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How to make a Simple Logo/Profile Picture

Hashirama Senju, Designer, Artist at Hashirama Senju

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3 Videos (12m)
    • Introduction

    • Selecting a Background

    • Making The Logo


About This Class

Hello all, my name is Hashirama, i will show you how to make simple or professional designs in Photoshop, later I will teach you how to edit professional Videos or AMVs in Sony Vegas 13.
I hope you will like my class. Enjoy!





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Hashirama Senju

Designer, Artist at Hashirama Senju

Working as a full time teacher on Skillshare from now on. Been working on Photoshop, Sony Vegas, etc. for over 4 years. Now sharing Design knowledge, will also make courses in HTML & PHP coding. I will make courses every 3-7 days, from course to course it will be more and more interesting. I'm also a professional website designer and besides that I'm a Freelance illustrator.

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