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How to make a mural

Shirley Hooper

How to make a mural

Shirley Hooper

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5 Lessons (21m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Supplies

    • 3. Template Assemble

    • 4. Class Project

    • 5. Conclusion

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About This Class

In this class in going to teach you how to make step by step a mandala mural uding one of my original templates. You will be able to download the template and follow alone with me. I will also give you some tips and ideas to personalize it event more. 

Lets do it together!

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1. Introduction: Hello and welcome to my studio. My name is surely on in this class. I want to teach you how to make a mean rules. Just like the one behind me. Right here. This is a mandala mural that I made for my studio when I moved here. Now I want to teach you how to do it, but I'm gonna teach you the easy way. First, we're going to start with our supplies. What supplies we're gonna use for this project and other supplies you can use If you want to make any changes to the class project moving on from that, I'm going to provide a download for you off the template off the mural we're gonna be working on. And I'm gonna teach you how to assemble it as well. After that, we're going to start the first step to get to our class project. And that's gonna be tracing it on the wall you have chosen at your home office of wherever you want to do this project. Moving on from that, we're going to start. Finally, our projects start painting around and having fun with. But I'm gonna give you some ideas off some variations you can do. Or if you just want to trace it, I'm gonna teach you how to do that as well. After that, we're going to conclude our class with ideas of future murals on where to get the templates for them. Now, let's just have fun. A styling project together on Don't forget to share your project with the community, so let's get to it together. 2. Supplies: Now we're going to start with the supplies and the first thing we're gonna need a some gloves to protect your hands. Then if you want to use paint, just grab a little bucket of pain, depending How big your going to do this? A mural. But if you're going to do there one I provided, just a little one will be more than enough for you on pick your caller. The color you want. I have white and I bought the side my local home improvement store. So just I'm gonna do this mural indoors. So just beginning door pain that used for regular walls and it will be great for your mural . If you're gonna do it outdoors, make sure your pain is suitable for outdoors. Well, we know from that. If you're gonna use paint like this one, you're gonna need a brush. And I recommend an acrylic brush on something thin will be great for you to get details for these project. Make sure isn't acrylic pain because it balances your hand when you're lifting it up on. If you use kind of like a watercolor brush is not gonna work very well, and I also recommend sympathetic ah hairbrushes because they hold their shape. Now if you don't want to use a brush campaign, they saw their options out there, and I have been here for you on these air pain markers. They're great. Four Mondal a style Miralles because you get a lot of precision under is not so much mess. You don't even need clothes for it. So these ah, you can find different brands at the local stores. Michael's Jones Fire Rig. I think even warmer has them, but also you combine them online and I bought the's own line and they have different sizes . So I have this big one for a large details on. Then I have a smaller one for really think details. Now these are sold empty as well as filled. I don't if you're starting, I don't recommend to buy them empty am. Put pain on it because you're gonna find yourself in big trouble. Thes pain does not work on markers. There. The pain that is inside the markers. It's a lot thinner. It has painting, or in it I'm some other stuffs, always treated so you could, you said as a marker. So if you're going to use the market. I recommend the ones that are already filled with paint. And they have all callers online. Um, for sure, the local stores are gonna have a fight or black. So if you want to start with that and then later on play with colors, then I recommend that first. But don't use empty ones and put regular pain on it or it's not gonna work. Okay, Uh, no. Anything we're gonna use is this napkin, and I'm going to show you in what, a little later, where we're gonna use said to make a little kind of texture in your mural on also the penan A Where you going to do the mural? You might also think about if you need a stool or a ladder. So just think about what you need to be safe. Make sure you were, um, clothes that can be damaged cause you might get pain on it. So now we're gonna move on to the template, and I'm gonna show you how to download it on how to assemble it. All materials you will also need is tape, a pencil and tracing paper. You can either use the pencil or the tracing paper 3. Template Assemble: Okay, Now we're gonna want to the template. So I have provided a pdf file that you can print at home, and it's ready to go. Just downloaded. I'm print. Once you have a printed, you have nine pages on. What we're gonna do is we're gonna touch those pages together with some tape. So first we're gonna do like a fossil on. We're gonna put all the shape together just like this. So you just gonna make sure everything matches, okay? Once you you can see your shape. This is that the mural we're gonna make. So now we're gonna take some tape on, take them together. We're gonna take them on the right side up. So we're gonna put the tape on the right side. Don't put her behind and the down laws. You can see another file that has the whole picture of how it's supposed to look so you can put it together there. Right way. So now that you have a like days, you can use your tracing paper, put in the back and then take it to a wall. I'm take the tracing paper first on. Then put this over it and you're gonna trace over that. Now, let's say you don't have tracing paper, and you really want to do so. The other option you have it's my little trick that grandma taught me. Unless you're gonna take a pencil, you're gonna flip your papers. Uh, you're going to call her all over, like a thief all over your paper. Okay? Now that this is done, as you can see, I didn't want over the whole page on all of them. Why? Because I was able to see through it. And I see where the lines are going. So I just whenever with the pencil on those lines so they would trace into my wall. But I don't waste time or pencil going over the whole thing. So now we're gonna move on and pick our wall, and then we're gonna do this together 4. Class Project: Okay, So I had picked up while I was used on I will. Something that still for these brought my stool on. Now we have to put up the template on the wall, and I'm gonna show you how even any tape to do so, So get your stool if you need one. Get your template ready to go on some tape. Let's put it on the Okay. So you're gonna use the tape to get on the wall, just like that, Make sure everything is secure. Now get my pencil back. I'm gonna go over the whole, okay? Actually, I brought at red Corner instead of pencil on. That's because I can see the recorder and I can go over. And I know where I already went over. And I don't waste time going over again. So let's do this together. And then once we have that done, we can move on to the next step. When I was tracing a realized the middle part, let's flip around. So I fixed it, and I'm just gonna continue. Tracy, No. Okay, so at this point, I already see my whole thing here. I have moved in 10 to a size so I can use it as a reference on now have different options here. I can go over one of my markers. Pain markers started going over the whole thing on one thing about pain markers. It's like you need to squeeze that a few times to make sure they the pain is coming through . So now I can either start just going off for the whole thing with my markers, like So, as you can see, the markers are very, very easy to use. Make sure I'm looking away from it once in a while, so I don't I go in the way. I also try not to touch the rest of it too much or is gonna lift up the graphite, and then you won't be able to see your traces. Okay, so I'm gonna do those two. I'm gonna let it dry for a minute, and then I want to show you the options you have for the white paint. So remember that napkin I told you about? We're gonna put some water on it. We're gonna damn pick with more. Good. We're gonna see their pilot, or you can use a plate. Put some of your painting there. I'm damn your napkin with some off the paint just like this. And then I decided I want to do the middle part with that. Why? On some guy goes slowly, I'm just touch and little by. I have to do this far. If you're very the dinner, I don't recommend to do this part after result right out. Now, I'm gonna move to just tracing, because this will be easier for a beginner. We're just gonna trace over the whole thing. I'm gonna use the marker, but you can use your brush and go over it, and I'm gonna do apart like that so you guys can see it. And if you're doing it that way, then I can give you some tips. Not every some. We're starting on the side. No decide is because if I go like think I'm gonna start getting my graphite off. So start these side. So I go over to this. I'm gonna already have all these. Don't I know it doesn't matter if the graph against erase or not. Because I had already gone over with my marker. I keep looking at my reference, so I make sure going the right way, and I'm not making any mistakes. Are making all the lines that are not there. If you're gonna rent your arm like sure, the line that you did before it's dried out, conceiving sweat, Yunus Motion. And it's just gonna go over now. As you can see, there is kind of, like thinker nine something. What I suggest is your first do all the lines the same thickness to make sure you don't erase anything from the tracing part. I'm dead. Once you have everything, you can see it on, it's impermanent paint. Then you can go over the sicker lines like this. I make them sicker, but then you won't lose Track off what you're doing because you already have it in the in the permanent paint. So I'm just gonna keep working everything on the same. I think this I'm that I'm gonna go over on the thicker lines later. - Okay , So now, for those of you use a brush, I put a little bit off the paint in my plate or my palate. Then I'm gonna dip my brush in there. I'm gonna do the same thing. I'm gonna follow the lines looking at my boyfriend's constantly. Don't push too hard into the wall or else you're gonna make a big, thick line that you don't want so just slowly with teeth off your brush to make that line. Also, don't put too much paint in your brush you want. Okay, so please point where I'm doing. If I think that's to the thicker lines, you can either follow the template. What you connect to it as you guys can see here. I went over the line from the white that I miss. I'm then Not only that, but I also add these parts to it. You can keep adding if you want to make it your own on at some some girls here, some lines, some dots, even if you want what I tried to do with my Dallas tried to keep it symmetrical. So if I had something on on this side, then I want added on the other side to sauce. You saw me at this girl on this one right here. And I have the same on the other side. The same thing with dot i dot So try to keep it symmetrical. Then, after you're done doing old landlord like feeling the middle if you want. If not, then you can just leave black or are somewhere curl story in there or even that corner? If you want out some Carter here, sir Branson, lose whatever feeds your style Making your own. I definitely accord you to make it your own. Don't get exactly That's my template. My template is just to give you a guy. Get your started so you can create you own mayoral after you're confident that is not gonna come out wrong lower than you doing something wrong. It's just kind of guidance for you. But I recorded you to get creative on at holders toe, advance, toe, all kinds of things like that. I'm course straight to do it. So I'm gonna do have to mind. I'm going at some more stuff with thick in some lines, maybe had some more to it and then have a complete dick that's with you. Okay, here's the result. More than a dollar, I think. In some lines I had some corners. I had some of the lines here there, and I made it my own. And I hope you guys made it your own as well Have fun doing it. So now let's go conclude these class 5. Conclusion: okay on to conclude the class. I just want to let you know that if you go to my Web page, surely, Cooper, are that come, you're gonna be able to download more pdf files off murals, different kinds of mirrors you can pick from on. There's different sizes, too. If you want to make a smaller one, let the one we just did. Or if you want to make a bigger one, there's different sizes, so make sure to look for the size of it. I'm thinking so much for joining me. I hope you can share with me your mural. What you ended up with. If you are the colors to add a few other more personality to it, I will love to hear from you on. I'll see you next time.