How to make a fun and unique notebook from scratch, and use it as a photo album or travel journal! | Alexandra Michiardi | Skillshare

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How to make a fun and unique notebook from scratch, and use it as a photo album or travel journal!

teacher avatar Alexandra Michiardi, Pattern designer, crafter, writer

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

8 Lessons (21m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Prepare your covers- Part I

    • 3. Prepare your covers- Part II

    • 4. Binding- Part I

    • 5. Optional Step- Trimming

    • 6. Binding- Part II

    • 7. Adding Elastic Band

    • 8. Final Tips for Photo Album

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About This Class


This class is for scrapbookers, paper and notebook lovers and any crafters who is interested in new ways to make original notebooks. Easy, simple and original technique!

It is NOT a traditional bookbinding class!

In this class, I will teach you how to make a unique notebook starting from blank cards (as cover and pages) and using an original binding technique. The final size of the book closed is 4'X6' (10X15 cm).

I will give you ideas to customize your cover and tips to fill in your book if you want to use it as a photo album or travel journal.

I will share a few of my favorite ways to use stamps to decorate your mini-book.

The idea of this class is to create a very personal mini-book that you could use as a photo album or travel journal.

You don't need to know in advance how many pages you would like to include as the structure of this mini-book allows you to add as many pages as you wish on the go!

Please find the detailed outline of my 8 video lessons here

Please note that the stamps used in my album are clear stamps from my own brand, méli-mélo.

If you like them, you can find them in my Etsy shop

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Alexandra Michiardi

Pattern designer, crafter, writer


I'm Alex, a French girl who is not really French anymore since she's left her home country 17 years ago.

I live in Sheffield (UK) with my husband, our son Tristan (who is now 10), and our daughter Zoé (who is 4).


I am a surface pattern designer and a Japan lover (I run a blog called Slow Kyoto


I've always been an avid crafter and especially a papercrafter. I love learning new techniques and creativity is a part of my daily life.

I would like to inspire you, making you want to create. In the end, happiness is being in peace with oneself and creativity is a mean to achieve it. I would like you to be happy. Happy people make a better world.


Please visit my website&nbs... See full profile

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1. Introduction: Hello one. Welcome to my class. Make a fun and unique notebook from scratch. My name is Alex, and today I'm gonna teach you how to use blank cards to make a fun and unique notebook. So we're gonna use Explain White Blank hearts, US Inside pages, foreign notebook and three craft blank art for the covers. The final project consists of three different signatures bound together, and its final size is approximately 10 to 15 centimeters. You can then use your notebook, has a travel journal photo album for this summer or is catching book. Please have a look at the detail outline of my video lessons For a complete overview of thes class. I do hope you'll join me. 2. Prepare your covers- Part I: Let's prepare the covers off your notebook. First way to customize them is using decorative masking tapes just to several masking tapes that you like combination off by turns and colors and starts taking them into your covers. Here I choose to take them horizontally, but you could do it vertically or even diagonally for a nice addict pattern if you like. When you're writing your Muslim teeth, remember to cover this pine on the left hand side for a needle final. Look, just keep going is taking them until you're happy with the result. Four. Until you covered the entire surface of do cover. You can't stop whenever you want. 3. Prepare your covers- Part II: so the second way to customize your covers is by gluing pattern papers. So here I choose treat different pattern papers, same size as my cover, and I'm using more coach as clue to stick thin on my covers. If you don't have more punch, you can use any type of crafting loop before spreading your glue. Remember to protect your table. So here I just place a simple sheet of paper and the my cover. So I like to work on 1/2 of the covered. First. I think it's easier. So you just apply glue on 1/2 off your cover not to think with a simple brush, and then you'll run your paper to eliminate any wrinkles for bubble that could be trapped. And then you can proceed toe work on the other half of the cover, spread the flu evenly, and then you rub your paper gain to eliminate the wrinkles. Once installed, you can check that paper feeds the conger, and if it's not, the case you can cut around your age is with Caesar's Here . You got another example off gluing pattern papers, but this time on the interior to cover 4. Binding- Part I: in these video. Listen, I'll show you how to bind your notebook. So we stopped by poking holes now recovers. And in our blank cards, which are our entire pages, we'll need a ruler and old for a thick needle if you don't have one. So we've got three covers and to blank cards. Pair. Cover Michelin abuse pine. Find the center and pierce your cover. - So now that our covers and blank cards are pierced, I was taught to suing. We'll need walked threat for any other kind of threadlike Think, for example, or just thick coating threat. Study enough and you don't and Caesars who stopped by trading from the outside of the cover to the inside of the blank cards I show you an example, is decorated with some beads. My case. I choose to decorate my middle cover with colorful past ing beat by just passing the threat inside plastic beads, and I make not because it's walks thread. I don't really need to secure them much more, but if you're using cotton or wool, I think you might need to make a double knot 5. Optional Step- Trimming: the step is off show? No, and it consists off trimming the inside pages off your notebook along the ages off the cover. 6. Binding- Part II: So we're now assemble our notebook with the tree signatures when the double sided additives ticket take. So you need to choose the position of each one of your covers. Which one will be the top one? Bottom one in the middle one. So here I'm working with my middle signature. I'm adding sticky tape on the cover. Once it's done, I will carefully line my two signatures and stick top signature to the middle one s . So here I am repeating the process by heading double sided sticky tape toe my bottom signature. And then I carefully a line my two other signatures with this one and I stick them together every well, our our notebook is ready. 7. Adding Elastic Band: 8. Final Tips for Photo Album: thank you for taking this class. I hope you enjoyed it. I'm gonna country with some pics of my own notebook that I chose to use as a photo open, I added, is tempt title and a daisy label toe my front cover And I also added masking tape on each side off the title when I actually going to my pages. I've always liked mixing different kind of journaling like handwriting. We find our Children Penn four, off of its time. I like using my stamps to create colorful pattern backgrounds, and I also like I didn't titles with stickers or stickers, and even with stencils, I line printing my photos with the white frame, and I like writing on them directly with a permanent marker. For these, I find that is tired of pigment liner water expands our idea. Way to use your time by Katie Gadgil. Start motive and sticking it with three D phones. Finally, you can stand elaborately on your photos, using a specific in for non purser face cold stays on. Thanks again for taking this class. I hope you will show your project with us in the gallery blue, and if you have any data questions, I'll be happy to help