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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

5 Lessons (11m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Tools you'll need

    • 3. Construction

    • 4. Design it

    • 5. Final thoughts

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About This Class

Hello! In this class I will be showing you how to make a Zine out of a single piece of paper!

Zines are a great indie way to self-publish and circulate your work and ideas easily, cheaply and effectively. You can fill your Zines with anything: art, text, jokes, collage, political commentary, fan art/literature - literally anything you want to share with your audience.

As Zines are so quick, easy and cheap to produce and distribute, Zines are usually sold fairly cheaply, or given out for free and left on tables in cafes and librarys etc.

For this class you will need:

  • Paper (A4 or A3 size)
  • A pen
  • Scissors

That's it! Depending on how you may want your Zine to look you may need more equipment, for example  you might like to collage text from magazines or you might want to add colour - in this case you will need to add magazine cuttings, glue and coloured pencils. But today I'll just be going through the basic bones of the Zine - after that you can make of it what you will!

For you to download:

In the 'Your Project' tab above, you can access:

  • A zine template to help you orientate your content correctly
  • Two Free Zines! (back and front) that you can print and keep, or use as a reference.

Please upload your Zine to the class project, to help other students see different takes on the Zine and what can be done with it! Either photograph or scan it in!

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Emma Woodthorpe

Illustrator. Author. Artist.


Hi I'm Emma Woodthorpe, also known on the internet by my business name Embers & Ink! I'm a freelance artist and illustrator based in Sheffield (UK). Using my background in Art and Literature I'm  currently writing and illustrating children's books!

I work in multiple media and have created a range of art using many mediums ranging from charcoal and pastel through to acrylics and oils to pencils and watercolours - and many more!

Find out about the Children's books I've created on my Author Website and follow my Author Instagram page @emmawoodthorpe for regular updates. You can find me on YouTube where I post weekly videos exploring my art and life as a full time creative. You can also join my exclusive gang over on Patreon where I offer a range of exclusive con... See full profile

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1. Introduction: Hello, everyone. And welcome to my school share class. Today I'll be showing you how you can make a scene out of a single sheet of paper. For those of you who don't know me, I'm ever I'm a freelance artist and illustrates that I live in Sheffield in the UK now there are many different ways out there making a scene, but this is definitely the easiest. The most user friendly that I found is you only use a single sheet of paper. Zines are a fantastic way to self publish and circulate your work, and you can create as many your refuse You like using your first copy or a copy princess, and you can let your creativity from wild. You can fill your scenes with text drawings. Ka large political commentary, whatever you want. So are you ready? Let's go. 2. Tools you'll need: so the things that you need to make a basic seen relatively easy meet some paper, either a four or a three size, some scissors and some pins, depending on how you want to make your scene you may want to use in college materials. In that case, you'll need some glue as well to make a basic scene. Pens, scissors and paper. Plus, the addition of your homes is a what you need. 3. Construction: all you need to make a zine is paper, scissors and pens. I've covered my white desk with one of my drawing boards just so you can see how I fold the paper. You can make your Xena's complicated or a simple issue, like if you wanted to use college instead appends that's completely up to you. But for a very basic seed, these are the things that you need. This is what we're going to be ending up with. Can you get this by folding your paper into eight and cutting down the middle? One benefit of doing this method is it not only you get busy, but you got the option to draw on the inside something as well. So let me show you how to fold them. Start with a sheet of paper either a four or a three sites. Now I'm going to fold it length ways. Make sure it's a nice, crisp fold, and I like to fold it the other way as well. Just to make sure that that cold is very much there. Okay, and then you're going to fold it with ways again. Nice and crisp. Now let's get your final folds full these edges into the middle and fold them out would even But again, just that each fold gets folded one way, then the other may have your basic boxes. 12345678 Now to get the cut in the middle, fold it along the middle fold, and then we're going to just cut with our scissors to the first line. So she pulled out. Now you can see that there is a cut down the middle. Let's make you easy. You push it without and then fold it. You can get concertina folders flat. You're Zine has been made. Show you one more time. So there's your folded and cook piece of paper unfolded. You could make a concertina and then pull in front. Now it's time to decorate. 4. Design it: to make it easier for you to copy. It's best to be to do your design and copying first, and you're falling and cutting after to make this easy for you, I'm going to make this into a template which I'll make available down below for you to download in the your project section. You'll see what I mean in a second. So from page three before 56 back page. So when you fall this out, you can see the orientation of your pages. So when you're taking a piece of paper, you folded it. He can see your front page is going to be here orientated with this is the bottom. This is your first page with this orientated is the bottom. This is your second page with this orientated is the bottom and then you're going to turn it over your third page here with That's the bottom fourth page without the bottom fifth page with that at the bottom and six page without bottom. And then finally, your Bethpage speak around this way with that orientated. So make this available other download for you to use just to keep you on track when you're doing your drawing, you can decorate however you want. This is one of the decorations I've done for my pinky toe busines, or have been doing a Xena Day in ink throughout October, - I told 5. Final thoughts: - thank you so much for joining me in this lesson. And I hope you really enjoyed learning how to make a warm pages e. I'd be really interested to see how your zines turnout. So please, if you can't scan them and photograph them on and put them in the project section below so we can have a look. I'll try and comment on every single one. And also I'm going to make available the template to show you how to orientate your Zeev and also ill make available, like autumn scene on my disc, but is een for you to print house and to have a look up until next time I'm creating.