple things around. So I get it the way I like it, and then we're going to add the ribbon portion. So I'm kind of darkening the bottom, and then I'm going to add a ribbon strip down the centre of both rectangles, and then I'm also going to add more to the circles on the top. And now, for the thing that makes this duly card actually look cute. So we're going to add confetti pieces. So I'm going to add, like, little swirls. And then a bunch of little dots and the dots are gonna be focused at the center, and then I'm gonna keep adding swirls. I'm also going to be adding some trying angular looking pieces to mix it up. Feel free to pause, but I want to keep it moving. So now we're going to move up to the pattern that we're doing at the top. So to do this, I'm going to draw a kind of a big old squiggle on the left side, and I'm going to fill that squiggle in. And then I'm going to draw two lines underneath the squiggle as an outline. And then on the right side, I'm actually going to do that same thing again. Then, depending on whether or not you're doing this and procreate or not, I would try to move with the center piece that says happy birthday and the gifts and thing and move it down that way that we can do this cool dot thing. If you can't do that, don't worry about it. You can disperse the dots outwards from the centre, but I'm dispersing the dots upwards, so basically, there's gonna be less stocks at the top, and then we're gonna get more and more and more dots. I'm just gonna fill in more dots at the bottom. Okay? All this is the complete final product. I think it it super cute. And I hope you think yours is super cute to, um I hope that you guys do the project for this class. And I hope you enjoy this course. Thank you so much for watching and have a great day by