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How to make an Excellent PowerPoint Presentation

Sunita Seemanapalli

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8 Videos (1h 9m)
    • Introduction to PowerPoint and to the Author

    • Topic, Delivery and Content

    • Preparation

    • Timing and Confidence

    • Choices and Examples

    • The history of Microbiology in a Nutshell

    • The Debate over Spontaneous Generation

    • Excellent PPT CONCLUSION


About This Class

This Class teaches you how to make Excellent PowerPoint Presentations. PowerPoint is still one of the most used software presentations, be it in a classroom, for a thesis or dissertation defense, at work or for a  Seminar speech, or just for Video settings (as PowerPoint presentations can easily be converted to videos). Therefore, you will probably come across a time when you may need or want to make a presentation yourself !!

And, if that is the case, you will need to engage your audience. Research has shown that the attention span of an individual is of about 20 minutes. Thus, it is up to you, as a presenter to keep your topic interesting enough for the audience to continue on track with what you have to show and say. For this reason, the author has provided several proven strategies (used time and again without fail) to deliver the presentation in such a way that you leave an impressive mark on the audience. This has to do with "making a story" out of your talk or seminar" and giving them a "take-home" message. Everything else is detail, which by the way, is also equally important to maintain the flow.

The Class first provides the student with good reasons to use PowerPoint and how the author is qualified to coach others. Next, it provides an outline with Topic, Delivery and Content as the first video lesson, Preparation as the second, Timing and Confidence as the third video lesson and finally it provides the student with Choices and Two (2) Example Talks. It then describes each of these factors and concludes with the main aspects to focus on.

By the end of this Class, you will gain confidence, use PowerPoint resources, and make an outstanding talk yourself. There are so many strategies and creative insights that you could even choose the ones suitable to you and your presentation!





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