How to make a Blending Stump. Pencil drawing; lesson two | Jarmo Tikka | Skillshare

How to make a Blending Stump. Pencil drawing; lesson two

Jarmo Tikka, Teacher, Designer, Carpenter, Artist

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5 Videos (15m)
    • Introduction

    • Benefits and Instructions

    • Sanding

    • Drawing exercise

    • Feedback and Project work


About This Class

On this video you will learn how to make a blending stump needed for creating pencil drawings with blending technique. Follow my step-by-step instructions and learn whole process of making a blending stump from scratch to finish. You will benefit a lot from the skill to make your own blending stumps while learning how to make realistic pencil drawings! At the end of the class I will show you how to use blending stump as a drawing instrument.

Please see my earlier teaching about how to draw by using Hatching technique from here:

Premium link:

Free link:

At my next teaching lesson I will show you how to use the blending stump for accomplishing a real drawing project.

Welcome on board!





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Jarmo Tikka

Teacher, Designer, Carpenter, Artist

I like to do things by hands, whether it comes to work or hobby. I have always been naturally gifted in drawing and painting. Besides my studies at the areas of handcraft and design I have learned many things through self study. My work as a teacher of carpentry has taught me many things from woodwork.

I am a creative person and love to make new things and designs. Items that has got an idea and are beautiful are close to my heart. I like to spend free time at nature with my self-made ...

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