How to make a ceramic sculpture. | Pau Stephens | Skillshare

How to make a ceramic sculpture.

Pau Stephens, Mexican Monster Maker

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6 Videos (40m)
    • Introduction

    • Materials & sketches

    • Sketching our sculpture

    • Sculpture technique 1

    • Sculpture technique 2

    • Final details


About This Class

In this lesson, we are going to make sculptures. You will learn very helpful techniques, that are of use for example if you are an illustrator and you would like to create your own drawings in 3D, but of course also if you just like to put your ideas into something real. In this case something ceramic.

I will show two techniques that I use to make my monster sculptures and I think they will be also very useful to you. 






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Pau Stephens

Mexican Monster Maker

Hi, my name is Pau and Im a Mexican monster maker.

I studied Industrial design at IED Madrid and after graduating in 2012 I started inquiring in the ceramic world, first producing my own projects and after manufacturing for other people.

I moved to Poland early in 2017 and started pursuing my artistic career making ceramic sculptures and experimenting more with shape and materials.

If you want to see more of my work please feel free to visit my web and my Instagram for mo...

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