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How to make Paper Ninja Tools with Origami

teacher avatar Kunal Kadam, Mr. Origami

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

7 Lessons (1h 40m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Making of paper kunai

    • 3. Making of simple shuriken

    • 4. Making of 8 blade transforming shuriken

    • 5. Making of 4 blade shuriken

    • 6. Making of Ninja Sword

    • 7. Summary

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About This Class

In this class we will see 5 paper ninja tools, which are as follows,

1)Paper kunai

2) Simple shuriken 

3) 8 blade transforming shuriken 

4) 4 blade shuriken

5) Ninja sword.

Requirements for each tool is as follows

1) Paper kunai - A4 size colour sheet, Scissor and cell O tape.

2) Simple shuriken - A4 size colour sheet (2sheets, one of white colour and other one Grey colour) and scissor.

3) 8 blade transforming Shuriken-  A4 size colour sheet (total 4 sheets, 2 sheets of white colour and 2 of orange colour), scale, pencil and scissor.

4) 4 blade shuriken- A4 size colour sheet (total 4 sheets, 2 sheets of yellow colour and 2 sheets of green colour) and scissor.

5) Ninja Sword - A4 size colour sheet (total 5 sheets, 3sheets of white colour and 2 sheets of green colour), Scissor, cell O tape and pencil.

Kindly Note - Please be careful while using a scissor and cell O tape cutting tool. Sharpe tools may harm your hand.

Wish you all the best.

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Kunal Kadam

Mr. Origami


Hello, I'm Kunal. I started Origami as a hobby but later on I found out that I have came so far in my skills that I won state level award for origami artist.

My try on this platform is to provide a room for new comers to explore new ideas and share my tricks with them. Even though I am on a teaching side, I consider myself as a student all the time. So, if you have any ideas on creative imagination, please do share with me. I believe in the process of growing together.

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1. Introduction: Hello guys, my name is canal. And today in this class we will see how to make a paper ninja tools with origami. So as I have told you earlier, origami simple, it is not so much harder. So if you do it the proper practice, you can make anything you want. So in this class, we will see ninja tools. The first one is paper cunei. The second one is a simple sugar. Again. Third one is AD blade transforming. Sure again. Fourth one is for blood sugar again. And the fifth one is Ninjas world. So let's get started. 2. Making of paper kunai: So in this class, we will see how to make a proper ninja tonight. Like this. You can see in the photo just like this. So we will complete in some parts, part 1, we will see that requirement. So let's move on to the part 1, part 1 requirements. So let's see what is required to make cunei plus 1 is A4 size color shape. While the second one is a scissor. And the third one is a cellular death. So this is all required for our Kanai. Let's move on to next part. Part to making blade. So they go color sheet, a full-size shoe for loop from the murder. Make sure you touch the coordinates so that you'll get a proper pole. Take your time to make a pool because we do not want any extra corners to be left out. And make a proper edge so that we get an engraved line. Novae have to cut the sheet from the middle on this engraved line. Start cutting. Got this very slowly because we needed a perfect rectangle, are probably card this sheet so that we can fold it afterwards and we get a very good dimension of it. Almost done with the grading. So we get two parts. Take out one part, keep it aside. Let's go with the first part. A, this Barton folded in the middle. Just like this. That took on us. And make afford. Once we are done with this board of n for this shoot from the murder scene we've told it earlier. Does look on Earth again and do the sharp aging so that we get an engraved line. We could do the markings with this engraved length and this length resilient. So now we have before the gardener up to this middle line, but the alignment should be slightly different. Show you and a close up look at this. This small area should be left out from this engraved lane. And the corner should be touching the length. The same vivid the other corner. The tip gardener dip should be touching the middle lane, but this area should be left out of around one m, M to M. Now flip the paper. Here we have the gardener to the murder length, but in this poll, we have to align with the middle line. We should not reason not to leave. Leave the ADR just like the above forward fold the other corner to see this engraved length. So it should not be left out like the earlier poll. This one should be touching each other. Make it sharp on the edges. Make a proper pool. So plus two folds are done. Let's move ahead. Done the people slavery's. And now we have to pull this area so folded like this and align the gardener with the end lane with the middle engraved length. Just shown ads in the video. The Modibo with the folding, the harder the foldings will go because the paper gets it off afterwards. It should be aligned with the middle and dribbling. No gaps should be left out. Okay. So this is the fault. No. Take out the tip of this last poll and folded backwards, making the pointy end as sharp as possible. Only the upper portion should be taken as shown in the video. And align it with the outer end of the fold. Just do the as you can see. So this is always reported, no, The next poll is folding altogether and aligning it with the middle and dribbling. So as I've told you earlier, more poles you get, the more harder, it will become two fold the paper, but it will get your sharp edge. So I'll tell you one more time what we did here. No. First is touching the gardener aligning with the middle lane. Now this one is the second port aligning with the middle length. Third is folding it backwards, making a sharp edge. And the fourth is folding altogether, just like this and aligning it with the Medellin dribbling. So this is the fold, the same way. We still do it. On the other hand side. First folded, already done. Second fold is aligning it with the middle line. So take your time to pull these papers because if you do it in a hurry, you might live, leave out some area in MIT. When we do that, we celebrate a proper line. So second pool is done here. And third Bolt visual. Folded backwards. So do the backward folia, align it with the outer edge and make a sharp fall at the peak. Now, pull it all together and align it with the middle engraved line. So as you can see, you might get an idea that we are getting a pointy end on our left hands idea. So these are all the pools, then report them together. This is how it will look like. Now. Keep the one fold in its place. Open the another poll. Open entirely on the postcode. No, wrap it around the entire thing like this. So all your pools will get an alignment supposed to pole will get aligned with the middle lane. Second one will overlap the corner. And the third one will also get in a line with the middle lane for Boone will overlap and the fifth one will come on the middle line. So this is how we sell around the entire structure which we have built. Make sure you have a point D. So let's do it one more time. Keep the ball in its place, and grab everything around the entire structure. So this is how you should get when you wrap it around. This is getting aligned with the middle line. It is getting overlap. And this is how it ends at this point. Now, to stick this point, we will take a fellowship by the center to cutting a piece on the seller dip. We will just stick it. Right. There cannot be sold. The seller tip one centimeter, two centimeter, and stick it with this alerted so that it would not remove it. So this is how you make a base of your bleed. So this is the basal photobleaching. It reaches having a very pointy and sharp edges. Now let's move on to the next part. Part 3, making a handling. Take out the second piece of A4 sheet which we got earlier. It will be useful to take the gardener AND rule it on the inward side. This the way shown in the video, started from the corner and ruler of up to the entire sheet so that we will get a bar or a pole which we saw insert inside our leg. Take your time to make this rule. Do not press it too much. Otherwise we will not get a cylindrical shape. Rule it slowly. Go up to the entire other corner. So this is how we roll it. And to stick this, we will use a sensitive. So take a piece of a similar table at narrative to the last corner and make this structure rigid. So this is how handlers me know, let's see how we will finish on going. I take the base in your hand. And now, as we have lived, some area on our post folds resell enter this pole or a handle we can see in that area. So the area was left just only to make a space for handled to enter. Insert entire handle up to this edge we are having. Once you enter this Pull, it will look like this. So we are almost done with Article 9. And ring at the end shall be made to make a ring. But this bowl from one end to the four to five centimeters or up to the middle. Make IT shop. So as shown in the video, you have to press this handle and make it in a line, not in a cylindrical shaped like this. And now we have to bend this. Before bending, we sell and make it in a proper flat lined, sprays it as much as you can and make it a flat. Now once you make it a flat length, bended on the right-hand side or left hand side, if you can, you're a lefty, then you can bend it on the left-hand side. Bend it like this, and make a circle of this black portion. Just like this. Keep your finger in the middle and turn it around your finger. Makeup proper circle. Just like this. So we have almost quarter proper. So gonorrhea. Now to attack this end, we shall use this a lot. I'm taking a piece of us, a lot of, again, pick a piece of silicon and Stig the end to make this circle permanent. Know until I stuck. It will look like this. X and my ports to make it an, a circular shape. As I've said earlier, put your finger and I don't know, once again, we will have had to sell it to make it very permanent. It shall not lose out because once we enter a finger and swirl it around your finger, there to not get unwrapped. So take a proper precaution to achive seller type ones more. So we are finally punished with making off Oracle nine. And this is how our cannot even look. 3. Making of simple shuriken: Part 1 requirements. So let's see what are the requirements to make a regular. Sure. Again, so this is a four sides white color sheet and another one, a full-size, different colors. You can take any issues you want. The second requirement for this is a scissor. So you take a Caesar here. And that's all know, let's see how we will proceed with the sugarcane. So first full this A4 size white color sheet. The VAT shown here. Make sure you align the edge with the another edge. Mecca proper folder. Know, turn the paper and pulled the remaining solid on the inward side. Make sure it is aligning with the edge of folded paper. The gap should not be left out. Make this old waded up and now unfolded, and it's time to cut this pool. So we have this bold now, take away this piece and we have a perfect square ship of A4 size paper. Now let's take the different color paper. You can take any color paper you want. There's no requirement that paper should be of white and regular. Only. Pulled this another A4 size sheet. Just the same way we folded post earlier sheet. Align the edge with another edge. Make it sharp and now full the remaining side to the inward side. The gaps should not be left out from the edge. And when we pull this second pool to make sure it is very sharp because we have to cut it so we shall get a proper line for it. Now unfold this and we have to again cut this remaining area. So now we have got it. So now take this extra portion and put it aside. So we have a perfect square shape of our another colored paper also. So put these two papers together. Now, I will tell you how to fold these simultaneously, because if you do it simultaneously, then we will get our results. So take a first paper and fold it from the middle. Make sure you combine the corners, you're touched the corners, and make a proper folder is no gap required here. So align the corners with each other and make a proper food. Make sure you make a very sharp fold because that will be going to be a permanent fold. Fold. Another paper here. And the same way as we are folded the first paper, we will do both folding of both the papers simultaneously. So follow the proper procedures so you're not give you should not get any confusion and unfold the first one we get the middle engraved line. Fold the downward side up to the middle marked portion that engraved line here. And make a fold. Same way as the Apo part, folded on the inward side up to the engraved Middlemarch and make upon one and pool. And now again press back on the first pole. And this is how the entire sheet should be fooled it the same way fold should be taken on this sheet also. So for downside area up to the Middlemarch, make a proper fold and now it's time to fold upside area up to the medulla and grid mark. Whenever we are making a pooled, make sure you make them very sharp because the edges are very important here. Now fold on the middle fold again. So this is exactly the same way as we have folded earlier. People know for the next poll. Take this paper and fold it from the middle. Just like this, I've shown it. Connect the edges and make a fold on the middle. Make a sharp fold, align the edges so that she'll be R Martin line here. Now hold the second colored paper in a same manner. Align the corners and edges and form a sharp fold. So by doing this pool, we get middle and rib line. So that is our reference length for next fall. So I'll show you on this one. So we have a left-hand side and we have a right-hand side from this metal engraved line. So this left-hand portion, should we folded on the upward, say see the foliar. This is how you should fold the left-hand side. Now for the right-hand side, it should be folded on the downward side. So folded like this. And the alignment should be with them middle-end real blend because you have made a marking for us for these folds, for the reference of these foods. So align it with the middle length. This is all you should make it. I will tell you one more time. Left-hand side on the upward. This is for one color sheet and it should be aligning with the middle engraved length. So for first color sheet. The left-hand side should be on upside. The right-hand side all downward, say. So this is the fold which we are made on another sheet. Remember, we have to fold in reference with middle line on this left-hand side should be on downward and the earlier one left-hand side on upward. But in the second sheet, left-hand side should be on the downward direction. And the right-hand side should be an upward direction. So these folds are ready. No. So finally, folds are still remaining. Let's proceed with that. So take a first sheet, flip it over. And now we have to fold this folder corners of this. So take the first corner and touch it to this one. This end, as shown in the figure, you follow the steps. If you follow steps properly, then you will get your result. Very good. Very sharp folds because this will be our end of the sugar. Again. It should be sharp. No, flip the paper an anticlockwise direction. And the full shall be again the same way as we are folded. The first one, the corner should be touching the edge of paper. And you make sure there is a very minute gap between the middle line which we are having, as I showed you in close-up situation. We take the another one, flip it over. Since we have folded this in another direction that is left-hand side on the downward say these folds will be the corner is coming from the left-hand side and the white paper coordinate came from right-hand side to the tip. And in this paper corner is on the left-hand side. So once we are done with this full turn, this paper in a clockwise direction. Earlier fold was an anticlockwise direction. Folded paper take the corner up to the given Mach. So we are done with our foods now. Only final step is remaining. Pull this on the inward side to make marking. Or we can say to bend the paper because that will be in our next step. What is the use of that bend? So bend it on inward, say just the way it is shown. Note take the another tip, another edge and pulled it on the inward side, aligning with the earlier one. So this is all should. Folded. In this region we have a lot of folds. Remember which fold is where and which one is upward direction, which one is in a downward direction? Or which one is clockwise? Which one is anticlockwise? So this is older fold should be same poles we shall make on another color sheet paper folded on the inward side, aligning it with the edge of middle portion. Pulled the remaining corner also. So as you are getting an idea that edges are forming here. So that will give us a very sharp edged should again. Here we have two foundations ready with us. Now, all we have to do is see this paper. There is a folder on another side. You see this folder and in this, in the folders on downward say. So remember the placement of it. Folders on the port side and fold one is on the downward side. Now we have to place this on each other to form an X. X shape should be formed. And make sure these bold should be facing opposite to each other. The flat portion should be facing to each other. And we shall form an X shape of these two strips. This is a full and it is a flat portion. So fold should be on upside and the flat portion should be touching each other. And so as you can see here, the X shape or a cross shape we can see. So the cross-shaped is formed. No flip this bold and insert the other should hold inside of it. No close this boastful. Just the same way. Another pool should be inserted. Unfold this one, and insert this age inside of that pool. And once inserted, close this folder here. So this is how we have inserted two folds of gray colored paper into the white color paper. This is a first fold which we have inserted. And this is the second folder which were inserted. Now flip this entire portion. And the same thing should be on this side. Now we have to insert this one n, this area of the gray color feed. So take this corner and insert inside the gray pool which we have here. Align them to touch each other like a sharp fold. And now this is gone inside of the gray color sheet folder. This is how you should enter. Now, it's time to insert this corner into the gap which we have all this great paper. So let's start with the folding. Insert that corner inside of this gray colored hollow or glacial gap we have take your time to insert this poor. We should not tear down this parts because or sugarcane will be damaged. This is how you should enter it. Once it is entered fully, make sharp folds. So this is how we should enter it. Now. Make the ages sharp. Press them little bit. Now, as you can see, four blades are formed. And this is our sugar again. This is how we will make ushering him. 4. Making of 8 blade transforming shuriken: Part 1 requirements. So let's see what is the requirement to make a transforming should it in? So this is a 4 says color shade of yellow. And this one is another dollar that is blue color. So these two sheets are required. Scissor is required to cut the paper. Scale, is required to take some measurements and do the cutting. And one pencil is required to do to do the marking. That's all part 2, marking and cutting. So let's see what all markets we will do. So take one color sheet, that is blue we are taking yet. You can take any color you want. Just make sure these are two different colored sheets. So now on the top side of paper, put a scale and mark on nine centimeter. And second should be on 18 centimeter. Do the same markings at the bottom of the sheet. Put a scale, take a measurement, mark on nine centimeter and other one on 18 centimeter. Now it's time to join these two markings. So grab your skill and draw a line. Joining these two points. Do the same with the other two points to. Now that we have joined the lines, LU, the markings on line again. So the first mark on this line should be of nine centimeter and second one should be 18 centimeter. Same markings on another line. Postmarked is nine and another is 18 centimeter. Know, join these two dots again. So basically we are forming a squares. We require four squares and the dimension of those squares will be nine centimeter by centimeter. Now, molecule on first sheet is done. Take another ship. We have to do same markings on this shoot too. So flip the paper, put a scale on the top side. Mark 19 and 18. Same with the bottom, say, a proper measurement, put a skill along with the edge. Mark on nine centimeter and 18. No joining these two dots. Be very precise at the time of marking because we do not need any extra paper or a short-term paper, otherwise out of silicon will not form. So once these are joined, put a scale on the line and mark on nine centimeter and 18 again on this sheet also, we are making poor squares of nine by nine over nine and 18. Markings are done. Now it's time to join them. So we are done with the marking here on both of our shoot. So as you can see on the blue sheet, we have 123 and pull both square and the yellow 12348 sheets of nine centimeter by nine centimeters. Now Let's cut these. So while cutting, do the cutting along on the line so that we get a precise square shape here then cutting very neatly and take your time to cut. Because if there is a chance that we do not get a proper square shape until and unless we get a proper stewardship, we cannot form a shrinking. So be aware of that. Be gentle when cutting. And I request you all to make very proper precautions while using a desert because it may harm your heart hand. So be aware of that. Bc. So this is the first square which we have got no electric current. The other one. Hello. Okay. Hi. So now this is the final GOT, and we are done with our cutting. We have formed eight pieces which we require. No, Let's see what happens in the spot. Part 3, holding an assembly. Let's see how we will pull this. So take a one square sheet of blue-collar. Does this corner the bottom corner, so upper right-hand corner to the bottom left-hand corner. Dutch these and make a folder. So as I've told you earlier, we need a precise square so that these kinds of foods can be formed and there shall be no gaps remaining. Know, unfold this. Now left, pull another top left corner to right bottom corner. So this is how we should do it. Does these corners at very precise point and pull these paper. Make a proper fold and Lumix sure that you make these folds very sharp. President gently. Now unfold this. Now next step, we have to fold the paper from middle. So this is how the middle pooled will be. Touch the bottom h two upper edge and form a very sharp fold. See I'm pressing with my finger, form a very sharp fold and unfold this. Now we have a middle engraved line here as a reference. Take this corner and put it in the middle, align with middle engraved line and form a folder. So this is our first poll that is going to be a permanent pole. Now take the left corner, put it in the middle and just the way we folded earlier corner, align with Medellin dribbling and make a proper folder. Do press it with your finger, make it sharp. Now, fold the paper from middle. Then again, make a sharp folding. As I've told you, this will be going to be a permanent food. No, see what I'm doing here. We're protect this paper and you see this transverse length. On the other hand, two is, we have to fold this in very particular way, press down this poll. Let it go inside and the other two remaining pieces shall be folded like this. So take a proper look at the poll. Now press this entire structure gently to make it permanent. So this is how your paper should be. So we are going to fold all of the eight papers in the same manner. So we have taken a next sheet. And let's see, in a remote how would we for all of the rest eight papers. Hi. Okay. Section. Hi. Okay. Here is our final poll. And this is o. We are done with our eight folds. It's put them together. This is for FOLDOC yellow paper, and for folds up blue paper. Oh, let's see, the assembly. Ok. So for assembly, take the first color paper, that is blue paper we have taken, and take another color paper that is your local paper we have taken put it inside of those folds of blue paper. Just like this. The tip should be touching it and it should be aligned with the inside area of the fold. So this is how you should align it. Take a proper look. Once you align it, it's time to do the folds. So take this aside and fold this remaining triangular area. Wrapping the entire structure of yellow sheet and make a poll now unfolded. Do the same with the another corner to 0. We have to fold this corner, wrapping the entire yellow sheet, and press it gently to make marking so that we have to fold it again. Now, unfolded. Now we have to insert these fold inside the backside of yellow sheet. So you see that back poled, which we have. So we have to insert this inside the bag, pulled off your log sheet. So one fold is done. Now it's time to insert another one. So this is how you will insert both the folds and form a structure. So take a look. Now. We have to take alternative color sheets. We have taken blue one, inserted yellow one inside of it. Now insert the blue one inside of fellowship. Just the same way we inserted yellow one. Does the corner to this part make it aligned with the edge and it's time to fold the corner. So we have to fold this corner, wrapping the entire structure to form a line or a pole or a mocking to hold it entirely. So one corner is done. Second corner we're folding. So this is how we should fold second corner to make a marking by gently pressing it. Now insert it inside the bag polled. So we have inserted first corner. This is how you should enter it. And the second one. So this fold is done here. So we have to take alternative pool. So we have taken blue sheet and yellow sheets. So first one is blue 1 second, yellow 1 third 1 is blue, photon is yellow. So there is no requirement that you should take blue sheet and yellow sheet only you can take white and black paper, you can take green paper, you can take any paper you wish. Just make sure these two are different papers. Now let's see the entire assembly and apostle mode. Okay, here is the tricky part now, the last four. So we have a last fall in our hand. The turbine inserted inside of your local Robert Dahl, does every all those polled wrap the second corner. We have to insert it. And inserted inside of these blue foods. We are done with the second last full year. And only one remaining is the yellow folder. Now, that will be a final poll which we will be inserting. So for blue sheets are in our structure and three yellow sheets are there. So it's time to insert this last one. For the last one, this Front age should be inserted inside blue one. And the, in the back end of this, there should be a tip off blue. And so before doing that, we have to form these foods, these corner points we are taking before inserting the front end of blue for we have to do this. Corner foods, remember that? So first do the blue folds, insert them on the backside of yellow fold. Just like this second pooled we have done with. And now we shall enter the front end of blue food. Remember making the short folds post. Once we insert this, this is the time to fold the yellow sheet and inserted inside of the back end of blue food. So align these according. Accordingly. It's time to do the shortfalls of corner. So first corner fold is done. Unwrap it. Now, do the second corner port. Now we have to insert these, but it should not be overlapping the yellow folder that front end we have inside of blue fold. So make sure of it. Only the blue paper should be taken away and this corner hold the tip port should be inserted of it. It should not be overlapping the yellow front end which we have. So take a proper look what I'm doing here. It should be only wrapping the blue paper. It should not be wrapping the yellow paper. These small corner folds should be wrapping only the next color paper, not the same color paper. That is the mark for it. So we're done with the folds here and are transforming. Sure again, is ready. Let's see how it works. You just gently press all the corner folds to make this rigid. Flip it over, press it again. And this is how our transforming sure again, is ready. Let's see how it works. Pushed inside all the corners. Taking the blades out for bloods are out now six are out, and remaining eight bits are out. So this is our sugarcane. 5. Making of 4 blade shuriken: Part 1 requirements. So let's see what are the requirements to make are for blood sugar again. So you will need to A4 size sheets of one color. We have taken green 12 A4 size sheets of another color. So we have a yellow color. And one Caesar is required. That's all part to cutting and folding. So let's see what cutting and foldings we will loop. So take first color a full sheet, take a corner and put it in a such a way that the age is aligned with another edge. So just like this, you have to align it and full this entire sheet. So once the edges of length r fold is formed, now take the remaining sheet and folded on the inward side and make sure you're aligning with this age, which we have left at the bottom. So align this with this bottom edge. And from farm up proper fold. Press it a little and form a very sharp fold because we have good work cutting on it. So once you press it and form a sharp fold, you get one reference length. And we have to do the cutting on this link. So this portion is cut. Know, put this post on my site, unfold this ship. Now it's time to do the proper foldings. So pull this sheet from middle. Touch both the corners, align the edge and folded. So this is our first fold. Make it sharper by pressing or gently unfold the paper. Now for the bottom half, area from the middle are running with medal and red line which we have and print gently make a proper food upper area should also before from the middle. Align it with the medulla engraved lines because the gardeners and form a folder. Now this remaining half area, again, we have to fold from a middle, touching the corners to the end, aligning with the middle engraved length. So this is our fold should be upper area should also be full again like this from the middle. And press the full gently to make it a sharp four. So this is done. No. So no, the next Ford is touching this corner to the middle engraved line, aligning its edge with the middle-end grip length. We have to form a folder. So tell this corner to the middle angry line and form this triangular food. Make it sharp by person. And for the next four unknown, we have to unfold this last board. And we have put that's this gardener to the middle lane. So this one is the volume that we're looking for. Make a sharp fold by pressing it on the corner. And now is the tricky part that you see this middle line which we have from the half-full. So Press from inside on this engraved Lane. Take the corner out and fold that entire sheet as the way it was forming this triangular, this kind of triangular Ford on the upper end side is follow the steps I've shown you in the video. And this is how a full should be formed. A triangular or conical shape should be formed here. If fold is not forming the new Europe to press the corner gently again, to make a full sharper and bended. So when you press it gently, it will be easier to fold it again. No press all the corners from a very sharp fold. Because this entire area two and this is all default should be formed. Take a proper look at it. Once this is done, we have to fold this from the middle. Align the corners, make a sharp fall by pressing on the edge. Once this is done. For the next part, all we have to do is to fold this entire structure from the murder. And in such a way that the gardener should be touching this corner. So you see the peak of that triangular fold should be touching this corner. And we have to form a full from middle. So this is how you should do it. Press it along the edges. To make it a sharp fold. We have to make this permanent pool, so press it sharply on the edges. Now, here's the tricky part. What we have to do, we have to do one symbol. Last poll, like one is touching this corner to the outermost edge of this structure. So full disk Gardner touch it to the outermost structure. And to remember this bowl, I have a very simple idea that see the alignment. Both, both the gardeners peaks are on the upward side, then this fold is correct. We should not hold in the opposite direction. No fold that earlier polled again. Which were made sharper. And now we have to insert this small conical pole inside the loop, which we have made an earlier pooled. So this is the loop, as you can see, I'm expanding it with my thumb and finger. So inside of this word, resell, enter the last conical field. So this is how we shall inserted. Now it is inserted. Press the entire structure sharply. Apply a little pause on it, and make it a sharper as you can. So these are the fault which we have omega for all the rest of the four suits. So fostered is done. Now let's see how we will do for all the sheets. Two, I see. Two. Hi, the Finance. Hi. Let's see. Hi. Hi. Hi. So here, as you can see, all the four structures are ready, which is how Ivan's instructor to you. Now let's move on to the next part, Part 3 assembly. So now we have these four structures ready with us. Let's see how we will assemble these. So take a different color assemblies. One was yellow and one is green. So insert the green upper tip inside of the yellow folder, which we have, and align the bottom corner of the tape with the fold of yellow sheet. So you see as I've done here, now take the next color sheet that is yellow one and inserted inside the green one. So you see what do we have done here? We inserted the tip of green color in yellow, and now we should insert the tip of yellow colored in green. Align it in the same manner. So this is how we will do it. Now for the last one, we shall take this green one. So now the tip should go inside the yellow one. And inside of this folder that tape off your loan should go. So do it accordingly. So we will do the yellow tip first. We have inserted it. Now it's time to insert the green tip and do yellow full. So insert it like this. So do this simultaneously. So that's the structure should not get rambled and you should not get confused. So once these entering or inserting is done, so this is how it will look. Now, all we have to do is gather this to the inward side. So gather all of these into inward side. Make a rigid structure. So once you gather all of these onto the inward side, this is all the structure will look like. So do it properly. Do some folds. Do not press it a lot, otherwise, the folds will get damaged. So once you're done with this, make sure you're done all the steps correctly. And just pull the tapes outward side, so make it a rigid structure. And this is how your shirt again will be. 6. Making of Ninja Sword: Part 1 requirements. So let's see what are the requirements to make a swan. So first requirement is A3, A4 size, white color paper sheet. Second requirement is to green color or any other color A4 size paper sheet. Third one is a cellular dip and up insulin. That's all part to cutting and folding. So let's start with our procedure to make our sort. Take a full-size white color paper sheet and folded from the middle. Just like this. We shall not folded vertically, we shall folded horizontally. So get an idea about it, that it should be fully like this. Now, again, make one more fold the same way we are folded. Does it the corners align it with the edge and make a sharp fold? And the third full is again folding it from the middle, touching the corners to each other, aligning with the edge and making a sharp fold. So once this fold is then our next step is to stick it with a seller tip along with this line. So let's cut a piece of our cellular tip to stick it on a line. Let me tell you to make a note of one thing here. When you're cutting a piece of a seller tip, take a proper precaution because if you're cutting it with a blade or if you're cutting with scissors or you have a seller type cutter with you, please be precautious because it may harm your heart. Now, this is the way we will stick, are open-end with the help of our Szilard hip. Take one more piece to attach it along the entire area. So this is all just sticking or sedatives should be, the entire area should be covered by wrapping the seller debit rounded. So all the open-end will be covered by this cellular debris. Now we're done with this. Our next step is to press along the edge entirely and folding this entire structure in this way. That's in the fools to each other. And forming a new full press along the edges to make a sharp fold. And this is how it should be. Now, we have to take a scale for a measurement, put a scale on the edge and take a pencil to mark on it. Mark one dot on the upper side and one dot on the lower side. So once the marking is done, see this two points which we have made. The first second here. So we have to get these two points in a triangular way. Just like this at the edge will go up to the middle engraved length. So from this point to the middle engraved length, we have to cut the sheet. So first-cut is done. The second cut is like this. And again, let me tell you that when you're using a scissor, please be precautious. It may harm your hand. So this cutting is done. Now. To make it a permanent cutting, we have to stick it with a seller tape again. So let's take a piece of a sedative and attach it along this side and this side. So I've taken a piece of celery and I'm attaching it to this side now. The same way we attached an earlier Volt, that it should wrap along the entire pole to make it permanent food. So do accordingly. And the seller to, you can take one piece, two pieces or three pieces. Even three pieces of sensitive will be good to make a permanent structure. So I'm taking a second cellar PCR to add the edge it. This peace shall also wrap the entire area. And this is the structure we have made. No. So let us take a Caesar and he got out. The extra pieces of those are lingering around. Make sure you do not cut the paper. You got only the extra part of the skeleton. Once you've got this relative structure is ready. Let's move on to the next part. Take a second white sheet, A4 size worksheet, and go to the corner of paper and start rolling from the corner. Just like this, the way it is shown in the video. Start ruling from the corner. Make a very small role because we need a smaller role. And start rolling and rolling cover the entire sheet with the road. So we have to rule the entire sheet and form a roll of it. Roll it gently, do not press too much because if we press it, it will get smashed up. Now it's time to stick it with facilitate. So I've taken a piece of cellular tip and make the rule permanent by sticking a seller tip at the very end. So by sticking us that whatever corner we're making it up on 12. So our first roll is ready for that aside. Take the third a4 size Whitehead and roll it the same variable, the first paper. So now stick it with a seller tape again to make it a permanent rule, just like the earlier one. So both of our roles are ready. Let's see, take the first structure. Align these tools with each other. And now we have to insert this role inside the first fold, which we have made this rules all the way inside. This much area of 3% Demeter will be remaining. So this is how the white paper structure is made. Let's move on to the green people. What we will do with the green paper, it a green paper sheet. And you have to know, folded from the middle. So folded like this. That's the corners. Aligned the edges. And make a sharp four. Press alongside the fold very sharply to make it a very sharp fold. Press it with your fingers. No, open the fold and tear this part. So for D-ring this part to get a proper edge, we have to press the fold sharply. Then, and then only we will get this kind of edge when we tear the paper. So once we tear the paper, take our first structure of white paper which were made, put it along, align it with the edge of green paper, just like this. Now, it's time to roll at along the green paper. So roll it along the green paper. So the entire green paper should be rolled like this. So keep on rolling. Roll until the end. Just make sure you do not go crisscross along when folding it. So we have reached the end now. So now all we have to do is press alongside the edges of green paper to make it up permanent role. And now take out the entire rule from the White steep. So this is the green sheet we have. Press it on the edges, apply a little pores and make it a permanent fold. Do the alignment and press it again. And now for this open-end which we have here, We have to attach a cellular type, once again to make it a permanent folds, so it should not be an opening. So take a piece of a cellular type. I've taken a piece of seller techno and attach it alongside with this fold. So this will be a permanent for if one sedative is not sufficient, then you can take a piece of another seller tip to take two or three pieces, as I've told you earlier, you can take as many pieces of cellular type as you want and you can attach it. You see this end of a role which we have to make a permanent. So we have to attach a seller tip on this N2 because we have to close this end. So for closing this end, take a short pieces of silver tape. And just like the earlier wide volts, we have to wrap the entire selective along this end to make it a permanent or do you know the closed loop? So we have to make a closed loop here. So take 23 pieces of silver tape and attach them here. Now grab a scissors and cut out the extra pieces of silver tape to make it a very good-looking structure. So now that we have cut out the sheets, it's time to do the next procedure. So take this loop which we have just made and cut the half centimeter extra area of this loop. So this is how this end should be cut. And remember, the cutting of half centimeter extra P should be done on the side where this loop is opened. Another end of this loop should be closed with the seller types, which we have just made. Expanded little more. Insert a finger into it and expanded. Now we have to insert these two roles and this structure into this loop. So you see the folding is on this side of green pepper and this sort of white paper. So the fold should be honest, same side. It should not be like the folds of green when is on the downside and the poles of white one is on the upper hand side. So now as I've told you, we have to insert both the roles which we have made and the white color structure inside of this loop. So now we have inserted it. The structure is complete. To attach this structure, we have to join a seller depth to bind them together. So we have to attach a sedative to it. And remember one more thing. As we have kept all the folds on the single side. And just like this I've shown you earlier, the wide fold were the folds of white paper and the folds of green paper on at the same inside. So the sticking of cellular tip should be done on the side of folds only. So the opposing area that is a flat surface, that will be very good for revision. So this is how you should do it once we attach a seller dip, this is how our structure will be. Part 3, final touch. Let's see what we will do in a final touch. So take a second A4 size green sheet now and folded from the middle. Just like this, does, the gardeners align the edge and form a fold. Once you form a full participant, gently, apply a little force, make it a very sharp fall. Because in earlier green sheet, when we made a bold we had to tear it down. And in this world do we have good air it, so make a sharp fall until this paper out. If the hub this aside and all we have to do is with this hot shoot. So now this half should be able to fold it from middle. Whenever you fold it from the middle, make sure you touch the corners, align the edge, and then make a full. So now this fold is done. Unfolded. And for next folds, we have to fold the downside area from half. Align it with the middle engraved line. Does the corners to the Miller medulla engraved line and form a full same we have to do with the other half part. Align it with the middle line and form a folder again. Now, take this corner, put it on the middle engraved line and form a triangular for it. So this is how the triangular fold should be for this corner to align it with the middle angry of light and form a full flip the paper. The same we have to do with these two corners too. So form a fold of these corners. Align it with the middle engraved line. Press it gently alongside all the edges to make a very sharp folds. Because in every fold which I have told you, we have to make it very sharp. Turn it sideways. For the next fold, we have to flip this side up to the middle engraved lines. So make sure you align it with the medulla engraved light and form a sharp fold again. Do the same with the other side to fold it from the middle, align it with the middle-end grave light. And from a fold to the alignment should be done. Now as you can see, there is a flat portion we have on the other side. So as you can see here, alignment of this folder was not done. So I have to take it more extra to the inward side and fold it again. And I'll see this is the alignment we require to make sure you do align it with the proper measurements. Now, when this entire structure from middle, just like this. And it does both the corners to each other. And then form a full inner medulla. So this middle fold when we are done with, press it with your thumb. So this will give us a metal engraved line, or we can say a reference line. So next fold should be done by folding this corner up to this marking, that middle Ingrid Martin, which we have. So fold this corner up to this Middlemarch, unfold another coordinator to up to this Middlemarch. So both the corners should be touching each other. Up to the middle Mara, they should be folded. So this is how you fold it. Once the fold is done. Now we have to fold this entire structure from middle, just like this. Bending both the corners or both the tips of the triangular fold. And exactly half-man. And now, after his fold is done, press it with your thumb and your palm to make a proper shop for. Now we have to take this corner out in such a way that it should give us a very proper edge. So towards watch this carefully to get to know how to fold will be done. We have to grab the tip and pull it on the outward side. And to form a fold oppressive with your thumbs. Once you pull out the corner, the fold should look like this. We were represented well folding this and be very careful because the paper should not tear out. Was the fold is formed, list, press it with your thumb and fingers. Now same we have to do with this corner to pull it out. It will be a little harder to fold because we have made already lot of folds on this single paper. So folding this last piece is very difficult. So try your heart and be gentle with the paper. You do not tear it out. Because if you tear it out, then you have to do the entire foldings again. So the folding of this, another side is done too. This is a backside. Press it with your palm and press it with your thumb to make a very proper and sharp folds. So once this structure is ready, we shall move to the next table. What we will do with this structure. So take out the earliest texture of white paper and green paper. Result will be. So this newly made structure on this paper along with the white sheet. This is how you should put it. Now we have to do some markings on this newly married sheets. So take a pencil, mark it on the edge of white paper. This is a one-point and this is the second along the, along with the edge of white paper. So this is the marketing we should do. Put the first structure aside. And on this sheet, on the marketing's which we have done, we have to cut those. But remember, you do not go cutting the entire sheet. We have to just cut the marking for one or two millimeter. So do the cutting on both the markings. Just the tip. Once you cut it for one or two millimeter, just fold bit on the inward side. So that will get an idea or a mocking to cut out. Now you see this polled, did the little area which is on the upward say, we have to cut it out and put it aside. So we will make a hollow in-between after this cutting. So be very gentle while cutting because if you miss by a little edge also, then the entire structure will get damaged. And again, I've told you you have to do all the foldings and you have to do the entire structure again. So this little piece is cut out. Now. Press the folds which we have unfolded to cut this shape. As you can see, there is a hollow structure in-between which we have cut right now. So how to use this hollow structure? Let's see it. We have to take this earlier structure, see the folding side. So the folding side should be on the upwards ahead and insert the tip of this earlier structure and grab it up to the end. Once you grab it up to the end, just put it on the tip of the earlier green role which we have attached to the white sheet. It's time to stick it with a cellular table. So as I've told you in earlier section that we have to stick a stellar tip on this entire password. On the single-sided only where we have all the folds. So take us yellow tape and stick it, make it a permanent. So almost our sword is done. Once we are done with this sticking of cell types are sort will be done. I've taken a second piece I've attached to it. Take as many pieces of sedative as you want, make it reject. Because once we take the sword and a hand wheel not going to stop, quiet, we will start swinging it. So it's all not fall out when we swing it. So take 34 pieces of silver tape as I've taken a little one or longer one set of tape, you can attach it as many as you want. And make sure there are no extra ends or loose ends of cellular type hanging around. So we have attached in a horizontal manner. We will attach serotypes in vertical manner to the sticking of sedatives is done. And this is our ninja sword, which is ready. 7. Summary: So guys, as you have seen the entire class, we will make five ninja tools with our paper origami. That is paper can I a simple sugar again for blood sugar cane transforming sure again. And an injustice world. Make sure you do not cut yourself or any other person when using a blade or a scissor or a seller tip cutting machine, take a proper precaution as well as please look at the project section where I have given you some new ideas to innovate and make a very beautiful paper tools than the shone tools in my class. I wish you all the best.