How to make an enamelled Valentine's cookies | Marlyn Birmingham | Skillshare

How to make an enamelled Valentine's cookies

Marlyn Birmingham, Montreal Confections Cookie Decorating

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3 Lessons (11m)
    • 1. Preparing the cookie for decorating

    • 2. Adding royal icing to the cookie surface

    • 3. Adding the enamelled finish to the design


About This Class

Step-by-step instruction as to how to recreate my edible enameled finish on a cookie. You will be able to recreate this unique technique using the design of your choice.

This is an intermediate level project.

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Marlyn Birmingham

Montreal Confections Cookie Decorating

Marlyn Birmingham owner of Montreal Confections YouTube channel has been teaching cake & cookie decorating since 2010. She not only designs beautiful cookies but also invents great new techniques such as the Paint Your Own Cookie concept. A self taught decorator with royal icing running through her veins she is obsessed with all things cookie. She lives in Montreal, Quebec, Canada with her husband and two children. Marlyn's works have been featured across the cake world, including Cake Centra...

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