How to make a Strong and Attractive Charging Holder in 10 Easy Steps | Bhagavathi Sankarapandian | Skillshare

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How to make a Strong and Attractive Charging Holder in 10 Easy Steps

teacher avatar Bhagavathi Sankarapandian, Creater, Learner and Sharer

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

4 Lessons (11m)
    • 1. Introduction to the Class

    • 2. Things Required and the Dimensions Used

    • 3. 10 Easy Steps to Follow

    • 4. Conclusion

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About This Class

Enjoy the Art of Paper Folding !!!

In this Class, We will see how to make a Phone Stand Cum Holder for Charging in 10 easy steps. This Product will help in protecting your mobile phones from damage and also from kids, while Charging. 

Steps Involved :

Use a Cardboard or thick paper of 30cm * 30cm  (Regular Size) or 15cm * 15cm  (Small Size) depending on your requirement.

  1. Fold Paper in Half Diagonally and Unfold it
  2. Make Another Diagonal Fold
  3. Fold the Front layers on the diagonal line and unfold it
  4. Repeat the same step on the right side as well and unfold it
  5. Fold left part of the paper to the creased line on the other side
  6. Repeat that on the other side and fold that part behind.
  7. Fold whole paper in half
  8. Cut with scissors on the dotted line
  9. Unfold the paper 
  10. Fold down the Cutted Parts and Tuck them in pocket on Both sides. 

Happy Folding. 


Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Bhagavathi Sankarapandian

Creater, Learner and Sharer


I am an IT Professional and I have more interest to create new designs using the Art of Paper Folding. .I am passionate about learning new technology and I love teaching it to others. I have Completed Bachelor's of Engineering in 2007 and started following my Passion.

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1. Introduction to the Class: Hello, everyone. Welcome to my class in this class. I'm going to show you how to make this phone stand. It would work us a phone stand the in such a way. You could keep your phone inside here on. They belong to serve us a charging holder. So if you want to charge your phone, you can still keep your phone here. The charges being on the black point So you can directly connected here your form for the charger. I'm the keeper Dame site like this, and you can just hold it under charging charge. So it will serve us a charging holder so you can turn on the switch. And similarly, you can keep the wires back so your phone might not be your showing with the wires outside . And, uh, this would be very useful, Especially when you have kids said full so that they won't pull the wire and your phone will be safe and it won't fall them. So it will be easy, and it will look like the bad kind of thing. So state you do my next video and I will be explaining you the things required on the steps which is being involved in making this charging holder come afford stand. Thank you 2. Things Required and the Dimensions Used: Hello, guys. Welcome back to my class. Were talking about this phone stank for charging your food. So in this video I'll be explaining you the things which was exactly being required for making this You All you need is a tick sheet of paper like a card both our chart paper. So this is this paper. What I have used is really take and it's not a normal paper. I have used a shark. I'm going to use a chart paper in different colors. And this miniature size I have made it using on you for she this dimensions who feed centimeter cross 15 centimeters and in orderto make a bigger one for charging your phone. And this This is the unique cites for keeping any kind off any kind or any side school so far, making this one. The measurement is 30 centimeters across 30 centimeter. So I will be putting this in the class description as well. So you need you take up the plane sheet like this and you single a sister, you can cut their dementia. Last 30 centimeter bore 30 centimeter and this is the one leading which is going to be required. The sensor on the chart for making the cellphone standing. If you need to decorate in a different color the strip kind of this like this. No, you can take a but this one. No, we can take in a contrast color, so you can just take it in any different color. Normally, for she size paper will look good because we are making this bag is going to service holder for holding your phone. So this will be this should be the heaviest one. Like cardboard paper stating to my next video under in that media, we will be seeing the step by step procedure for making this phone step. Thank you. 3. 10 Easy Steps to Follow: Hello, everyone. Welcome back to my class. In this video, we will see how toe make this phone stack the step by step procedure thistles the exact size. Because I have used a 30 centimetre about 30 centimeters size. And this is what we are going to make it in the sheet. And this is the miniature size offered. This is I have made it in an A four sheet with this 15 centimetre bar 15 centimeter. So these can be done and 10 simple steps. I will explain you how to do this. So initially, the first step. You initially you take a cardboard or a stick paper like this. I have taken a chart paper. So it is protecting So, uh, you have for the paper like this. And the first step is four paper in half diagonally like this for the paper in half diagonally and unfolded the second step. This making another Bagnall fold in the opposite direction. You can keep this in this position on the doorstep. This for the frank layer off the on the diagonal line on unfolding it. This is the friendlier. And this is the back layer. So it just fooled the friend player on this diagonal line. This is the diagonal line like this. Okay? Yeah. And unfolded. You similarly do the same in the right side. Also, this is the fourth to stick and unfolded the group. The step is for this left a part of the paper. So this crease to line Take this as a reference please line and fall this left apart. So this point like this Similarly, it gave this creased point as a reference on do within the other side. Also, Franzia made the fool. You just take this one and folded behind like this. So the friend also you have like this under back on. So you have like this The seventh steppers fold the whole paper like this in half on the crease line like this. So this is the thing now uses it. Filmmaker, cut on this daughter line electors, you know need to cut it completely. Just got this. They said this No. You on full of this paper and we have Ah two openings. One in the front and one in the back. The finest of this full down. The doctor park like this. And you kept them in the bucket. Here we have a pocket like structure and you just took them inside. God, give likeness. Similarly, you repeat on that another site. Hold it like this. Thank that. Get inside this. Now you have finished the phone. Stanch. Find us in so you can see a pocket like the opening here. You can keep the phone inside. Off on. Just make the holder like this and you can hand it on the world. Thank you so much. 4. Conclusion: Hey, guys, Thank you so much for watching my videos. Enjoy making your own phone stand like this and you can help protect your full from the kids. So who are playful and pulling down the wire or something like that? So 94 while sitting a game and I enjoy making your own form stamped. Thank you so much.