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How to make a YouTube Gaming Thumbnail

James Ramsden, Helping you become a better you

How to make a YouTube Gaming Thumbnail

James Ramsden, Helping you become a better you

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11 Lessons (24m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Setup and Examples

    • 3. Research

    • 4. Creating Your Background

    • 5. Outside Definition

    • 6. A Quick Quality Tip

    • 7. Adding Text

    • 8. Fonts

    • 9. Tweaking and Adding Detail

    • 10. Finishing Touches

    • 11. Exporting

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About This Class

In this course I go through how to create a basic YouTube gaming thumbnail from scratch. The game that I use as an example is Hearthstone, however the underlying methods in this course can be appleid to any game.

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James Ramsden

Helping you become a better you


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1. Introduction: Hello and welcome to the short beginners Photoshopped course on gaming from Nails Today and Go Did you some basics on what you can do to make your gaming from there was a little bit better for other scores. I'm assuming you already have basic knowledge or photo shop, so I would not be covering what all of the tools do on how you can use them. Most effectively, however, will be covering which tools are most useful for gaming, from notes on how you can use them to maximize the quality off your work. Now let's jump into it. 2. Setup and Examples: So to begin with, we're gonna want to make our farm now upward, usually for YouTube. This is 12. 80 by 7 20 pixels, which is the most common and probably the best to work with. However, if you like, you can use 1920 by 10. 80. So this course we're going to use 12. 80 by 7 20 on this is what it looks like. So you go a black covers here. The end goal is to make something like this, or like this specifically for half. So these two or if you're going to do something like legal Asians, you could have this yes, row style from there. This works for both league normally or TFT. So yet thes is sort things that we're gonna hopefully end up with on. Yeah. Let's don't marry into it. 3. Research: before you begin working your fun. Now it's very important to do some research. First, find your niche. So for this video and this course are going to be using Kasten as an example, find your niche and then find popular YouTubers within that niche. So for the hostage niche Crip area TRO did and trump some of the biggest use Cuba's to do our research. We're gonna look through there from those and see what we like. What? We don't pick elements from each one and put them into All right. So for Crip, he does hostin background of a card movie photo shop of his head in it, hidden somewhere. Look of some text on the logo of the expansion. This is my sentiments there as well as this border around each of videos. Childrens is very basic. His an established audience because his videos are very specific on normally confesses there, So he just uses ah, half stone image, perhaps off the most best play in the game, put some text on it and still gets lots of use. Trump usually has quite good from those very unique as well, usually him sometimes or with the card as a text doesn't use the border, however, Children dollars kinds of the script. So we got some elements there. I really like the background from Crip and as well as the logo on the border to take that Children, we just got to take the call background. I just gained some inspiration from Trump. So from there we can go back into photo shop on progress with what Painful mill? 4. Creating Your Background: next what to choose a background off a card or a hero that was specifically important in the game that we're showing. So using, crossed and again perhaps right across the fire Lord was the most important card in our game. So we're gonna choose that and use him for evil background or foreground. For this, I've chosen the background, and here he is in order, Squillari sensitive screen and expanded. So he is the main backer for their going to layer up on Choose the elements toe work off of this background. So we got Greg Norris as our main background, but also gonna need a secondary background to give the whole farm now a bit more life. So perhaps in this game, play priest was the class that used record Ross. So I got a type in priest half there and just grab a background. This one was pretty good. So I'm gonna take that safety image school. A priest jumping back into Photoshopped Weaken drag that from our dollars place the street him. We're gonna wanna line these up somehow. Usually I like going for roughly 2/3 of the screen of arm, a background and one foot with the other background. So that's all main ratio with divided up the main background and a secondary background, which is priest. Then we're gonna want to divide these up somehow. So, like in these over from there's I've used the divider here, we're gonna destroy line, find the pencil, which is hit and drag from where you want starting point. At any point, there's a divider. So you got your sections between you contract way while as long as you got the right angle , I'm going to say about here. And once you got that selected, you're gonna wanna we're gonna raise this usually most divergence points thought as rest arised images. So you want to go to the razor on pasteurized this Margit? Then you can stop this around, delete it wherever, But was it a lot of rest arise, shape our line are divider. So to do that, we basically do saving have theories is set on, get ready so we can do what we want. Then we're gonna jump back to the priest layer on. If you hold control and click of our layer, it will highlight the contents of that layer in a selection in a bounding box. Then if you press control shift and I, it will invert that selection. So now wherever about is outside of this. This box here, This is useful for one. But doing dividers such as this as you won't accidentally robot the box or if you go too far, then he just raising. So we started top of the line drugs to the ball. There's already two. Robot is just this section here. If hope right click you get, get the options, increase the size of your razor and speeds up the process a little bit. Debbie guy. Now we have our two sections. We got our class. Have we got our main background off the card now? Looking at this divider, I don't think the priest is big enough on there's a lot of head space and that could be more detail here. It's gonna click of the priest layer Press control and teeth open to transform control. Minor seems out. Control plus seems in. It's gonna zero habits. You can see a bit better and increase the size. There we go, darling, So much better they're do saving again Control, click on the layer. Joshi high to reverse the bounding box. I just wrote about stuff that doesn't need to be sure you can see here we made a mistake So your risk controls that or control Z or V present. Pronounce it and do the same thing again. There we go. Another way of doing this would be to layer the priest layer on the neath the regular. However you have to raise this site enough. This smaller section is quicker to robot. 5. Outside Definition: Now we have our divider. I like putting a box around the outside to give the fund l a bit more definition like here we have the books at around the outside, and then the divided away merged in the same color. So we're gonna go to the shape tall, direct angle, tool and left. Once you can create a rectangle of your specified whip and high. So this fund out dimensions 12 80 by 7 20 it will create that for you. Then, if you click on that layer, he got the top here, too. A line and distribute. And you click these three ellipses Open up more options and you can't Carly alliance anything because it's aligning to selection. And there's nothing selected. So you wanna click on the drop down box and click cavers. Now you can online freely. And there you go. There's your box on your outline and you divide up 6. A Quick Quality Tip: Here's a quick tip to make your funders look just that bit nicer. By increasing the saturation off the image of your background, you can make it look a little bit nicer as the human eye likes color. By increasing the saturation, which is how much color is inside the image, you could make it look nicer. So here, just by a gruesome the saturation by 10 it's gone from that to that is that my so look to it you don't want to do is too much over command. Maximum of 20. Usually 10 is good enough. If you go to 100 it doesn't look good at all. Even 50 is a bit to colorful sticking 10 to 20 really mature image. Look twice. 7. Adding Text: The next step to making a give form now is putting in some catchy text. You believe what this to be related to? The video, however at this video will use basic so that you can see it added to ever video as a reference point. So I'm just making this up. We're gonna go with the text right now, Ross priest, And then you have your two lines of text here. Then you want to make the second line of text the same size as the distance of the top line . So the to line up in a kind of square fashion you wanna change your curdling down from your default is Teoh, at least by his 25. Because the spacing between the letters looks a bit nicer this week on when it comes to defining the outlaws. But later on, it looks nicer. And again, with the vertical spacing, you wanna drag it. So the two were close together, but is a little bit of space between them. So here is just about right for this. Next, we're gonna duplicate this layer by pressing control, see, and then control shift being two based in place on move onto the next step from here, we're going to choose the bottom layer of text and click FX stroke. I haven't presented with strict last art books. The first laced, though, should be color black and size. I like to choose eight, but it can be anything within that range. Six works up to maybe 10. But I like a capacity 100% position outside That's important and color black and then just click. OK, there were two duplicate this last by person control C control shift feet go down to the stroke of this bottom one. Change the color toe white. Then we're gonna increase the size of the stroke. Teoh, around 22 20 works up to 24. 18. Probably looks okay as well. I like a little thicker on same position outside on the color white and we're good to go. So you could already tell. We got a little bit of definition here and you see, it pops of it nicer to make this even better, we're gonna go to the first layer and add a strict off his own here. It doesn't matter the color of this for now. As always, it's visible which histories green has got nice contrast to read a decrease the size to around 4 to 6. I usually go to six however, for work just as well. So I showed you that you quit. There you go. Now the next step is what makes the text give a nice Grady int. Look, it's going to click on this second layer after layer. So when adding a newly at above on from here, we're gonna change the color of the radio. So the fever of this video is of a safari because Director Ross so good to choose something with far we look usually when finding my colors predetermined colors. I like good to flat you i Gullas dot com This gives us a nice color palettes on stuff that works. Really? No. See, together I'm gonna look around for something that's got a fiery colors. So we're looking for reds, oranges, yellows on. I like the look of this one here. And also this one here We're to go the Swedish public for this one. Next we're gonna copy are red color. Because of the fire. Go back to photo shop changed the color off ingredient. The first color to red to control C control V. If you already tell you got unless cut Fire recovered right now they're gonna grab another color. Yellow is a good color to grab. Already have origin middle between red yellow because basic colors red plus yellow equals orange. Let's go back change kind of yellow t this. Actually, it was the same color anyway, so it was obviously used Ingredient before I want you don't click OK from here, we're gonna change the greater from around. Just belief. The ball of the text, Teoh. Just beneath the top of the text does your radium. The reason we put it between these two text lays. It's because we're gonna go to this text layer and change the Phil 0%. So now you just have the outlines off the text and you can probably already see where I'm good with this. So what we want to do is remove the Grady it from the outside of these text layers. How do we do that? I showed you earlier on you go to the Grady. It layer control. Click on the text layer. This gives a bounding box around the text they control shift and press daily on that will get rid of a with the outside of the text, and I got a nose for ingredient or new text. Now we used this red orange color for the streak of off the bottom of it could actually use it for the stroke of the inside of the text as well. This gives it a bit more definition. Andi makes this more visible that doesn't look too out of place, So shop in the strip of this change this color to the referee used earlier. There you go. There is your text once you got your text complete and you're happy of it, disregarding size because it would change that manually. They're what you want. Stew is combined, the less giver by shift looking, all of them right. Click on the Grady Int layer and click merged layers promotion into one shape, which could move around freely. Now you might also notice there's a whole list between the text, so we'll go to the eyedropper tool by pressing. I are lucky, but selecting the white impressing be for our brush tool and then manually go in and fill in these gaps. If you hold space when you keep what you can drag, use the hand drag just a quick way of enough gazing around. So just find any gaps. Doesn't have to be as clean. Is this over? It does look nicer. Now we've got our basic text or less for your rectum. Was priest looks good, pops out, give a little bit more emphasis. Kind of rotates slightly increased the size, said it would see big. Put it in a retinal section. Then a final touch to this plate of the layer gets effects. Drop shadow mainly. Put your shadow. I, like have mine using a global lights. Everything lines up the same angle straight up. So it gives it down was, Look on. These are the settings are used passed the 85 24 distance 24 spread 24 sides on 0% noise and that gives you your popped out coming off the screen. Ragnarok Priest text Look 8. Fonts: I just want to quickly mention the different types of fonts that you can use. So usually my default form is called comic er axis. And that gives you the Texas shown here in the regulars Priest. If I just talked in some basic text for you to show, here's some of my other most popular forms. So Gotham is a really nice form. Not so much fun nails, but Jebediah Nice one. Caviar dreams as well is quite nice. Comic access is what music here, Udot said. Usually better for videos that was call of duty or something along those lines. Usually a nice one for gaming from nose. It was a have Java kick button or beat again, which gives you a similar look to this just a little bit more cartoony. Another popular world is Theseus Purcell Magic regular form, which is used in clash of clans. Uh, what's pretty nicely Kenyan coffee is another. Lice looking for me are finally we have Cooper black. All of these faults are gonna be given with this course. In the equivalent of the description, I'm gonna write up a document of examples of the fronts as well as links the way you can dollar them for free 9. Tweaking and Adding Detail: So we got off on no, come together a little bit. A few toots, the other make to this to make a little bit nicer. Stomach Ragnarok, his head. People visible. So to do that, I will slide up. You've got this space at the bottom, which we're gonna want to fill in. So just increase the size of that leave. American policies were visible on We get to go now because this game is hosting. We'll get a use college because that's the main thing in the game. Obviously over. If you're doing for different game, try to find a key element of that game. So for the yes, what form now with used items before hostile would use cards of other games like Fortnight , Use a gun or for any game. Just think of a key item like Minecraft could be an item and try and work into the farm bill somehow using your own creative imagination. So for this, we're just could have used cards like a safe behind the text. Andi gives that from there just a bit more detail. So once you found some cause that you think were important from that game, you can download. The image is going to you on saving the image, usually a PNG. What's fine, if by some instances, saves it as a Web API. So that's a PNG. Some might be about P. If it does, there's an extension called Save images PNG, which allows you to save the image as a PNG image. Once you have your images downloaded like I do hit, we're just drag them in to the awful words where we can start working with them. Sir, Just click on the layer on shoot the size of it, so it'll fit nicely within the frame. Same with this one. Group this position on just ally them up. Usually you want to avoid the main face or the key features off your background. So regulars his head is the most important here, so we're just gonna put into the side of that. I think he's a little bit too big, but we don't like to Smaller asteroids definition. So data Cobb's. Then, if we go Teoh Wagner's priest text right click copy Layer style. This would just copy the shadow from underneath and highlight these two right click paste list. Are they both? Get the shadow look as well, making just a little bit more defined 10. Finishing Touches: and we're almost done with this course. So the fire of finishing touches will usually be if we're not doing and every to run such as this or this is a PV run. So you got the rise of shadows like I Similarly, you can usually put the regulations logos you'll really want, but it's not so important. So here we what? The saviors of Doom logo. So we're just gonna go to Google, images out, find the saviors. They're just talking lawyer as well that give us a PNG vision. See that I dragged inter photo shop tract, this layer of the top so it's visible all the time. Find a nice place on the screen for it. So usually at the top quarters, however, we have under in the priest's face in the way it's gonna put it down. The problem this time and again, we're gonna pace the last all on here. I think this is a little too big for my liking, so it's gonna decrease. The capacity makes it look a softer on the distance spirit. The size they go, live it nicer again. It's a two part video like thes really runs. We split them up. I just place a number in the quarter for the video pop, and then you go that sure, your basic fungal. That's amore effect. I usually change the background off the rectangle to color that's relevant to the video. So if we jump back into our flat, you like a list of home pallets. You can find a nice car that works but also pops out and is in contrast from the farm now itself, So a yellow might work here off white is usually pretty safe. Black isn't to give because it's pretty simple. What is more vibrant black. So we changed this press control and click on the layer to begin selection, and you can edit Phil bit of contents color and just pick a color. And it would just fill in the section for you that that why looks pretty good. We also work with shape off the vita and our rectangle on top of everything so you can see here the shadow is overlapping. R bounding box, drop direct These very top they're the Saviours of Do we also want over the line so direct that the top, uh, dragging a bit safer on screen never go. That is our completed. Hostile from They'll looks really nice. Good quality text detail. Low tease about what the video is going to contain. The expansion class on all the information you really need in the farm. No itself. 11. Exporting: Once you've completed your farm, now you're going to want to export it. So to do that, we'll go to file export and then export as here we are given options about the settings that we want to exploit him. Usually PNG is a larger fire size and might not work of the two megabyte limit that you should put on its custom for males. So we're gonna go to J. P. G. Ensure that our image, size and whip are what we want on. That's it. That's what we have to leave Export. She is your fault destination. So here is the Ford of I've been using export. And that's it. You're done, funder complete. I hope you've enjoyed this course like go make some great fun nails.