How to make Flatlay Animation In Photoshop : Turn Still Picture into Faux Stop Motion | Shivangi Dubey | Skillshare

How to make Flatlay Animation In Photoshop : Turn Still Picture into Faux Stop Motion

Shivangi Dubey, Graphic Designer

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7 Lessons (34m)
    • 1. Intoduction

    • 2. Class Project

    • 3. What is Flatlay Animation

    • 4. Picture Selection

    • 5. Animation

    • 6. Exporting as MP4 and GIF

    • 7. Tips & Tricks


About This Class

Learn how to turn any flatlay shot picture into a stop motion flatlay animation. I will be guiding you through all steps to reach a pro-design ultimate in Photohsop. You can then use these skills for your web graphics or social media output and much more. 



This course is compiled of easy step by step guide - suitable for any person whether having any ealier photoshop experience or not.

Yes you can create your own graphic in motion now !


1. Intoduction: Welcome to my tutorial about making flatly animation. Hey, I'm shuangqi really resign er here at my studio and skill shared news. Today we're going to create a beautiful animation. Read you from just one software photo shop. All you need is photo shop on your device on creativity in your mind and grist. I will take you step by step to achieve a pro feeling, like animating anything just by using photo shop, adding more on and off the street. Auriol, you have ah healthy inside on story boarding, mapping for animation for the shop, technical knowledge and trickster really making the easier for search animation relieving photo shops on All you need is Photoshopped on one picture, whether you are great at animation or one photo shopped for more, or you are just a person in dresser and learning about animation. But because of any reason X, y or Z, you are not able to assess the other animating software's. Then trust me, there are lots more happening just over friendly photo shop, and you will love it. So go on and grow Lau for this one goals about animating a still flatly animation promising offer. Flatly picture. Contrary to see you in my glass 2. Class Project: before heading to overwork process. Let me tell you about our class rejection. We are together going to be drink of very fun exercise, selecting the correct photograph, the story mapping often on any meeting it also on. There will be a quick kind off saving your files, either as a sheriff RMB for video itself in the photo shop on you have to do is just after making your lovely animation on saving them uploaded, riff or and before file to the class project, let us Jim regularly process. 3. What is Flatlay Animation: what does flatly animation Flatley animation, as it say, is animating off flatly Picture that is a top short picture like you were, see before and after off a single picture before it was a still image on. Then it changed to an animating picture. Similar. This one is any good example off what we're going to do in the studio real. These all are done from a single picture. 4. Picture Selection: so you can easily select any kind off picture that you want any flatly image from the Google or frumpy interest. But I will suggest few other resources off selecting such a good flatly images with a good resolution like here axles dot com. Here you can see there and number off free struck photos from any category here. We're going to search about flatly. You see, there are any number of images from the Stop our goggles. Fashion florals, coffee. Ah, gift. Grab anything, Select as what you want. You can see there is a makeup. Their coffees are normal daily stuffs all our top shot, basically flat laser top short image. So being more particular about what to choose today, I'm going to select about flatly food Here you see there and number four Bos from proves flat backgrounds, like either a white or yellow are some texture. Bagram's are also there. This kind of photo is good enough for you, um, on this kind and like it a bit more, so I'll click on it and open in a new time. This clear from the sun that images are having a good lighting. There should be a top shot, not the angle ones. And also there should be are clean replacement off objects like here. So please, Here you will see free download. Click on the button and it will download the place damage as we want. Onda. Uh, other resources are on splash dot bomb or i remarks dot com So the my amazes don't load it even in searchable What you like what you have what you prefer Even looked more pictures as your preference. No, Why? This pick your is perfect. Why this picture is correct Because there's no overlapping object You can see every object is clearly placed alone. It is a top shot on lighting is done appropriately like not a hike on crust. These are these photos, okay. For a flat like, no, they are having all objectives and angle sharp. Are these photos okay for making the flatly animation? Yes. They're having no object overlapping and good lighting. Now upcoming video this story mapping Now you are done with the choosing your picture perfect for you Start lamination. So you should understand what a story mapping basically every object is to be need to be then as a different frame on, you should understand which Q. You are starting from from left to right or right to left and whether if any object is there, you want to make it a centerpiece off your animation that you are going to move around the other of your some moving around it, so make it, let's get started. 5. Animation: now. Welcome to Photo Shop. Hello. You have been selecting your picture, making it a story mapping either in your mind on the Jordaan on a paper. So now we're heading over to Photoshopped directly. Open your photo shop on the device on then click on file. Select a new. You can also done it by control. And here we are going to because we're making a video. Are if then the resolution should be selling. To do that, we're making a landscape more so. The veritas, 1500 pixels by hide. 1000 pixels were working with pixels because the resolution is generally mostly appropriate redone in this pixels on. So hit. Okay, Now drag your photo over here. You have downloaded it. Dragged from their toe. Photoshopped. Yeah. I didn't make you a taken note that you can do two things either drugged as on directly on your document or drag it to a new fight like a new tab in the floater shop. So I was like, you see both off them again. I dragged it as in indirectly in my document that I am presently working in. You can see the image in restrict itself to the height off the document, only it's not exceeding it. While if I drag out in the open tab in the document, I'm walking in. So there's the it is coming as the exact resolution it is in it is not restraining those size off the document, so always opened the file in a new tab. The image one Manager Newdow in the photo shop on Don't rather to do document you're working in. So I'm devoting the this one because it's no for a walk and now resizing this photograph so that focus, drag it, open it as a new tab in the photo shop, then ragged to the document you're walking in. No, it's time to resize the foot of rough so that it does exact in the MSM and soul to the document you're working. So for re sizing, urge select shift on all on your keyboard, armed then rather otherwise, it will be a beautiful mess of with the proportions the mothers see year through. Make it, uh, which angle I want as an opener down. It's upto my preference. All yours. You. I like you really like this side to be up so again. I resize it a bit larger so that it go whole log mint and then had Okay, the tick mark. Are you going to look Enter on your keyboard toe, make this correction and don't put the car end up in between because it will then again make the size off the image smaller. And it was a green making your look image look bad with the resolutions. Now make the story mapping to the layers. In this you have firstly duplicated the Leo that you are you have presently in by control J R. Even look and right click and then select duplicate Leo, then hide Oh, before really the layer one and make I just work on the second layer that we're just now called duplicated. I don't wonder bars or the selection area to become so I hit on shore, transformed tools to hide them. You can easily make them visible light clicking again on it. Now it's time that basically you have done the story mapping earlier. Like each objectors in different family, you have already understood the cue from the left or right or the right to live that you are referring. So you have just to make each object in a different layer. Now select the brush. Then I select a soft round. Hardness should be zero on sizes up to you. I am starting from this wooden block that long one. So I'm going from wouldn't log then that wrong orange pieced and green one yellow light from their Angra do the ending leaf, so just using the by brush and coloring over it. Then my next step is to hide this orange one. So Levine, I make a duplicate off the layer. Present clear by control J or whether you can do it like right. Click and duplicate Leo, then a rain. Select the eyedropper tool so that and click on nearby area so that you could pick up the correct color toe, intermix it on, then selected brush to I'm similarly mega Mosque. My coloring adore wall. You have to understand that the whole picture is getting marched easily like no shadow no got off. No patching feel is there. Similarly, make each new layer and then color each object over mascot off each object, good day, background color and also make it notice that you are only masking that one productive time . Not more than that. And even you are not your brushes, not hampering others. Shadow or others. Bar schooner barbs. So, yeah, I'm almost done with my masking and layer making yeah, prevented. Need lead. Stroh's somewhat time taking, but it does not hard enough. Now you can see each other higher each year. There is a new earlier that is coming, and each having an object revealed it is what we've born. So yes, finally, we are done with the thing on having the last labour, all objects are visible. Basically, you see the one little is having all the objects visible and one by one layer. All are deleting. All are getting high hidden on. Then, at last, we are having only one object on our place. Now may close to the frame lies animation. Here's the animating time. You have to do like goto Windows and Goto timeline to make your timeline visible on the screen on. If you are not working in gangland and you want to hide it, just again, click on Windows and click on Timeline. I just didn't so we're know you're working in Windows and the timeline, so click on that and shoes create frame animation and then click on the create frame animation where it is written. You will see the your fourth string is there Andi, you have to make new frames to make your animation play on the first read we want only ever forced later to be visible. So make sure you're forced the layer Which one? Only one object. The reward to start from is visible on on a Are all other eyes are closed other than your background one. Now, Chloe, you have to make a replicate that frame or how to copy that cream on how to make a new friend the fingers through their ISO option down their fisheries as duplicate the selected frames. So click on it. You will see the next number two friend is there. So in my next room, the stream does number two. I want the second layer from top to be visible and not other one. So I click on it and hide the before one again. I duplicate this layer, buried that option, duplicate selected frames on. Then I click on my layer number 19 that is a top third and had the before one. Similarly four. Similarly five. Basically, you have cooked each time making duplicate the frame by selecting that option that is duplicate selected frames that I can and then you have to click on the player you want to make it visible, and you can go behind like if you are getting confused with layer was there so earlier on. So each time, if you click on the before one frame, you are clearly seeing that the one is having their one than do then three, then four and then five. Number five. Should we have the first layer open? So do its simple by that duplicated the frame on, make the lie open off the other and closed after before one. Then similarly, go on and go forth basically and the end off, making all the layers visible on my making. Hold one sort of animation. I'm having 20 do frames. Our the picture is hiring 22 objects, so another triggers you to play your animation end time, then click on ones the resultant over there in the timeline, then click on it and choose forever. Now I play my an emission. You can see each object each time in the each ring, frame by frame. It's getting visible on. Then it's getting suddenly invisible. In one shot on Elaine, all are visible. That kind of thing is getting something off. So now I want civil o minus off the object. Also not like the one starting from is having no observed on the last friend is as all the objects I want. Ah, similarly rhythm IQ minus off the object zero like to the one So do the trick is you can do similar or in duplicating frame and one by one making the objects minus single objects from the from the document. - So coming on your frame numbers, when do you to then duplicate defame what we're going to do? Yes. We are going to hide the similar way we have earlier we help making. We were making it visible. Now what we are going to do is that we're hiding each one object. Earlier we were making invisible one by one. Now we are going to hide it one by one. So, Greg, on replicate frames then make you Leah had earlier a risible that was headed One object only then and I want a Europe seem small pause when they're the all objects are visible. So click on there is rooting rose zero seconds. So click on that I'm ju 0.5 seconds. So there is a small pause from when the animation will run the revere small balls very minimal. But we couldn't make your image your eyes on the image like there are all of those standard is hiding one weapon, then select on the biblical airframe on go one wherever hurting the elements Clear rice Pretty frame. No, you see as a reserve what we're having in frame one in the frame. In my last train, I'm having the similar thing. As you see all objects are coming and then all our bridges are getting hide off, and there is a small pause when all objects are on screen. So you have the your first animation, using just a photograph on for the shop, - heading over to how they explored your animation as a riff or before 6. Exporting as MP4 and GIF: we're gon file then to say for Web the shortcut is all shift control plus s select Mir is written GPS you select group all other father Fine. All other poor properties. Air fine enough. So now click on save Using my next stop is the place. So I click on Doc, stop on, Save it. You can rename your animation as your choice. I'm just naming it does stop motion flatly and then click on Save here because a medic stop , So I just double click on it. Open it in the before browser that I'm using and you can see that means is working properly as an animator drew no saving your enemy chillers and and before it's X, going to file an exporter and then render video. But beforehand you really understand a length off the video such Shortland like right now we're having 43 frames enough, but on a zero second that is there going too fast and the FPs dispute is always 30 say frames per second. So it's just a one second thing, so keeping that in mind, you shouldn't agrees for grazing the length of your video. You should go like select all the frames you're having currently in the timeline. Then click on that hamburger menu and then click on copy Friends. Then click Steam Hamburger Maynooth and select based Reams. Choose the place after selection on Heard. Okay, then, Lord, as much time as you want. Um, you can see I'm having currently 1 29 frames on the screen, but that's not enough. It could be. Might go like 1 51 70 frames their work good among so the now click on file, Click on Export, then render video no once and loads. It opens our dialogue box named as Rondo Video like this basically, you gonna enamored two other and to understand your and before for murder, not stared and see the properties like it should be reading a road media and Goethe. Then you should be reading former as ash 264 Then pre sexually high quality size is asked for your documents size that there is a frame rate darkest 30. It's quite good lives. The general standard. Basically, you should have the former it as as 264 and presence. Preset quality is the high quality. Also, you can select the folder you want to save in from that but and reading select Fuller. Some of it. Okay, then it will be regarding and saving. You'll read you exporting it to the place that you have already selected in. I could take a few moments. They're different. Exactly on how much size off the radio ISS So years now exported as then before no one on the folder where were selected to be exported and you can see your animation is playing as a real you. 7. Tips & Tricks: till now you have done your force animation. Even Exporter doesn't drift on. Also toe the end before now, as a small correct to how to make understand Glendening or pausing or making your video much more like a stop motion. You can choose their timings like from one to those for certain last off the frame. I want the time to be a much more like quite posing one, so I select 0.2 seconds. Then, after that single, Paul's through the second last train I selected toe 0.2 seconds on the last frame, a 0.5 as well. I want my ending and starting off the video to be a more positive one. So I select like that. Now you can play and you can see there. They're coming like that, a small pose, not a larger one with a small coming Jurgen having an I honored and then it's going off. Then it at last exposing. But I'm not happy with the correct timing. So any time you win just or in select the frames like now and selecting the similar slot from the second to that grand even number frame and then clicking the pain as you 0.5 and the next 24 frame as of one second boss. Similarly, the four stream and the last one as of one second pause from that last one to the front door number 0.5 seconds on the 40 told, as of one second you can see it's more more like or stop motion like frame is looking like each single image that we might have taken when we were filming it. Murders. Not like that. You can see you have done all things just from one picture. So finally you have done your first animation. You have understood how to enemy that flatly photo from a single one, and they're just a photo shop so frail. So I'm waiting eagerly for seeing your much creative stuffs in my class project. So go ahead, save your fun on sending me to my class projects. How perceive in my next class