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How to make a super easy YouTube thumbnail with Canva

teacher avatar Nuria Corbi Carrasco, Blogger, coach and educator

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

3 Lessons (47m)
    • 1. Introduction to the class: what you will learn

    • 2. Things to consider and best practices

    • 3. How to youtube thumbnail on canva

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About This Class

In this class, we are going to learn how to make a YouTube thumbnail very easily with Canva. A YouTube thumbnail is an important part of your channel branding and is a great way to make a good first impression.

No matter what your niche or topic, you will discover how to make a thumbnail for any subject, whether you vlog about recipes, fashion, technology or finance.

You will learn about 3 types of thumbnails and best practices to optimize your thumbnails and give you the best chances of clicks to your videos. I will then walk you through the creation of three thumbnails: one for a travelling video, one for a gardening channel and the third for a tech channel. 

I will also show you two free tools that you can use that help you in your designs and for any image creation in future.

I love it when I find easy ways to do something that could otherwise take hours. This way of making a thumbnail is especially good if you're a beginner and you're not too confident with image creation.

You will be able to download your thumbnail as an image (jpg file) which you can then add to your YouTube channel.

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Nuria Corbi Carrasco

Blogger, coach and educator


Hello, I'm Nuria.

I'm a blogger, coach and educator and run and

I graduated in business studies in Germany and also have graphic design and teaching qualifications. I have run various businesses, one included a language teaching academy and have also run profitable e-commerce businesses. I am the owner of The Home Boss where I blog and educate people who want to start their own business from home. And Sweet Life and Lemons, a lifestyle blog about gardening and mindfulness. 

I hope you enjoy my courses and wish you every success!

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1. Introduction to the class: what you will learn: how to make a super easy you tip from there with convert in this class, you will learn how to make a super easy some nail using convert. First, I will talk you through three types of thumbnails, which are number one using a still image from your video number two. Combining a still image with graphics and number three creating a custom graphic. I will also talk you through the best practices to ensure that your images are optimized on , give you the best chances off clicks to your video on. Then I will walk you through the creation off three thumbnails. Step by step one will be for traveling video, the second for a gardening channel on the third for a tech channel on. You will also learn about two resources or tools that will help you when creating any type off graphics or images going forward on the bestest, they are free. I love sharing free tools that are really helpful, and not everybody knows about them. I hope you enjoy the class and I see you in the next lesson 2. Things to consider and best practices: how to make a super easy YouTube thumbnail with Can Va. There are a few things to consider. YouTube is a very visual platform on the first thing people see is your family image. Some YouTube a stone bother making a customized from nail image on YouTube normally chooses one for you, or you could just choose a screenshot from your video. But making a customized family image will be far crisper and higher quality. What you conduce to check out YouTube thumbnails from other you tubers in your knees or that you really like. What are their thumbnails like? Do they have text in their image? What type of funds do they use on what colors do they choose? When you look at all different some nails on YouTube, you find that there are three main types of thumbnails. Number one. They use a still image from their video on. This is the most basic way, so you can do that by pausing the video on a still that you like, make it full screen on and then take a screen shot. You can see an example off that on this YouTube channel called Pickup Limes, and you can see that the photos or the steals speak for themselves. There's no text. There's no imagery. There's no design involved. It's just they picked a really good still from the video on. Do they use that as their thumbnail image? And I must say they do look really good, unattractive. And if your channel is ah, channel that is about food or about traveling, they're the really good nations. That you can apply this to. The 2nd 1 is to create custom graphics. Andi. They should, if possible, include your brand name or logo or your channel name, at least, so this YouTube channel Bright side is a good example. Off that bright side is one off the bigger YouTube channels, with 31 million subscribers on you can see they use their family was very effectively on their mainly custom graphics. Some of them have got some text in them, but if you can see most of them are just graphics Andi. That works obviously very well for them, and they tell the viewer what the video they're going to watch is all about. I do notice that they haven't got their brand name on their thumbnail or their channel name , but it seems to work for them, but it would always be good to include a little logo or your brand name wherever you can. Number three would be to combine video still with graphics. So this is very popular for videos that feature people such as talking head videos. And you can see a good example here. Gillian Perkins. Um, she's a YouTube that YouTube's about strategies for business. Andi Very interesting channel, by the way, on the way she uses her thumbnails is by creating almost like a still from her videos. Andi then overlaying it with text. Or you could overlay it with graphics. So this is a good example for combining video stills with graphics. Now there are a few best practices that you should follow. Number one is Don't mislead. Your thumbnail must represent the content off your video. Don't mislead your audiences as this will hurt your YouTube channel. I noticed that some channels have a thumbnail that really has nothing to do with the video that follows on day. Just put it there to get people to click on the thumbnail, because maybe it's a thumbnail that shows something that people are very interested in, but it's nothing to do with their video, so that would be very misleading. You tip uses audience retention as a metric to determine the quality off your views. It's important that your view was stay on your video. Andi spent as almost possible watching it. YouTube's algorithms rewards channels that retain viewers number to include a short version off your title. People look at the thumbnails before they even read the title or description off your video . So it's good to focus on a key benefit that your video covers number three. If you're using text, it must be clear and large enough to read. If you choose small text because you don't want to cover up your image, it might be best to let the image to all the talking and avoid text altogether. So make sure your Texas clear on large enough to read number four would be Don't clutter. Keep your design simple and Uncluttered For a more elegant or minimalistic look. Some YouTube channels they have from nails that cram absolutely everything into the thumbnail on it doesn't really help because it just looks messy. Andi, you can't really focus on what the channel is about. So especially if other thumbnails in your knees allowed and busy looking. It may be a good idea to make your stand out by being different on make it more minimalistic, less clattered on quiet and comma. Obviously, if your niche is one where other people use very plain some nails and very few colors, then maybe you wanted stand out by making it more colorful, so try to be different from the rest on. Number five is consistency. Consistency is key. Place your text or logo in the same space on each thumbnail, so just make sure that they all look more or less the same so that your text is always maybe on the left hand side or was on the right hand side and be consistent in that and also use consistent colors and phones. So try and create a color scheme for your channel. Andi always use the same kind of funds, maybe even the same fund in all your thumbnails on. If you don't use the same fund, at least maketh um similar or compatible with each other. What you can also do is you can use different color schemes for different categories for your video. So, for example, if you've got a travel channel, you could use a different color scheme for your travels in Asia or a different color scheme for your travels in the U. S. A. Or different color schemes for your travels in Europe. So that would then straightaway indicated your viewers that it's a different category or if you've got a business channel on, Do you want to let people know about different things in your business used to from colors for different categories, and that works very well. 3. How to youtube thumbnail on canva: Let's create your YouTube thumbnail. For that, we head over to convert dot com on on the first page, you can see a search bar here. This is where you can enter what you're planning to design. So, for example, if you are are designing an instagram post, you would click on Instagram or you can type it into the header. All you could make a Social Media posed. You could make a LinkedIn banner. We want to make a YouTube some nail so we can type in YouTube. Some nail in the search bomb. Or we could have clicked on the YouTube some nail template. So now it brings us to the YouTube, some nail design page, so you can see that the size is already done for Uses the exact size for your design that you need for a YouTube. Some nail on on the left hand side. You've got your menu with all the templates and all the elements that you need to create your thumbnail. So let's imagine that you have created a video for your travel channel on the video is about your visit to New York. So what? You could do the best thing for a travel channel is obviously to showcase the places you have bean to on. Did you would take either a still from your video so you would just use is still make it for the size and take a screenshot and you could use that. Or if you've bean to New York and you've made the video, you probably also have photographs. You could use one off the photos and to upload your own images of your own photos. You would go on to the left hand side. Here, Wait says, upload. You click on that and you just click on the top, upload in a mutual video, and then you can upload things from your computer. What you can also do is, if you haven't got an image, you can go onto photos, and then you would type in something like New York or whatever it is that you want tohave an image for Andi. We've got a lovely image here, so I think I will pick that one on. Once you've picture image, you just make it fit the whole screen, the whole space for YouTube, some nails. So now we've covered the whole space that on its own would make a fantastic thumbnail. But like I said, you really want to add either your channel name or a logo or something to let the view on know what this is about? So with this image, you'd instantly recognize it's New York. But let's assume we want to add something to this image. Viewers would be more likely to click on a thumbnail that they're interested in on that is attractive to them. A big lug, a book cover you. Normally, we shouldn't really judge a book by its cover, but we do. We do choose books generally, um, on the covers, and it makes a big difference to have a really good thumbnail. So we want to add some text. I think so. We can click on text on. We can either choose one of these templates here. All we can just use a heading, and I think this is always the easiest way because all we have to do is just customize it so you could add your channel name. You could add anything to this. Let's put it up here on the right hand side. And as I mentioned in our previous lesson, it's always good toe, have any text or any logos or any graphics in the same places. So if you if you're starting a YouTube channel and you're making your thumbnail bear in mind that from now on maybe he put all your text on the right hand side on the top. Or you could put it on the right hand side, on the bottom or on the left wherever you want to do it. But it's a good idea to keep it consistent in as many videos as you can, so that when you look at your channel and you've got all your thumbnails in a row, um, they all look consistent. So I'm going to decide to put it up here. Andi, I'm going Teoh. Just have our channel name there. So our channel is possibly called travel guru Onda. We can maybe so long one on one level. We can leave the font. Is it tears? Or choose something a little bit squarer. Like I said, the funds have to be as big and as clear as possible. So even though there are some really lovely funds, sometimes they're not very Ledge abril on. It's best to use something, even though it's a bit more boring, something a bit more clear that everybody can read. So let's let's try this 10 that's far too big and not very nice. Um, this one seems a bit better still, not really. The kind off style that I wanted This'll is more like it. I think I'll stick to that for now, but I'll make it a little bit smaller because it's taking too much space. It's 128. I bring it right down to 96 so that's a little bit better. So we put it on there. You can change the color off the phone. Do you do that up here? Andi, If you've got brand colors, it's a good idea to put them into Can va, Um, and always choose the same sort of colors. If you haven't got brand colors, I suggest it's a good idea to create them. Andi used them consistently, used the same color scheme all the time, but the other thing you have to bear in mind is that it really stands out from the background. If I change it to white, for example, you can still see the text, but it's not as clear as the black Onda. Also, it's a good idea to reflect the colors in the image. So the Statue of Liberty here has a very minty on kind off look about it. So let's try not really that good when the darker greatness even worse. Um, what if we light in this up a little bit? Still green, but it's very, very light. We could leave it like that. Can't say I'm completely happy. But this is the good thing about convo. You can just try so many different things until you're happy with your chosen color. Now I've come for the gray, and I think I prefer that even though Gray is not very exciting, but it kind of blends in with the gray architecture off New York on. And now we want to add another heading because we want to let the people that are watching our video know what this video is going to be about, and we want them to click on our video. How do you get people to click on a video? Um, you can either do that by having a great image that people really want to know about. And I think anybody that wants to find information about New York would click on this video . But you have to Really you want to attract the right viewer, so whatever your video is about, you need to reflect that in your title. So if your video is about the five best hotels in New York, you could type that in here. Five. Five amazing hotels. You shoot, you shouldn't miss, so people know it's New York. You probably have that in the title as well. The text on your YouTube thumbnail doesn't have to be the same as your title. In fact, it's a good idea to shorten the title of your YouTube if you're going to put it on your thumbnail. Or you could have something completely different. If the title for your video, for example, is five amazing art. Lt shouldn't miss in New York. You could shorten that here and just write five amazing hotels in New York. Or you could you know, you have to basically find something that you want to tell your viewers about. So a good way to do that would be to write a title that is enticing that reflects what your video is about. That really makes your viewers curious on that. Really? Makes them want to know. Well, what is this video about? I'm going to click on it and find out So you could do this. You could do five amazing hotels in New York on obviously fix the design aspect on this. So you would make this a different fund. There are very good posts online that actually tell you what funds go well with each other . Which funds combine very well. You can Google that you can type in front of combinations into Google on. There will be lots of ideas coming up for you because there are phones that really match each other better than others. Some really don't go like. I feel that the ones we've chosen here, they don't really go. They clash a little bit too much. So I would change that. Aunt. Pick something that is a little bit different. He could we put could pick this one. I think this goes a little bit better. Plus it makes the text not be too obvious. So this could be ah, YouTube thumbnail as it is, You could of course, change the picture. You can change the tighter. You can change the tap sub tighter. You can add a logo. You can add your channel name. You can add whatever you want. All you need is the right size for your you gyp someday, which remind us 1280 by 720 picks is. But that is all done for you here in convert, and then all you have to do is pick of background, and you can do that by uploading a photo or by typing in photo. Or you could also have a background to show you that later how you can make some nail using that. So this would be one way off doing a thumbnail on you could use a still from your video on superimposing the text onto the still Andi. Add any logos or any images or even any elements. For example, we could add, um, a little sticker, for example. Let's see if we can do that. So we've got stickers here. Um, let's say we type in New York. I don't know what will come up there, but something probably will, so you could add a little sticker. Um, depending on the kind of image that you've got, I don't think it's necessary to repeat the Statue of Liberty. But, you know, it just gives you an idea. Stride. He's a cop. It just makes it makes it a little bit more lively. Personally, I think I would leave this out just to make it a bit more elegant. But sometimes you need something to make this stand out. So have a look and see what other people in your niche are doing. How other people that have similar videos to yours, how they create their some nail and what they have in the thumbnail on that really halves. For example. Let's go onto YouTube and have a look what other people are doing in terms off traveling to New York. So we're imagining that you've got a travel channel and you're trying to make a thumbnail for a video about New York. So he have all your competition. So this would be one thumbnail. There's another thumbnail. There's another thumbnail. So what do they all have in common? Actually, not much. They were very different. Um, which one stands out to you? You know, which one, do you think? Or how can you design your thumbnail to stand out in all of the's Now, if you like me, you probably like things that are very clear to the point are quite like this one because it tells you exactly what you're getting. It's a travel guide to New York City. There's an attractive picture. I even like this one without any words. The only problem with that is I then have to read the title, and some people don't bother. Some people really just scroll down all the thumbnails and pick the one that we're Usually they pick the top one, which is the one that YouTube has decided has the best informational has the most views. Or, for whatever reason, YouTube has put it at the top. That is the one you're competing with the most. And then obviously there are others. So this one is very This stands out because of all the colors. If you look at the yellow, it really does stand out. Does it make you want to click on it? I'm not sure that is really depending on the type of person you are. You're more likely to click on one or others, but but really, try and make your video your thumbnail stand out because that is so important to stand out from all the others. Sometimes you just need a good picture, a good image on Keep it simple. That's always the best way I feel, but it's completely up to you. You've got absolutely no limit to your imagination in this on. You can really make it fit your brand on. That's the fun about convert. You can do so many amazing things on camera, and it's so much fun. I sometimes spend far too long on creating images, but it does. It does pay off Teoh bear in mind a few little tricks as well. So so one little trick. Oh, I told you, already is to match the color off the fund to a color that you pick up in the picture. Andi, In a previous class that I told about making a YouTube intron camber, I told you all about a little tool that is actually an add on for Google Chrome on it's called the Color pick Eye dropper on the color pick. Eyedropper is a really good little tool. When it comes to picking colors. So let me show you a click on the color pick. I dropped her. Andi, let's have a look. Could again. Is it working? Yes, it is. So now I go onto my image. Andi, where this cross is, I pick out any color that I lied. Like, for example, he That's the yellow from the cab. We've got the minty green from the Statue of Liberty. We've got the golden color off the flame. We could choose the blue off the the water. Let's choose the dark color, this star color here, for example, in this building. Um So if I click on that now what you can see here, this color is a hex code on the hex code can be copy pasted. So I copy that. And then when I go onto my fund and I would absolutely click off the color picker first, There we go. So now when I click on the fund on, I want to change the color and I want to make the color the same color we had here on this building. So now I go on the text color, I pick the first square so that I can put in the hex code that I copied earlier on. I paste that now, and that should now be the color off this building. So this color here is now the color that I picked from this building here, I know doesn't look exactly the same. But it is absolutely exactly the same because you've actually taken the hex code from this color. So it's exactly the same color on as you can see. It really goes well. It stands out advertising with the whole image. So that's one little tip. I really like having these little tools that are really helpful, especially when they're free. So that's the Google color pick, Andi. It's a really good little tool for any design work. So now we've got our thumbnail for our travel video. Let's create something different. That's let's create a thumbnail in a completely different way. So let's all let's see Raisel this that's imagine. We start from the beginning, and now we want to make a thumbnail for a video where you actually have a talking head. So a talking head video is any video where you are presenting something we or someone is talking into the camera and presenting something so that could be a tutorial. It could be that you're talking to the camera telling people about something so you can take a still from a video again as before. But let's make it a little bit more interesting. So let's just say we have a different channel. Now let's imagine we've got a gardening channel. I've got a gardening blawg myself that I run, so I'm just going to pretend that I want to make a thumbnail for my gardening channel. So for that, I can either upload a photo from my own garden, which I can do here. Or you can just click on photos you then putting garden or flowers or whatever it is you you want in your picture on. There are plenty off images on convert that you can choose. These kind of images are very good. I just quickly show you if you see it's got loads off space on the left hand side, and these are really good to then add text or at some kind of picture to some kind of element to it. So actually, I think I will choose this to show you what I mean, so let's the first thing we always do is we make the image fit our space. So now we've got a lovely image to do with gardening on. Let's say it's a talking head video on presenting the gardening video on DSO. I want to choose a picture off myself. Andi, I want to have a picture that without a background, Really? So how do I do that? So this is another little tool that I want to show you. I've got a tab here on my computer that says blogging tools, and I like to put all the things that I discover in here on. We're going to click on this woman says removed background from image. So this is a really good website I use for any images that need their background removed. So it's removed dot BG. So now I can select a photo and I click on select photo Andi. I choose one of my images here. I would like the picture to face it to the right so that I can I Wonder Falcon. Maybe I picked this one not sure on, and now it's got the background removed so I can download this picture. So now I can upload it to convo. Um, that's if I've already done this. Maybe in the past? No. So I will upload it now, upload an image video on, and we've got this image here without the background. And now I can just add it to my thumbnail. Now, this is Officer would suggest that you pick a better picture than this. And then I think we could add a little bit often Effect. For example, What you could do is you could click on your image on duplicated So you've got another one there and maybe even another one. And then what you do is you add a filter to the ones that we put that one to inside you out of filtered to each, each off the images. So, for example, we can out of black and wide, and we can add different one. We added black and white. And then what we can do is adjust them so we can adjust the saturation or the tint making different colors. I think this one a different color. Swell, Andi Weaken Blur them. This one. So excuse us just different effects, and then we can kind of. It doesn't like that. It just gives us a a different I dont know just something a little bit different for this, um, for this picture for this image. And then we can obviously change our image a little bit, depending on how we wanted to look. Um, well, it's still quite bright, I think. Okay, so this is one way of doing it on. Then you can have your text a slow, Um, say we could have, um, you know, think about your brand colors again. You you wanted to and your brand funds. So you want to keep it all very consistent on. And this video is probably about, um, how to organize your Gardini tools. So imagine that I did a video on organizing your gardening tools again. I think I will change this fund to something a little bit more, Um, something that you can see a big better. Let's try this one. I'm not too happy with that. You just have to keep trying different things and then imagine what you wanted to look like . Imagine what you want the overall look to be on. Then try and get us closely to that as you can. It's never going to be perfect. When you're a perfectionist, you will always think off what else you can do. Um, but, you know, it's it's not a big deal. Just it's better to just get it done rather than to spend too much time doing it. But also, you wanted to be fairly, fairly good so that more people click on your YouTube video. So now I need to change the font color. Onda. I think I would pick something that goes with the theme. Now, the screen is quite good, but I think I will pick my color pick tall. So I want something quite dark so that it stands out. Maybe this color here, um and I get the hex code. I copy that. Click this off, then I go into the fund. Andi, I'd pick Why paste the hex code into the tool? And here we are, so that looks already much better. I think I can probably put this further down How to organize your gardening tools. I'm still not happy with the fund. I think I will change that again. I think I wanted to stand out a bit more on I want something a bit more. Um, there we go. I think that's slightly better. Um, I can change the spacing off the letters, and I can change the line Height. Sigh. That would probably be better already. Um, so obviously you would do this kind of thing if your image is important in the video. If you're known for your brand and people look at your videos and they know who you are, then it's a good idea toe have your image, especially if they're talking head videos. So in my case, I would choose this. If I If I was presenting this video myself, then I would have my image in it so that people know who is presenting the video. So you could also add your channel name, or you could add on your name or whoever's name. This is for few making this thumbnail for somebody else. And you would put whoever the person is that that is presenting the video so you could type in with Pelham Smith or anybody anybody else, and you can change the the fund again. I mean, that IHS really up to you, how you want to do this? Um maybe do a different color, Not quite sure about the colors. Here. Let's use the little color pick again. So I think this time we'll go. Oh, what about this? Would that be any good? Not sure. We want a dark color. Really? Maybe this great. Okay, Now you pick the fund and sorry, we pick the color and it's that. So now we've learned two ways off making a YouTube thumbnail. The 1st 1 waas using a still from the video or for photograph relating to your video and then adding the text over it on this one we have made using a background image, and then we've added text on. We've added a superimposed image where we have removed the background first. So they're different ways off making a YouTube thumbnail and the last one I want to show you is maybe a more abstract way to do it with just images or elements from Canberra. I'll show you how to do this, so we'll go back to the beginning. Andi, we go on to the YouTube some nail. So we've got our YouTube thumbnail size again, and this time we just want to make a graphic. So we'll pick up background on this can be anything you like. It could just be a flat color. It can be a Grady int like this, or it can be stepping off this. It can be a landscape. It could be absolutely anything. So let's try something a little bit more abstract. Imagine we have a technical channel on YouTube on. We want to talk about about Seo search engine optimization. Any blogger or anybody that has a website will know what that is. Onda We were choose something a bit more graphic, so maybe we'll choose an image like this. This is quite colorful straightaway. It already catches your eye. Um, we could also use something like this. This seems quite technical. Maybe something to do with computers. I'm not sure, but it does look quite interesting, too. But let's stick to this colorful image for now, Onda. Then we want to add some elements. Let's have a look and see what we can find that is to do with S e O. Let's try. That's try typing that in, um, and yet there are few things that we could at. We want to use free the free version so we don't want to pay for any off thes. Although you can pay in the very reasonable. It's only about a dollar for an image. I think so. But obviously you've got so many to choose from that are free on. I like free things and I'm sure you did. Teoh. So let's have a look and see what we confined to do with CEO. It's one little seeing here, but I'm not sure it looks very cartoonish. Let's if we can find something better. Um, they're all more or less the same. Let's just go with this one. I like the colors. Let's put that over here on. Let's add some text because it's important to let people know what this is about. Um, and imagine our channel is all about or technical stuff. Andi in particular website. What sites? So we could call it the Internet guru. We will change the funds to make it a little bit more techy looking. How is this one? It seems quite techie that old fashioned big sort of has an eighties feel to it, but that's quite good in this case, so we could put that there. I don't like the color. The black is a bit stark. So let's have a look and see what we can do about the color. What would go well with these sort of colors? I think this pink might. Nope. It doesn't work. You can't see it. And even if I go lighter, it's too pink, I think. Andi, um, not good for technical kind of channel on the blue doesn't show up very well. So let's leave it white for now on, Let's add something else. So we want this to be a video about s CEO Andi Best Seo practices for examples that we could we could have. Ah, subtext. That says, um, five best Casio practices that work. So I think anybody that has a website needs to find out about s CEO and what works. So I think this would be something that people would definitely click on. Uh, maybe we can make it a big, more enticing five. Best CEO. Easy. A CEO practices people like things that are easy. That work. Um, we could have this here. Actually. Maybe we want to make this smaller on the title bigger, so let's see what a different color would look like? Maybe this could be a green. A dark green that looks slightly better. That picks up the greens that we've got here in this corner. What else can we do to it? Maybe we add another graphical mother element. Um, so anything to do with Ginetta? Ned, let's see what comes up. Obviously, you will know your channel inside out. And you know what you are you tubing about. So you will have no problems in finding images and in finding what works for your channel. I'm just showing you these things so you know how to do it. But obviously, you would make a much better job off this than me. But the principles are basically that you choose Very clear text. Um, something that's easy to read on. You play with the colors so that it makes your some nails stand out on the one hand, but also that everything within the thumbnail blends in and works with each other. So, um, let's have a look. We have a little World wide web there, but that doesn't I don't know if that looks great. I would get rid of that. Um, Waters, could we use that is Internet related. I got a wife. I WiFi logo are just like the colors on this. Um, obviously, you know, you know what your channel is about. So you would easily find symbols that are useful that are compatible with your channel. Um, I think we need a bit off yellow. Maybe so Get rid of thes on ad this'll in that house and yellow because it just gives it a little bit more off. But that's completely up to you. However, you feel this works best for your channel. So this is just another example to show you how you could create a YouTube, some nail. In actual fact, I think this needs to be bigger. And I think maybe the fund needs to be thicker. I think this is not, um even if we make it bold, I don't think it will make much of a difference. So we better choose performed That lends itself better to this kind off. Um, some nail. So we want something fairly techie but quite sick and bold in summer. Look, how did I spend? Easy. I overlooked that. So sorry. Okay, so now this is better on. We're going to change the color that's too dark. That's too dog. That's slightly better. It's not completely white. It's an off white, so that works quite well. It's easier on the eye than a white, but let's just double check. Actually, the white is just as good. So we'll keep the white. And then the Internet guru. Thats would be our channel name, and then you would probably have a little logo or something on that. I would include that. That's just let's see if we can. I add something. So, you know, if you've got a logo, I would add this. You don't want this to be too crowded and too much text, and it's already getting to the point where it's looking a little bit too much. But because we haven't got a picture in the background and we're just working on graphics, you can actually have more text in it, and it's still okay. So there's another example for you off a thumbnail that you can use for your YouTube video . Andi, I hope you had fun during this Onda hope you can make use off the two little tools there showed you. One was the color pick tool on the other one was the website to remove backgrounds from your photos. So let's see what you can come up with for your YouTube. Some nail. The possibilities are absolutely endless. On camera, you can see how much you can do with this. Just play about with it a little bit on. I would love to see what you have created. It's always really interesting to see other people's ideas and how they think and how they put things together. So I hope you had fun and it was a NAB salute. Pleasure to teach you. So I hope to see you again soon in a different class. Thank you.