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How to make Scrunchy Hair Band

teacher avatar Adaobi Obiefuna, Designer

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

3 Lessons (11m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. How to make schruncy hair band class Trim

    • 3. How to make schruncy hair band class Trim (2)

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About This Class

In this class, you will go from wondering how to make fabric scrunchy hair band to actually making your own.
In this course, i will show you a few hacks and a fabric manipulation technique to make scrunchy hairbands. It will help you build your skills so that you can create, work as a Professional or start your own designer line of Hair accessories.
It is a step by step video guide on how to make beautiful bow headbands from scratch using African print fabric (ANKARA) and materials you can find around you. You will acquire new skills today and be equip with the knowledge to bring your creative ideas to life. You don't need to have knowledge of using fabrics, accessories or jewelry making, only the will to learn, practice and have creative fun.

If you want to learn more, check out my website click here and signup to get started

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Adaobi Obiefuna



Hello, I'm Adaobi. I am a Fashion Designer and founder of Craftzvil Academy and Shopadaa, two creative business which i started in 2015.

I want to help you develop creative skills in crafts, embroidery and sewing which will help you bring your creative ideas to life. 

Creating beautiful things by hand is my favorite things to do. I want to help you acquire new creative skills to become a skilled maker as well as share my knowledge and inspire you to express yourself through your creations.

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1. Introduction: Oh, welcome to my for my workshop. Um, crafts you. I, um don't be your instructor. You cross view is a online platform I created to four creatives Lovas on anybody looking to develop use you let something, um, no fighting great ways to bring out that lovely idea you have in your mind like that would be you with technical Know how? Technical skills to bring your created by guest This project show you step by step process on how to make public splotchy headband. Your friend cream What you learned from this class? One you let the materials you use to make spongy headbands to you that how to measure. Take measurements. I use this measurement to cut out of public. You also lend short tracks how to walk on my plastic plants on forced lend some traveling money, collision techniques. I think early on how to make let's get started 2. How to make schruncy hair band class Trim: you know im welcome, Teoh. Many online class. Um, I'll be teaching you how to make a scrunchie headband on. I am your instructor. Adobe decided. Materials you need for this project. You're much heroes. High a car, fire, bricks. Any style you want. Um, so sees us. Needle and threat measuring teeth. You're any pair of tweezers? In the first step off this project, cut out the piece of fabric will be walking with from the bundle of fabric by measuring three inches, then twice on 27 inches with one. Then use a channel. Sizzles caught out fabric along grassy, few inches twice, three inches lengthwise. Measure while second step using a measuring tape on this is us. You measure out 55 inches off the left and elastic strip on. Use your scissors toe. Put out five inches. Elastic strip. This will be the last six trip used for inside. Next, you fold the course out piece off a car lengthwise into equal house. Make sure the wrong side of the fabric schools are facing you. You can see a crumble after I break school debt to for our footstep. You tried your needle on begin toe so to edges off car together, measure half an inch from the raw edge and then begin to have so with the trench needle along the entire week off fabric using a running stitch. Next, you told the song fabric, you know, out on itself by using the edge of this sizzles uses scissors to push from one page one end of public through the tunnel, off the folded properly to one, and comes out through that full on the end. So that is, Imagine through the tunnel on, then stretching the rest of public onto the entire right side of public. Now exposed a busy. Next we take five inches course out elastic street. I put it inside a tonal off the fabric through one open end. Don't let the entire elastic go into the tunnel all the way. Make sure you leave elastic off the elastics treatment exposed are the outside of now the majority of the last streak. Elastic strip is inside this tunnel. Fabrics picture. You are lying the edges off fabric tono with the exposed edge off the last strip on, then hands so towards the fabric edge on the elastic stream, using shots on small running sure image. Now step it pass. Appear off clippers or tweezers into the fabric. For now, through the order on Still Edge. Using this tweet, we have been passing through the tunnel to find on Picked the elastic Street from 20. Don't hesitate to Galati fabric as it will help you reached the last extreme pasta. What's the elastic strip has been picked by. 3. How to make schruncy hair band class Trim (2): tweezers using a family group slowly removed. These are from now over the fabric. You know that it will simultaneously pool the other end off the last extreme for the end of fabric on out. No. Next you push back majority oh, and majority of the electric stripping to the turnout for the public. What you ensure you lead the water off the elastic strip exposed outside edge off fabric Tono. Then you are lying the edges off fabric with the exposed edge off lasting and then hand. So put the tonal on the last extreme accused together using to finish up in our 11 step before tonal wants. Let's wise on let to fabric, fabric edges, meat. Then you thread your needle and begin to hunt. Sold two edges off fabrics together. Measure 1/4 package from the rock edge on, then begin to hunt. So with the thread, a needle along the entire with off the fabric, using short while trump step. When you are done, sowing the edges together talks away any excess fabric. Coral edge. I'm flip the entire fabric upside down on arranged for rose off the headband to be equally distributed along entire on Don't we have it? Your fabrics scrunchie headband. Accessory is ready. You can use any Kahlo or self fabric want here. But it's what club project. I'm using the African prints on fabric, or you can use any prints. Fabrics. One. You can also try your hands on any hole law pattern. Choose to make your scrunchie. Make sure you try on your spongy hand bands and show it's your hair Looks fancy and ruffles just so that's it. Guys, Thank you for joining my class. It means so much to me that you did. I hope you learned to a thing or two from it. And if you want to continue learning how to make more things with print fabrics, or half our brakes have become queen fabrics or just general marks out make marks is really fighting. Help Follow the link in the description book. Load this video to go through craft by craft still academy website on en route for any recourse so much because is available ruled in anyone. Three. Continue learning something new. Cross you. I am your studio straight instructor. Adobe, if you want to thank you once again. Okay,