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How to make a super easy Pinterest pin in Canva

teacher avatar Nuria Corbi Carrasco, Blogger, coach and educator

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

5 Lessons (48m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. How to make gardening pin

    • 3. Moneysaving blog pin

    • 4. Pins for products

    • 5. How to download and link to your pins

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About This Class

Pinterest is the go-to social media platform to market your website or blog. It can drive a lot of traffic and potential customers to your site and being able to create beautiful pins is so important. In this class you will learn how to create beautiful pins for Pinterest, very easily, with Canva.

You will learn what the optimum pin size is and how to download the image so that you can embed it in your blog or website. You will also learn how to upload the pin to pinterest and link it to your website.

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Nuria Corbi Carrasco

Blogger, coach and educator


Hello, I'm Nuria.

I'm a blogger, coach and educator and run and

I graduated in business studies in Germany and also have graphic design and teaching qualifications. I have run various businesses, one included a language teaching academy and have also run profitable e-commerce businesses. I am the owner of The Home Boss where I blog and educate people who want to start their own business from home. And Sweet Life and Lemons, a lifestyle blog about gardening and mindfulness. 

I hope you enjoy my courses and wish you every success!

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1. Introduction: how to make a super easy Pinterest pin in convert way. Think off Pinterest as a social media platform, but it is so much more than that. It's a search engine just like Google or being. People search Pinterest for ideas, recipes, fashion, home D, call crafts, inspiration, motivation. But it's different because it's very visual. 250 million people used it in 2000 and 18 on. That means that it has a lot of potential to direct traffic to your local website. There is a lot of information online about how to use Pinterest to drive traffic to your site. And if you want to increase your visibility and gain more traffic, Pinterest should be your go to social media platform. In this class, you will learn how to create beautiful pins for Pinterest very easily using con ver. For any business niche, you will create a pin that is the optimum size income ver off 735 by 1102 pixels. You can then embed this image into your block post or website for people to Repin. He will also learn how to upload this pin to Pinterest on, Link it to your website or blawg on. When you have finished creating your pin, I invite you to upload it to the project area. I can't wait to see what you have created, and I really hope you enjoy your class. 2. How to make gardening pin: Okay, so let's create a beautiful Pinterest pin in Canada. So for this, I want you to head over to canvass dot com. Andi, when you head over to converted comb, you will come to this page on where you see design anything. You've got a search box and you can either type Pinterest graphic in there or you can go down here to your templates on as you can see Pinterest graphic. It's one off the templates. It tells you the size that the Pinterest pin has to be, which is 735 by 1102 pictures. So that's the optimum size for a Pinterest pin in con ver. So let's click on this. Andi, I'm just going to give you an example off one off the pins that I've used on my gardening block. So if you hop over, this is my gardening block. Sweet life and lemons. Andi, straight away on the first bit off my block post about how to grow English lavender. We've got this really beautiful big pin that people can click on to pin to their Pinterest on. This is how I get a lot of traffic to my block on. I recommend that if you're a blogger or you have any online business at all, Pinterest is one off. The best ways to grow your block or your business on this particular pin has had quite a few re pins. I got quite a bit of traffic from this, so pins work and there's a way to make them, which is really easy in camber on. I'm going to show you how to do that right now. So now we're back onto our work station A zai call it. This is the template for the pin that we're going to make. So it's already the right size Onda on the left hand side, you've got your your graphics, your images, elements, text. This is where you can add things to your pin. So for our first pain, I'm just going to show you or try and recreate the pin that I made for my gardening block. So what I would typically do is I would go on to photos. Andi, as this is a block about growing lavender are well typing lavender on that will give us quite a few really lovely pictures that, um that are about lavender, and I think they're absolutely stunning pictures. So no wonder people click on this pin quite a lot because it is lovely. So let's pick one that we can use for our pin. I wanted to be quite clear that it is lavender. Um, So for example, we could peak this one here, so let's have a look. So now what? I'm the next thing we're going to do is we're going to try on and fit this to our pin, make it because because we cancel that it covers the whole area we're working with. So this is our picture now and then What I typically do is I go over to elements. Andi. I choose agreed. And usually I choose thes square, which then becomes a rectangle. But you just get hold of the edges on. Did you make it the size that you want it to be? So I'm going to make it into a rectangle like this, and then you can decide where you want to play Set. You could place it up here at the top all you could place it at the bottom. This really depends on your image that you're using. If there's anything interesting at the top here, then place this rectangle at the bottom. But I think in this case we can just leave it at the top. I'm going to give this a color. And if you've watched any off my previous classes, you know that I like to match the colors that I add to the colors in the image. I either try and match them or I try to compliment them. So we've got lovely greens here, so I'm going to try Green. I think this is a little bit dull. Andi, I'm a big phone off a little tool that's called the Google color pick. I dropped her, and it's an extension that you can download onto your Google chrome bar on and and I'll show you what you can do with it all. You have to just click on the color I pikko Andi. Then what happens is that any color or any place that you hover over your image picks up the color from that image. So, for example, I'm hovering over these lavender flowers, so it's picking up the purples and violence off the lavender. But if I hover over the stem. It's picking up the greens. So I want to pick up this green because it's quite strong. So I'll click on that. And now what's happening is it's given me this number. This is called a hex code. On every color, every shade has got their own hex code. So we copy this, then we click this off and then we go back to our color background color for this. For this rectangle on, we click on the first square, and this is where we can put in our hex code. So we get rid of thes on we paste the hex code that we copied. Now this is Theo exact color off the stem off the lavender. So I'm quite happy with that. I think that goes very well, but what I want to do now. So I click on this screen rectangle and I go over to this transparency symbol and I make this a little bit transparent so that the picture comes through on Do you can still see the lavender. But what this does is it just highlights any text that you overlay on this part off your pin. So then I go into text. I could choose any off thes examples. But I do like to choose a heading because then I can make it look the way I wanted to Look , if I chose one off thes I'm a little bit more limited. I could still use that because I can customize these texts. For example, a shave if I chose this one here. Very apt Grandma Special hurts. Um, and then I pull this up there. I could actually use this. I'm gonna use this because I quite like this. Now on, I obviously changed text, So anything that you want to customers, you just click on it and then you can change it and customize it. So now I'm going to put there hell to grow English love and do, um and I quite like this'll fund. So I'm going to leave this, but obviously this is now irrelevant. So I'm going to delete that, and I'm also going to delete this little text you so we could have done that by choosing a heading and just put it in there. But you can also do it by choosing a whole textbooks. If you, for example, had something to add then you can always use one off these templates. So I think what I'll do now is I might make this a little bit bigger. Um, do that by changing the fund. Size are a bit bigger to 64. It's only done half of it now. It's done the whole thing. That's good on a center. This a little bit, and now we have to decide whether we like this color. The fund color on black is a bit harsh. Let's see what happens if I change it toe white. It already looks a little bit better, but I'm still not 100% happy with it. So let's see if we can use a contrast in color. Could we use this orange? No way. That's really not standing out a lot. What about this softer tope color? I'm still not quite happy. I think so far I prefer the white. I'm just going to quickly check if a black one would No, I don't think I definitely go with a wide. It looks slightly fresher, Andi, more in keeping with the theme. But you can play about with this when you make your pin. Andi, I'm sure you find lots off different ways to to do this on whatever looks good to you. Just remember one thing, and that is the text has to be very clear on easy to read, Andi, it has to stand out as well without being too in your face on bond. The main thing is that it really needs to be bold and an easy to read. We could use a lot of thes script funds on. Sometimes they can be difficult to read for some people. So you really want to give you a pin? The best chance to get re pinned, So make it easy for people and choose a text that anybody can read. So now we've got your you're heading for the for your blood pursed or for whatever it is you want. Teoh, advertise with your pin. Um but you also should always mention your website your your block name, your business name, whatever it is that you associate this pin with. So we head over to text again. And this time I will use the heading on, and I'm putting this heading down here. I will have to increase the fund size because we can't read that. So we're making it s biggest we can without taking away from the other text in this pin. Andi, I'm going to put in my block named might my website. You are ill. So that would be sweet life and lemon start com have to make it a little bit longer. The fund that I'm using, I have already saved in con va cameras. Very clever because you can save your brand colors and you can save your funds. So this is a fund that's called satisfy. And it's actually the fund that I used for my logo on my blogger Quickly show you if we hopped back onto my blawg Here go sweet life and lemons. I haven't got a logo. I've just got my blawg name Andi with a special front so sometimes it's easier than the logo. But we'll talk about logos in another lesson. So let's go back to convo. So I use the same fund for my brand name Andi. I recommend that you do that as well that you use the same funds wherever possible so that your brand is consistent. Now we need to change the color because we can't see the black. Um, we can either try the white, but that's really difficult to see on this. Now you understand why we put these books around the text on donned. It's just easier to read when you do something like that. Now let's try the black. It's still quite difficult, So in this case, I'm going to make an exception. I normally don't make two boxes, but I will just do that because it's difficult to read. So we hop onto, um, elements again, we get a little great, and this time I pull it all the way down covering the text. I'll give this another color, maybe stick to the green. I make it a little bit transparent again, and now we have to send this back to maketh E text come forward. So we click on this and then we go into position. We click backwards, so that makes the text come forward. And I think maybe I will change it to the white to keep it consistent. So that's better. So now we've got a pin all about how to grow English lavender. When people see this straightaway, they recognize the lavender, Um, yes, and that would be an example how I make my pins for my gardening blogger. Try and keep it consistent. I keep the same fund for my for my blawg name on DATs how I would do a pin for a block post , but we'll have look at some more pins in our next lesson. 3. Moneysaving blog pin: So we've just created a very visual pin for a gardening blawg. Andi. Let's think about how we would create a pin for a business that's not in such a visual niche. For example, gardening or crafting or fashion. They're very visual niches or very something that you can really create beautiful images about because it's so visual. But what if you're in the type of business that is, for example, a marketing business or a blawg back logs about finances or a block? That blog's about blogging or anything like that that isn't so visual. We can still create a really good looking pin that draws attention on that people will reap in for you. So let's see how we could do that. Let's head over to can ver dot com again. Andi, As usual, we go onto our Pinterest graphic templates, and we've got the right size in front of us now on. We started last time by creating or by choosing an image to go onto our pin, and this time we're going to do this a little bit different just to show you that you can do this in very different ways. So I think this time we will go over two elements and I'm going to choose a greed. And that's just basically a square. Or we can make it into a rectangle. So I'm going to pull this up. Andi, divide this area into two now. But then I'm going to go further on divided into three. So now we've got three sections here on. I think I would make this one slightly bigger because this is where I'm going to put the heading off the blogged title. But that Sorry, the block tighter on this is where we're going to put our brand name Sigh. We need to change a nice color for this. So difficult for now. I'm going to choose this green. We will see how that looks like later. We can always change things as we go along. Ah, lot off. This is just trying different things on because I'm trying to do I'm trying to show you as quickly as possible in this video. I'm not spending as much time on the design as I would normally do. So bear with me if the result isn't as good as it could be. But it's just to show you how quickly. It can be done and and what can be done above everything. So now we've got up pin divided into three areas. I'm going to put some text in this top area here, so I'm going over to our textbooks on. I'm just going to choose at heading Onda. Place this up here in the top area, and I will change this into our title. So imagine that we are somebody a blogger. That blog's about saving money. We block about saving money for families. Or or were a mom blogger that wants to tell other moms how to save money for the family. So let's create a title. Let's say it's easy money saving tips full BC moms on What we're going to do is we're going to change the fund and make it into something a little bit square. Um, is that a nice fund? What about this one? This one really stands out quite like it on. We're going to increase the size a little bit. Let's try 42. That's slightly better and also want to center it. Here we go. Make that that and let's make it because still 48 then if we stretch it a bit, then I'm trying to get this on two lines rather than three. Um, okay. And then the other thing I want to do is I want to add a number because easy money saving tips for busy moms Sounds good, but it's even better if we put a number in front off our post. Like, for example, 10 easy money saving tips. Sigh. We want to make this quite large and quite bold. Actually, we want this to this number to be bigger than the text. If possible. There we go, so that really makes it stand out. Now if we can move this, that's better. I know I would move this up a little bit. Sometimes he can be very difficult to move these blocks, but after a while you get the hang of it, right? So now we have our block title. 10 Easy money saving tips for busy moms. Onda. We want to put our brand name down here. Sigh. Here we go. Onda, I think applaud is called, um, saving for a rainy day dot com. So whatever your brand is that would come that would be placed here at the bottom on, and I think I might leave this fund. I just make it a little bit bigger. Here we come and now we're going to send to this. So we know, first of all, member descent it here and now we're going to send to the whole. I think what's good about Canada is it gives you these little guide lines. Can you see we've got a line, a line coming right through the middle, and that tells me that it's now centered se. Now we've got all this. We need to add an image. Ondas, I said. Sometimes it's not as easy for these kind off niches to find a great image, but I really think that it's not a problem. We can find a nice image for this. So we had over two photos and we were just type in saving music. You can absolutely type anything and something will come up, and usually something useful comes up. So we've got lots of lovely pictures here. We could use this one. Let's see what that would look like. That would be too bad. I think that in itself looks quite nice, But let's just try something different. Let's try this little piggy bank quit. I like this picture. Somehow. It drew my attention, and that's what you really want. You want to draw attention to your pin so that people think are what's this. Click on it and see where that leads me to. And and especially if you've got a headline that is off interest to people, that makes all the difference. So now we've got this little, um, piggy bank. I think the green color. Even though it's reflected here, there is some green in the image. It's not looking that great. So under the thinking off, experimenting with that and changing the color on, maybe I should try the pink. Now that is really strong, but we can tone it down a little bit, so we'll go on to this first square where you can play with E with the colors. I'm going to tone it down and make this a soft a pink. I think that looks much better already, and then I'll change this one as well, so this could quite easily be are finished pin. So already we've got a really nice looking pin that grabs the attention off people. It's got a really good headline. Let's see, maybe if we can change the color, would that be better? So you can make this white, for example, to pick up the white from the little peek. So I think, actually, I would leave it like that. You can play with your image for as long as you like and make it really the way you want it to look on and make it stand out. But I would also say, Don't spend too much time. Just make sure that it's clear for people to understand what this block post is about. Should they click on the pin? Andi, make it really clear. Andi easily make it easy to read for people on that should be it. Really? So how easy was that? This couldn't be easier on you. Confined any images that you need for, even for for businesses that you're not thinking off as very as being very visual. But you can still create a really beautiful pin for your business. Andi, you saw how easy that waas. So that's it for this lesson. But I'm going to show you even another way to do your pins for your business because There are many ways you can do this on the more you experiment with these, you will find your own way to do it. So I encourage you to play with Can va as much as you can, um, and really get used to your way around Andi, That will really help you in the long run, because you can create so many other things on canvas for your business. It will really make it so much easier for you. So see you in our next lesson. 4. Pins for products: So we have created a pin for a gardening blawg on DWI. Have created a pin for a money saving block. But what about if we want to create a pin for on e commerce stool? If you have a net seashore or you've got a website where you're selling your own products, you want to create a pin for one off those products, so show you how to do that on just before we start. I just want to let you know that Pinterest is an absolutely fantastic way to promote your products. Pinterest is not really a social media platform. Pinterest is more like Google or YouTube in that it's a search engine, but it's a search engine that's very visual on. People go on Pinterest to get ideas and to get inspiration. So it's a really good idea to create a product pin so that people can find it on Pinterest . Andi. It's a fantastic way to promote your store or your products. So let's have a look and see how we can do that. So we go back onto Can va Andi. As always, we click on our Pinterest graphic template. So once this is loaded we can start creating Arpin, and I just want to show you a real life example. I have a shop attached to my gardening blawg, and on that shop I sell garden related clothing. It's organic cotton T shirts, tote bags, sweatshirt hoodies. So so they all have a gardening theme. Andi, if I want to create a pin for one off those products, say, for example, I want to promote one off my T shirts. What I do is I go into convert and I upload one off the products in my shop On the way to do that would be to go on uploads and then I click up here, upload an image or video on. Then I take the image from my computer and uploaded onto Canberra have already done this here with this image onto the other thing I wanted to quickly mention is when you take an image for your pin. If it's for a product, the best thing to do is to take an image where the product is shown in a real life situation. If I want to promote one off my T shirts instead of having a picture off just a T shirt. It's best to have a picture off somebody wearing that T shirt. So, for example, if you're selling artwork, pictures, posters, it's a good idea Toe. Upload a photo where this artwork is shown in a room or in somebody's house. Or it's really showing your customers how you can display this product or how you can use the product. So I'm going to pick this one here with this lady wearing the T shirt on. That is better than just picking a picture off a T shirt without a person wearing it. So then what we do is once we lay this picture onto our template, we make sure that it fits the whole template on and you can see there's a few. There's a gap up at the top in up and down at the bottom, And that's fine because we can use this to insert our text on. We can put our brand name at the bottom. You can, of course, put the brand name at the top if you prefer that this is just one way how I would normally do it. But you can really play with this, and I'm just showing you one way of doing this and how you can do it. But it's completely up to you to create your own beautiful pin. So let's have a look. Let's start now. I've got my image on my template. I want to fill in thes white spaces with a color. Andi. For that, I think I will choose something that I confined in the background. There's a nice blue but very soft blue here, so I'll try this one. It's quite strong, but I can always, um, changed the shade and make it a little bit lighter. Let's see if that looks any better. I quite like this shade. I could always use my color pick. I dropped her, but I think that more or less this shade is okay. So now I'm going to add some text on DWI. Do that by choosing a heading Onda. We place this at the top off our pin, and then we have to name this pin or gift this peanut title I'm going to say, for example, organic cotton on and guardian off nature ladies T shirt on. Put this at the top so we can see it on. And I think our center this like that? Andi, I think this'll writing is really, really small. It really needs to stand out a little bit more now. We don't have a lot of space. Um, so might bring this picture down a little bit to give this text a little bit more space. Andi, I'd like to change the fund to make it more visible, but I'm tempted to leave it because this is the fund I use for the actual brand for the G shirts. Um, so let's have a look and see. I'm trying to send tothis. Here we go. This is helpful from convert because it's showing us a line whenever it's right in the center. So now it's centered on, and then I want to see maybe the writing or the fund color can make a difference. I'm going to try White on that is really not very visible. So the black was actually better, and I can leave it black because there's black in the picture in the image on. I like to reflect some off the colors from the image in in our writing in our text, but I still think it's very small. However, I think with one off thes pins. The picture really talks for itself. So when people see this, their eyes will be drawn to this pin just because off the off the image and then they can read this text. But even so, I would like this to be slightly more visible, so I will try and change the fund and see what that looks like. Um, with this look better. Let's have a look. Personally, I preferred the other fund, but this is more visible, more legible. It's easier to read, but I'm just going to refer back to the other one. I'm changing it back to this one because I think it just looks more in line with my brand. Let's see if I can increase the fund a little bit. If that makes a difference, this is probably too big. Now, um, we'll go one down to 48. That's slightly better. I think we'll have to leave it there. So organic cotton garden off nature ladies T shirt. You could, of course, add more writing if you if you wanted to. So now we're going to quickly at our brand hips site. So we add a website name, Whatever the Web. The U R L for your for your store is you. You can add that here at the bottom. But don't forget that your pin will be linked to your U R L anyway on I will tell you about that later. How to do that? But for now we've created a pin for our shop. I just make this a little bit bigger. No harm in showing the website Huaral in a really prominent way and it's always condition to make sure people see this right, So this is already a finished pin. We could use that as it is, Andi, you can imagine that people going through Pinterest find this pain. If they're interested, they will click on it and it will take them straight to thesis product page. And I'll show you how to do that later, Zehr said. But let's just do another one on for that. We're going to copy this on the what that means is, if we copy something that means that we can use this as a template. So all you would have to do is to change this text on this image so we can easily create another one So I'm going to my uploads on. I think I created one before for this. I could use this picture, for example, so we can use that. And then we would have to change this, um, text on. We could call it Cat Lady T shirt or hacking. I think this was the hugging cats. Cut cap talk can't Huck T shirt. Um, and then we can change the color because the blue somehow doesn't really go now. Andi, I feel like it should be great, but Gray would be looking quite drive. I think that's have a look. I've changed the phone color instead. Se Let's see what it looks like in gray. It's a little bit. Stargate could look quite stylish, I think, for a fashion brand, it's not too bad we could leave it like that. Or you could, of course, make it far more colorful on. And let's see what it would look like with a pink. It's very, very bright, but you could use that or a slightly darker tone, or you could go for orange, so it really is up to you. Whatever your brand colors are, you could incorporate that on one more thing I want to show you. So we're going to copy this again and this pin would be linked to one off your products. But what if you want to advertise your shop, for example, You've got an Etsy shop, you've got a website or you've got a Shopify store on. Do you want people to go to your your main site? So, for example, in my case, this would mean that I want to drive people to this page here, which is the home page, so that they can see all the products that I've got on my site. So and then they can obviously have a look at the menu and find products from there. So I want to make a pin that takes people toe a home page. Onda, we can do that really easily. So we go back onto canvas Onda. We can copy this pin sigh. There we go on. Now all we have to do is to basically change the text up here because now it's not the cat hug ladies T shirt that we are going to link to, but we want to link to our home page. So what we can do is just call these organic cotton. Um, let's erase all of that and we can call it organic cotton clothing for Gardner's on bond. Wild life. Love this. Whatever your shop is about, you can enter that in your title on. Do you leave your u R l at the bottom. Your your name, your brand name on you can either leave this picture or you can change the picture. Or you could have several small pictures. I like to keep one big picture because then people can see what this is about. I could change it, for example, and we could have different picture. Or you could even create several pins for this just by changing the picture. There is so much you can do with this, Andi, that's all. Really. I need to tell you about the pictures for your home website for your home page for your website. Andi. In our next lesson, I'm going to show you how to download them on how to link to them from Pinterest 5. How to download and link to your pins: Now that you've got your beautiful pin images, I'm going to show you how to download them. Onda how to connect them to Pinterest. So to download them, you can head over to the top right hand corner so it says published to Pinterest. But I wouldn't click on this. To be honest, I think it's best to click on download on, download your pin images. That way, if you click on publish to Pinterest, you have less control over the situation because you want to save fuel images onto your computer. On this is Theo easiest on and best way to do it. So you click on Download on. You can either download them as a PNG fire, but I would suggest you download them as a Jay pek file. And that is better for your images, Aunt. To upload them onto Pinterest on, you can choose whether you want to download all three images. Remember, we created three images in one Go on. What this does is it puts them all into a file and then onto your computer, so or you could just pick which one you want to download. I'm going to download all of them so I clicked. Download and that's basically it. This that's a very easy way to To download your images on you. Get your little file here, which you can then, um, put into your into whatever folder you want to place this on your computer on. The next thing I'm going to show you is how to create a pin on Pinterest using your images . So once we've downloaded and saved our images, we head over to Pinterest dot co dot UK or Pinterest dot com. Whichever country you are accessing Pinterest on. So once you get into Pinterest into your account, make sure you create a business account for your blog's or for your website. Andi. There is a lot of information on how to set up your Pinterest account for a business online . I'm not going to go into that right now, but it really is a good idea to look into that and to find out as much as possible because Pinterest is a fantastic way to draw to drive traffic to your website, and it really recommend that you set up your Pinterest account properly, sigh the way to create a pin. Pinterest keeps changing on but not so long ago you could create a pin in the same way that it says here create board. But I think that has changed. If I go into my pins now, there's no facility to do that. But there is a little button up here on the top right hand side, and if we click on that, it will then say, Create pin. So we click on that, and now we're ready to create our pin on Pinterest. So what we do now is we want to upload our image. We click on there and then we find our image in on our computer. So let's pin this image here. Organic cotton garden of nature ladies T shirt on. We want to create a title. Best thing is to use the title from your pin, but do a little bit of research as well, so that you get your keywords in there. It's always a good idea to make sure that people confined your pin by what they're typing into Pinterest. And again, there's a lot of information online on how to do that, so I'm just going to show you how you can do it. But but look into what the best way to do. This is how to use your keywords so that you get as many people as possible looking on your website through this pin. So we at the title, Andi. Then we want to add a description. So I've added a description. Make sure that you add your description and you've got plenty of characters. Plenty of space to add a really good description off your pin. Don't forget that you want people to look at your pin and to be interested and to find information that they were looking for on what we do after we've added the description is, we want to add a destination. Ling. So what you do issue copy paste u u R l for your product you had back onto Pinterest. You get the u R l and paste it in in this section here. You can't see it at the moment, but that's where you would put your URL on. Then you hit publish, and then you want to put it in one off your boards. Eso, for example. I think I've got a board here that gift's for gardeners, for example. I could put that there. So now this is posted onto Pinterest and you've linked to your shop or to your website. I'll show this to you again, and this time we're going to link to a block posed. So let's go back to our block on. I want to link a pin full my block post about lavender so I can do this in two ways. I can do what we did just now where I go onto Pinterest and I click on this little button here and I create a pin on. Then I upload the pin from my computer. Andi linked to my block, or I can install a pin button on my block. You do that going into your WordPress console on. Did you just install a plug in that will let you pin to Pinterest directly from your blog's ? I can either click on this p here, and that will link to my Pinterest or I can click this one. I've got two different plug ins installed. Luckily, they don't clash with each other, so you only really need one. But let's click on this and see if this will. There we are. There's our pin on now, all we need to do is find a board that we want to pin this on. So, um, gardening wilder and then I click safe on that should then save this pin onto my gardening board. So this is how you create your beautiful pains? It was quite easy, I'm sure you agree on. And I would love it if you could upload your pins to the project area up so that I can see what you've created because I'm sure you will do a fantastic job with your pins on. I'm really looking forward to seeing them go and create your Pinterest account if you haven't already done that because if you've got a website or a blawg, you will definitely get much more traffic if you use Pinterest. So that's my recommendation on. And I wish you every success on that. Love to see your pins