How to make a Fold Out Pocket Book for Memory Keeping | Nina Vangerow | Skillshare

How to make a Fold Out Pocket Book for Memory Keeping

Nina Vangerow, Artist, Book Lover, Stationery Addict

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8 Lessons (33m)
    • 1. Intro

    • 2. Tools and Materials

    • 3. Folding the Book Pages

    • 4. Creating the Upper Pocket

    • 5. Adding the Book Cover

    • 6. Assembling the Book Pages

    • 7. Inside the Book

    • 8. Class Project


About This Class

In this class you will be learning how to create a fun fold out pocket book, the design resembling the fold out dolls houses made from paper. Our fold out book is going to have lots of pockets, perfect as a travel companion or a memory keeper for a special occasion.

This fold out book is easy to create, but looks really stunning when completed. In this class I will be using as many recycled papers and materials as possible and encourage you to do the same.

 Looking forward to seeing you in my class.

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(Music "Warm Lights" by Nicolai Heidlas



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Nina Vangerow

Artist, Book Lover, Stationery Addict


my name is Nina Vangerow and I'm  self taught artist and teacher and live in a small town in rural Wales, UK with my teenage son and out little terrier Mimi.

Under the name of The Forgotten Bookshop Girl I'm working as a mixed media artist, rebind old books turning  them into notebooks, create vintage style Travelers Notebook inserts, work with various forms of image transfers and love working with materials that would normally have ended up in the landfill...

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