How to make best Snapchat ad campaigns (step by step guide) | Nikola Lugonja | Skillshare

How to make best Snapchat ad campaigns (step by step guide)

Nikola Lugonja, HR and Marketing Instructor

How to make best Snapchat ad campaigns (step by step guide)

Nikola Lugonja, HR and Marketing Instructor

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8 Lessons (47m)
    • 1. Introduction and course description

    • 2. Snapchat's overview and some statistics

    • 3. How to find Snap Ads Manager and its interface explained

    • 4. Overview of the advanced mode in Ads Manager

    • 5. Creating the campaign (with Snap Ad)

    • 6. Creating the campaign (with Story Ad)

    • 7. Creating the campaign (with Collection Ad) and Filter explained

    • 8. Thank you

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About This Class

Here you will find a lot of new things about Snapchat advertising. You will learn how to make and set up new campaigns, track results and read metrics. Furthermore, you will be able to achieve efficient results with minimum investment. After this course, you will be able to set up your own different types of campaigns and ads on Snapchat. That means that you will be able to start advertising your business in the best possible way.

Snapchat Ads (lectures):

  1. Introduction and course description

  2. Snapchat's overview and some statistics

  3. How to find Snap Ads Manager and its interface explained

  4. Overview of the  advanced mode in Ads Manager

  5. Creating the campaign (with Snap Ad)

  6. Creating the campaign (with Story Ad)

  7. Creating the campaign (with Collection Ad) and Filter explained

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Nikola Lugonja

HR and Marketing Instructor


-Multi-year experience in both HR and digital marketing. I started my career in Marketing, but over time I dived deeper into the world of Human Resources. I find these two areas commonly overlapping (e.g. when it comes to the employer branding), therefore I will also try to link them in some classes. 

-Here are 4 values that I always keep in mind when preparing and publishing classes:

Keep it short and sweet - eliminating everything that does not bring any value and ensuring the students get the most out of every single second Unscramble the content - making things simple to comprehend and outlining the most important takeaways Always explore - stepping into the unknown to extensively research new topics and broaden the knowledge spectrum Improve on fee... See full profile

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1. Introduction and course description: welcome students, and welcome to the new section of the scores. In this action, we're going to talk about Snapchats marketing. How can you? How you can place your rights on Snapchat platform and, of course, make different plants may different campaigns. Before we start, I would like to give you an introduction of the things that we're going to see this course . So for starters, we're going to talk about Snapchat what it is as some statistics about it. Then we're going to talk about Snapchats at manager interface to explain it a little bit better and to see how it works. After that, we will see different campaigns that we have inside the chance Chance platform. We're going to set up different ads to try different at the creatives and to see in which way you can interact with your users and the customers. We'll also see how to use the chattels for at creation, which is very good, and stuff is very good at it. And, of course, during the whole course, I'm going to give you some advice is and make some key notes on the things that you should do or consider to do what you set up your campaigns. So, without, for the review, start 2. Snapchat's overview and some statistics: we'll come back and we'll continue without course and section. So here is you can see I found some statistical that judges to show you in a couple figures how popular it is currently that this is the statistics from the end of 2018. So it's relatively new, and it's actually the most updated version. So, as you can see here, Snapchat was founded in 2000 and 11. It's a relatively young social media network. It is very popular. It has monthly active users about around 300 million. So although it is smaller than Facebook, Facebook has around two billion. Right now, daily active users are around 180 million snaps created daily, three billion video views daily around 10 billion. And according to some wreck, I didn't go so deep in it. It is ranked as number seven Social Media Network in the world. The most interesting thing about Snapchat is that it is really engaging for the teenagers and mostly a young audience. And if you're selling things or going to target teenagers, saddle asses or even students, I would say that there is a really really good place for that and the good thing is also that you were able to create interesting ads that will be really engaging for the customers and people with whom you are interacting on the platform. The thing I also want to mention here is that that chat waas when it was emerging social media at the beginning off its day. So in 2013 Facebook actually wanted to buy Snapchat at it offer There are $3 billion to acquire it. However, Snapchat refused, and in 2016 Google tried to do the same thing because Google is struggling with its social media on that were especially now when it is closed in Google Plus and they offered around . It was it wasn't the data that was officially confirmed, but the speculation was that the about was around $30 billion at Snatch had also refused that so Snatcher is really different social media platforms. It's not part of the Facebook group as Instagramming. What's up are so they're struggling with some things, but mostly they're very successful. Intermission to Survivors Independent Company and also it is important to know that Snapchat introduced some innovations in the social media world that that were later adopted by instrumental for his on Facebook in general for a for example, stories and many different features. That is, Cigarillo has we're at the beginning, invented and introduced by a Snapchat, and they were really the pioneer of that technology in the their early days when they introduced all of those things. They were really focusing on that mobile and the interaction between mobile and users and making their social media mobile friendly with using cameras and different filter options. So we can say that they were really the pioneers and leaders in that in that innovation at the beginning, off their days. So here I also have some statistic. I will include this links in the in the attachment of the office lessons. But as you can see, the dates are very a relatively Newell were in 2019. Right now on you can see that data's are relatively relatively corrected, the ones we already saw. So also, some interesting things that I want to show is that a percentage of users suggesting the U . S. But it is also very true for the entire world are between 18 and 24 years old, who are between 18 and 24 years old are 70% 78% off. The whole number of users on Snapchat and, uh, off course. There are some interesting statistics here that you can you can see. So I will include these links and from the next lesson we're starting with our work is that that's manager So see you there. 3. How to find Snap Ads Manager and its interface explained: So we're continuing with our Snapchat section course. And, as you can see in order to access to the snap as manager, you just need to types that for businesses in Google Search engine and click here. It will bring you to this page where you need to log in or create your business account, and after that you will be brought to the ads manager. This is the interface off, Snapchat says Medicare, As you can see, it's a very, very similar to the Facebook warm and which is very good. Although there the company, the company is not the same with the tools, and the at interface of the ads manager is very similar, and it's much easier to navigate like that then, when they are completely different. So here I just want to give you a short overview of it. Although I don't have any complaints of this profile here, you can see some some sections that we have here he will hear. You will have the money that you have spent so far impressions that you have gathered. You can off course if you have any questions. If you don't understand some sections, you can always hover over this information bottom on to see what it means. So effective cost per 1000. Thousands impression. So swipe up store that would be like link legs, link clinks, clicks on the Facebook on. Of course. Here you also have the same effective Cosper link. Click or swipe up here, you will have a compares that are currently active or we're finished at sets and adds OLEDs here you can navigate it with you can put two different columns that you want to. You can make a custom interface that you like or with the things you want to see. This depends, of course, on the statistic terms that you are looking for. You can also delete the columns and they're already presented here. You can off course, always use this bottoms about who you will have toe which you will have access when you publish some campaigns and mostly here you will see the dates off your campaign. So which period you want to show it? If you want to make you compare, you can go here. And uh, that would be it for for this lecture in the next one, if you wish. Yeah, I forgot to say, if you wish to have any need for help or questions, you can always use the chat box here and that would made for this lecture in the next one. We will start with creating the at, So see you in the next lecture. 4. Overview of the advanced mode in Ads Manager: welcome back. So in order to make create that on Snapchat, you need to go here and decide to feel which sense create ads. When you click there, you will have two options. So the quick and easy one advance creation as you can read here, this is for this option should be chosen when you want to make a single ad and a very short period of time and this is the more advanced world as it is written at the world today will focus the video this one because there is no need to go very deep in distance. This is only the basic and intermediate or beginner. Scores were not going to take a look in such a deep advanced tools and methods. But I would just like to show you how this looks and it will be very soon. It will look very similar to Facebook's as manager. As you can see here for miss, you will have to select your objective eso awareness, which is used mostly with the big brands when you want to just spread the the bread awareness across the network. So here you have different objectives, which are mostly used so app. Install a strong drive traffic to a website or duty AB, which is already insult. So there there's a difference between the two judges, so you don't get mixed. And of course, you can always hover over to see what does it mean engagement and similarly to Facebook. If you want more engagement on your ad video views and, of course, do generate leads for your business is here you can have some more of the best conversions objectives, which you can also use but also requires a snap big so as you also have on Facebook for Facebook pixel. Anyway, here you will write your they name off the campaign. You will set up the dates, and afterwards you will have different options. So as the same process is the same as on Facebook, so you will have assets and ads and Indiana, you will have the option to publish everything. So that would be just a quick overview of this type off off campaign, and this type off advanced the option to make at May cats, so we will focus on the other one in this course. But believe me, it's very similar. Whichever one you choose here. Maybe you will have some additional options and settings to make and maybe to go more veto . And the most important thing is hear that you're able to make more as or more assets within one campaign. You will not be able to do that in that other field that we saw earlier, so that would be thank you and see with the next lecture. 5. Creating the campaign (with Snap Ad): welcome back and we're continuing without course. So let's see how this had sexual works. So it's much easier and faster. And here you will have the options to set up all important perfect parameters for for your campaign. As you can see, here we have four different ad creative that you can use. And if you power over it, you will see what we're going to see. What they all represent on below. This how you can set up them about the 1st 1 that we're going to examine is s that ad were basically you can put a video image that can support a variety off Swiper factions. So I would say that this is very often used, which is why it is also in the first place and the A Z you can see here we have some different options to set up here. We can make. We can write our ads, name Brad name, put a headline off course big so we can use it here. But mostly it is used. This bigger welcome pays it is not mandatory to use it. Of course, the thing is that when you want to create your media here So what is actually going to be showed? You have several options so you can upload. If you already have a prepared creative, you can create it. That's the thing I was mentioning, which is very good here. And of course, if you already have uploaded somewhere some you can you can, uh bro's Devin to take the best one. Add the before we click on this creative option to see which kind of things you can do here , which is really fantastic. I want to show you here that you have some different goes that you can achieve with that, uh stops that media. And that is that with the league that you provide, you can drive people to your website. You can drive them as you can see here so you can show them just he's of your video and that they can click on it to watch a much longer version that can be up to 10 minutes away , scenting to the app it stores, or also to deep link where you can re engage users with your act. And even if the act is not insult, as you can see here, it will drive them to the APP store so they can do so. Our reliance is a bit, uh, more advanced options. So we're not going to take a look at that date, and here I would like to show you this option. So when you click on the option to create your red, you will basically get a small to for at creation right here. So these are some of the templates. You have the options to start from scratch and build your own, which you can also do in any other program. At the grating about this about this is that you can even choose the snaps that are already made according to your objective. So let's say that we want to try traffic to our website and we have some different snaps here. It will take sometimes loaded, that sometimes loaded because it it requires much, of course, work for all of this to be edited someone because it's alive. And so, yeah, make sure that you have a strong Internet connection on this, depending on the work that you're the job you're doing business that you're promoting, you can choose different things. So let's say that we want to at its this this creative. And as you can see here, you get a small software editor and what you can do is here. You can basically see when it's loaded. You can see the ad creative, how it looks. Here you will have the option to edit a text and put different images. So now, currently, these are the images and texts that are just given by the Snapchat as a template. But of course you connected them. So if I click on at that, you can't even hide it. Of course, if you wish, here you will have the option. So do right. Like best close, for example. And not just that. But you will also have the ability to change the phone change size, even change the color if you wish, according to the one you need. Moreover, here you will have the option to change. The image is so this is the image for the logo. But you can also change the images that are in the background. So you just go to the replace option and insert image that you have here. You can exit if you're. If you don't want to do anything more or you can go to more advanced options. So where you can add more things. As I mentioned here, you can stop, can't even hide some things. And this is just a Europe Thailand that you have a where you can move your move, your mouse to see different things and how it works. This is more off animation video and you know it is combined with multiple pictures. Look good, but you can really play with it. Here you have so many different options to do and to set a different different next. And to put it in the way you like. So this is really something good. Facebook has something similar to this. But I would say that Snapchat is much better at this and you will see that was so later when we do some other types of ants. So really, you should use this one because it really looks good when you're done with that on when you have set up your media, you will see it here. Keep in mind that it is the Social media network that is used for the phone so that there is no relevancy of making something that is more that looks better on that stop for tablet because people will see it on the phone, not on any other platform on any other device. Sorry. And moreover, you can, uh, set up different different parameters here. So this is this is very similar to the Facebook. Once we already saw so location that you want regions, countries they want toe include or exclude something. The age group you want to targets in the middle of this 13 at the Pentagon Golf course. Cotton that you're putting and, as you can see here, maximums 35 plus. And if you remember on Facebook is 65 plus because a zay said this social media is mostly targeted over youth and young people. So I'm not saying that they don't have the the audience, which is older than 30 years or 35. But it is a so small one that they just put it all together to be 35 plus male female. Our age restrictions. This is very important. You can see here if you're creative. If you're create, you're making an ad for the products that are being that are advertised and need some age restrictions on my gambling or and the other relate to contact. You should check this box so they know not to show to the kids that that is really important. And off course you can select category off the interest, so you shouldn't just subject here. You can also type it. So if you want to, let's say target kids there a football because you're selling football equipment, you can target soccer enthusiastic and so on. You can if you're targeting the girls who want to, I don't know player do who want to buy makeup. You can search the majors there so you will have the freedom to play with it. Here you will always see the potential size of the audience. How big this or what you can do. So, depending on the location, age, gender and so on here, even if you need you, have you have more options to do to play with, You know, depending on the operating system that you want to target or connection, type So duration of budget off course for important thing, so you can. You should set up your budget and and choose whether you want it to be daily or lifetime. Whether when is your campaign going to start and the one is going to finish or if it's going to start immediately, whether you want to have it and they and date or just run until you stop it manually off course, what will be the goal? So whether it will be the views or video views or precious, depending on the attachment that you, of course, chose, and the bit is a more advanced our attitude would talk about. You should just leave it to the out of it for now. You should also put some information about yourself. And in the end, the important thing is, of course, to collect your credit card, from which you're going to pay for this as and keep in mind that currently sure about budget and everything how it works. But I mean the minimum, the minimum trash holes that are required. But I know that snatcher is a bit more strict on the minimum trash hole that you need to have for the campaign in stricter than Facebook. Because Facebook, you can basically do your rights for five year olds or something like that, a dollar, so with very small amount of money, you can set up a dead here they require it to be to do have some minimal, minimal about at that is I deeply believe that it's mostly because they don't have such a big audience like Facebook does. So they need a bit bigger budget at the beginning in order to show your adds to more people so they can engage it. But Facebook has that competitive advantage that they can take even a few euros and publisher rise because they have a large audience to show to, and that would be mostly it for this part. So from now, So in the following lectures, we're going to see the rest of the type at types at creatives on. The important thing is to say that these things that we saw here will mostly be the same. So whichever and creative you choose media type, you will see that this these things are the same. If you have any questions, you can always use the chat support, and you will always have the ability to preview your you're at here, which is a very good and of course, if you have a catalog or existing creatives, you can you can use them here. But these are also some advanced advanced options, so that would be it. And thank you for watching see you in the next life. 6. Creating the campaign (with Story Ad): won't come back. So we're continuing with us, that Chet course. And as I said, we're going to examine the next feature that is available here is you can see here. This creative allows you to tell your story the discover feet. So it's a recorder. It's a record if you don't use that chance to understand all of these things and in which way they will be presented to the user. But you can always see it here. And I suggest that I would strongly currency that if you're not a user of Snapchat, that you search Google a bit so you can see how it works. So if you have anyone who is a user of Snapchat, they can show you these. They can show you where your ad will be placed. So you know, mostly depends on which type of that it is and where it'd where it is going to be, depending on you, all the things that you want to achieve. So investigate this a bit at you should definitely devote some time to it, so you you get the most the best effect out of it. So this one, this option is used as It is written for story steps when you want to basically tell your story. So when you want to show it in multiple different ways, the things below are mostly mostly similar, as you can see here. So I won't go again explaining all of this payment method, your business information, duration and budget. Cool. See, red and all of these things have already you already know this things here. Maybe we'll have some different options. Assess whether you wanted to be sure, a bowl or not to put a headline, brand name and everything which will pop up here. And basically, this is this is the most important part here. So here you will be able to make your story snaps And the think again, which you could do, is upload existence one broz the ones that are already on the platform which you have uploaded, of course, and created here the attachment, the things we talked about, our safe. So what do you want to achieve with your at work? Do you want to work? Do you wanted to lead the people and now I will try to make fuel days so you can see how they look here. So let's say the 1st 1 I want to create it. And I wanted to look really good. So let's say that I didn't come up with any product that I really want to sell now. But let's just say that will make something for Father will. Just use the 1st 1 Okay. As you can see here, we will have a text. The local image. Backroom media. Okay. Eso, uh, I would like to I don't need a cell right now, but you can also include that you can include the video or image whenever you lie here. It is more like a short, uh, you see, like, I think it's only five seconds. I'm not sure, but yeah, it's really, really nice and engaging. So I want to spike friends here. You can, of course, import your own pictures, but you can use the existing ones on from from the platform similar to things you can do with all Facebook. So that's the same option of Okay, we already talked about with Dex. So share your happy moments. Let's say, share your moments and you can choose different foods here. Or color. Of course. Obviously, uh, I would baby tried to yet Maybe I would just leave it like, uh, try to yet, Okay, I will try to use it here and maybe bring a bit up. Okay. Anyway, I won't spend much time on deciding because really trying to give the scores very, very short. Anyway, when you're down, you can just go to review he will give you the platform, will give you some tips, as you can see here. So what you can do if you want to make any more edits, you can always go back and the way. But if you're satisfied with it, you could just tell him that it looks good and that you want to continue all. And now he's basically preparing that design. And, uh, as you can see here now, you will be able to use it That that would be the 1st 1 Okay, let's say the 2nd 1 we can, uh, we can bro's something that's already existing. Okay, we can maybe use this one. It's just around the photo that I have here and let's make another one. So I mean, the 1st 1 that I chose was really, really simple one. There, there are those with much more advanced option. I will show you this one. I really like this one so but it has multiple pictures. I think it has around four picture or something like that. But it really looks eyes. That's why it's taking some time out to load it, and it's 12th along. So you should also keep in mind at the time, you know, because the attention off customers, it's not such long as it used to be. So you should say you should try to say a lot in just a few words. As you can see here, this is a compilation or something like that, a few pictures, which you can, of course, at it here. So let's just try to, uh, Brandon everything as you can see here. Now, I'm not able to review it because it says I need to replace the old media with my own, so I cannot use this one. Have to make some adjustments to it. So called to actually, I could just say here, visit us, which will be displayed here. Course I can, uh, James, this headline. You know, maybe I can try to hide this one because I don't really need it either. This one. I will just make this for just right. Something like this regarding the logo. You can upload it here. You know, like you can choose whichever option you you like. And, uh, now I will try to find some pictures from here's just look for sports. And what is it available? Keep in mind the former that it needs to have. So maybe the 1st 1 can be this. Okay, 2nd 1 but this one I mean, I'm pretty sure that you are able to find the pictures and we already saw here, but it will take some time off course if if you or do you spend sometimes surging. You can always do that, aren't I? Would just change the 1st 1 because I didn't like it for some reason. Yeah, replace it and maybe put this one also. If you wish to add it to edit pictures. You can always do it here because you see there mostly in the best of desire. So you care. Choose the way in which you want to edit it on. Put it in the ad. I can now see that everything is included. So he's giving me the option to review and go on. Okay. He's asking me for some advice Is you see here he is actually using the bigger photo to make this move. Notion. Actually, I would just say that it looks good. You can always read this quick tips, you know, But they're mostly that they're the same way. So you just know how to make the creative looks very look very good. And the heroes who has about guidelines that you can follow. But that is something that if you have time, you can read more about it and you can import yourself, which is always very good, you know, Always keep in mind that it will take him sometimes the weather on how strong your processor computer, Rees it will always take some time to do. Rendered is because it's long promises Here, you see, it's Britain bread and had lied. That's a thing that we're editing down there. Okay, Now you have them. So I think that if I press here, I can always see how it looks. So here. I didn't identity, but yeah, you can see here so and they will have the users will have the ability to swipe up here and see the link that you provided them to. Which is a thing we're choosing here. So this this looks very good on. Yeah, that would be it for this section. So you can put more if you wish. You can play with the at creative here. That would be it. Thank you for watching and see you in the next video where we're going to talk about collection that 7. Creating the campaign (with Collection Ad) and Filter explained: welcome back. So we're odour. Start creative Snap adds manager and you can see this already According to the preview here , how it looks like So you have one big image. For small words, this is very good because it offers square four bets, which is most leaves for instagram. So if you have some creators so far most creatives were the size off, uh, off the phone in the full measure. So you can see here that there are some that you can use the squares, which is very good if if you already have those design So the principle is the same Here we will write the name and bread they made headlines Activate fixing a few world Make it terrible you will hear. So actually, in order to make it more simple, you can First, we will say that you here have some options for the cold to action bottom you can you can see more about him. This will be your major tops that media and we'll do that later and we will set up the u r l that you want to to be shown when they swipe up This this this media here the collection part is are the images that are going to be shown here? I don't already have some uploaded some red ones. So I will try to use that like this one. And here you can see I can choose whether I want when users click on it, whether I want to them to drive to be driven website or deeply. And of course, I will have to provide that leave here. So the 2nd 1 this one. Okay, as you can see here now, just choosing to read them for those. But you can also upload the ones you like and the 4th 1 convey this. Okay, so I had them here for each one. I'm able to provide unique link, which is very, very good. So there's not just one link for all four of them. You can use different links. That is great. Especially when you're dealing with selling or some kind of online shop for different products. And this is the main one. So let's say that I want to create some instead of just choosing to read the wood. Okay. Uh, let's say that I would use this one. We haven't used this one on Uh, okay, I can see that They have. Okay, back around. Logo. Okay. Let me just since I was produced. Some images off the off the computer and laptops, Like just something like Okay, this one is a kid. I will. Oh, So I did that the text. So maybe I can just Okay, I get right to work from? Yeah, kids resize it. Admit to be 70. Okay, I can change the color to be the darker I suppose I would need a dark one. Currently, I don't need a logo. Okay. Doesn't look so nice, but yeah. Anyway, I won't spend much time on the inside because I'm really trying to keep this course very, very short. So you don't have to spend much time watching it. Yes, since he's not allowing me, but I don't want to put actually a logo. Okay. Can I just hide it? Okay, that I will just put something around here. I don't know why his are letting me to go further without inserting a logo, but you know, you can just instead off putting a logo, you can just upload something randomly and hide that layer so it won't be shown there. So that would be That would be by okay, is building it now. So this will be the debate photo, and here we will have the collection here. I also have to write the bread and headline, which I still didn't do, but it's aborted to for you to see where it's going to be so you can adjust it. Okay. I should write the headline so it can be just what so dot com at, uh, yeah, of course. It can be like a book. See you. See here the call to action. Okay. Sorry, I will have to use I don't know. Why is he that allowing me to? Okay, you will have to coffee the full the full website from from your from the page that you want them to go to. So that would be You can see here now how it looks. So if I just click blade will be like the letters here will be animated take and then we'll bid. So this is very good when you have multiple pictures or you want to present your brand here and here put products and the rest of the things are pretty similar. So I won't go so deep there. And the last thing I want to show you here, This is, uh, a bit more advanced with We're not going to do it, But I just want to show you how it looks. It's about creating your own filter. This is this is mostly used for big companies, but it's a very good future if you really want to invest in it. And you want to customers to engage with your brand in a special way, So the things below are very, very similar to the ones we already so. But here you're able to target or the Did you provide the customers with geo location? So basically, you can target parts off off the city. You can target streets, you can go very, very deep. And uh, okay, I will just try to like role ST. I don't know whether he will offer me something I don't know, like or maybe some street spade like they need. So here you see, like incivility. He will offer you this ST where you can target people as you can set up. Did that the distance you want to cover the ratio of it anyway, the aborted. The here is that you basically are making a filter that you can hear here is the to for making it that they will the custom that users in that location will be able to use it. So, as you can see here, he will write the platform, right. You that this area may be cropped on shorter devices. Here you will be able to upload different days to put different tax to use Martyak. So Teoh automatically provided with their name or location or editing different elevates also that you can upload and different tax that you can insert with different options. So it's very good, and here you will be able to see both of small foes on the larger wards. So, as I said, this is really something more addressed. I would like to go so deep now, innit? But you can search more about it even if you have any questions. Not just about this. About everything here and from the previous lectures you can always write me on my email. You can write me a private message. You can ask public player on the course dashboard, so that would be it. Thank you. for watching. Now you're eligible to make a Snapchat ad. You'll be free to use all of these options. If you have any questions, any doubt you can always search the Internet. You can use the chat box. If you have any problems with it, you can also find help here. There are even frequently, frequently asked questions which you can use, and I hold this course really help you to understand how it works. I didn't devotes sometimes metrics and statistics and maybe budgeting and body, because I really didn't want to go so deep in that part. But you can also read something about it. I think the most important part here to show was that off. How to create yet how they can look there. As you can see, the creatives are different than the ones from Facebook, and although there are some similarities, but that's the thing. I wanted to show you prime early that you can target different audience here and you can do that in a completely different way, which is why stature is also very good. So thank you for watching on CNN next lecture 8. Thank you: Hi, everyone. Thank you for taking the scores. I really hope that you find it to be helpful. Please. If you have any suggestions, steps, advice on how I can improve my courses, let me know. And also, if you have any suggestions in which topics I should cover, please limit down below in the community tab or related within the review. Thank you once again and I hope to see in the following blesses