How to make a Strong and Attractive Charging Holder in 10 Easy Steps | Bhagavathi Sankarapandian | Skillshare

How to make a Strong and Attractive Charging Holder in 10 Easy Steps

Bhagavathi Sankarapandian, Creater, Learner and Sharer

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4 Videos (11m)
    • Introduction to the Class

    • Things Required and the Dimensions Used

    • 10 Easy Steps to Follow

    • Conclusion


About This Class

Enjoy the Art of Paper Folding !!!

In this Class, We will see how to make a Phone Stand Cum Holder for Charging in 10 easy steps. This Product will help in protecting your mobile phones from damage and also from kids, while Charging. 

Steps Involved :

Use a Cardboard or thick paper of 30cm * 30cm  (Regular Size) or 15cm * 15cm  (Small Size) depending on your requirement.

  1. Fold Paper in Half Diagonally and Unfold it
  2. Make Another Diagonal Fold
  3. Fold the Front layers on the diagonal line and unfold it
  4. Repeat the same step on the right side as well and unfold it
  5. Fold left part of the paper to the creased line on the other side
  6. Repeat that on the other side and fold that part behind.
  7. Fold whole paper in half
  8. Cut with scissors on the dotted line
  9. Unfold the paper 
  10. Fold down the Cutted Parts and Tuck them in pocket on Both sides. 

Happy Folding. 






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Bhagavathi Sankarapandian

Creater, Learner and Sharer

I am an IT Professional and I have more interest to create new designs using the Art of Paper Folding. .I am passionate about learning new technology and I love teaching it to others. I have Completed Bachelor's of Engineering in 2007 and started following my Passion.

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