How to make Quick n Easy Text into Killer Video - mini bio StoryVideo Making in 5 mins DIY | Yukiko Sato | Skillshare

How to make Quick n Easy Text into Killer Video - mini bio StoryVideo Making in 5 mins DIY

Yukiko Sato, StoryVideo Lean Life & Work Designer

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6 Lessons (13m)
    • 1. 1. Intro - Overview

    • 2. 2. Why LUMEN5?

    • 3. 3. Turn Story into Video

    • 4. [Sample Video] Mini Bio created by LUMEN5 AI

    • 5. [Sample Video] Mini Bio created by LUMEN5 AI (full)

    • 6. [Finished SAMPLE Video] Edited Mini Bio by LUMEN5


About This Class

When I shared my mini-bio, self-introduction Story Video to my students, one of my students asked me if there is the easiest and quick way to make the video or an easy fast video maker.

I have been thinking and searching for the easiest way to make StroyVideo. In 2017 I launched my WeVideo App class to make a video in an hour. However, the student still considered that it is not easy and quick enough. 

I finally find a great app called Lumen5. 

Lumen 5 is a video creation platform driven by artificial intelligence to select royalty-free images and text layout using their platform in 5 minutes. 

You can quickly turn your mini-bio story into a video instantly.  



Quick 'n Easy Video Making App - LUMEN5 

for iPhone Users:

for Android Users:


1. 1. Intro - Overview : 2. 2. Why LUMEN5?: Why looming five. I lunched How to make a story video in our using Web video my politicus class in 2017 finding good royalty free images were still a time consuming task, this innovated app called the Human five. I found a recently well, it to use your story Video editing time dramatically. This is a video creation website driven by artificial intelligence and machine learning. Using their platform, you can easily Thanh Tech ist into a video to create a video. Simply enter link off the block past or U. S story. He was in natural language Processing Number five will automatically creates a story border for you Human five years machine learning too much, each seeing with media files that are relevant to your content the lengths off each seeing its algorithmic ary deter minded based on the amount of the tech ist on this play, Texas positioning is intelligently calculated based on the seeing competition to make sure everything looks great. Important key words are highlighted as well as their building. Media Library contains over 100 million assets, and you can use thes with a simple drug and drop within a few minutes. Your video is ready to be shared across your social channels. Video possum, source of media. Get 12 times more engagement than photos and tech ist combined. Isn't that amazing? Let's make your story into video. 3. 3. Turn Story into Video : in this lesson, I will show you how room in five. Turn your story into video. Although I was so excited to use the app, it seems to have some difficulty. Both IOS and Android A. I tried to show you using them on five website on my phone that was still shourd some difficulty to navigate if you don't have a lot of patients. So I apologize that I'm not able to show phone app demo This time. I promise you to show you how to turn your story into video using phone up as soon as they fix some issues. So I'm going to demonstrate using du Monde five website platform on my computer. This time, Women five should be one of the easiest video making APS to make a story video instantly. Let's find out. First of all, log in your dream of five website. Click on create video button that is located on the top. Many of our then copy my mini bio from Google Document and the paste into the user script area and quick. Okay, choose video format depends on what type of social media I'm going to select. YouTube. Select one of the themes. They're, ah, 30 different type of themes to choose from when you Hoover cost. Sir, You re the sea Maurin details? No. Which one is good for my mini bio after statistic? One you like. You're gonna quick on the theme then the rumor five or the mercury creates a storyboard for you crowd that is so fast, Don't you think it looks like room? If I picked a few sentences and made a story video for me, the tailings came out around one minutes. That is interesting. That's what's the preppy Off this video you can watch this video player be you in the next video the following video I will show you how I had it in my story video using them on five . 4. [Sample Video] Mini Bio created by LUMEN5 AI: 5. [Sample Video] Mini Bio created by LUMEN5 AI (full): 6. [Finished SAMPLE Video] Edited Mini Bio by LUMEN5: